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Chapter 452: Bitter and Angry Sha Tie

In the completely destroyed clearing, Hu Jia and the three remaining new students watched as the single remaining member of the ‘Black Demon Group’ was defeated, and could not help but heave a long sigh of relief. Their legs immediately lost strength as they collapsed to the ground, the sound of them panting like billows echoed repeatedly from their mouths.

Following the defeat of the last member of the ‘Black Demon Group,’ with the exception of Sha Tie, the spectating students, whose nerves were strained, finally could no longer endure the excitement and wild joy in their hearts. They ignored the injuries on their bodies as they leaped to their feet and wildly shouted. In an instant, various wild shrieks and hollers spread through the air above the empty ground.

Xun Er’s delicate hand wiped the perspiration from her forehead. The golden glow emitted from her body also began to dim. These three rescues had caused some difficulty for her. If it were not for the fact that the Qi Method that she practiced was not a low class method, it would have been likely that she would have been like Wu Hao, whose combat strength greatly deteriorated as a result of over exhaustion of his Dou Qi.

Xun Er supported herself by leaning against a tree trunk. She took advantage of this short time frame to catch her breath before sweeping her gaze to the place where Xiao Yan’s battle was happening. When she saw that Xiao Yan did not show any signs of becoming defeated despite being forced by his opponent to the point where he faced continuous danger, she heaved a sigh of relief. A smile that caused Su Xiao and the others to feel graced to be in her presence made its way onto her face.

“Xiao Yan’s group has already gained the advantage in this fight.”

Su Xiao sighed as he recovered from Xun Er’s blooming flower-like stunning smile. The expression on his face was extremely brilliant. It was really unexpected that the ‘Fire Energy Hunting Competition,’ which did not have any big incidents after being held for so many years, would suddenly have an unexpected turn of events that left them stunned this year when they themselves participated. This really caused Su Xiao to be speechless. Originally, he had planned to accumulate some ‘Fire Energy’ from the new students to enter the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ to train for a period of time. In the end, not only did he not obtain any ‘Fire Energy,’ rather, he ended up losing his. This was really a double whammy.

Leng Bai and Xiu Yan exchanged gazes beside him. Their hearts were a little sad and chaotic as they laughed bitterly. They were really terribly unlucky to have met this kind of situation.

“As long as these fellows devote themselves to training hard within the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ for a period of time after they enter the academy, I’m afraid that they will be able to sneak their way into the ‘Strong Ranking.’” Su Xiao shifted his body to let himself lean more comfortably against the tree trunk. His gaze was thrown toward Xiao Yan, who was having a heated battle with Sha Tie. These words of his had a sense of marvel that was difficult to hide.

Although he had already viewed Xiao Yan very highly, he did not expect that the latter would actually be able to rely on his own strength to endure this long at Sha Tie’s hands. It should be known that Sha Tie was a seasoned veteran in fighting techniques and frequently mingled in the Fighting Arena within the Inner Academy. His fighting experience could be called shrewd and ruthless. Even the lower level Dou Lings with little battle experience would have difficulty defeating him. From this, it could be seen just how rich Sha Tie’s combat experience was.

However, it was this person, whose strength was not only a few stars higher than Xiao Yan but whose combat experience was also very seasoned, who was unable to defeat the latter after such a long time. This scene could not help but cause Su Xiao and the rest to feel speechless at Xiao Yan’s tenaciousness.

Of course, they naturally did not know that if it were not for the green-colored flame in Xiao Yan’s hand causing Sha Tie to suffer greatly, it was likely that Xiao Yan would really have difficulty holding out for this long in Sha Tie’s hands without showing any signs of defeat if he just relied on the strength of his own level.

Leng Bai and Xiu Yan quietly nodded when they heard Su Xiao’s words. Thus far, the various things that Xiao Yan had displayed had already far exceeded their expectations. Reaching the level of a six star Da Dou Shi at such an age. This kind of training talent really caused some people to be utterly amazed. None of them had any doubt when it was said that he would be able to enter the ‘Strong Ranking’ of the Inner Academy.

Xun Er, Hu Jia, and the others rested on the sidelines for two to three minutes before they stood up once again. They exchanged glances with one another and nodded slightly. Gold and green-colored Dou Qi once again surged out of their bodies. Finally, they moved in a similar fashion toward the left and right, surrounding the battle grounds where Xiao Yan and Sha Tie were exchanging blows. Dou Qi extended out and shrunk back into their palms, ready to seize Sha Tie’s opening and give him a heavy blow.

The other three new students, on the other hand, could only watch Xun Er and Hu Jia’s actions since their Dou Qi was completely exhausted. Currently, they were unable to gather even the slightest bit of strength to go forward and help. Of course, with their strength, they were indeed unable to get involved in this level of battle.


A fist wrapped in green-colored flame once again heavily collided with Sha Tie’s fist which was covered by the dark-golden-colored Dou Qi Armor. A clear clang suddenly sounded.
Xiao Yan’s shoulders quivered rapidly as he sensed the powerful force that transmitted from the point of contact between their fist. His muscles fluctuated a little like a water ripple. A green flame suddenly ignited within his black pupils as he inhaled a deep breath of air while a low cry was emitted from Xiao Yan’s throat. The Dou Crystal vibrated quickly within the vortex of his body. Wisps of green-colored flame swiftly surged out from that small Acceptance Spirit space, finally moving along his Qi Paths to reach his fist.


As Xiao Yan’s cry sounded, the green-colored flame on his hand suddenly soared. Finally, it turned into a large cluster of flames that moved along the point of contact between the fist and instantly swept over Sha Tie’s Dou Qi Armor. Immediately, the sound of ear-piercing sizzling repeatedly emitted from Sha Tie’s Dou Qi Armor.

Following the explosive surge of this cluster of green-colored flames, Xiao Yan’s face suddenly became much dimmer. By mobilizing such a large amount of ‘Heavenly Flame’ to attack, it not only consumed a great amount of his Dou Qi, but also placed an immense burden on his Spiritual Strength.

The green-colored flame that suddenly adhered to his body caused Sha Tie’s expression, hidden under the Dou Qi Armor, to change drastically. An extremely high temperature repeatedly permeated through the Dou Qi Armor from outside. At the very least, it grilled Sha Tie’s skin until it was fiery red.

“Dammit! What is this flame exactly?”

Sha Tie let out a soft but furious roar in his heart. Currently Sha Tie was enraged. In the earlier exchanges, each time he was about to strike Xiao Yan’s body, that green-colored flame would take the initiative to pounce toward him, forcing him to pull his hand back. Hence, he could not take advantage of any openings despite this exchange having lasted for more than ten minutes. Instead, he was suppressed by Xiao Yan to the point where he could not even move to win. A moment ago, he had gotten a chance to give a hard punch, something which was difficult to come by. However, that damn flame had coincidentally come sticking onto him. How could he not be angry at this kind of hopelessly stupid battle?

While Sha Tie was furious in his heart, his body was swiftly pulling back. As he did so, anything which he collided with would be instantly be incinerated by the green-colored flame and turned into ashes.

At this moment, Sha Tie had suddenly appeared to have become a green-colored flaming person in other people’s eyes while he repeatedly randomly fell back.

Even the hard armor on Sha Tie’s body, which was like a tortoise shell, was starting to be charred by that green-colored flame until it gradually became pale. Just as the Dou Qi Armor had become vaguely visible, the green-colored flame, which had left Xiao Yan’s control, finally extinguished extremely suddenly with a ‘xiu’ sound.

The perspiration covered Sha Tie sighed in relief at the green-colored flame which had suddenly disappeared. If this flame had lasted a little longer, he did not dare say just how long he could endure with just his flesh should his armor be compromised…

At the same time Sha Tie sighed in relief, he clenched his teeth and lifted his head. He eyed Xiao Yan and involuntarily let out a cold smile when he saw the other party’s somewhat dimmed face. However, before his cold laughter was completely transmitted out from his mouth, his expression suddenly stiffened.

Under Sha Tie’s gaze, he saw that the originally dim-faced Xiao Yan waved his hand and a jade bottle appeared within his hand. The latter swiftly poured out three round medicinal pills before popping them into his mouth in front of Sha Tie. The initial medicinal strength immediately began to swiftly disperse and the dimness on Xiao Yan’s face faded slightly compared to his earlier condition.

After consuming the medicinal pills like one would consume candy, Xiao Yan raised his head and smiled at Sha Tie. He shook both his hands slightly and the green-colored flame, which caused Sha Tie’s face to stiffen, exploded out once again. This time around, however, it clearly no longer had the power it did a moment ago. Nevertheless, just this alone still caused the corner of Sha Tie’s mouth to twitch.

“Even if this fellow is an alchemist, he didn’t need to eat it like that, did he? Do medicinal pills not cost money?” Sha Tie’s expression turned a little green. In his heart, however, he felt an incomparable bitterness and anger. It was already shameless to rely on that weird flame to fight. Yet, this fellow actually ate those medicinal pills like candy, using it to recover the Dou Qi which he had completely exhausted. How was Sha Tie going to fight against this?

“Hee hee…” Xiao Yan laughed when he saw Sha Tie’s expression. His gaze swept toward Xun Er and Hu Jia by the side. A moment later, he lifted his chin and the three of them flashed forward at the same time. The powerful attacks were all headed for Sha Tie. At this moment, the hard tortoise shell like Dou Qi Armor belonging to Sha Tie had basically been cooked by Xiao Yan’s ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ until nothing was left. This was the perfect time to strike!


The green-colored flame was swiftly overtaking Sha Tie’s field of vision. As he recalled the pain from being burned by that flame earlier, Sha Tie’s face contorted. His gaze swiftly swept over his four companions who had already been defeated and helplessly shook his head. He immediately inhaled a deep breath of air as his voice sounded in the empty forest like thunder, shocking everyone.

Three sharp attacks suddenly stopped just as they were half a meter from Sha Tie. The footsteps of the three of them staggered as they flashed back in an extremely agile manner. Xiao Yan raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile, “What is it?”

“We have lost…”

Sha Tie sighed as he spoke in an extremely helpless manner. With the current situation, he did not think that he had any ability to resist. Of course, if it were not for the green-colored flame in Xiao Yan’s hand suppressing him in every way, he would be able to go all out and fight against three people by himself. Unfortunately…

The helpless voice emitted from Sha Tie’s mouth slowly reverberated within the empty ground of the forest. Under these words, everyone fell into a silence. These sudden words from this fellow admitting his loss were indeed a little too shocking. From the looks of the situation earlier, it appeared that he was suppressing Xiao Yan as they fought. Originally, everyone thought that this battle would become even more intense. In the end, this silent atmosphere continued for a long while in the empty ground before some of the new students finally recovered. Immediately, thunder-like cheers shook the entire forest until it rustled.

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