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Chapter 1614: Seven Star Dou Sheng

Xiao Yan’s expression was pleased as he looked at the fire cauldron and stood up. The pill refinement this time around had once again allowed him to feel the great strength of his Di State soul. If this had been in the past, he would have to exhaust himself greatly in order to refine this Lightning Calamity Pill. Moreover, the most important thing was that there was no guarantee of his success after this exhaustion.


The fire cauldron in the sky above began to churned intensely after Xiao Yan stood up. It vaguely gathered into a lightning cloud. Traces of black thunderbolt appeared just like huge dragons as they shuttled through the churning cloud in the sky.

“Pill Lightning huh…”

Xiao Yan smiled upon seeing this scene. He did not appear concern. All he did was to wave his hand and the Northern King rushed out from within his Storage Ring. It directly turned into a black shadow that charged into the lightning cloud. Immediately, the lightning rumbled in the sky. It was possible to vaguely see the many thunderbolts in the sky rushing crazily towards a human figure.

This kind of lightning roar continued for around ten minutes or so before it gradually disappeared. Finally, many pure lightning strength came pouring down from the lightning clouds and landed into the brilliant golden medicinal pill in the fire cauldron.

“Buzz buzz!”

After these lightning strength surged into the pill, the final trace of impurity within the medicinal pill had also been purified. Immediately, a bright golden light erupted from within the medicinal cauldron. The cauldron cover was also forcefully pushed open. That Lightning Calamity Pill within it turned into a light ray that charged towards the sky at a shocking speed.

“I have spent so much time and hard work to refine you. How can I simply allow you to escape?” Xiao Yan laughed. A thought passed through his mind and the huge spiritual figure standing in the sky extended its giant hand. It directly penetrated through the empty space and grabbed onto the escaping golden light. Immediately, his body shrunk and swiftly rushed into Xiao Yan’s brow. The brilliant gold medicinal pill was also obediently suspending in front of him.


Xiao Yan involuntarily sighed in relief as he looked at the round golden light medicinal pill in front of him. He could sense the terrifying strength within the medicinal pill. The quality of this Lightning Calamity Pill was clearly greater than the tier 9 Mysterious Pill that Xiao Yan had refined back at the Yao clan.

Of course, this was unsurprising. After all, regardless of whether it was in terms of ingredients or his own ability, all of them had far surpassed those from back then.

“How much strength I can gain this time around will depend on you…” Xiao Yan looked at the golden light medicinal pill in front of him and smiled. Immediately, he covered his eyes with his hands. The Lightning Calamity Pill had turned into a ray of golden light that rushed into his opened mouth.


The Lightning Calamity Pill had only just entered Xiao Yan’s body when an incomparably wild and violent ripple spread from within it. Immediately, sandy wind blew over the plains. A huge pit, that was hundreds of feet deep and tens of thousands of feet wide appeared on the plains. Xiao Yan was standing at the middle of that deep pit.

The tomb behind Xiao Yan continued to stand under the support of a huge stone pillar. Some faint light was being emitted from the tomb, protecting it from being destroyed.

“Chi chi!”

Bright golden lightning glow continued to surge out from within Xiao Yan’s body. Finally, it spread over its surface and turned into a low and deep thunder roar.

Xiao Yan’s hair was in a mess while he was being encompassed by the glittering golden lightning. His originally black hair had immediately appeared as though it had been made of gold.

While the surface of his body was undergoing a change, Xiao Yan was also crazily roaring within his body. The wild and violent lightning strength had turned into many furious dragons that went on a crazy rampage within their bodies. Regardless of how they charge around, however, it seemed that it would meet an extremely hard and invisible barrier, which reflected all of them back.

At the same time, the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame had also whistled and spread within Xiao Yan’s body. It directly used the most peremptory method to devour all of these wild and violent energy. After it was refined, it turned into a rolling pure Dou Qi that merged into Xiao Yan’s body.

With the help of his Di State Soul and the strength of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame, it would be quite an easy matter to refine the Lightning Calamity Pill.

The enormous deep pit had a golden light flickering within it. Xiao Yan’s tightly shut eyes had a solemn expression in them. The natural energy gradually formed some ripples. Finally, it gathered on this plains. At a glance, it seemed as though there was a world tide like mysterious scene.

Using one’s own Dou Qi to cause a world tide. There were hardly anyone in this world with the strength to do this. Gu Yuan had also drew a world tide back then. However, its might was clearly many times greater than this world tide Xiao Yan had stirred. After all, there was still a big gap between Xiao Yan and his strength.

However, this scene was already quite incredible. If it was an ordinary seven star elite Dou Sheng it was likely extremely difficult to perform something like this. The reason Xiao Yan was able to do it was partly because of his Di State soul.

The many energy bodies on the surrounding plains involuntarily had a change in expression after seeing the small scale energy tide in the sky.

“This person can really be considered a genius. When I met him for the first time back then, he merely had the strength of a Dou Zun. However, the next time I meet him, he had already advanced into the Dou Sheng class. This speed can be considered terrifying. Now, he had advance to an even higher level. In the future, he might really be able to reach the peak level like Xiao Xuan…” Saint Xue Dao muttered to himself. A vague respect was revealed in his eyes. This achievement of Xiao Yan really caused one to have no other choice but to admire him.

The surging energy tide had lasted for ten full days. Only then did it gradually weakened. After another two days, the energy tide had finally completely disappeared.


A golden light suddenly charged upwards from the enormous deep pit when the energy tide scattered. Looking from a distance, it appeared as though it had penetrated through the world, giving it an extremely spectacular appearance.

The golden light shot towards the sky while a figure slowly rose into the air. After which, the figure stepped on the empty space and gently landed on the ground.

After his footstep landed, the light pillar also quickly dimmed and vanished from this world.

Xiao Yan lifted his head and looked at the energy tide in the sky, which had completely vanished. His hair had once again returned to its normal state. However, those dark black eyes occasionally had some golden colour flashing within them. It seemed to possess a strange pressure when one looked at it.

“Seven star Dou Sheng…”

Xiao Yan sensed the condition within his body. A joy quickly surged onto his face. The effect of the Lightning Calamity Pill did not disappoint him. He was finally able to breakthrough to the six star Dou Sheng class and leap into the seven star Dou Sheng class.

This level was already comparable to the older generation experts like the four demon saints of the Hun clan and the three immortals of the Gu clans. Of course, if they were to really fight, Xiao Yan was naturally able to easily defeat them. After all, his Di State soul was not a decoration.

“It is indeed worthy of being the tier 9 Mysterious Pill, Lightning Calamity Pill…”

Xiao Yan stretched his waist in satisfaction. If he was to use an ordinary method to refine the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning, it was likely that he would at the very most be able to reach the advance six star Dou Sheng class. There would likely be quite a great difficulty for him to breakthrough to the seven star. After all, that small step hid a great difficulty.

“It is time to leave. However, Yao Lao has yet to send any information. It is likely that the Hun clan is still quiet. These people… what are they waiting for?” Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. There was a chill flashing across time. After counting the time, he found that at least ten days had passed. They should have already completed their recuperation. The Hun clan should be extremely anxious when it come to the Tou She Ancient God Mansion. Their current action appeared to be somewhat strange.

Of course, Xiao Yan did not think that the Hun clan had already headed directly to the Tou She Ancient God Mansion and open it without anyone knowing. With Gu Yuan personally monitoring them, XIao Yan believed that there would be no one in this world who could escape from his monitoring without anyone learning about it.

“Hun Tiandi, I wish to see just what you are planning!”

Xiao Yan laughed coldly. He immediately waved his sleeve gently and a crack appeared in the space in front of him. He took a stride forward, entered the crack and disappeared.

The many energy bodies sighed in relief after seeing Xiao Yan disappear. Finally, they slowly scattered.

This was a completely dark and quiet space. Black fog spread over the sky. A dark and cold force seeped across every part of this place.

There was a black hall standing in the sky deep within this place. A figure was seated in the air while dark black flames continued to seep out from his body. Looking from a distance, he appeared just like a black hole that was continuously devouring everything in the world.

There were many densely packed black figures below. At this moment, one after another light clusters had flew out from within the Storage Rings of these black figures. The light clusters were transparent. However, there was a pure energy that could cause one’s expression to change contained within them. If Xiao Yan was present, he would be able to recognise that these light clusters were surprisingly the Spiritual Essence that the Hall of Soul had collected!

Back then, Xiao Yan had merely refined a cluster of it and his Spiritual Strength had actually reached the perfect Heavenly State. However, there were at least over a hundred light clusters present…


The interior of the black figure seated in the sky suddenly emitted a wild wind like sound. Immediately black flame surged out in all directions. A suction force erupted and it actually sucked the many Spiritual Essence light cluster into it.

These Spiritual Essence were directly devoured after making contact with the black flame. With more and more Spiritual Essence being forcefully devoured by the figure, a wave of terrifying spiritual fluctuation was also gradually being emitted from within the body of the black figure.


This fluctuation became increasingly strong. At the end, it became almost real, causing the space itself to become distorted. A low and deep roar was emitted from the mouth of the black figure. Suddenly, the black figure stood up. Monstrous spiritual fluctuation immediately erupted in all directions like a volcano.

“Congratulations on Nihility sir’s advancement into the Di State soul!”

The densely packed black figures below immediately bowed after sensing the monstrous spiritual pressure. Their respectful voice resounded within this place, causing the ground to tremble slightly.

“Ha ha…”

The black figure in the sky involuntarily laughed towards the sky. His eyes quickly turned towards a figure on the mountain below and laughed, “Hun Tiandi, it is time to gather the eight jades and find out where the Tou She Ancient God Cave is located!”

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