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Chapter 1628: Crisis

The bright red magma seemed to have devoured the world. At a glance, it appeared as though the entire world was filled by a hundred thousand feet magma. A terrifyingly high temperature had turned this entire world into a furnace.

Both armies were forced to hastily withdraw because of the monstrous huge magma wave. Many pairs of eyes were shocked as they looked under the magma. At this moment, even they were able to sense an extremely terrifying creature hidden under the sea of magma.

Gu Yuan and Hun Tiandi had also halted because of this scene. Their eyes cautiously looked towards the magma sea. Even they could sense a danger under its powerful aura.

“It seems that Xiao Yan is indeed right. There is indeed a mysterious creature guarding the Ancient God Mansion…” Gu Yuan’s face was solemn as his eyes flickered.


The magma waterfall that rose to the air descended abruptly and landed into the magma sea. It turned into a huge wave that quickly spread apart and covered the distant mountain.

With the fall of the giant wave, a huge creature suddenly rose from within the sea of magma. Although it was only a small portion of the creature’s body, it was still extremely big. The mysterious creature’s head, which vaguely contained a ferocious and pressuring aura, rose from under the magma and looked at the many people in the sky. Those huge eyes had a surprise flashing across them.

“It is unexpected that there is really someone who has obtained the Tou She Ancient God Jade and summon the Ancient God Mansion from that damn place…” The mysterious creature’s huge eyes swept over the sky. Finally, they paused on Gu Yuan and Hun Tiandi duo. Although there were many people in this world, only these two were worthy of being treated seriously by him.

Gu Yuan and Hun Tiandi’s eyes were grave and cautious as they looked at the mysterious creature. Even with the experience that the both of them had, they were still unable to identify this enormous creature. After all, they had only seen a small section of this mysterious creature.

“I am the clan head of the Gu clan, Gu Yuan. May I know who…” Gu Yuan cupped his hands together towards this mysterious creature and spoke in a deep voice.

Hun Tiandi by the side was also afraid that Gu Yuan would cooperate with that mysterious creature. Immediately, he cupped his hands together and uttered his identity. His tone was exceptionally courteous.

“Gu clan? Hun clan? Hee, it seems like two factions that were not considered big back then. It is unexpected that you are able to obtain the Tou She Ancient God Jade.” That mysterious creature emitted a deafening roar after hearing the both of them speak. It caused the surface of the magma to rise and formed many magma fire pillars.

Gu Yuan and Hun Tiandi were startled upon hearing these words. Base on those words, it seemed that this creature had existed for a long time. Tens of thousands of years ago, the Hun clan and the Gu clan were indeed not considered some top factions.

“Ugh, who has summoned the Ancient God Mansion? Come to think of it, this emperor does owe him a favour…” That mysterious creature once again asked without being concerned about the shock of those two.

Gu Yuan and Hun Tiandi had a change of expression upon hearing this. The former’s became uglier while the latter rejoiced.

“Ha ha, this friend, the ancient jade is in my hand. Naturally, only I am able to summon the Ancient God Mansion.” Hun Tiandi stepped forward and laughed.

The mysterious creature glanced at Hun Tiandi. Suddenly, an intense light surged. Immediately, its incomparably huge body suddenly shrunk. Within a short instant, it had turned into a purple-golden haired middle-aged man. He lifted his head. Those eyes of his were filled with a rich pressure as they stared at Hun Tiandi. He laughed faintly and said, “I have received your favour and ought to aid you. However, I currently have other things to do. Therefore, we will settle this in the future.”


Gu Yuan quickly sighed in relief while the face of Hun Tiandi by the side involuntarily twitched. A chill flowed deep within those eyes. If it was not because he was afraid of the terrifying strength of the mysterious person, it was likely that he would have already given the order to kill it.

That middle-aged man ignored Hun Tiandi after he finished speaking. His golden eyes suddenly swept over the sky. After which, they paused on one of the figures. An icy cold expression immediately flashed across both of his eyes.

Xiao Yan in the sky wore a cautious expression. His face was slightly altered after he saw that this mysterious person had actually threw his eyes towards him. Could it be that this fellow still remembered him?

“Brat, come over!”

The middle-aged man looked towards Xiao Yan. He extended his large hand and a dragon roar appeared. Subsequently, a golden large claw broke through the air and struck towards Xiao Yan.


Xiao Yan’s expression became unusually ugly after he saw that this fellow had simply attacked as he liked. His body hurriedly pulled back. At the same time, a spiritual figure appeared. The Yellow Spring Divine Anger was also quickly unleashed.


The spiritual sonic wave ruthlessly smashed onto the large golden claw. However, the latter did not move.

“Mister, may I know how has Xiao Yan offended you?” Gu Yuan’s expression also changed upon seeing this scene. He hurriedly cried out.

“Humph, my target is him alone. I will fight you if you interven!”

The mysterious person cried out in an icy cold voice after hearing Gu Yuan’s cry. He had detected the scent of his child from Xiao Yan’s blood a couple of days ago. That bloodline strength was unique to their tribe. Yet, Xiao Yan was clearly a genuine human when one looked at him. In that case, there was only one answer. He had once devoured and refined his child’s bloodline strength!

His child might have even been killed by this person!

The ferocious expression within this mysterious person’s eyes had become extremely dense the moment he thought of this.

“Ha ha, Gu Yuan, it seems that even the heavens aren’t helping you!” Hun Tiandi was also startled because of this scene. However, he quickly recovered and involuntarily laughed out loud.

Gu Yuan’s face was furious green. Although he was unaware of why this mysterious person would target Xiao Yan, the latter was ultimately a member of the alliance army. Moreover, Xiao Yan was also Gu Yuan’s son-in-law. Naturally it was impossible for Gu Yuan to simply watch him be killed by this mysterious person. He immediately cried out furiously, “Stop him!”

Lei Ying and the rest from the alliance army clenched their teeth upon hearing Gu Yuan’s voice. They could only summon their courage and attack. Xiao Yan was not an ordinary character. He was not someone whom they could simply abandon. Hence, they could not choose to stand idly by the side and do nothing.


Rushing wind sound appeared from around the mysterious person as the latter attacked Xiao Yan. The mysterious person snorted coldly. He suddenly lifted his head. A roar, which caused even the world to tremble, wildly swept apart.

“Bang bang!”

Lei Ying, who had just charged forward, had not have the time to attack when he was struck by the terrifying sonic wave. Immediately, he was shot backwards. Blood continuously churned in his body while his face was covered with shock.

“Brat, hand over your life!”

That mysterious figure flashed and appeared in front of Xiao Yan, who was pulling back. His hand grabbed towards Xiao Yan’s head.


A huge nine coloured light suddenly flashed across the sky when the mysterious person was attacking. It surrounded Xiao Yan’s body and quickly withdrew.

“Nine Coloured Heaven Swallowing Python? It is unexpected that there are still Heaven Swallowing Pythons still existing in this world!”

That mysterious person was startled because of this scene. His eyes looked at the nine coloured giant python in the sky and exclaimed in surprise.

“Gold Emperor Incinerating Heaven Execution!”

The golden flame spread throughout the sky amidst a roar. Finally, it turned into a golden light beam that was tens of thousands of feet in size. Finally, it smashed ruthlessly towards that mysterious person.


The mysterious person threw a punch forward in the face of this attack. That ordinary palm wind immediately shattered the light ray when the punch was thrown.

“Insignificant attack…”

The punch shattered the ray of light. That mysterious person smiled faintly. Immediately, his golden eyes looked towards Xiao Yan in the distance. He opened his stride and appeared in front of the latter in a ghost like fashion.

“You won’t be able to escape!”

The ferocious expression within the mysterious person’s eyes suddenly soared as he looked at Xiao Yan, who was a short distance away. Purple-gold light appeared. After which, it struck towards Xiao Yan and Xun Er beside him.


The light came striking over. After which, the surrounding space was directly sealed. Xiao Yan’s expression changed drastically. Immediately, a crazy expression suddenly rose into his eyes. His palm smashed onto Xun Er beside him and a huge force shattered the area around the light seal. His body began to swell rapidly. He was actually planning on self-destructing his physical body!

Although the self-destruct of one’s physical body would not lead to one’s death once one reached Xiao Yan’s level, it would still result in an extremely great harm! It might even affect Xiao Yan’s foundation! However, he did not have any choice at this moment!


Xun Er’s expression quickly paled after seeing this scene. Her originally cool and cold voice had suddenly become sharp.

“Damn brat, you are really ruthless!”

That mysterious person was also startled by Xiao Yan’s ruthlessness. However, his attack did not weaken.

Xiao Yan’s body swelled rapidly. Just when his body was about to collapse, a light seal on his hand suddenly unleashed a brilliant luster. The dragon seal Zi Yan had left on him allowed the both of them to detect if the other was in a dangerous situation.

“Xiao Yan, don’t self-destruct!”

An anxious female voice was suddenly emitted from within the flickering light seal. After which, a bright golden light suddenly surged from the dragon seal. It quickly wrapped around XIao Yan’s body and suppressed his symptoms of being about to self-destruct.


The space in front of Xiao Yan swiftly split and formed a huge crack line after Xiao Yan’s self-destruct was suppressed. Bright golden light erupted. Finally, it turned into a huge golden dragon. The dragon curled and swiftly wrapped around Xiao Yan.

“Zi Yan, give way!”

Xiao Yan’s expression changed drastically after he saw the huge dragon, which had suddenly broke out from the space. Given Zi Yan’s strength, her body would be instantly shattered into a pool of blood if that attack firmly struck onto her body.


The large purple-gold seal, which was filled with a terrifying strength, suddenly appeared above the head of the huge dragon in front of the shocked eyes of the alliance army and the wild joy of the Hun clan. However, the huge seal suddenly halted just when everyone thought that blood would splatter…

The light seal rapidly collapsed. Light shot out in all directions and shone onto that mysterious person’s face. His body had begun to shudder as though he was suffering from a stroke.


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