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Chapter 527

Chapter 527: A Powerful Strike

‘Dragon Strength Pill.’ Bai Cheng was not unfamiliar with the name of this medicinal pill. It was a tier five medicinal pill that even Han Xian could not refine back then. One could get a glimpse of just how great its effect would be by the appearance of those Elders back then. The medicinal pill that he had consumed earlier was named ‘Beast Strength Pill.’ It was merely a medicinal pill that had barely reached that of the fourth tier and it had an effect that was similar to that of the ‘Dragon Strength Pill.’ Both of them could increase the strength of the person who consumed it by a little for a short period of time. However, the ‘Dragon Strength Pill’ had a degree of increase that was even stronger than the other pill. Hence, Bai Cheng’s expression immediately turned extremely ugly when he saw that Xiao Yan had actually taken out the ‘Dragon Strength Pill.’

“You… are actually willing?” The corner of Bai Cheng’s mouth quivered slightly. One could not differentiate whether it was fear or bitterness in his voice.

“Ke ke, since Senior Bai Cheng is willing to take out a medicinal pill to consume, I, as an alchemist, cannot lose face, no?” Xiao Yan exposed his teeth in a smile. The white shiny teeth caused a coldness to form in Bai Cheng’s bones. Only now did the latter understand that this fellow in front of him, who appeared to be friendly and kind, was even more frightening than anyone else should he really become mad.

The ‘Dragon Strength Pill’ may be valuable, but Xiao Yan already possessed its medicinal formula. As long as he gathered all the necessary medicinal ingredients, it would not be considered too difficult for him to refine it. Moreover, Bai Cheng’s strength was indeed quite strong. This was a point that even Xiao Yan had to admit. Even after displaying the ‘Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change,’ he merely came to a stalemate with Bai Cheng. If this stalemate were to continue, he would be the one who was at the greatest disadvantage.

The ‘Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change’ may be able to increase a person’s strength greatly, but there was a time limit to it. Once the time limit passed, Xiao Yan’s strength would decline greatly. At that time, the situation would be even worse. Now that Bai Cheng had taken the lead in using a medicinal pill, it did indeed give Xiao Yan one additional path. Originally, he planned to endure a little longer before displaying the ‘Angry Buddha Flame,’ a decisive attack. However, Xiao Yan did not really want to display one of his triumph cards in front of so many eyes. Although there were quite a number of people who had heard the rumors of him having an extremely powerful fire lotus Dou Techniques, many people had only heard of it and had not witnessed it with their eyes. There were too many strong people in this Fighting Arena and quite a number of people with sharp eyes. It would naturally be best that he used less of his trump cards at this time. He might even be able to obtain the effect of catching his opponent off guard if he meet a true opponent in a future fight.

Therefore, Xiao Yan was happy instead of angry when he saw that Bai Cheng took the lead to consume a medicinal pill. This way, he also had a sufficient excuse to use the ‘Dragon Strength Pill.’ He could even give Bai Cheng tit for a tat.

“This fellow Bai Cheng… he really seeks his bad luck by himself.” Everyone in the viewing gallery could not help but sigh quietly in their hearts when they saw the ugly expression on Bai Cheng’s face.

Xiao Yan rubbed the sleek and round medicinal pill between two fingers. Under everyone’s gazes, he stuffed the ‘Dragon Strength Pill’ in his mouth and chewed slowly. His th

roat moved and he swallowed it into his stomach. As the medicinal pill entered his body, a wave of boiling hot flow instantly began to surge out from within his body. Finally, it became like a surging flood that gushed through his veins. Xiao Yan could feel his body instantly fill with strength wherever the boiling hot flow passed. That extremely filled and comfortable feeling gave Xiao Yan the impulse to raise his head to the sky and let out a long roar.

Xiao Yan twisted his body. An extremely clear bone cracking sound began to appear throughout the battleground. The unceasing sound continued for two to three minutes. Moreover Xiao Yan, after consuming the ‘Dragon Strength Pill,’ vaguely discovered that Bai Cheng on the opposite side had become a little smaller. He was immediately startled. Lowering his head, he looked at his body and was stunned to discover that it was not that Bai Cheng had become smaller rather his own body had become a lot taller and larger at this moment than what it was earlier. In the past, Xiao Yan’s body appeared to be somewhat skinny but his current body size was nearly comparable to that large built Yan Hao.

This change in Xiao Yan’s body size also caused everyone in the viewing gallery to be stunned. They eyed the numerous small snake-like bulging green veins on the former’s hand and involuntarily wiped off some cold sweat. Were these the effects of a tier five medicinal pill? It appeared that the medicinal effects were so strong that they were a little overboard, no?

Of course, on top of those exclamations, there were quite a number of people who could not resist sighing continuously at the prodigal behavior of Xiao Yan. That was a tier five medicinal pill. Was it not overkill to use it to deal with Bai Cheng?

Xiao Yan tightened his fist and threw a few ‘hu hu’ punches in front of him. He did not add even the slightest bit of Dou Qi to them. By just relying on the strength of his physical body, Xiao Yan was able to hear an explosive sound vibrate through the air. Each time his fist was thrown out, a shapeless air cannonball would be compressed and violently shot out due to the great strength of the wind. When these air cannonballs landed on the ground, they would immediately leave a hole that was neither big nor small amid a low and deep sound.

“It is indeed worthy of being a tier five medicinal pill. Its medicinal effects are actually quite frightening.” The powerful energy that was gushing out of his body in a flood-like manner caused Xiao Yan to have an impulse to carry something and beat it up viciously. He raised his head and his eyes landed on Bai Cheng in front of him with ill intent. He let out a cold smile and the silver glow appeared under his feet. With a gentle sway, his body appeared in front of Bai Cheng in a ghost-like manner. This speed was a little more frightening than what it was earlier.

Bai Cheng had already experienced just how frightening Xiao Yan’s speed was. Therefore, his heart had remained cautious at all times. It was due to this that his body had suddenly tensed the moment that Xiao Yan’s body moved. The long spear that was covered by dark-yellow Dou Qi in his hand immediately and viciously pierced explosively toward Xiao Yan who had appeared in front of him.

After having consumed the ‘Dragon Strength Pill,’ Xiao Yan discovered that not only did his strength soar explosively, but his eyesight had also become much keener. Although Bai Cheng’s long spear was hidden within Dou Qi, making it difficult for someone to identify its attacking path, Xiao Yan was still able to sense it. He leaned his head toward the left and very narrowly avoided the sharp wind from the spear. At the same time, he extended his hand in a lightning-like manner and grabbed the pole of the spear that had just passed by his ear. The incomparably strong strength in his hand caused the long spear, that contained powerful Dou Qi, to be unable to move by even the slightest.

Bai Cheng’s expression involuntarily became much gloomier when his long spear was grabbed. He rotated his right hand and dark-yellow Dou Qi swiftly formed in his palm. Finally, he suppressed it rapidly and it instantly formed a cluster of brown-colored light the size of his palm. His mouth let out a sharp cry and the light cluster violently struck toward Xiao Yan.

“Mysterious Mud Condensing Spin!”

This condensed brown-colored light cluster clearly possessed a great amount of offensive strength. Although its distance to Xiao Yan was at least a couple of feet, it had already caused an extremely sharp rushing wind sound to appear within this short distance. Dark-yellow light arcs formed on the sunken surface of the light cluster. The air in front of the cluster of light appeared to have been stripped away at this moment.

The brown-colored light cluster swiftly expanded within those dark-black eyes. Xiao Yan did not shrink back even a little. The strength which filled his body needed to be vented out. Therefore, Xiao Yan did not have the slightest hesitation when faced with this sharp attack by Bai Cheng. His palm-leaf like giant palm was tightly clenched into a fist that heavily smashed toward the brown-colored light glow.

Xiao Yan still did not use the slightest bit of Dou Qi. However, an ear-piercing explosion began to sound within the battleground much like firecrackers.


The short few feet of distance was covered in the blink of an eye. Both of them did not have the slightest bit of time to think when the fist and palm collided heavily together. A clear and loud explosion immediately sounded in this Fighting Arena, much like a thunder. A powerful ripple force began swiftly spreading from the point where the two made contact. The hard ground began rolling around like a field plowed by a bull.

The energy ripple spread out. Bai Cheng’s expression turned white. A wild and violent force that was transmitted from his palm nearly caused his entire arm to descend into a numb state. His arm trembled. At that moment, he could not be bothered about the long spear. His feet swiftly withdrew. Each time a foot fell, he would leave behind a half an inch deep footprint in the ground. This continued for dozens of steps before he completely resolved the force. He halted his footsteps and a sweetness swarmed into his throat, which was swallowed by him.

The dust that spread all over the battleground scattered. Xiao Yan’s enormous body was revealed. Looking at the spot where he was standing, it appeared that he had only taken a single step back. The dark-yellow long spear in his hand told everyone just who had the upperhand in the intense exchange earlier…

Xiao Yan held the dark-yellow long spear in his hand. He randomly glanced at the ugly expression of Bai Cheng. With a careless throw, he threw the long spear out of the battleground. No one knew whether it was on purpose or otherwise, but the spot where the long spear landed was coincidentally the spot where Bai Cheng had sent the Heavy Xuan Ruler flying to earlier.

“Ke ke, looks like that medicinal pill of Senior Bai Cheng’s appears to be inferior to that of the ‘Dragon Strength Pill.’” Xiao Yan laughed at Bai Cheng. His smile, however, was void of any warmth and was as cold as ice.

Bai Cheng pulled at the corner of his mouth slightly. This arrogant attitude of Xiao Yan caused him to be enraged to the point of spitting fire. However, on top of being furious, he could not help but feel some regret. If he did not consume a medicinal pill, he could borrow the opportunity to ridicule the other party using the ‘Dragon Strength Pill’. However, he was currently just like a mute eating rhizome. He could only swallow the bitterness that he had searched out for himself.

“The fight is yet to be over.” A dark and cold snort was emitted. At this moment, Bai Cheng could only go all out in the fight. The dark-yellow Dou Qi surged out of his body and rotated unceasingly around the surface of his body. A moment later, it actually agglomerated into a substance-like deep-yellow armor.

The defense of ground affinity Dou Qi was quite good. The Dou Qi Armor that Bai Cheng agglomerated with his current strength had a defensive strength that was so powerful that it was frightening. Faced with the powerful strength of Xiao Yan, this kind of ground affinity Dou Qi Armor had quite a good counter effect.

Bai Cheng merely needed less than ten seconds to agglomerate his armor. The instant the armor took shape, Xiao Yan once again moved his ghost-like figure. The sharp wind from his fist smashed angrily toward Bai Cheng.


Xiao Yan’s fist heavily smashed against the yellow-colored Dou Qi Armor and the yellow-colored flowing water-like energy fluctuated swiftly. Most of the energy was received by it in a head-on manner. The remaining small portion was actually reflected back toward Xiao Yan.

“Deng deng!”

Bai Cheng took another two steps back before stabilizing his body. His expression returned to normal as he raised his head. He smiled and said to Xiao Yan, “Your brutal strength is quite good, but don’t you know that ground affinity Dou Qi Armor has the greatest defense? I may perhaps have difficulty obtaining victory in this battle, but it will definitely be impossible for you to defeat me even if you have the ‘Dragon Strength Pill!’”

“Is that so? In that case, I shall allow you to see just how I am going to break this tortoise shell of yours!” A cold ridicule raised in Xiao Yan’s eyes. Under everyone’s gaze, Xiao Yan stepped forward. His body once again appeared in front of Bai Cheng. He tightly clenched his fist and pulled it back to his lower abdomen. An instant later, it suddenly struck out as a cold smile spread from the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth.

“Octane Blast!”

As the fist moved, a change suddenly occurred to its strength. An incomparably sharp wind was formed on his fist. An ear-piercing explosive sound could clearly be heard throughout the entire Fighting Arena!

At this moment, shock and fear finally surfaced on Bai Cheng’s face, which had contained a cold smile just a moment ago.

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