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Chapter 451: Reversing The Situation


The green-clothed young lady, who had suddenly appeared beside Wu Hao in the battleground immediately caused the expressions of the spectating injured new students to be filled with a wild joy as they cheered out loudly. Xun Er had defeated her opponent at such a crucial moment and extended her hand to assist Wu Hao. This undoubtedly added a heavy weight to Xiao Yan’s group that was sufficient to tip the scales of this battle.

“Are you alright?” Xun Er carelessly asked as her gaze stared intently at the ugly expression of the ‘Black Demon Group’ member.

“I’m still alright.” Wu Hao’s body swayed a little. His expression was pale as he clenched his teeth and said.

“Leave him to me. You should first rest for awhile.” Xun Er was able to see the strain that the current Wu Hao was undergoing. She gently spoke these words as the golden glow in her palms grew increasingly powerful and eye-piercing.

“There’s no need. He was seriously wounded after being struck by my palm earlier. Let’s join hands and use the fastest speed to defeat him. Otherwise, Hu Jia and the other new students won’t be able to hold out for much longer.” Wu Hao inhaled a deep breath of air and a sleek redness surfaced on his pale-white face. His words had just sounded when he maneuvered the little Dou Qi left within him and fiercely charged toward that member of the ‘Black Demon Group’ without allowing Xun Er to speak.

“Hey…” Xun Er hurriedly cried out when she saw that Wu Hao actually still dared to take the lead in attacking. Her body flashed and within a breath’s time, she overtook Wu Hao. Golden light suddenly surged between her palms. Immediately, an extremely long golden-colored whip was swiftly uncoiled. Finally, the whip fully unfurled and the clear sound of a whip snapping surged through the air.

There appeared to be a faint and vaguely visible golden-colored flame surrounding the golden-colored energy whip. When the whip moved, its speed was as fast as lightning. The member of the ‘Black Demon Group’ could only feel a golden glow flash in front of him as an incinerating breeze came falling toward his head. His expression immediately changed. With a sudden movement, his body rolled backward in a miserable manner.

The golden-colored long whip carried the superheated breeze as it struck the ground not far in front. Immediately, the originally dampened ground swiftly became dry at a rate visible to the naked eye. An instant later, a half meter long scar appeared in the ground after it was grilled by the high temperature until it became as hard as rock.

That member of the ‘Black Demon Group’ glanced at the surface of the ground which was grilled until it became rock-like. He forcefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva. However, before he even had the time to recover, a blood-colored shadow suddenly flashed from his side. Finally, a leg heavily collided with his chest before he had time to react.

“Argh…” After being kicked, a sleek redness surfaced on the face of this member of the ‘Black Demon Group.’ He forcefully suppressed the fresh blood that was about to reach his mouth as his throat let out a soft groan. After undergoing repeated blows, some hostility had also flashed in his eyes. He tried his best to raise his strength as his stomach was depressed inward. Immediately, he released his breath forcefully.

As he let out his breath, the Dou Qi, which was agglomerated in his body, abruptly erupted from his chest in energy ripples. Finally, it collided with Wu Hao’s leg. The latter, which had originally already run out of steam, spat out a mouthful of fresh blood under this reflected Dou Qi shockwave. His body flew back a couple of meters before he feebly fell onto some withered leaves.


Before this member of the ‘Black Demon Group’ could rejoice after wounding Wu Hao, the lithe green-colored figure flashed in front of him like a ghost. That elegant and exquisite pretty face contained some coldness at this moment. A golden glow shone brightly from her right palm. When she was only half a foot from the former, a golden glowing palm shot out explosively and heavily smashed against his chest.


The member of the ‘Black Demon Group’ finally could not endure any longer upon receiving a firm and heavy blow from Xun Er. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out from his mouth while his legs slid against the ground as he continued to slide back after receiving this powerful blow from Xun Er. Finally, his body heavily collided with a thick tree trunk. The force that seeped out from his back actually shook the tree trunk until a few crack lines appeared.

Merely less than one minute had passed in this battleground from the moment Wu Hao launched a sudden attack until the end when the member of the ‘Black Demon Group was defeated. Many new students could only see Wu Hao charging in before being forced back by the opponent as well as Xun Er’s exceedingly strong strike.

However, regardless of whether they had clearly seen the course of the fight, the defeat of that member of the ‘Black Demon Group’ was real. Hence, after confirming that the latter could no longer continue to fight, a wild joyous cry once again sounded throughout the clearing. Many new students who did not have the strength to participate in the battle were so excited at this moment that their faces flushed with joy. Following the defeat of these two people, the chance of victory for Xiao Yan’s group was no longer the kind that was so low to the point that it was impossible!

At this moment, two of the five opponents were defeated. On the other hand, only Wu Hao alone in Xiao Yan’s group had lost his fighting strength. From the looks of it, by relying on Xun Er’s outstanding strength, they had already raised their extremely disadvantageous position to a level where they could match the strength of the ‘Black Demon Group’.

This caused the new students to finally see the hope of victory.

Watching from the sidelines under a tree, Su Xiao, Leng Bai, Xiu Yan, and a group of people leaned against the tree trunk and eyed the unpredictable battle circle. Some of them could not help but have shocked expressions after seeing that Xun Er, by herself. actually managed to defeat two members of the ‘Black Demon Group’, whose strength were similar to their own. Only until this moment did they throw a solemn gaze toward this young lady who was so pretty that it caused people to have difficulty shifting their gaze away.

“This group of Xiao Yan’s is really strong… Earlier, if the girls called Xun Er and Hu Jia chose to surround and attack us, we would have definitely suffered a quicker defeat.” Su Xiao laughed bitterly and sighed.

Beside him, Leng Bai and Xiu Yan also laughed bitterly and nodded. These two girls, who appeared to be weak, actually possessed such powerful strength. A group consisting of five people with the strength of a five star Da Dou Shi… as he thought of this, Leng Bai could not resist having the impulse to roll his eyes. This kind of lineup could be considered a middle level group even when ranked among the groups from the Inner Academy.

“If that Bai Shan did not get cold feet and flee, it is difficult to say who would win or lose in their fiery battle with the ‘Black Demon Group’…” Xiu Yan tightened his fist and spoke in a deep voice. When he mentioned Bai Shan’s name, the disdain on his face was clearly not the least bit hidden. His character was similar to the Dou Qi which he practiced. Both of which belonged to the straightforward type. Hence, he did not hide any of his dislike for Bai Shan.

“The weakness that was created by Bai Shan leaving has already been evened out by that girl called Xun Er. As long as she is able to join hands with the few remaining new students to defeat another member of the ‘Black Demon Group,’ they would be able to reverse the tide.” Su Xiao slowly said. After saying that, he paused for a moment as his gaze swept toward Xiao Yan, who did not show any sign of losing despite matching up against Sha Tie as their fight was in full swing. An amazement flashed across his eyes as he softly said, “Of course, the precondition of this is that Xiao Yan is able to firmly hold Sha Tie off before she defeats the other members of the ‘Black Demon Group’. Otherwise…”


Leng Bai and Xiu Yan nodded slightly. Although the situation in the battlefield had already begun to lean toward the new students, once there was a problem in the battle Xiao Yan was in, the situation, which they had turned around with great difficulty, would once again be reversed without any doubt.

Although it may appear that Xun Er was currently the most important factor in the battlefield, the reality was that Xiao Yan’s battle was the one which the most decisive effect!

If Xiao Yan lost, then the new students would be completely hopeless. However, if Xiao Yan was able to successfully drag it out with Sha Tie until Xun Er defeated the other members of the ‘Black Demon Group’ that were fighting the other new students, it was likely that Xiao Yan’s group would create the first miracle in the ‘Fire Energy Hunting Competition’ since its inception so many years ago!

There had never been a batch of incoming students who were able to defeat either of the two groups which acted as the ‘Black White Evil Stopper.’ At this moment, however, Xiao Yan’s group was slowly stepping toward this miracle that had never been seen before!

Sha Tie had clearly sensed that two members of his own group were already defeated. Immediately, his expression became a little ugly. When he struck out, his attacks were becoming increasingly sharp. The wind from his palm cut through the air and emitted a ‘hu hu’ sound, causing the air to emit a low and deep explosion sound.

Although Sha Tie’s attacks had become increasingly stronger, Xiao Yan had his lips tightly pursed together. His body was like a small boat in a precarious storm under the shadow of those heavy blows. No matter how tyrannical the waves were, he was always able to maintain the boat such that it would not end up capsizing regardless of how dangerous the situation became.

At this moment, Xiao Yan had undoubtedly unleashed his own strength to its peak. Moreover, he was also clear that his current task was not to defeat Sha Tie but to stall for time!

The increasingly intense battle within the battleground attracted everyone’s eyes and minds until they did not even make the slightest movement. They were afraid that the moment they were distracted, they would miss a critical part which could affect the entire battle.

Everyone was sweating on the inside as they eyed the sweeping and flashing human figure on the battleground. This battle was really far too much of a stalemate.

Time quietly flowed past like water flowing from the fingertips. Just five minutes after Xun Er and Wu Hao joined hands to defeat a member of the ‘Black Demon Group,’ the member of the ‘Black Demon Group,’ who had clenched his teeth and endured until three new students were left finally left had an opening. It was made by a new student who risked being seriously injured and was caught by Xun Er. Hence, as the golden light erupted, one could only hear a muffled sound while a black shadow drew a parabolic curve in midair. The black shadow smashed heavily into the ground. Fresh blood was spat out from his mouth, dyeing the withered leaves bright red.

“Go!” Xun Er once again defeated her opponent with another palm. Some perspiration surfaced on her bright and clean forehead. Without any rest, she cried out softly to the three new students by her side and immediately charged non-stop to the battle circle Hu Jia was in!

Another five minutes passed. Under the loud cheers of the surrounding new students, the last ‘Black Demon Group’ member, with the exception of Sha Tie, was also completely beaten up by the combination of Xun Er, Hu Jia, and the three new students until he did not have any combat strength left!

Thus far, the situation in the battlefield was such that victory seemed to lean completely one-sidedly toward Xiao Yan’s group!

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