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Chapter 1612: Serenity

After the alliance army withdrew back to the Sky Mansion Alliance, the entire Central Plains had undoubtedly turned into an uproar. The three great ancient clans and the overlord of the Central Plains, the Sky Mansion Alliance. This alliance army was so powerful that one could not describe it with words. Any faction would be turned into dust under the might of this army.

This shock, which caused everyone to panic, did not last for long before the news of the all out war between the alliance army and the Hun clan was spread. After all, the big battle between the alliance army and the Hun clan at the Burial Mountain Range was really far too earthshaking. It was impossible for that kind of big war not to attract attention. Hence,the moment the big battle ended and the alliance army withdrew, news of the battle began to spread to every corner of the Central Plains.

Some of the factions, which had some conflict with the Sky Mansion Alliance, quietly sighed in relief after hearing that the target of the alliance army was the Hun clan. Soon after, however, they could sense the most terrifying storm in a thousand years would soon sweep over the Central Plains with their sharp senses. This storm would be incomparable intense. It would be many times worse than any other war in the past…

Many factions began to feel uneasy in the face of this imminent storm. A fight between the frightening existences would likely cause an extremely horrible destruction over the Central Plains. This was clearly a danger that could not be underestimated for the factions that were living on the Central Plains. Even if they were to be briefly touched by a war of this level, it was likely that their entire faction would be destroyed.

Hence, those factions, which were located close the Sky Mansion Alliance, had all hurriedly left their lands after the alliance army had set up camp at the Sky Mansion Alliance. They were afraid that they would suffer from some unintentional attacks when the war began, which would result in a miserable fate.

Xiao Yan and the others ignored this commotion on the Central Plains. At the moment, the Hun clan might have committed various atrocities on the Central Plains but it was obvious that those factions would not start a war with the Hun clan just because of this. Everyone wished to remain neutral in the face of this big war. Hence, Xiao Yan’s group did not plan to pull these factions onto the same boat as them…

The large army returned to the star realm and began to be busy once again. However, it was fortunate that there was Yao Lao and other people in charge of these. Hence, there was no need for Xiao Yan to have a headache over these matters. After all, he was really not very good when it came to management.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief after returning to the star realm. Even he had felt a little tired after he finally being able to relax from such an intense battle. Therefore, while Yao Lao and the others were busy with settling the alliance army down, he had led Xiao Zhan, Xun Er and Cai Lin back to the mountain, which belonged to him.

Xiao Xiao quickly appeared in front of Xiao Yan’s group after hearing about news of Xiao Yan’s return at the mountain. After which, she swiftly pounced into Xiao Yan’s embrace and refused to come down.

“Come, Xiao Xiao, greet your grandfather…”

The current Xiao Xiao had began to appear a little juicy. Adding the natural bewitching look she had inherited from her mother, she was already a beauty despite being young. One could imagine that she would become another great beauty, who could bring disaster to countries like her mother, when she grew up.

Xiao Xiao’s large black eyes blinked after hearing Xiao Yan’s words. She looked at Xiao Zhan beside Xiao Yan. Although this old man appeared to be a stranger, she still obediently called out, “Grandpa.”

“Ugh, good granddaughter…”

Xiao Zhan’s eyes paused on Xiao Xiao the moment the latter appeared. His elderly face had actually reddened slightly from his excitement. That wrinkled filled old face broke into a bright smile after hearing Xiao Xiao obediently greeted him. Even his eyes had become narrow as he laughingly replied in a hurried fashion.

Xiao Yan helplessly smiled after seeing that Xiao Zhan’s face was even more excited than when they had met earlier. Old people seemed to be especially fond of little children. After all, from the way they saw it, the continuation of their bloodline was the most important thing in a clan.

“Come, grandpa will give you a hug…”

Xiao Zhan smilingly extended his hand and forcefully hugged Xiao Xiao from Xiao Yan’s embrace. His beard covered old face continued to touch Xiao Xiao’s small face, causing the latter to reveal a bitter expression, “Beard, pain.”

“Ha ha…” Xiao Zhan involuntarily burst out in laughter upon seeing this. Tears even began to fall due to his laughter. During the decades which he had been imprisoned by the Hun clan, he had basically fallen into a despair. After witnessing the strength of the Hun clan, it was extremely difficult for him to imagine escaping from their hands. At times, he even hoped that Xiao Yan would not go and rescue him. This was because it was far too dangerous doing so.

However, when reality was placed in front of him, Xiao Zhan became aware that even though he had always have a great confidence in Xiao Yan, he had still underestimated the ability of this son of his…

This kind of family joy really the best thing in the world for Xiao Zhan, who had once ended up in despair.

Xiao Yan clenched his fist tightly after seeing Xiao Zhan’s appearance. Cai Lin and Xun Er by the side involuntarily had reddened eyes.

“Father, let us go and rest first. Coincidentally, I am free during this period of time. I will help you nurse your health…” Xiao Yan smiled. After which, he turned towards Cai Lin and said, “Send someone back to the Jia Ma Empire and bring my brothers over. Tell them… father is waiting for them.”

Cai Lin nodded gently before turning around and leave.

Xiao Yan gently exhaled as he looked at Cai Lin’s beautiful figure becoming distant. He muttered to himself in his heart, “Big brother, second brother, I have finally did what I have promised the both of you…”

The days after the big battle was unusually peaceful. The alliance army that camped at the Sky Mansion Alliance did not move frequently. However, this atmosphere was an imminent storm had not weaken as a result. Instead, it became even denser. Everyone was aware that this would be the decisive battle between two extraordinary parties…

The earthshaking big battle in the Burial Mountain Range had resulted in both parties suffering some losses. Hence, they were a little quiet during this period of time. Both parties were using this limited time to quickly recover their energy and prepare for an all out strike.

While the army was recuperating, the upper echelons of the alliance army did not have the time to do so. Gu Yuan had found a place to undertake a retreat the moment the army had arrived at the Falling Star Pavilion. Everyone knew that he was personally monitoring the Hun clan. With his monitoring the other party, any activity that occurred at the Hun Realm would be immediately discovered by him. However, such an activity did not appear during this period of time. It was as though the Hun clan had become completely quiet after obtaining the ancient jade.

Another couple of days passed in the blink of an eye as this deadlock continued. After the alliance army had obtained some rest, they finally began their next course of action. This time around, their target was the Hun clan!

Strong individuals from all over the place were orderly divided into many groups that flew out from the Star Realm. After which, they began a carpet like search from the Sky Mansion Alliance in an attempt to look for the branch hall of the Hall of Soul. In the face of this extremely detailed search, the branch halls of the Hall of Soul were all being exposed one after another. However, after the alliance army charged into these branch hall, they discovered that it was completely empty inside. Only an extremely few branch halls still had some experts from the Hall of Soul guarding it. However, this kind of protection was unable to pose any obstruction towards the alliance army.

Under this extremely forceful search by the alliance army, all the branch halls of the Hall of Soul on the Central Plains had been turned into wasteland. Even the most important Sky and Earth Halls had been destroyed by the powerful alliance army. From this moment forth, the Hall of Soul, which was once renown throughout the Central Plains, was easily eliminated from it…

The outsides could only be shocked in the face of the Hall of Soul being easily destroyed. The previous overlord of the Central Plains actually appeared so weak in the face of the alliance oppression…

However, Xiao Yan and the others had also frowned while the public was shocked. From the looks of it, it was obvious that the Hun clan had already predicted this and have already withdrew the Hall of Soul from those places. Most importantly, the spiritual essence stored in those branch halls had also been shifted away by the Hall of Soul.

The action taken by the Hun clan could be considered decisive. They knew that it was basically impossible to protect the Ha of Soul in the face of the alliance army. In that case, they might as well hand it over to the alliance. In any case, the Hall of Soul could be said to have achieved its purpose. It did not matter even if it was destroyed. Once their plans succeed, they would be able to rapidly build a couple of Hall of Souls. At that time, the entire continent would be under their control.

Following the destruction of the Hall of Soul, the alliance army could only withdraw once again. After which, they were placed outside of the Hun Realm in front of many pairs of eyes in preparation of any activities that could potentially appear.

During this period of time, Xiao Ding and Xiao Li had also travelled through the the Wormhole that already been set up. They directly arrived at the star realm from the north-western part of the continent. There was naturally a moving scene when father and son reunite. That scene caused the eyes of many to redden and their hearts to ache. Who could have expected that the original ordinary but lucky Xiao clan would ended up being separated due to the appearance of the Hun clan from nowhere.

After his two brothers arrival, Xiao Yan had also enjoyed a period of joy from the reunion, which he had not felt for a long time. Additionally, he had also inquired about the matters of the Yan Alliance. This alliance that he had established back then, was currently the undeniable strongest faction on the current north-western part of the continent. However, Xiao Yan did not have any plans to use the strength of the Yan Alliance. From the perspective of the Central Plains, it could only be considered a relatively strong faction. Hence, it was pointless to robe it into the alliance army.

After enjoying a period of family time, Xiao Yan had once again refocused his mind. The matter of the Hall of Soul having gathered all the Tou She Ancient God Jade had been weighing on him. Even though he had currently stepped into the Di State soul, he was still far lacking when compared to a nine star Dou Sheng like the Nihility Devouring Flame. Hence, before the Hun clan could find the Tou She Ancient God Cave, he must increase his strength as quickly as possible. In this way, it would allow him to be able to have some additionally trump cards when facing an opponent like the Nihility Devouring Flame.

However, after reaching his level, attempting to raise his strength within a short period of time was clearly an extremely difficult task. Hence, Xiao Yan had finally chose to target the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning that was sealed within Little Yi’s body after musing for a long time…

After his soul had stepped into the Di State, he already possessed the ability to refine this strength, which he was once helpless against!

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