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Chapter 1608: Taking For His Own

Black Qi lingered over the large gate. Lin Dong sat down. His eyes were filled with ridicule as he observed Hun Yuantian in front of him, whose eyes had turned blood red almost immediately. If this fellow had come and fight him after trapping him in the Deathly Silence Gate, it might be possible to suppress Xiao Yan a little. However, this person ended up being too arrogant and chose to ignore Xiao Yan, thinking that the death Qi within Deathly Silence Gate was sufficient to gradually weaken Xiao Yan. Who could have expected that the death Qi was not only unable to block the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame but even the soul stone he hid within the Deathly Silence Gate had been found by Xiao Yan…

The spiritual stone could be considered to be the most important thing within the Deathly Silence Gate. Hun Yuantian had also hid it extremely well. However, he had forgotten that Xiao Yan, whose soul had stepped into the Di State, only needed to think about it in order to probe every part of the entire Deathly Silence Gate. Regardless of how well the spiritual stone was hidden, it would appear in front of Xiao Yan’s probing.

With the spiritual stone being found and that Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength greatly surpassed Hun Yuantian, removing the spiritual imprint on the stone was an extremely simple matter.

This was also considered a weakness of the Deathly Silence Gate. However, how many people in this world could reach the Di State soul? This had led to Hun Yuantian making quite a foolish mistake. It was also precisely because of this mistake that had resulted in him losing control of the Deathly Silence Gate.

“Xiao Yan, I will tear you into thousands of pieces!”

Hun Yuantian clenched his teeth. Both of his arms were suddenly lifted. Black vapor crazily gathered in his palms and a terrible smell, which caused one’s soul to feel a piercing pain, spread rapidly.


Xiao Yan snorted coldly after seeing this scene. He suddenly stood up. His hand seals changed. A ten thousand feet large illusory figure immediately appeared outside of Xiao Yan’s body. A shockingly large wave like spiritual fluctuation began to swept wildly apart.

“Yellow Spring Divine Anger!”

When the Yellow Spring Divine Anger was unleashed by the current Xiao Yan, the enormous figure that appeared no longer seemed illusory. This was because the huge figure was presently filled with rippling light. The originally illusory figure had become a lot more real. At a glance , it appeared like a giant standing between the earth and the sky. A kind of spiritual overlord aura suddenly spread over the battleground. The experts from both parties, who had been exposed to this aura, mostly withdrew hurriedly in shock. Under that pressure, they could feel an impulse to kneel down. This impulse originated from within their souls.


The ten thousand feet figure appeared in the clouds. The giant opened its mouth. Immediately, the entire place became completely quiet. Only a seemingly real spiritual sonic wave attack was emitted from the mouth of the giant. Finally, it heavily smashed onto the stunned Hun Yuantian at a speed faster than that of light.


Hun Yuantian did not have any time to put up a defence. He had only just recovered his thoughts when blood flowed out from his ears from the attack. Soon after, a cannonball like assault ruthlessly exploded on his body. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. His face was as pale as sheet while his soul had suffered a severe damage.

The spiritual sonic wave shook Hun Yuantian. Many Hun clan’s experts had also been sent flying along the way. Some of the weaker individuals had their souls being shattered by the shock. A Di State Soul was this terrifying!

The area in the sky where the spiritual attack had passed had basically become empty. That originally chaotic battleground had also paused for a moment. The eyes of both parties had a rich horror when looking at the giant standing in the sky.

The black cloud, which permeated the sky, had also churned intensely at this moment. There was a rich deathly aura vaguely spreading from it.


Three vast and mighty auras suddenly collided violently at a certain spot in the sky. A violent explosion occurred. Black flame shot out while two figures flew backwards in a somewhat miserable fashion. Only after the two figures stabilized their bodies did everyone realise that they were Lei Ying and Yan Jin. Clearly, their opponent was the Nihility Devouring Flame. From the looks of it, however, even with their combined strength, they were unable to gain an upper hand against the Nihility Devouring Flame. A nine star Dou Sheng really did live up to its reputation. Moreover, the fighting strength of the Nihility Devouring Flame was not something that an ordinary nine star Dou Sheng could reckon with. The terrifying Devouring Power was sufficient to defeat any opponent of the same level.

Lei Ying and Yan Jin calmed their churning blood. Their expressions were grave. The both of them had used all of their techniques, yet they were unable to obtain the upper hand. If this continued, they might really end up showing traces of defeat.

“The battle is in a stalemate. The strength of the Hun clan is indeed far greater than what we understand.” Lei Ying’s eyes swiftly swept over the place while he had the time and saw that many experts of the Lei clan had perished. Although he felt a heartache, there was nothing he could do. This was the cruel reality of a war.

Yan Jin nodded slightly. From the looks of the current situation, this would definitely be a big miserable war. However, no matter the price, they must snatch the ancient jade back. This was because they understood that once the Hun clan opens the Tou She Ancient God Mansion and obtain the secret to advance into the Dou Di class from within, just Hun Tiandi alone would be able to eliminate all the three clans…

At that time, they would truly be faced with the danger of their clan being exterminated!

“We cannot give up…” The two of them exchanged glances and saw a ruthlessness from both parties’ eyes. Regardless of how miserable the fight was, they were currently still possessing a numerical advantage.

“The Hun clan had prepared for hundreds or thousands of years in order to gather the ancient jades. Isn’t your thoughts a little simple if you think that you can stop our plans so easily?” The Nihility Devouring Flame stepped on the air and laughed coldly as he once again appeared in front of them.

A chill flashed over Lei Ying and Yan Jin’s face. They were about to attack when a somewhat hurried voice suddenly sounded from beside their ears. “Quick scatter. Something is wrong!”

The sudden voice caused the both of them to be startled. Their expressions changed drastically. This was because they could hear that the voice belonged to Gu Yuan. Just what was it that made him so anxious.


A strange buzzing sound was suddenly emitted from the black cloud that covered the sky while the both of them had a change in expression. Waves after waves of dark and cold aura spread rapidly.

“Are they finally ready…” The Nihility Devouring Flame lifted their heads after he heard the buzzing sound. His heart sighed in relief. The three clans and the Sky Mansion Alliance did indeed surpass the Hun clan in terms of the number of experts. If they did not take any action, it was likely that many experts from the Hun clan would end up dying here.

“Buzz buzz!”

The buzzing sound became increasingly hurried. At the same time, a couple of indescribable dark and stern auras slowly appeared from the black cloud. Everyone on the battlefield lifted their heads in the face of this unexpected occurrence. Their uncertain and cautious eyes looked at the black cloud.

“Boom boom!”

Black cloud suddenly churned and a couple of black figures shot out. All of them were suspended at various spots in the sky.

“That is… coffins?”

Everyone looked at the things that had been shot out from the black fog. They were immediately startled. This was because the things were three black coffins. The dark and densely cold aura was something that seeped out from the coffins.


The three black coffins were suspended in the air. Their covers flew out and three skeleton like skinny figures slowly stepped out from within. Immediately, three auras, which were even more frightening than Hun Yuantian earlier erupted from the sky. It caused the expressions of the alliance to change drastically.

“Hun Tiansheng?” Hun Yao? How can all these old ghost be still alive?”

Lei Ying’s and Yan Jin’s eyes suddenly shrunk as they looked at the three figures. Their faces were filled with shock. These three people were even older than Hun Tiandi. Back then, they had already gradually declined and died. Yet, how was it possible for them to appear again today?


Xiao Yan, who was seated on the huge black door had inhaled a breath of cool air because of this scene. Another three eight star Dou Shengs? Moreover, the auras of these three were similar to Lei Ying duo!

“That not right. The auras of these people aren’t quite right…” Xiao Yan’s current senses were extremely sharp. He had immediately detected that something was wrong. He could sense a deathly aura that was many times denser than that of Hun Yuantian.

“These three… seems like zombies?”

The corner of Xiao Yan’s eyes twitched rapidly as he muttered.

A zombie was an existence like a puppet. However, it was at a higher level as compared to puppets. This was because it required one to use a certain mysterious method to revive some of those who had already died. However, the requirements for the revival was extremely harsh. Additionally, the chance of success was low. Hence, there was usually no one who did such a thing. After all, a true expert would be guarded by the clan or sect after their deaths. No one would wish that the body of their ancestors would be ruined by others after their deaths

Clearly, the Hun clan had used some unknown technique to turn these originally dead experts from the Hun clan into zombies. In this way, these zombies could once again fight for them. Was this the strength that the Hun clan hid? If Hun Yuantian was included, there would be a total of four eight star Dou Shengs. This strength could easily shift the equilibrium of the war in the favour of the Hun clan…

“Four Silence Destruction, Deathly World!”

The mouths of the three figures in the sky were suddenly widened. Three light spots flew out. After which, they were transformed into three ten thousand feet large giant black doors. The huge doors were filled with deathly aura. They were surprisingly another three Deathly Silence Gates!

The black giant door stood at three spots in the sky. Deathly auras surged out from them and enveloped the entire place. Under the erosion of the deathly aura, all the experts from the alliance were stunned to find that the life within their bodies was gradually being lost!

The three large gates had formed a formation that enveloped the entire alliance army inside it. From the looks of it, they were actually planning to use this to severely damage the alliance army!


Lei Ying’s and Yan Jin’s expressions changed drastically at this moment. Clearly, they had also recognised this formation, which had an extremely ferocious reputation during the ancient times. They quickly cried out loud.

“Hun Yuantian, return to the formation! Use the Deathly Silence Gate and complete the formation!”

A skinny Elder from amongst the trio cried out sternly after seeing the alliance army retreat.

“Quick, scatter!”

Lei Ying’s and Yan Jin’s heart pounded intensely after hearing the old man’s cry. If the formation was completed, it was likely that their losses today would be extremely great!


The miserable Hun Yuan Tian swiftly flew into the sky. He looked at the trio while his expression was furious and pale. A moment later, he spoke in a hoarse voice, “The Deathly Silence Gate had been snatched by that brat Xiao Yan…”

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