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Chapter 1611: Plan

“How hateful, they had still managed to escape…”

Lei Ying and the others clenched their teeth with great dissatisfaction as they looked at the place where the black hole had disappeared. It was unexpected that even the three great clans and the Sky Mansion Alliance were actually unable to to retain the Hun clan…

“The strength that the Hun clan had displayed had far exceed what we knew about them in the past.” Yan Jin’s expression was grave. From a certain point of view, the current Hun clan is no longer something that any single faction could fight against alone. Even the Gu clan was unable to do so. It was precisely because of this that the danger he felt in his heart had increased. If the three clans had not cooperated, it was likely that they would be finished off by the Hun clan one at a time. Their fate would likely be no different for the Yao, Ling and Shi clan.

“The Hun clan has hidden too deeply during these years…” Gu Yuan, whose hair was in a mess, had a face that was also unusually grave. They always thought that even if the Gu clan was unable to defeat the Hun clan with its strength, the Gu clan should at least be equivalent to the Hun clan in strength. However, the cruel reality today had told them that the Gu clan was really no match for the Hun clan.

“Hun Tiandi is right. When the Xiao clan was defeated back then, there was no faction on this continent who could fight with them. Unfortunately, this truth was something that we are only aware of at today.” Gu Yuan sighrd. He also felt some regret in his heart. If the Xiao clan was still present, the Hun clan would likely not dare to start this war regardless of how bold it was.

Lei Ying and the others laughed bitterly after hearing these words. It was a little too late to speak about this now.

“What should we do now?” Xiao Yan was momentarily quiet before he replied.

Everyone’s eyes were thrown towards Gu Yuan after they heard this. The latter mused for a moment upon seeing this. Finally, he said, “The Hun clan has already obtained all of the Tou She Ancient God Jade. After they recuperate, it is likely that they are going to put the ancient jades together and learn of the location of the Tou She Ancient God Mansion. The only thing that we can do now is to carefully observe the Hun clan. If any of their experts moved, we will quietly follow them until the location of the Tou She Ancient God Mansion.”

“If its spying on them, I’m afraid that the Hun clan would slip away and escaped from us. By the time we discover it, it is likely that they have already entered the Ancient God Mansion.” Lei Ying frowned and said. This was something that the Hun clan specializes in. They had not sense anything wrong when the Hun clan had quietly destroyed the Ling, Shi and Yao clans…

“This time around, I will personally observe them.” Gu Yuan spoke in a deep voice. He understood the importance of this matter. If the Hun clan managed to successfully open the mansion and obtain the secret to advance into the Dou Di class, it was likely that they would not have the opportunity to turn things around. In the eyes of a genuine Dou Di, the so called alliance army would appear extremely insignificant.

Everyone finally nodded after hearing these words. The two strongest indivi

“There would definitely be a big war once they reached the location of the Tou She Ancient God Mansion. This time around, even if we fight until many die, we must not allow the Hun clan to do what they please!” Gu Yuan’s expression was solemn as he spoke.

Everyone nodded in usion. They understood that if they were to fail in this battle at the mansion, their fate would be the same as the other three clans. In order to retain their clan’s bloodline, they must fight until death regardless of the great price they had to pay!

The victor survives while the defeated dies!

“The army has remained at the Sky Mansion Alliance during this period of time and strictly observe the action of the Hun clan. Additionally, I feel that we should take the opportunity of this period of time to destroy the locations of all the Hall of Soul, which acts as the claws of the Hun clan, on the Central Plains.” Xiao Yan opened his mouth and said after making a decision.

“The Hall of Soul huh? It is perhaps time to completely destroy this tumour.” Lei Ying and the others mused for a moment upon hearing this. A fierce glint flashed over their eyes. They were well aware of the actions of the Hall of Soul during these years. This faction had been collecting souls from all over the place. From the looks of it now, it seemed that the revival of the older generations of the Hun clan’s experts like Hun Yuantian, who should have died a long time ago, had some relation with this.

“In that case, let’s get this alliance army to camp at the Sky Mansion Alliance. That place stands on the Central Plains and we will be able to monitor every action of the Hun clan.” Gu Yuan did not object. Remaining in the Central Plains would make it convenient to monitor the Hun clan.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. After which, he turned his head towards Yao Lao and said, “Teacher, I’ll leave the matter of the army to you.”

“Ha ha, relax. The alliance might be lacking in many ways but we have a lot of room. It should not be a problem for these people to stay there.” Yao Lao fondled his beard and laughed. “Additionally, the position of chief of the Sky Mansion Alliance had been shifted to you before the army had set off. You are most suitable than me to take this position now.”

Xiao Yan was startled. He looked at the smile on Yao Lao’s face and nodded helplessly. Currently, the alliance was becoming stronger. It did require a powerful alliance chief. Yao Lao might have the necessary reputation but he was a little lacking in terms of strength. Allowing Xiao Yan to take the position would likely further stabilize the alliance.

Xiao Yan once again left some instructions to Yao Lao and the rest before he suddenly turned his head to look at Cai Lin and Xun Er. He softly said, “The both of you should follow me.”

Xiao Yan rushed towards a distant mountain after his words sounded. Cai Lin and Xun Er also understood him after seeing this. Their faces became slightly flush. They clenched their hands tightly. Their hearts, which showed no fear in the face of a large army, actually began to feel slightly anxious. Both ladies quickly glance at each other as though they were cheering each other on. After which, they clenched their silver teeth gently and followed.

Xiao Yan’s figure landed on a mountain in the distant. The few experts from the alliance on the mountain quickly stood up after they saw his arrival. They bowed and welcome him. Respect and fear filled their faces.

“Alliance chief!”

“I have troubled everyone.” Xiao Yan waved his hand and quickly walked towards Xiao Zhan, who was guarded by everyone. He bowed respectfully and softly asked, “Father, are you alright?”

Xiao Zhan looked at this somewhat skinny young man in front of him, whose hands seemed to possess the strength to fight the heavens. His eyes once again become moist. Pride and relief filled his heart. Although he was a great distance away earlier, he had also clearly seen the earthshaking like big battle earlier. The terrifying strength which Xiao Yan had displayed during the big battle had caused him to be excited and pleased. During these years he had spent in the Hun clan, he clearly understood just how frightening the Hun clan was. Yet, even such a terrifying opponent seemed to have suffered a serious damage in the hands of this youngest son of his.

“Yan-er… you have grown…”

Xiao Zhan’s rough large hand patted Xiao Yan’s shoulder. Back in the distant past, when everyone had thought that this former genius of the Xiao clan would become completely useless, only he stubbornly believed that the youth would one day soar to the skies. Decades later, the useless youth in the Wu Tang City back then, had already stood at the peak of this continent and overlook everything on it.

Xiao Yan involuntarily felt a heartache as he looked at Xiao Zhan’s much older face. He forcefully smiled and slowly moved his body aside. Two beautiful figures, which caused everything in the world to pale in comparison, were revealed behind him.

“Uncle Xiao. Do you still remember Xun Er?”

Xun Er’s face were slightly flushed as she bowed gracefully and whispered.

“Xun Er?” Xiao Zhan was startled. He looked at this beautiful fairy like lady in front of him. Finally, he recalled the most brilliant and mysterious young lady of the Xiao clan back then. A joy immediately surged on his face. This was the most satisfactory daughter-in-law in his opinion about back then. However, the latter’s status caused him to understand that it was merely wishful thinking on his part. He had even knocked Xiao Yan’s head frequently because of this, telling him not to get too deep with Xun Er.

“Hee hee, father, Xun Er is currently a member of our Xiao clan.” Xiao Yan approached Xiao Zhan and laughingly said.

“Good fellow! You have really not disappoint your father.” Xiao Zhan’s elderly face revealed a great joy after hearing this. His palm slapped onto Xiao Yan’s back.

Xun Er’s face had turned red with embarrassment after hearing the conversation of the two. His face was brilliant and alluring.

“Who is this?” Xiao Zhan was happy for a moment before his eyes suddenly looked at Cai Lin at the side. The latter was quietly standing in one corner with a bewitching and tempting appearance. However, her originally cold pretty face had become a lot quieter and gentler. It caused Xiao Yan to be a little stunned.

“Cough… this is also your daughter-in-law, Cai Lin.”

Xiao Yan’s expression was a little unnatural. He coughed dryly and spoke in a low voice.

“Ugh…” Xiao Zhan’s face twitched slightly. He covertly gave Xiao Yan a thumbs up. The

“Father, you should also have heard of Cai Lin. She has another name called Queen Medusa…” Xiao Yan laughed.

“Queen Medusa?”

Xiao Zhan’s mind trembled slightly upon hearing this name which he had once known very well. Even though he had currently seen many experts, his heart still had a lingering horror towards this Queen Medusa, whose fierce reputation was well known throughout the entire Jia Ma Empire back then. After all, this was a name that no one had dared to even mention at the Jia Ma Empire back then. However, he did not expect that this Queen Medusa, who had frightened the entire Jia Ma Empire and a couple neighboring empires, would actually also become his daughter-in-law…

“Uncle Xiao, that is all in the past. You can call me Cai Lin…” Cai Lin smiled sweetly. She immediately glared at Xiao Yan icily and quietly warned him not to talk about the matters in the past.

Xiao Yan involuntarily smiled in the face of Cai Lin’s warning. After which, he looked at Xiao Zhan and smilingly said, “Father, let’s return to the Sky Mansion Alliance first. Ugh, your granddaughter is also waiting for you there. At that time, I will also call big brother and second brother over. Our family will be able to reunite again…”


Gu Zhan widened his mouth. Various emotions immediately appeared in his heart. This little fellow… was he not a little too efficient?

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