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Chapter 1613: Lightning Tribulation Pill

Xiao Yan stood in front of a tomb that was standing alone on a plains deep within the Heavenly Tomb. He bowed respectfully towards the tomb before lifting his head. His eyes looked around him. There were many energy bodies present around the plains. However, they did not step anywhere within ten thousand feet from Xiao Yan. Moreover there was respect and fear in their eyes as they looked at Xiao Yan.

Even if one did not mention the fact that Xiao Yan was currently the owner of the Heavenly Tomb, just the fact that the latter’s soul had stepped into the Di State was sufficient to cause these energy bodies to shudder in fear.

These energy bodies could be considered the natives of this Heavenly Tomb. Most of these people were relatively powerful existences when they were alive. However, that was when they were still alive. At this moment, they were merely some energy bodies that could only survive by relying on the mysterious Heavenly Tomb.

Xiao Yan had also deeply observed them. There was a total of over a dozen of them who had reached the Dou Sheng class. Unfortunately, none of them possessed a strength comparable to ancestor Xiao Xuan. Xiao Yan smiled involuntarily in the face of this. If there was an energy body here that was comparable to ancestor Xiao Xuan, they would not have allowed the Heavenly Tomb soul to do as it pleased.

This lineup could actually also be considered quite a powerful strength. However, due to the uniqueness of the Heavenly Tomb, they were unable to leave this place. Hence, they were of little help to Xiao Yan.

“Nevertheless, if I end up meeting an enemy in the future, I can trap him into entering the Heavenly Tomb…” Xiao Yan fondled his chin and laughed softly. Immediately, he sat down in front of the tomb. His eyes were widened as he spoke in a faint voice, “Xue Dao, help me stand guard. Do not allow anyone to disturb me.”

Although there were many energy bodies inside the Heavenly Tomb, Xiao Yan did not really trust them. He could only be considered to be a little familiar to that Saint Xue Dao. Hence, Xiao Yan had the intention of allowing him to manage the order within the Heavenly Tomb.


A blood clothed figure in the distance hurriedly spoke in a respectful manner upon hearing this. If one was to look closely, it was that Saint Xue Dao.

The current Xue Dao possessed quite a high status within this Heavenly Tomb. This was because many energy bodies were aware that the newly owner of the Heavenly Tomb seemed to have quite a deep relationship with him. Therefore, even some of the energy bodies which were far stronger than him, were currently extremely courteous to him.

Saint Xue Dao was happy to enjoy such a change. However, he also understood that he was merely borrowing the strength of others to appear mighty. Therefore, he appeared extremely respectful when facing Xiao Yan. He completely treated himself as the latter’s subordinate.

Xiao Yan’s hands formed a seal after he issued the instructions. Little Yi flashed and appeared on his shoulder. It opened its small mouth without waiting for Xiao Yan’s instructions. A golden light was spat out from his mouth.


Loud rumbling sound appeared in the sky after this golden light had shot out. The golden light swelled with the wind. Within the short blink of an eye, however, it had swelled into a golden lightning dragon that was tens of thousands of feet in size. An enormous lightning arc flickered over his body. The rumbling sound brought about waves of thunder in the sky.

Many energy bodies had a change in expression after seeing the golden lightning dragon emitting a terrifying pressure in the sky. They hurriedly pulled far back. If the lightning was to come smashing down, it was likely that many would have been blasted into dust.


The lightning dragon roared in the sky. Those golden dragon eyes did not have any emotion. After all, it was currently only a type of pure energy.

Xiao Yan looked at the lightning dragon raging in the sky and smiled slightly. He could clearly sense the violence and strength of the energy. If it was in the past, he might be only able to occasionally borrow its strength. However, it would have likely be extremely difficult task to refine it.

However, it was fortunate that he had advanced into the Di State soul. This had allowed the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning, which he had originally feared, to become a lot more ordinary. The energy of the latter was increasingly powerful. This would allow Xiao Yan to quickly increase his strength.

The most important thing for his current self was to possess a greater strength!

“I wish to sed just how tyrannical you can be…”

The seal formed by Xiao Yan’s hand changed once again. The ocean like unfathomable Spiritual strength on his brow swept out like a storm. In an instant, a huge figure that was a couple of times larger than the lightning dragon, stood in the sky.

The huge shadow was exactly the same as Xiao Yan. However, the rolling pressure that spread from its body was many times stronger than the pressure of the lightning dragon. Just looking at the enormous figure caused a trembling feeling to surge from deep within his soul.

That feeling was as though they had met the emperor of all souls. Only by submitting would they be able to escape from the harm of that pressure.


Under that incomparably huge figure, even the Golden Lightning Dragon, which was void of any intelligence, seemed to have felt the pressure. Its low roar was no longer as wild and violent as earlier. Even the bright lightning glow on his body had suddenly become much dimmer.

The huge figure looked down at the lightning dragon from high above. Suddenly, a mountain like large hand was extended out from the cloud layer and grabbed onto the lightning dragon.

“Bang bang bang!”

The scales on the golden lightning dragon stood up after they sas the huge claw striking at them. Its large mouth was widened. Many thousand feet large golden lightning balls were shot out. Finally, they ruthlessly collided onto the giant hand, emitting a deafening rumbling sound.

Goulden lightning arcs flashed crazily in the sky. It appeared just like a golden lightning cloud. However, the lightning cloud directly torn apart the moment it was formed. A pair of large hands containing a terrifying pressure directly grabbed onto the lightning dragon’s body.

“Chi chi!”

The lightning dragon struggled wildly after its body was caught. Many golden lightning continued to strike onto the huge palm emitting a series of crackling sound. However, the huge palm did not move.

“Humph, break it!”

The huge figure watched the crazily struggling lightning dragon. A sharp cry was suddenly emitted. Immediately, the strength of his palm soared. One could hear a rumbling explosion in the sky and the golden lightning dragon was shattered by it.

The lightning dragon explode and it immediately turned into a viscous golden liquid, which was suspended in the sky. Those golden liquid contained an incomparably mighty energy fluctuation.


After the appearance of the golden liquid, Little Yi suddenly leap up from Xiao Yan’s shoulder. His body swayed and it turned into a ten thousand feet large fire cauldron. The cauldron was opened and a suction force erupted from it. Immediately, the sea of golden liquid became like numerous golden river pouring down from the sky and completely fell into the the fire cauldron.

After the final drop of golden liquid fell into the fire cauldron, a pink flame within it immediately whistled and rose as it crazily attempted to refine it.

At the same time, Xiao Yan, who was below, beckoned with his hand. Countless medicinal ingredients flew out from within his Storage Ring. Finally, they turned into a medicinal sea that floated in the sky.

Xiao Yan did not use an ordinary method to swallow the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning during this refinement. This was because he understood that with his current strength, even if he was to simply directly refine it, he would at the very most only be able to reach the advance level six star Dou Sheng class. However, Xiao Yan was dissatisfied with this. Hence, he had used another method. It was to use the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning as the key ingredient to refine a pill…

This pill was called the Lightning Calamity Pill. It could be considered a relatively mysterious medicinal pill. Its main ingredient was not something ordinary. Instead, it was the Pill Lightning…

Refining a medicinal pill with Pill Lightning and adding many medicinal ingredients and Monster Core into the mix. The pill that was refined would definitely be extraordinary.

The Lightning Calamity Pill was also divided into different grades. There were tier 8 medicinal pills, tier 9 Treasure Pills and tier 9 Mysterious Pills. The quality of the Lightning Calamity Pill that was being refined as mainly determined by the difference in the main ingredient.

If one was to follow Xiao Ysm and directly use the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning as the main ingredient, the Lightning Calamity Pill that was finally refined should be able to reach the tier 9 Mysterious Pill level…

Xiao Yan had only succeed in refining the tier 9 Mysterious Pill once before. He had also bern quite lucky back then. This time around, however, Xiao Yan was extremely confident. The main reason for this confidence was simply because his soul had stepped into the Di State…

After having reached this level, one would seldom make any mistake when refining pills. Any changes would be detected early and corrected under the observation of the Di State soul.

Hence, Xiao Yan was not really worried that he would destroy this only Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning of his. His Di State soul gave him sufficient confidence.

The sea of medicine around the fire cauldron in the sky continued to pour into the latter. These medicinal ingredients had directly turned into the purest medicinal strength the moment they entered the fire cauldron. Finally, they merged into the golden liquid.

With an increasing number of medicinal ingredients being poured into the golden liquid, the liquid had also become a little colourful. The surface of the liquid had a continuous flashing lightning on it. At a glance it appeared extremely mysterious.

Refining a tier 9 Mysterious Pill was not something that could be done immediately. However, Xiao Yan was already prepared for this. It was precisely because of this reason that he had chose the Heavenly Tomb as the location for the refinement. With the difference in the flow of time of this place, he should be able to successfully refine the Lightning Calamity Pill within one to two months.

Hence, lightning roar continuously resounded within the Heavenly Tomb during the subsequent period of time. The huge fire cauldron floated in the distant sky. Those pink flame that spread apart caused many energy bodies to sense a heartfelt horror.

This scene continued for almost a month. However, only six days had passed on the Central Plains…

After this refinement lasted for a month, Xiao Yan, whose eyes were tightly shut, also slowly opened them. His eyes looked at the fire cauldron in the sky and smiled.

Golden light spread within the fire cauldron. The golden liquid had already withered away. However, that fist sized bright gold like medicinal pill originally located at the middle of the golden liquid, was quietly floating in the cauldron. Many golden lightning continued to seep out from around the medicinal pill while emitting a rumbling sound.

The tier 9 Mysterious Pill, Lightning Calamity Pill, had been successfully refined!

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