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Chapter 1629: Old Dragon Emperor

The purple-gold light seal was suspended over the huge dragon’s head. Even Zi Yan could only shut her eyes in the face of the great destructive force. However, when she was prepared to endure this sudden extermination like assault when the light seal came to a sudden halt…

Panting sound suddenly appeared across the sky as everyone watched the still light seal above the huge dragon’s head. Some of the experts from the Hun clan revealed disappointed expressions.


Gu Yuan’s expression had become relatively ugly. He clenched his teeth and his body flashed. After which, he gave up on dealing with Hun Tiandi and appeared in front of the mysterious person. He waved his sleeve and a powerful wind forced Zi Yan and Xiao Yan back. Both of his eyes contained some fury as he looked at the mysterious person in front of him and demanded in a deep voice, “Aren’t you a little overboard to use a fatal attack the moment you strike?”

That mysterious person acted as though he did not hear Gu Yuan’s words. His eyes were stunned as they stared at the large golden dragon wrapped around Xiao Yan. He could sense an extremely familiar bloodline scent from within the golden dragon’s body…

That was a bloodline from the same ancestry. The only one in this world who could possess it was the child of his from back then.


Those golden eyes of that mysterious man, which were originally filled with a monstrous like ferocity, had become gentle at that moment. His heart, which had been calm and quiet for countless of years, suddenly pounded intensely. His eyes stared at Zi Yan as he muttered.

Gu Yuan was startled upon seeing this fellow’s expression. He frowned and asked, “Who is your child?”

The huge golden dragon shrunk swiftly. Finally it turned into a purple-haired lady with a graceful figure. Her pretty eyes were a little furious as he glared at the mysterious person. After which, she supported Xiao Yan beside her and asked, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Why have you come?” Xiao Yan wiped off the trace of blood on the corner of his mouth. He glanced at Zi Yan beside him and involuntarily asked with a bitter smile.

“How dare you ask me this. Such a big matter has occurred, yet you did not inform my Ancient Void Dragon tribe…” Zi Yan’s eyebrows were straightened when this was mentioned. Finally she spoke angrily.

“This matter is far too big. If your Ancient Void Dragon tribe is dragged into it and something unexpected occurs, you will have difficulty surviving.” Xiao Yan sighed.

“Given the Hun clan’s character, which faction on this continent would be able to survive independently if they managed to obtain the Ancient God Mansion.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes towards Xiao Yan. She quickly looked at the mysterious person, who was blocked by Gu Yuan. With a frown, she asked, “Who is this person? What terrifying strength. However, this aura of his seems a little familiar…”

Her final sentence was extremely soft. After all, she did not remember that she was once acquainted with such a powerful person.

“The guardian of the Ancient God Mansion. I do not know why he is insisting on killing me.” Xiao Yan laughed bitterly. He had merely barge into that realm below and did not have any deep hatred with this person. Hence, he was completely unable to comprehend the mysterious person’s murderous intent.

“Things are a little troublesome.”

Zi Yan sighed. Her hand gently drew across the space in front of her. A spatial crack was formed. One could hear the sound of rushing wind from within it. Soon after, many figures came rushing out. They were surprisingly the Elders of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe.

“Although my Ancient Void Dragon is no longer as strong as when it was at its peak, we will definitely repay the great favour you have bestowed upon our Ancient Dragon tribe. This time around, we will use all of our strength to help you.”

Xiao Yan widened his mouth after seeing the many Elders from the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. He sighed and gravely cupped his hands together towards these people. “A mere thanks does not do justice to such a big favour. Xiao Yan will remember the help you have lend me today.”

“Ha ha, mister Xiao Yan is too courteous. If you had not intervened time and time again, how would our Ancient Dragon Tribe get the chance to unite?” The many Elders immediately cupped their hands together and courteously said after hearing Xiao Yan’s words.

“Ha ha, this friend. If you wish to kill that brat, I can help you block this Gu Yuan.” Hun Tiandi looked at the mysterious person facing off against Gu Yuan. His heart involuntarily rejoiced as he laughed.

Gu Yuan’s expression immediately changed upon hearing those words.

“Stop being a busybody.” That mysterious person, who was originally extremely fierce, sudden cried coldly towards Hun Tiandi as Gu Yuan’s expression changed.


Seeing that his friendly attempt was met with a cold response, Hun Tiandi involuntarily became furious despite his control over himself. However, he quickly suppressed it. A dense expression flashed across his eyes.

“Zhu Huo, you little brat. Do you still remember this emperor?” That mysterious person turned his head after forcing Hun Tiandi back with his words. His eyes turned towards the ancient dragon tribe’s Elder and cried out in a deep voice.

“Arrogant fellow!”

That group of Ancient Void Dragon tribe Elder was immediately greatly furious. This fellow was actually putting them down with his words.

That mysterious person was startled after being furiously chided by these Elders. He immediately felt neither able to laugh nor cry. It had been so many years. Even with the lifespan of the Ancient Dragon tribe, it was likely that very few could live until now.

The person standing at the leader’s spot amongst the many Elders was currently the oldest First Elder of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. He was also the Zhu Huo that the mysterious person had mentioned. His eyes were currently a little stunned as he looked at the mysterious person. Those turbid eyes of his were a little loss in deep thought.

“The Ancient Void Dragon tribe had not have a Dragon Emperor for a long time. This emperor is the true current Dragon Emperor of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe!” Zi Yan’s face was also a little icy as she spoke in a faint voice.


Seeing Zi Yan opened her mouth, the mysterious person, who had a face filled with might and dignity earlier, immediately became stunned. Gu Yuan had expected him to attack and hurt someone when he surprisingly rubbed his hands together in embarrassment. He nodded repeatedly, “You are correct. It is right for you to become the dragon emperor. You should be the dragon emperor.”

Everyone, including Zi Yan, was stunned upon seeing his appearance. They quickly revealed some strange expression. This fellow…was really strange.

“This elder, today is the big war between our alliance army and the Hun clan. I hope that you can stand idly by the side and not intervene.” This Yan’s expression softened as she said.

“Not intervene? Alright alright. I will do as you say. Hee hee, can you allow me to get a little closer?” That mysterious person nodded without hesitation after hearing this. After which, he uttered those words with a straight face. Nothing in his current behaviour displayed the demeanor of an extremely skilled person from earlier.

Everyone felt as though they had been struck by lightning after hearing this mysterious request. Some black lines appeared on her forehead. However, she could only nod her head due to the other part’s terrifying strength.

Gu Yuan’s group around frowned deeply upon seeing fellow’s sudden strange behaviour. However, they involuntarily sighed in relief after seeing that this person did not have any murderous intent. Regardless of what the situation was, it wa best not to be enemies with this person.

That mysterious person’s figure appeared in front of Zi Yan in an instant after he had obtained permission to do so. His eyes swept over that beautiful face. That hard face of his revealed a complicated smile as he sighed softly, “You look a lot like your mother…”

“You have seen my mother?” Zi Yan’s expression was quickly altered after hearing these words. She looked at the man in front of her in disbelief. When her eyes clearly saw the pair of golden eyes, a strange feeling suddenly rose from deep within her heart.

This kind of unusual feeling caused Zi Yan’s delicate body to suddenly tremble. Her silver teeth gently bit her red lips. Suddenly, she extended her hand and grabbed the hand of the person in front of her.

Bright golden light suddenly erupted from within both of their bodies the moment their hands made contact. Finally, the light merged perfectly at the point where their hands were in contact. A kind of extremely terrifying pressure vaguely spread.


The many Elders from the Ancient Dragon tribe behind Zi Yan immediately knelt. That kind of pressure caused them to be unable to even retaliate.

“You…” Zi Yan was startled as she looked at the golden light, which entwined perfectly with each other. Great ripples appeared in her eyes. An instant later, she suddenly withdrew her hand as though she had suffered from an electric shock. Her pretty eyes stared at the gentle looking man in front of her and her eyes became icy.

Xiao Yan, who was standing behind Zi Yan, seemed to have comprehended something after seeing this scene. He could sense a bloodline strength completely similar to that of Zi Yan. It was likely that there was a blood relation between the two.

Moreover, this relationship could very be… father and daughter.

It was very likely that this mysterious person was the old dragon emperor of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe who had been missing for thousands of years!

“No wonder he was planning to kill me. It is actually because my body possess the ancient dragon essence blood that Zi Yan had once given me.” Only at this moment did he understand why this fellow was insisting on chasing him.

However, from the looks of Zi Yan’s expression, it seemed that he was not overly excited. Nevertheless, Xiao Yan could sense the huge wave churning in her heart.


The purple-gold haired man was a little helpless as he looked at Zi Yan’s face, which had suddenly turned icy cold. He clearly did not have much experience with regards to this. He could only continuously rub his hand and looked at Zi Yan. He was completely unaware of how he should speak.

“I am an orphan. I do not have father and mother.”

Zi Yan spoke in a cold voice. However, his voice caused one to feel a heartache.

Xiao Yan sighed. Zi Yan back then was living alone in the deep mountains of the Black-Corner Region. Although her talent was outstanding, her live was ultimately not good. Subsequently, she had accidentally eaten an unripe Body Transforming Grass. Only then was she brought to the Inner Academy by First Elder Su Qian. However, she continued to remain lonely. She gradually began to have friends only after meeting Xiao Yan.

Now that he thought about it, that greedy and intelligent little girl had a heartache that no one knew.

The purple haired lady stood stubbornly stood in front of him. Some tears disappointingly rolled down her eyes as she spoke. Father… she had once greatly anticipated this scene.

“It’s my fault. It’s my fault. I should not be greedy for the Ancient God Mansion. It is all because of that bastard Tou She Ancient God. He had schemed against me and caused me to be trapped for such a long time!”

That stern looking purple-gold haired man panic after seeing the tears within Zi Yan’s eyes. He tried to stumble forward. “Child, stop crying, stop crying. It is all my fault. Father will listen to you no matter what you say in the future. I can swear if you don’t believe me!”

Xiao Yan sighed in relief within his heart when he saw this peak expert, who had once shook the entire continent, acting in such a helpless manner. It seemed that he really did care greatly about Zi Yan.

The surrounding people were also completely quiet. Clearly, they did not know just what was happening. Those Elders from the had all become stunned. A thought that caused them to tremble surged within their hearts…

Zi Yan gently inhaled. Her eyes were red as she stared at the somewhat straightforward middle-aged man, who originally had an extremely mighty aura, rubbing his hands in front of her. Suddenly, she extended her finger and pointed at Hun Tiandi in the distance. Her noise had some sound as she said, “In that case, can you kill him?”


The middle-aged man was startled after hearing this. Immediately, a ferocious expression suddenly rose within his eyes!

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