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Chapter 1615: Probing The Ancient God Mansion

A figure stood with his hands behind his back on the mountain. He lifted his head to look at the Nihility Devouring Flame in the sky and smiled faintly. His white clothed caused him to stand out in this seemingly dark and sinister monotonous space. However, no one dared to question this uniqueness. Everyone’s eyes were filled with excitement and respect when looking at him.

This person was clearly the clan head of the Hun clan, Hun Tiandi.

Hun Tiandi took a stride forward and appeared in front of the Nihility Devouring Flame in the sky. He carefully observed the latter before laughing, “Not bad. We have finally allowed you to reach the Di State soul after spending such a great amount of effort.”

“Ha ha.”

The Nihility Devouring Flame also involuntarily laughed out loud. An existence like him would usually have an extremely difficult time training his soul to the Di State. Fortunately, the Hall of Soul had refined many Spiritual Essence during this years. By using this incomparably large essence strength, his soul was forcefully being pushed up. However, the price of this increase was really expensive. Most of the Spiritual Essence that the Hall of Soul had obtained through many years of hard work had basically been completely devoured by him.

However, the position of the Nihility Devouring Flame in the Hun clan was extremely great. No one would say anything against his enjoyment of such a treatment.

“There will only be reward if there is effort. Currently, with my strength, it should be possible for me to block Gu Yuan for a moment. If the both of us join hands, it would not be difficult for us to defeat him.” The Nihility Devouring Flame said.

Hun Tiandi laughed and nodded. His eyes were a little excited as he softly said, “It seemed that it is time to probe the location of the Tou She Ancient God Mansion.”

“As long as we open the mansion and obtain the embryonic Di Pill, you will be able to borrow its strength to break into that level no one had reached in ten thousand years and truly become the strongest existence in this world.” The Nihility Devouring Flame licked his lips. Immediately, he changed the topic of the conversation and laughed, “However, you should also not forget that there is also something that I need within the mansion. This was our agreement back then.”

“You can be rest assured. You and the Hun clan are closely related and we will definitely not lie to you. If it is really as you have said and the mansion has something that you need, I will help obtain it for you.” Hun Tian Di laughed.

The Nihility Devouring Flame nodded with satisfaction after hearing this. The Hun clan had been able to continue existing until now because of him. Naturally, he had his own condition for giving so much help to the Hun clan. Otherwise, even with the strength of Hun Tiandi, it would be impossible for the latter to force him to do anything for the Hun clan.

“Humph, Tou She Ancient God…”

The cold smile that was lifted on the Nihility Devouring Flame’s face was scattered. His eyes were turned towards Hun Tiandi. At this moment, the latter waved his sleeve. Eight ancient jades slowly flew out from his sleeve.

The ancient jades floated above Hun Tiandi’s head, emitting a faint luster as it did so. They began to beckon each other, creating a brilliant scene in the process. There seemed to be a strange fluctuation vaguely emitted in the process.

Hun Tiandi’s eyes were fiery hot as they glanced at the eight jades. Suddenly, he bit the tip of his tongue. A mouthful of essence blood was spat out and it immediately landed on the eight jade.

“Buzz buzz!”

The eight jades, which were originally only emitting a faint luster, suddenly emitted a faint buzzing sound after they came into contact with the essence blood. The light also became increasingly powerful and the surface of the ancient jade vaguely had some strange lines flowing over it.

“The Tou She Ancient God Jade had been scattered for so many years. Now, I shall help put you back together!”

Hun Tiandi laughed out loud as he watched the unnatural phenomenon in the sky. His hand was clenched violently towards the ancient jade.


After Hun Tiandi clenched his hand, the eight ancient jades began to directly merge together. However, it did not shatter. Instead, it vaguely showed signs of being connected together as the light rays crossed each other.

“Buzz buzz!”

The ancient jade became increasingly close to each other and the buzzing sound also became even more intense. One could hear a couple of crack sound and eight pieces of ancient jades were actually directly placed together. Immediately, a light was emitted and a complete ancient jade, which was even larger than his hand, had appeared in the sky.

After the Tou She Ancient God Jade was completely placed together, an ancient and desolated aura was slowly spread from within the ancient jade.

There was a faint light fog rising from within the ancient jade while the ancient aura spread. Immediately, it turned into a somewhat illusory old figure above the ancient jade.

The old man was wearing black robes. His hair was made up of a couple of different colours. Each of the colour seemed as though there was a flame rising from it, giving him an extremely mysterious appearance.

His face appeared extremely ordinary. However, those deep space like eyes seemed to be like the overlord of the world. Under the watch of those eyes, everyone, even an expert like Hun Tiandi, felt their soul quiver slightly.

Tou She Ancient God!

The only one in this world who could cause Hun Tiandi to feel such an emotion was the legendary elite Dou Di. This old man was likely the last legendary Dou Di on the continent, the Tou She Ancient God!

Other than only a handful of experts within the Hun clan could could resist the tremor and lift their heads, the others mostly had their heads firmly lowered. That feeling was as though they would be directly pressed by a pressure until they explode should they lift their heads even a little.

Everyone’s heart were filled with horror in the face of this pressure that was far greater than even Hun Tiandi…

“Humph, putting up an act. You are merely just an illusory figure, yet you must try to act mysterious.”

Hun Tiandi’s expression was a little gloomy. Clearly, he felt a little furious at this emotion, which he had not felt for many years. His eyes were icy cold as he looked at the illusory figure. Suddenly, his hand grabbed towards the latter.


Hun Tiandi’s sharp palm wind struck heavily onto that illusory figure. However, his expression suddenly changed when the attack made contact. Soon after, an extremely terrifying strength was abruptly reflected and poured onto his body, sending it flying by thousands of feet.

“Be careful. Although it is only an illusory figure, it is after all something left behind by the Tou She Ancient God…” The Nihility Devouring Flame spoke in a deep voice. His eyes were also staring at the figure in a dark and cold manner. He involuntarily clenched his teeth and his eyes became a little complicated.

Hun Tiandi’s expression was a little dark and solemn as he turned around. He was in a bad mood after he had suffered a loss in front of so many clan members. With a frown, he asked, “How can we destroy this illusory figure?”

“Why are you so anxious?” The Nihility Devouring Flame rolled his eyes and said, “The location of the Tou She Ancient God Mansion is hidden within the eyes of the illusory figure.”

“Oh?” Hun Tiandi was astonished at hearing this. He focused his mind and looked into the eyes of that illusory figure. A moment later, his expression gradually became grave. It seemed that he was indeed able to see some images but it was not clear.

“Damn Tou She Ancient God. He actually still had such a technique. Even if an ordinary person manage to gather all eight jades, it would be difficult to learn of the location of the mansion if he was unaware of its secret.” Hun Tiandi exclaimed. Even with his strength, he still involuntarily let out a praise in the face of this technique.

“Nihility, it seems that I have to trouble you.”

The Nihility Devouring Flame smiled and nodded. Both of his eyes were suddenly dyed into a pure black colour. Two rays of light shot out from his eyes and entered the eyes of the illusory figure. Light reflected and an imagine, which was magnified by many times, appeared in the space where the black light was reflected.

“This is…”

Hun Tiandi narrowed his eyes and looked at the figure in the sky. It was an extremely spacious and foreign region.At a glance, one could tell that this region was not located in the Central Plains.

The imagine swept passed the mountains near the foreign terrain. After which, it was suddenly shifted downwards and directly entered deep underground. A sea of flame spread over the place as an endless sea of magma appeared.

“Where is this place?” Hun Tiandi frowned tightly. From this scene, this sea of magma should be located underground. However, it was still impossible to find its exact location with just this alone.

The imagine continued to venture deep into the sea of magma. With the increase in its depth, a kind of mysterious creature suddenly appeared in it. It was a kind of lizard like creature. There was a fierceness within the creature’s eyes.

After this kind of lizard like creature appeared, an ancient stone door began to appear deep within the magma world. The top of the stone door had three words.

Dou Di Mansion!


The scene came to a sudden halt the moment Hun Tiandi’s eyes paused on those three blurry ancient words. He also slowly exhaled. The excitement in his heart had also increased.

“What do you think? I am unfamiliar with that place. It is likely that I have never been there.” The Nihility Devouring Flame looked at Hun Tian di and asked.

“I am also unfamiliar with it.”

Hun Tiandi frowned. The Dou Qi continent was quite a large place. Although this scene had shown a relatively vast region, it would not be easy to lock onto the exact location within a short moment.

He mused for a moment before waving his hand. The four demon saints rushed over in a flash. Hun Tiandi merely glanced at them and spoke in an indifferent voice, “Remember the terrain that you have seen, including the unique aspects of the mountain range etc. After which, pass them to the clan members still outside. Ask them to use all of their strength to search every possible place. They must confirm the terrain. Tell them not to return if they fail…”

The four demon saints hurriedly replied respectfully and began to issue instructions…

“I can sense that Gu Yuan is monitoring us. If we send out a large group of experts, it will definitely catch his attention.” The Nihility Devouring Flame remarked.

“It’s fine. We’ll confirm the location first. I will have my own methods when the time comes.”

Hun Tiandi nodded. He placed his hands behind his back and his eyes looked towards the flashing ancient jade in the sky. He muttered to himself.

“After spending such a great amount of effort in order to gather all of you, I do not believe that I am unable to find the location of the cave!”

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