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Chapter 1627: Appearance of the Mansion

Giant waves was suddenly formed on the spacious magma sea. A ten thousand feet large whirlpool was slowly formed on the surface of the sea of magma. There seemed to be something appearing from the end of the whirlpool. A kind of mysterious fluctuation rippled throughout the place.

The unexpected occurrence that had happened on the magma attracted the attention of many. Immediately, a shocked expression surged on their faces.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were grave as they looked at the churning magma whirlpool below. A rich caution rose deep within his eyes. He did not forget that there was a mysterious creature guarding the Ancient God Mansion. If that thing came charging out, there was no predicting what kind of drastic change would occur in this battle.


While Xiao Yan had poured all of his attention into staring at the magma whirlpool, the space a short distance behind him suddenly shook. A miserable old figure appeared. The dense deathly aura, which had originally covered his body, had faded greatly. Clearly, he was seriously injured.

“He is actually still alive?”

Xiao Yan turned his head after detecting this person. He looked at the weary old man and a surprise involuntarily flashed across his eyes. However, a cold smile appeared after his eyes swept towards a figure grabbed in Hun Tiansheng’s hand. That fellow with an unknown fate was naturally Hun Yuantian…

Xiao Yan had used over a dozen Extermination Fire Lotus and explode the Deathly Silence Gate. With the superimposition of the two, the destructive force created was frightening enough to cause only to tremble from a feeling a chill. Even though Hun Yuantian duo were eight star elite Dou Sheng, they still ended up with one dead and one seriously injured.

Hun Shengtian, who had appeared, spat out a mouthful of fresh blood before looking at Xiao Yan a short distance away with a terrified face. Although there was still a vicious expression flashing in his eyes, he also understood that he was likely unable to fight with Xiao Yan in his current condition. He immediately clenched his teeth and dragged his seriously injured body and quickly withdraw.

Xiao Yan glanced at Hun Tiansheng, who had escaped, but did not give chase. Although he had schemed and managed to seriously injure one party while killing the other, the exhaustion he had experienced could also not be underestimated. Moreover, the Tou She Ancient God Mansion was about to appear. Most of his attention was diverted to it. Even though Hun Shengtian was able to escape, he was unable to participate in the battle.

“Splash splash!”

The huge magma whirlpool rotated with an increasingly great intensity. Earthshaking splashing sound reverberated across the sky.


A loud sound suddenly appeared in the sky. Soon after, thred miserable figures pulled back. Two of them were in an extreme dire state. The deathly aura that lingered over them had almost completely disappeared. Their fighting strength had also become much weaker. It was really a joke for them to block Gu Yuan with their strength. As long as the attack from that kind of expert manage to make even the slightest contact with them, they would end up being seriously injured.

“Nihility sir, we cannot stop him!”

The two individuals with deathly aura around them had pale faces as they looked at the Nihility Devouring Flame beside them, who had a somewhat chaotic black flame, and cried out.

The black flame within the Nihility Devouring Flame’s eyes rippled slightly. Some dissatisfaction flashed across his eyes. It was unexpected that he was still unable to fight against Gu Yuan despite his soul having advanced to the Di State.

Gu Yuan also appeared a short distance from the trio. His eyes were cold and indifferent as they glanced at them. If it was not because the soul of the Nihility Devouring Flame had reached the Di State, he would have already killed the other two. Otherwise, how could they have been allowed to remain alive until now?

However? He also understood that the reason the Nihility Devouring Flame had fought with all their strength was merely to obstruct him.

“Hun Tiandi.”

Gu Yuan lifted his head. He looked at the figure controlling the Tou She Ancient God Jade. A cold glint flashed across his eyes as he stepped forward. The space fluctuated and he appeared behind Hun Tiandi. A world tide surged. Finally, it turned into a huge tidal palm that fiercely smashed towards Hun Tiandi.


Hun Tiandi laughed loudly in the face of Gu Yuan’s attack. A palm was struck forward and the space was shattered. He directly received Gu Yuan’s palm strike head on.

“Gu Yuan, it’s too late. Next, let’s wait for the Tou She Ancient God Mansion to appear!”

Hun Tiandi swiftly pulled back. His hand was still tightly grabbing onto the Tou She Ancient Hod Jade.

Gu Yuan’s expression sunk as he heard Hun Tiandi’s words. His eyes glanced at the magma sea below and found that the whirlpool on the magma sea had suddenly expended ten times!

“Bang bamg bang!”

After the whirlpool was expended, a ten thousand feet large magma fire pillar suddenly spat out from the magma sea in all directions. Many from both parties were caught in it. The extreme heat and offensive strength immediately resulted in deaths from both parties.

Hun Tiandi revealed an increasing wild joy in his eyes as he looked at the giant waves appearing on the surface of the magma. He could detect that the Tou She Ancient God Jade in his hand had suddenly become strangely hot.


The ten thousand feet large magma wave rose suddenly before it came smashing down ruthlessly. It caused magma to splash across the sky. That rapidly rotating magma whirlpool also gradually slowed.

A huge magma began to protrude from the surface of the magma sea as the rotation speed slowed. Bright red magma scattered. After which, an ancient stone door slowly rose from the magma and stood in the sky in front of the many heated pairs of eyes.

The magma on the stone door swiftly disappeared. An ancient and desolate aura immediately filled this world. Everything was silence under this aura. Even those as strong as Gu Yuan or Hun Tiandi felt a terror from within their hearts.

It was an aura that stood above this world!

Countless pairs of eyes gathered onto the ancient stone door. Finally, these eyes focused on the three ancient words on the stone door!

“Ancient God Mansion!”

Hun Tiandi’s eyes had unleashed a terrifying light at this moment. Even his his calmness, his heart involuntarily pounded when he personally saw the words that he had pursued for thousands of years.

“I have finally found you…” Hun Tiandi muttered to himself. Finally, he involuntarily faced the sky and laughed wildly. His laughter was like thunder as it reverberated across the sky.

“Is this the legendary Ancient God Cave…

Gu Yuan was a little absentminded. He was startled as he looked at the ancient stone door that stood quietly on the magma. The aura on it allowed him to understand that this was not some fake object. Instead, it was a genuine Dou Di object!

Only something that was left behind by the legendary Dou Di could cause him to feel extremely frightened!

Gu Yuan recovered a moment later after seeing the quiet and unmoving ancient stone door. His eyes contained a somewhat complicated feeling. The eight ancient clans had engaged in multiple chaotic battles for this Ancient God Mansion. It was unexpected that it could be summoned thousands of years later, when only four of the eight clans remained.

The enormous ancient stone door stood on the magma. Everyone appeared exceptionally tiny in front of its giant size. In their eyes, this stone door appeared as though it belonged to another world and was unusually mysterious.


Xiao Yan let out a long breath. Although this was already the second time he had seen the ancient stone door, there was still some shocked in his heart. He could detect that the closer he was to the stone door, the greater the pressure he felt. Base on his guess, there was likely very few people amongst everyone present who could head to the front of the stone door…

“The Ancient God Cave has already appeared. It is likely that Hun Tiandi will act to snatch the embryonic Di Pill. However, why has that mysterious creature not appear?” A light flashed within Xiao Yan’s eyes as they cautiously swept over the magma sea. Due to the appearance of the ancient stone door, the entire sea region seemed to have been enveloped by a strange pressure. Under this pressure, even Xiao Yan’s Di state soul was unable to probe the activity within the magma.

Hun Tiandi inhaled a couple of deep breaths as he stood in the sky. Only then did he suppressing the churning emotions within his heart. Immediately, he slowly raised the Tou She Ancient God Jade in his hand. The ancient jade vaguely had a light flowing over it.

During the time that a light was flickering over the ancient jade, there also seemed to be a light flickering over the tightly shut ancient stone wall. That ancient door, which had been tightly shut for ten thousand years, seemed to show signs of being about to open…

Hun Tiandi seemed to rejoice upon seeing this scene. Before he could open his stride and advance, a figure came hurrying over and attempted to snatch the ancient jade from his hand.

“Hee, Gu Yuan, are you unable to hold back any longer?” Hun Tiandi laughed coldly upon seeing this. His body flashed and he appeared in the distance, dodging Gu Yuan in the process.

“How can it be so simple to open the mansion?” Gu Yuan laughed coldly. His body flashed again and it closely followed Hun Tiandi like a shadow. It did not give him any time to open the mansion.


Murderous intent surged within Hun Tiandi’s eyes as he saw Gu Yuan continued to pester him. His strength was comparable to that of Gu Yuan. If the latter insist on pestering him, he would really be unable to divert his attention.

Many pairs of eyes looked at the two light figures that seemed to be moving together in the sky. All of them could only clench their hands and stare. They were unable to intervene in a fight on that level.

“Splash splash!”

Xiao Yan glanced at the battle in the sky. His ear suddenly moved as he heard some intense magma churning sound. Immediately, he turned his eyes towards the sea of magma, only to see that it was calm and seemingly void of ripples.

This scene caused Xiao Yan to frown. However, he did not shift his eyes away. His gaze stared intently at the surface of the magma. This silence continued for a couple of minutes before he suddenly shrink his eyes. A stern cry sounded, “Get far away from the magma! Hurry!”

A hundred thousand feet giant wave suddenly rose on the calm magma sea as this sharp cry sounded. Soon after, an earthshaking roar resounded over this place in a mighty fashion.

The expressions of Gu Yuan and Hun Tiandi changed abruptly after this roar that seemed to have originated from the ancient times was emitted. This aura… was actually not weaker than them!

“Ha ha ha ha, this emperor is finally able to see the sky again.

The hundred thousand feet magma shot to the sky as a ferocious aura, which caused the weather to change, erupted from within the sea of magma!

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