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Chapter 1607: Deathly Silence Gate

“It is not up to you to decide who should live and who should die!”

Xiao Yan involuntarily laughed coldly after seeing Hun Yuantian rushing over in a flash. His hand, which was grabbing onto Hun Feng, increased its strength. The latter was also struggling crazily.

“Xiao Yan, ancestor will not let you off!”

Hun Feng’s expression was purple. He viciously stared at Xiao Yan. Suddenly, his body began to swell intensely. The Dou Qi within his body also became wild and violent.

“Self-destruct huh…” Xiao Yan’s expression did not change after he saw this scene. He suddenly increased the strength of his arm. A crack sound appeared and he directly broke Hun Feng’s neck. Although Hun Feng’s neck was broken, his body continued to swell rapidly. Finally, it emitted a ‘bang’. An earthshaking energy storm exploded along with a bloody fog.

The blood fog slowly scattered before disappearing. However, Xiao Yan’s body continued to float in the sky. His vast and mighty Spiritual Strength had formed an invisible barrier around him. The attack that Hun Feng had created from self-destructing did not cause him any harm.


Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the place in an indifferent manner. He quickly took a step back as the space in front of him fluctuated. An elderly figure appeared in a flash. A palm wind containing a rich deathly aura adhered over Xiao Yan’s chest as it flew passed.

Hun Yuantian’s body appeared in a flash after his palm missed. He glanced at the spot where Hun Feng had self-destruct. His winkle covered face contained some gloominess. Immediately, he flipped his hand and a soul rushed out from within the black fog. Finally, it entered his sleeve.

“Brat, I will definitely make you suffer!

Hun Tian stared densely at Xiao Yan after retrieving the trace of Hun Feng’s soul. The smile on his face had finally completely disappeared. He did not expect that Xiao Yan would be this vicious. The latter did not give him any opportunity to rescue Hun Feng. Instead, Xiao Yan had simply launched a killing strike. If it was not because Hun Feng had decisively chose to self-destruct and allow a part of his soul to escape, it was likely that he would have been completely destroyed by Xiao Yan. Even though this was the case, this would cause Hun Feng great harm.

“An old fellow who won’t die is like a parasite. Allow me to be the one to send you off.” Xiao Yan laughed coldly. He appeared completely unafraid. Although his Dou Qi was merely at the six star intermediate level, he had the qualification to fight against an eight star Dou Sheng by simply relying on his Di State Spiritual Strength. Although Hun Yuantian was powerful, he was not as strong as Lei Ying and Yan Jin. According to Xiao Yan’s guess, this old fellow has likely only reached the initial eight star Dou Sheng class. Xiao Yan would not be afraid of him in a real fight.

“The members of the Xiao clan always has such razor sharp tongue. I will allow you to enjoy what is called a fate worse than death once you land in my hands!” Hun Yuantian’s expression was densely cold. He parted his mouth, revealed his yellow teeth and spoke sinisterly.

Hun Yuantian’s finger moved without leaving a trace as he spoke. Traces of invisible fluctuation suddenly surged from behind Xiao Yan. Finally, they entwined into an invisible net that suddenly covered Xiao Yan. At the same time, Hun Yuantian also shot forward and appeared in front of Xiao Yan in the blink of an eye. His stench filled palm directly smashed onto Xiao Yan’s chest.


Hun Yuantian’s palm was half an inch from Xiao Yan’s chest when it suddenly stilled. A layer of invisible invisible barrier had appeared on his palm. Both parties had ruthless collided. The frightening force had directly caused the surrounding space collapsed and formed many crack lines.

“Displaying your Spiritual Strength in front of me. What a joke…”

Xiao Yan observed Hun Yuantian. He laughed. A thought passed through his mind. Vast and mighty Spiritual Strength surged from him. In almost an instant, he had shattered the invisible spiritual net behind. Immediately, fierce pink flame seeped out from within his body, causing it to turned into a crystal clear pink glass in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Yan’s aura had soared greatly after he used the Extermination Fire Lotus. Soon after, a flame quickly gathered on his palm. A six coloured fire lotus was formed. The current Xiao Yan needed to only think about it to use the Extermination Fire Lotus. The terrifying strength of a Di State Soul had raised the speed of its formation by many times.

“Buzz buzz!”

Waves after waves of exterminating heat wave swiftly spread after the fire lotus was formed. Soon after, Xiao Yan flicked his finger. A fire lotus was accompanied by a brilliant fire tail as it directly shot towards Hun Yuantian’s head.

Although Xiao Yan’s actual strength was still at the six star Dou Sheng class, the might of the Extermination Fire Lotus was many times stronger than before. This increase was brought about by his Di State Soul…

“Deathly Silence Gate!”

Hun Yuantian’s expression was slightly solemn as he sensed the destructive ripple being emitted from the brilliant fire lotus. Both of his hands had formed many strange seals. Immediately, a rich black fog surged out from within his palm. It turned into a huge black door, which had been filled with a mysterious aura. The door was opened and a black hole like darkness was revealed. No one knew just what kind of mysterious realm it led to.


The Extermination Fire Lotus flew across the sky. Finally, it exploded just outside of the Deathly Silence Gate. Immediately, a terrifying destructive storm swept apart.

“Humph, absorb it!”

The storm was reflected within Hun Yuantian’s eyes. He laughed in a dark and cold manner. A terrifying suction force was suddenly emitted. At the end, the ten thousand feet large fire storm had actually been swallowed into the huge gate…

“Is this the Deathly Silence Gate?”

A surprise flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes after he saw this scene. It was not because Hun Yuantian was able to easily deal with the Extermination Fire Lotus. Instead, it was due to Hun Yuantian possessing such a mysterious object.

“You actually dare to reveal such tricks in front of me. This Deathly Silence Gate of mine was created from an elite Dou Di from the ancient times. It is able to devour everything!” Hun Yuantian involuntarily laughed strangely after being aware of Xiao Yan’s surprise. This Deathly Silence Gate was extremely strange. This was because this was completely different from an ordinary Dou Skill. It was not even possible to classify it as a kind of Dou Skill. Instead, it was more appropriate to describe it as a kind of realm being created through one’s training.

Hun Yuantian had been training for hundreds of years in order to successfully master this Deathly Silence Gate and enable it to possess such a might. The space inside the door was filled with a deathly aura. Even a seven star Dou Sheng would likely be eroded and killed by the deathly aura if he was sucked inside and could not escape. After his death, the essence blood of his would become nourishment for the Deathly Silence Gate, allowing it to become even stronger. During the ancient times, many experts had fought to snatch this Deathly Silence Gate. It was unexpected that Hun Yuantian was actually able to create it.

“It is indeed a good thing…”

Xiao Yan licked his lips. Even he was a little familiar with this Deathly Silence Gate.

“Your essence blood and soul will likely greatly increase the strength of my Deathly Silence Gate…”

Hun Yuantian’s body flashed and appeared above the huge door. He sat down and his eyes stared at Xiao Yan in a sinister manner. Immediately, the seal formed by his hands changed. Black light suddenly surged from within the large gate. It turned into a black light ray that was dozens of feet in size and suddenly shot out.

The speed of the light was extremely quick. It had enveloped around Xiao Yan after it was shot out.

“Brat, you should head to hell and accompany your ancestor Xiao Xuan!” Hun Yuantian laughed in a dense voice. A terrifying suction force had suddenly erupted from within the Deathly Silence Gate. The light shrunk and entered the huge gate in a flash. Xiao Yan, who was wrapped by the ray of light had also disappeared.

Hun Yuantian’s face became even denser after Xiao Yan was absorbed into the Deathly Silence Gate. No one who had entered the Deathly Silence Gate can come out alive. Once the deathly aura inside eroded all of Xiao Yan’s Dou Qi, the life and death of the latter would completely be determined by the former’s mood.

“Humph, a group unruly crowd actually has the delusion of flattening our Hun clan. Once we are fully prepared, everyone here can forget about escaping!”

Hun Yuantian lifted his head after capturing Xiao Yan. His eyes glanced at this incomparably chaotic battleground. After which, they gathered onto the thick dark cloud in the sky and let out a low and deep laughter.

The dark black space was filled with a deathly aura. Even Dou Qi had become weak in the face such such an aura.

Xiao Yan’s body appeared in a place covered by deathly aura. He looked at this dark black and mysterious place before a strange smile surfaced on his face. He muttered softly, “Hun Yuantian, I shall help keep this treasure for you…”

The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame suddenly swept out from within Xiao Yan’s body after his voice sounded. Even those deathly aura was unable to approach him under this great heat. Xiao Yan quickly shut his eyes. A vast and endless Spiritual Strength erupted from within his body. Within a short moment, it had wrapped around the dark black realm. After which, his body suddenly disappeared. He was already in a dark region the next time he appeared. The middle of this place was a black stone, which hid a great amount of deathly aura. There was a spiritual fluctuation on the black stone. It was the spiritual imprint Hun Yuantian had left within this Deathly Silence Gate. It was precisely because of this that the latter was able to use the Deathly Silence Gate. However, if this thing was removed by another, he would also lose his control over the Deathly Silence Gate…

The cold smile on Xiao Yan’s face became denser as he looked at the black stone.

Capturing Xiao Yan, whose soul had reached the Di State, was the biggest mistake of Hun Yuantian.


Hun Yuantian exploded a Dou Sheng Elder of the Gu Realm with a palm strike. Black Qi rose from his palm and a mini black gate appeared. Traces of bloody Qi swiftly surged into the black gate.

“It is really a strength that cause others to be fascinated…”

Hun Yuantian revealed a smile on his face as he sensed the increasingly dense deathly aura within the Deathly Silence Gate. However, he was about to once again find a new target when his expression suddenly changed. This was because he discovered that his connection with the Deathly Silence Gate had suddenly weakened.

“This is bad…”

This unexpected change caused Hun Yuantian’s heart to sunk. He hurriedly attempted to enter the Deathly Silence Gate when he suddenly discovered that his connection with it had actually been completely broken!


Hun Yuantian’s heart trembled after the connection was lost. That black gate actually directly flew out. It swelled with the wind. A light figure flashed and sat above the huge gate. The figure smilingly looked at Hun Yuantian and laughed, “Thank you for your gift!”

Hun Yuantian was dull for an instant after seeing this scene. His eyes quickly turned blood red!

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