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Chapter 1606: Hun Yuantian

Xiao Yan did not pay much attention on Hun Mie Tian after killing him in a quick and simple manner. With Hun Mie Tian’s strength, he did not possess much of a threat towards Xiao Yan. After his Spiritual Strength had stepped into the Di State, Xiao Yan was already able to completely overlook Hun Mie Sheng.

Xiao Yan flicked his finger gently. He glanced at the corpse with hollow eyes in front of him in an indifferent manner. With a wave of his hand, he directly shatter the corpse. After which, he frowned and looked at the chaotic battleground in the sky. This was the first time Xiao Yan had seen a war on such scale. The terrifying strength that the Hun clan had displayed had once again caused Xiao Yan’s face to become grave. The alliance force present was a combination of the Gu clan, Lei clan, Yan clan and the Sky Mansion Alliance. The number of experts present had reached a relatively spectacular level. Despite this, they still appeared to be in a stalemate.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the battleground. After which, he lifted his head and looked at the black fog, which permeated the sky. There was a continuous stream of experts rushing out from within the black cloud. With Xiao Yan’s current strength, it was difficult for anyone below the seven star Dou Sheng class to catch his attention. However, Xiao Yan vaguely felt as though the black fog still hid many auras that even he was extremely afraid of for some unknown reason…

This was a faint weak feeling. If it was not because Xiao Yan’s soul had reached the Di State, it was impossible for him to detect it in such detailed manner. However, this feeling caused Xiao Yan’s expression to become increasingly grave. The strength of the Hun clan did appear to be unusually terrifying.

“The battle today might well be a bitter fight if this continues…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes flashed. Suddenly, they were rotated. He looked at the north of the battleground. Black fog churned and a couple of mighty auras surged. Clearly, there were many experts from the Hun clan seated there. Even the three clans and the Sky Mansion Alliance had suffered many deaths in this place.

“Hun Feng…”

A cold glint flashed in Xiao Yan’s eyes as he looked at the somewhat young figure within a group. It was rumoured that this person was the most outstanding person amongst the younger generation of the Hun clan. It was likely that he would be able to threaten the Hun clan if he could capture this person.


This thought flashed across Xiao Yan’s mind. He smiled coldly and moved. His body turned into a black light that hurried towards a black fog region.


Hun Feng had a cold expression as he grabbed the head of an expert from the Yan clan. He looked at the latter’s horrified expression. A scarlet and ferocious expression flashed across his eyes. Fresh blood erupted with the latter’s brains. After which Hun Feng merely tossed that person aside.

“You are useless…”

Hun Feng rubbed his hands and spoke indifferently. There were four Hun clan Elders, who had reached the four star Dou Sheng class, guarding behind him. Through this, one could see that the Hun clan greatly valued his safety.

“Young master Hun Feng, let’s withdraw a little. There are far too many experts from the three clans nearby.” A gray haired old man glanced around him before suddenly speaking. This place could be considered to be a little deep. Although the true experts from the three clans had basically been held back, it was always right to be a little careful.

“Aye, let’s go…” Hun Feng, who had a good time being on a killing spree, frowned but did not object. He nodded and was about to pull back.

“Ha ha, young master Hun Feng, you actually dare to simply leave after killing someone? Aren’t you being a little too free and easy?”

However, a faint laughter suddenly sounded as Hun Feng was turning around. He lifted his head in a startled manner and saw a black clothed young man appearing above his head at some unknown moment. The latter was smilingly looking at him.

“Xiao Yan?” You have actually escaped from being chased by Hun Mie Sheng?” Hun Feng laughed coldly. His expression had changed slightly after seeing the black clothed young man.

“Chased?” Xiao Yan was startled. He immediately came to a sudden comprehension. It seemed that the speed in which killed Hun Mie Tian earlier was far too quick. Hence, it did not manage to attract much attention.

“Young master Hun Feng, hurry up and leave. Xiao Yan’s spiritual state has reached the Di State. His strength has far surpassed what appears on the surface. Hun Mie Sheng is likely already killed by him.” A white haired old man from amongst the four Elders guarding Hun Feng, had an extremely sharp pair of eyes. His heart sunk after seeing Xiao Yan’s expression. He subsequently cried out in a low voice.

Hun Feng’s face twitched involuntarily after hearing these words. His eyes were filled with dissatisfaction as they looked at Xiao Yan. Back at the Demonic Flame Realm, Hun Feng completely need not fear Xiao Yan. However, after only a few years, the pressure that the latter gave him was actually not any weaker than the grand Elders within the clan!


Although he was dissatisfied, Hun Feng clearly understood that if he was to fight with Xiao Yan with his current strength, he would not likely end up dead. Hence, he did not dare to bite off more than he could chew. His body moved and he hurried towards the distant black clouds in the sky. The four Elders behind stared cautiously at Xiao Yan as they withdrew.

Xiao Yan merely smiled after seeing thf five of them leaving. He clenched his hand. Four clusters of brilliant fire glow erupted from his hand. They quickly agglomerated into four head sized fire lotuses that shot towards the four Elders with lightning like speed.


A chill rose on the faces of the four Elders after they saw Xiao Yan persistently pursuing them. Their sleeves shook and python like chains rushed out. The fire lotuses had arrived the moment the chain was shot out. After which, they adhered onto the chains. The four Elders could not escape no matter how they struggled.


The fire lotuses suddenly exploded while the four Elders were preparing to toss the chains aside. Four brilliant lines of flames flew along the chains. In an instant, the flame struck on the hands of the four Elders and subsequently invaded their bodies.


After the line of fire invaded their bodies, the clothes of the four Elders were directly turned into dust. Soon after, pink fire seedling escaped from their pores. The sizzling sound was extremely deafening.


Sharp and miserable screech continued to be emitted from the mouths of the four members of the Hun clan while they were crazily unleashing their Dou Qi to extinguish the flame within their bodies.

Xiao Yan’s expression was indifferent as his eyes swept over the four of them. He flicked his finger gently. Four wisp of wind shot out. The four Elders of the Hun clan spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Their bodies were like the broken wings of birds as they swiftly landed onto the ground. After which, they were surrounded by the experts from the three clans below.

Hun Feng’s expression had finally become ugly after he saw that the four Elders, who had reached the four star Dou Sheng class, were actually so worthless in Xiao Yan’s hands. He quickly unleashed his maximum speed and hurriedly fled.

“I have said that you will not be able to escape…”

Hun Feng’s body had just moved when a voice that was filled with an endless chill was suddenly transmitted from behind him. The former shrunk his eyes. He flipped his hand and a black flame churned. An incomparably fierce palm strike suddenly erupted.


The ferocious palm wind from Hun Feng was just unleashed when it seemed to have met with an invisible barrier. A loud sound appeared and the former’s hand felt a bone piercing pain. His strength was reflected back and directly caused a mouthful of fresh blood to surge through his throat. However, it was finally forcefully swallowed by Hun Feng.

Hun Feng swallowed a mouthful of fresh blood. His heart trembled from shock. The two of them were completely at two different levels.

Hun Feng was just about to use his Secret Technique to increase his speed as this thought flashed across his mind when a somewhat icy cold hand gently appeared on his neck. The iciness caused his body to stiffen.

“Ancestor, save me!”

A sharp scream was emitted from Hun Feng’s mouth as his body stiffened.


Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed after hearing Hun Feng’s voice. His eyes swiftly swept over the battleground in the sky. Currently, Hun Tiandi, the Nihility Devouring Flame and the four demon saints had been held back. Just who is this ancestor of Hun Feng?


The black cloud in the sky suddenly churned intensely while this doubt flashed across Xiao Yan’s heart. After which, the black cloud surged and an elderly figure, who appeared to be about to die, slowly descended. At the same time, a vast and mighty terrifying aura, which did not lose to the Black Submerged King of the Gu clan, Gu Lie, suddenly swept apart.

“Eight star Dou Sheng?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes shrunk slightly as he sensed this incomparably powerful aura. The Hun clan was actually hiding such an expert?

“Young friend, why don’t you let this useless descendant of my of?” The elderly figure slowly stepped forward. He appeared in front of Xiao Yan with just a step. The winkle covered elderly face was covered with smiles and his tone was extremely friendly.

“Who are you?” Xiao Yan smiled coldly and asked.

“Ugh, I am Hun Yuantian… ha ha… a useless old man who had died in Xiao Xuan’s hands back then.” The old man laughed. Xiao Yan could sense the former’s smile had become a lot darker when mentioning the words ‘Xiao Xuan’.

“You do not appear like a dead person…”

Xiao Yan frowned slightly. This old fellow’s appearance was far too mysterious. He must be cautious. However, he wondered just how many of these experts, who had never appeared in the past, did the Hun clan had. If a couple more of them appeared… it was likely that even this alliance army today would not be able to do anything to the Hun clan. Even Xiao Yan felt some unease in his heart as he thought of this. This Hun clan was indeed far too unfathomable.

Hun Yuantian laughed. However, he did not reply this question. He smilingly said, “Why don’t you hand him over to me? This alliance of yours is really insufficient if you wish to retain our Hun clan…”

“Is that so?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes became slightly cold. He suddenly increased the strength of his arm, which was holding onto Hun Feng. This caused the latter’s face to turn purple as he continued to struggle.

Hun Yuantian sighed helplessly upon seeing this scene. He did not show any signs of being threatened. Faint black aura seeped out from within his body. Immediately, his shrivelled hand quickly emitted a rotten stench. Finally, he moved and gently slammed towards Xiao Yan. It was possible for Xiao Yan to detect a somewhat mysterious dead aura from that shrivelled bone like hand…

“Since you refuse to listen to nice words… you can just go and die.”

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