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Chapter 453: Distributing The Spoils, Recuperation

Xiao Yan was seated on a rock within the empty clearing. In front of him was a simple wooden table where piles of Fire Crystal Cards were placed orderly. Many of these Fire Crystal Cards had the same number on it.


Clearly, the owners of these Fire Crystal Cards had all unluckily met older students and had their ‘Fire Energy’ stolen from them.

Dozens of new students were seated cross-legged in the empty clearing in front of the table. Although their outer appearances were extremely weary and awkward, their eyes were filled with energy. Numerous gazes that carried excitement stared at the pile of Fire Crystal Cards on the table.

On the other side of the empty ground, Sha Tie, Su Xiao, and the others rested against a tree trunk. The expressions on their faces were extremely dispirited. The gazes that they used to look at Xiao Yan on the rock were filled with a certain resentment.

Xiao Yan did not pay much attention to their gazes. His left hand lifted a pale-blue Fire Crystal Card. After which, he repeatedly grabbed a black Fire Crystal Card. He rubbed both of them together and as a light was released, the number on the black Fire Crystal Card swiftly returned to the number when they had entered the forest. Moreover, Xiao Yan added 2 more days to the balance. Finally, the number on these black cards turned from 2 to 7!

What Xiao Yan was currently doing was naturally splitting the spoils, an important matter that would hook people’s heart. Those new students’ Fire Crystal Cards, which had been depleted until there were only 2 days of ‘Fire Energy’ left, were not only replenished by Xiao Yan, but also gained an extra 2 days worth of ‘Fire Energy.’ Xiao Yan also generously gave the lucky ones, who had avoided having their Fire Crystal Cards snatched by the older student, an extra 5 days of ‘Fire Energy’. He clearly understood that if he did not have the assistance of the new students who bravely went all out, it would have been impossible for the few people in his group to complete this task of swallowing Su Xiao’s three groups as well as Sha Tie’s even stronger group.

Light repeatedly flashed on the table’s surface. A long while after this, Xiao Yan finally exhaled and placed the final black Fire Crystal Card down. He turned his head toward Xun Er and Hu Jia by the side and said, “Hand all of these back to their original owners.”

Xun Er and Hu Jia nodded their heads when they heard this. They immediately grabbed a bundle of Fire Crystal Cards each and flashed toward the new student group in an agile manner. After which, they returned the various Fire Crystal Cards, which had individual unique markings, back into the hands of those new students with excited faces.

“Ha ha, our ‘Fire Energy’ is finally back in our hands.” Some of the new students hugged their own Fire Crystal Cards with both hands. They could not help but part their mouths and laugh when they saw the number on it.

Xiao Yan smiled slightly as he watched the excitement and joy-filled faces of the new students. He turned his gaze toward Wu Hao, who was meditating with his eyes closed. After the battle was over, he had quickly consumed one more ‘Energy Recovery Pill.’ Hence, the complexion of the current Wu Hao had improved greatly. The injuries on his body were merely external wounds. Fortunately, he did not injure his Qi Paths or bones. Otherwise, he might have needed to rest for a period of time in order to fully recuperate.

Xiao Yan stood up from the rock and eyed the pale-blue-colored Fire Crystal Cards on the table. After the distribution of the spoils earlier, there was still more than 270 remaining ‘Fire Energy’ within these Fire Crystal Cards. After distributing these remaining ‘Fire Energy’ among the four of them, each person would able to obtain around sixty days worth of it. This harvest could be considered very rich.

After temporarily transferring all the ‘Fire Energy’ remaining in the pale-blue cards into his own Crystal Card, Xiao Yan carried them and walked in the direction of the group of people, whose faces were filled with resentment.

“Ke ke, I’m sorry. It would be unjustifiable if I did not give them some sort of reward after requesting their support. Hence, I can only temporarily borrow from the few of you as payment.” Xiao Yan laughed as he spoke. Immediately, the Crystal Cards in his hands shot back to their individual owners as though they possessed a spirit.

“Ah, this time we have made losses all the way to our crotch.” Sha Tie grabbed the Fire Crystal Card with one hand and eyed the balance deposited within it. The corners of his mouth involuntarily twitched as he scolded. In there used to be the result of him fighting within the Fighting Arena for the last two months. In the end, Xiao Yan had actually taken ninety percent of it. How could he not feel his heart ache?

“Ah.” Su Xiao and the others on his sides helplessly sighed. In their hearts, they blamed themselves for being greedy. If it had not wanted to snatch the ‘Fire Energy’ from the new students, how would they have ended up meeting Xiao Yan’s group, who was even more cruel than bandits?

“Ke ke, Senior Sha Tie, can I inquire about something?” Xiao Yan was unconcerned about their expressions as he asked with a smile.

Sha Tie rolled his eyes. His mood was currently extremely bad and was not in the mood to bother about Xiao Yan.

“Twenty days of ‘Fire Energy’ and you tell me the information I want to know. What do you say?” Xiao Yan played with the dark black Fire Crystal Card as he said softly, “If you are unwilling, I can go and ask Senior Su Xiao and the others.”

The corner of Sha Tie’s mouth twitched. He clenched his teeth and said fiercely, “You… just ask!”

The first word was still rather ferocious. However, after he paused for a moment, Sha Tie’s body became relaxed. Currently, to him who had become penniless, even twenty days worth of ‘Fire Energy’ was considered quite a large amount.

“Can you tell me anything regarding the final ‘White Demon Group’?”

Xiao Yan’s pupils were smiling as he said softly. Currently, their harvest was already so rich that it gave Xiao Yan a heavy feeling. If he wanted to successfully bring this rich harvest into the Inner Academy, he must defeat the final ‘White Demon Group’. Otherwise, he would definitely end up miserably, benefiting others after spending so much effort over the last few days.

“White Demon Group?” Sha Tie lifted his eyebrows. Clearly, he also understood Xiao Yan’s intent. His gaze swept across those new students on the open ground, who were so weak that they had difficulty even standing and continued with a laugh, “The strength of that ‘White Demon Group’ is a little stronger than our ‘Black Demon Group.’”

Sha Tie’s first sentence caused Xiao Yan to frown slightly. Defeating the ‘Black Demon Group’ had already greatly hurt their strength. The so called ‘White Demon Group’ was actually even stronger than them?

“Perhaps the strength of the group members are similar, but the group leader of the ‘White Demon Group’, Luo Hou is a true strong Dou Ling. Although he has only just entered the Dou Ling class less than two months ago, he is much stronger compared to me, who only has half a foot in the Dou Ling class.” Sha Tie curled his lips and said, “It is not that I want to kill your hopes of escape but by relying on this new student group, whose strength has been severely hurt, it is likely that you won’t be able to charge through even if all of you are together.”

Xiao Yan pursed his lips tightly together. A long while later, he said softly, “If these new students are all allowed to completely recover, then it should be possible, right?”

“Adding the few of you, a group of about fifty new students is something that the ‘White Demon Group’ would not be able to block regardless of how strong they are. After all, two palms will have difficulty matching four hands.” Sha Tie shrugged his shoulders. He continued, “Unfortunately, the injuries that these fellows suffer from are quite serious. Without three to five days, it is difficult for them to fully recover. However, the ‘Fire Energy Hunting Competition’ will only last for one week. Hence, you cannot wait until they are completely recovered.”

“Ke ke, it’s fine as long as it is possible to break through with everyone’s strength. As for their injuries…” Xiao Yan smiled slightly toward Sha Tie and continued, “Don’t tell me you have forgotten about my identity? Looking from the point of an alchemist, these injuries are not very serious.”

Sha Tie was slightly startled when he heard this. He immediately became silent. He had really forgotten this point. Since this fellow was able to control that extremely terrifying flame, it was likely that he was also well versed in his alchemist skills. If he had sufficient medicinal ingredients, he might really be able to heal these new students, allowing them to recover to their peak strength within a short period of time. At that time, when nearly fifty new students charged together, even if Luo Hou was an elite Dou Ling, it was likely that he would only be able to stare at the stampede with a stunned expression.

Xiao Yan clapped his hands and made a little contact between his black Fire Crystal Card and Sha Tie’s Crystal Card. As the light flashed, he handed over twenty days worth of ‘Fire Energy.’ After which, he turned his body and returned to that simple table. He looked at those new students, who were holding their Fire Crystal Card with excited faces and smiled as he said, “Everyone, there is still one last challenge we must face before the ‘Fire Energy Hunting Competition’ comes to an end. As long as we are able to successfully charge through them, we will be able to successfully bring the ‘Fire Energy’ that we have obtained in our hands into the Inner Academy. If we were to fail, then… All the ‘Fire Energy’ we worked for would end up with the ‘White Demon Group.’”

“Fight with them!”

Upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words, the emotion of the new students on the empty ground immediately became somewhat agitated. They had just recovered their ‘Fire Energy’ and now, they knew how to treasure this precious item that was difficult to obtain.

“Ke ke.” Xiao Yan laughed softly. He pressed his hands down in the empty space. Immediately, the noise became quiet. His gaze swept across the place as smiled and continued, “Since everyone has chosen not to give up, let us pour together our strength, and charge into this final challenge together…”

“However, before this, we need to stay here for one day. After one day, I will help everyone completely recover from their injuries. At that time… it will be the last retaliation of us new students!”

“Senior Xiao Yan, we will listen to you!”

With the previous example of them defeating the ‘Black Demon Group’, these new students no longer had any doubt in Xiao Yan’s words. Hence, as Xiao Yan words sounded, numerous cries were released. The orderly tone shook the forest until it rustled.

Off to the side, Sha Tie and the others watched that group of new students rise to action. They could not help but sigh. Although these new students were merely some young wolves who had just grown teeth, the fighting strength they displayed under the leadership of this ferocious lion, Xiao Yan, had already far exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Xiao Yan once again sat cross-legged on the rock. He waved his hand and a medicinal cauldron, along with a large amount of medicinal ingredients appeared on the table in front of him. He flicked his right hand and the green-colored flame flashed into the medicinal cauldon.

The green-colored flame soared and burned in the cauldron within the quiet forest. Numerous medicinal ingredients were all incinerated in the flames and their essences were quietly gathered.

Xiao Yan spent an entire night’s time refining some medicinal pills that could cure internal injuries.

Dozens of human figures, who were sitting cross-legged within the quiet forested area, abruptly opened their eyes at dusk the next day. A glow was quietly deposited. Numerous powerful Qis spread out from within their bodies before agglomerating into an integrated body that spread over the entire forest!

At this moment the new students opened their eyes, Xiao Yan, along with Xun Er, and the other two on the rock also slowly opened their eyes. After resting for an entire day, the three of them had once again recovered to their peak condition with the help of Xiao Yan’s medicinal pills.

Xiao Yan stood up from the rock. He glanced at Sha Tie and the rest who were still by the side. After which, he turned around and threw his gaze over to the new students who had recovered their strength. He raised his hands slowly before throwing it down!


As Xiao Yan’s voice sounded, dozens of human figures flashed onto the tree branches with a swish sound. With Xiao Yan and the three others leading them, they immediately rushed toward the exit of the forest one after another!

The final decisive battle was about to begin!

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