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Chapter 1609: Breaking Through the Realm

“The Deathly Silence Gate had been stolen?”

The three skinny old men’s expression became extremely gloomy after hearing Hun Yuantian’s words. One of them involuntarily chided, “Hun Yuantian, we have prepared for so many years in order to form four Deathly Silence Gate. Yet, you have actually lost one of them in such a short amount of time?”

Hun Yuantian’s expression was volatile. His heart was also filled with fury. He did not expect just a small misjudgement on his part had actually given Xiao Yan an opportunity. The formation that they had currently formed was a great formation that was renown throughout the continent for its ferocity. Only by creating four Deathly Silence Gate would it be possible to create a deathly world. Those experts who were trapped inside it would completely be enveloped by the endless deathly aura and gradually die. This was even if they were seven or eight star elite Dou Shengs.

If this formation was successfully activated, it would definitely be able to cause the alliance army to suffer a terrible loss. However, no one had expected that something like this would appear at this critical moment.

“That brat has actually reached the Di State soul. I did not expect that he is able to swiftly find the spiritual stone that I have hidden within the Deathly Silence Gate and eliminate the spiritual imprint on it.” Hun Yuantian clenched his teeth and spoke with great unwillingness.

“What should we do? There is not much life force remaining in our bodies. After this attack, all the life force remaining in us would be completely exhausted. We will at least need to rest for quite a long period of time in order to be able to attack again. If another big war breaks out during this period of time, we will not be able to intervene!” A skinny old man furiously glared at Hun Yuantian before turning to the other two and said.

“The price has already been paid. Naturally, we cannot do simply let our effort be wasted. We will unleash the formation and try to seriously damage the alliance army. As long as our Hun clan learns of the location of the Tou She Ancient God Mansion and open it, the clan head will be able to advance into the legendary Dou Di class. At that time, it would not be difficult if he wished to truly revive us!” A grayish dark faced skinny elder spoke in a dense voice as his eyes flashed.


The other two nodded upon hearing this. This was all they could do now that things had developed until this stage.

“Hun Yuantian, why aren’t you taking your position? If I had known this would happen, I should not have allowed you to intervene earlier and try to rescue Hun Feng. Now, not only did you not manage to rescue him but you have ended up delaying the big plans of our clan. If it is not because you are also a veteran of our Hun clan, I would have already killed you by now!” The old man with a dark grayish face turned his head and sternly spoke to Hun Yuantian.

Hun Yuantian seemed to have understood that he had really gotten into a big mess this time around. Hence, he did not say anything despite his ugly expression. All he could do was to turn around. His body flashed and he appeared at one side of the sky. Dense deathly aura erupted from his palm. After which, it connected with the three Deathly Silence Gate. Immediately, a dark world had wrapped the entire mountain range inside it. The deathly aura eroded all life within it.

“Xiao Yan, once I capture you, I will definitely make you suffer a fate where you can neither beg to live nor die!” A monstrous deathly aura surged out from within Hun Yuantian’s body. His face also revealed a cruel and savage expression.

The alliance army gathered together as the monstrous deathly aura spread. Their eyes were cautiously looking at the black Qi around them. They could sense that those deathly aura were seeping into his body from every pore. This kind of invasion was not something that they could block by using their Dou Qi or Spiritual Strength.

“This is the legendary Death World Formation. It is unexpected that the Hun clan is even able to use this.”

Lei Ying, Yan Jin and the many experts from the ancient clans had dark and solemn expressions as they looked at the deathly aura spreading around them. Their hearts involuntarily felt an unease. Even if they, as the top experts were able to resist this aura, those weaker individuals would suffer great damage if this continued. The terrible loss was not something that they could afford.

“We must quickly charge through…”

The Black Submerged King, Gu Lei, spoke with a grave expression. He had been held back by two experts from the Hun clan, who had reached the seven star Dou Sheng class, earlier. The big battle that erupted could be considered earthshaking. Gu Lie had never even heard of those three experts from the Hun clan, who could match the four demon saints, before. Clearly, the Hun clan had been hiding their strength during all these years. Such a strength was far greater than the Gu clan. If it was not because they were allied with the Yan clan, Lei clan and the Sky Mansion Alliance, just the strength of the Gu clan alone would likely have difficulty fighting the Hun clan.

“This is difficult. A death realm had already been built over this place. Moreover, these deathly aura can isolate any spiritual probe. If we randomly charge around, it would only lead to the swift exhaustion of our strength…” Yan Jin spoke in a deep voice.

“However, we will also most likely end up dead if we continue to remain here.” Gu Dao from the three immortals ofthe Gu clan spoke with a bitter smile. Currently, they were in a dilemma.

“Clan head Gu Yuan has likely been held back by Hun Tiandi. It would likely be extremely difficult for him to intervene.” Fairy Huo Ling from the Yan clan had an extremely grave expression on her enchanting face. Her aura was also slightly sluggish. Clearly, she had been injured during the big battle from earlier.

Everyone became a little quiet. No one had expected that this somewhat favourable situation would suddenly turn into this state.

“Chi chi!”

A slight rushing wind sound suddenly appeared from within the deathly aura permeating the sky while everyone was at a loss as to what to do. Many black spears containing rich deathly auras shot from around them.

This sudden attack caused the alliance army to panic a little. There was a dense deathly aura on those black spears. Hence, even their Dou Qi defence was unable to be of much use. The black spears penetrated through some of the alliance experts. In the blink of an eye, their bodies collapsed and turned into a pile of rotten bones. Traces of black vapour seeped out from within the bones.


Lei Ying and the others had gloomy faces after seeing that the alliance was in such a disadvantageous position. They were prepared to forcefully charge out of this Death World when the deathly aura in front of them suddenly moved. Immediately, a huge black door appeared in a flash.

“Do not attack, it’s me!”

The alliance army was greatly startled after they saw something exactly the same as the three giant gates from earlier. However, a familiar voice was emitted from the huge gate before they could unleash their attacks.

“Xiao Yan?”

Lei Ying and the others rejoiced upon hearing this voice. They looked towards the top of the giant black gate. There was a young figure there. It was surprisingly Xiao Yan.

“Follow me. This Death World might be mysterious but I have managed to snatch one of the Deathly Silence Gate they used to build the formation. Hence, this formation is incomplete. We can charge out from the weakest part of the formation!” Xiao Yan looked down at the many experts from the alliance army and spoke in a deep voice.

A joy quickly appeared on everyone’s face after they heard this. However, they were in an emergency situation and there was little time for them to pose questions. Lei Ying waved his hand and the large group of experts hurriedly rose into the air.

“Let’s go!”

Xiao Yan let out a deep cry. He quickly flicked his finger and the huge Deathly Silence Gate below flew out. It covered the area above the army. Waves of suction force erupted. The deathly aura around was completely absorbed by it.

The alliance army quickly felt that the pressure on them had greatly diminished after the deathly aura ceased eroding them. The slowly circulating Dou Qi in their bodies was also quickly recovered.

“This little fellow is really skilled. He is even able to snatch this Deathly Silence Gate.”

Lei Ying, Yan Jin, Gu Lei and the others greatly rejoiced upon seeing this scene. It was fortunate that Xiao Yan had snatched one of the Deathly Silence Gate. Otherwise, once the formation had truly become perfect, the alliance army would definitely suffer an extremely serious blow. It should be known that during the ancient times, there had been many rumours of various sects and factions which were totally eliminated by this ultimate formation.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

The experts from the Hun clan seemed to have detected something as the army quickly flew towards one side of the Death World. The deathly aura around the place surged. After which, it was transformed into a ten thousand feet large giant hand of death which ruthlessly slammed towards the alliance army.

Xiao Yan’s body flashed and appeared in the sky. Little Yi also appeared on his shoulder. Due to Xiao Yan’s soul having stepped into the Di State, Little Yi’s aura had also become relatively terrifying. Its current self was likely many times more powerful that the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame back then at the Demonic Flame Realm…


Little Yi spat through its mouth after it appeared. Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame shot out in all directions. Finally, it collided ruthlessly with the giant hand of death. Immediately, a sizzling sound appeared throughout the sky. A dense rotten smell also spread.


Xiao Yan’s hands quickly formed a seal while Little Yi was holding back the giant hand. A ten thousand feet large figure once again appeared on the surface of his body. Its mouth was opened and an earthshaking spiritual sonic wave swept wildly across the place like a storm. The deathly aura permeating the air was scattered slightly in the face of this spiritual sonic wave attack. After which, a somewhat dim formless barrier appeared a short distance in front of the alliance army. There seemed to be a figure floating behind the barrier. If one was to look carefully, it was surprisingly Hun Yuantian.

“Clan head Lei Ying and Yan Jin, attack together and break this space!”

Xiao Yan immediately cried out coldly as he looked at the figure.

Lei Ying and the others quickly nodded upon hearing Xiao Yan’s cry. Dou Qi immediately surged across the sky. A couple of terrifying attacks were immediately unleashed. Finally, they ruthlessly smashed onto the barrier in front of Hun Yuantian’s altered expression.


The formless barrier trembled in the face of the violent attacks by a couple of top level experts. Finally, it could not endure the burden and emitted a crack sound. Finally, it exploded apart with a loud and clear sound.

The deathly aura around the place quickly scattered with the shattering of the formless barrier. Warm sunlight once again poured down from the sky.


The faces of the three other skinny elders in the sky paled the moment the Death World was shattered. Blood was spat out from their mouths. A dense dimness rose in their eyes. They understood that the plan to seriously damage the alliance today had failed…

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