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Chapter 1605: Big Battle

Killing desire suddenly surged within the eyes of Lei Ying, Huo Jin and the rest after Xiao Yan’s words sounded. The energy around them began to fluctuated intensely.

“Set up the formation!”

A couple of stern cries resounded throughout the sky at almost the same time. Those from the Gu clan, Yan clan, Lei clan and even the Hun clan began to activate their formations with lightning like speed. Terrifying Dou Qi pillars charged to the clouds from all directions. The mighty aura caused the hearts of those observers outside of the mountain range to tremble. They repeatedly rejoiced that they had not charge in. Otherwise, they would likely perish in the face of such a violent big battle.

“It seems that all of you are indeed unwilling to give up…”

The smile on Hun Tiandi’s face was slowly withdrawn as he stood in the sky. He once again transformed into that seemingly cheerful indifferent manner. He lowered his head to look at Xiao Yan’s group. It seemed that he was unsurprised at their sudden attack. He also understood that Yu Yuan, Xiao Yan and the others would definitely not simply sit back and watch their Hun clan obtain all eight pieces of jade and successfully open the Ancient God Mansion.

“Hun Tiandi, hand over the ancient jade. Otherwise we will definitely join hands and flatten your Hun clan!” Lei Ying’s eyes were furious as he cried out.

Hun Tiandi involuntarily laughed upon hearing this. He flipped his hand and kept the ancient jade in his hand into his Storage Ring before he smiling said, “Oh? I am really curious about how you end up in this situation if you possessed this ability.”

“Hun Tiandi, we will not allow to easily open the Ancient God Mansion.” Gu Yuan’s face was as deep as water. His body slowly rose into the air as a terrifying fluctuation slowly spread from within his body. Dark clouds quickly gathered in the sky as thunder roared.

Xiao Yan, Ling Ying, Yan Jin and the experts, who were stronger than five star Dou Shengs from the three clans as well as the Sky Mansion Alliance, rose into the sky. Their auras surged and the colour of the sky changed.

In terms of the number of top level experts, the three clans and the Sky Mansion Alliance combined would not be inferior to the Hun clan. It was not possible to tell just who would emerge victorious if they were to fight.

“Gu Yuan, I have said before that with the destruction of the Xiao clan, there is no longer anyone who can stop my Hun clan.” Hun Tiandi laughed.

Gu Yuan frowned. He was just about to speak when the hot tempered Lei Ying cried out in a deep voice, “Why are you saying so much nonsense to him? All members of the Lei clan listen up, use the Nine Dragon Sky Lightning Formation!”


The many experts from the Lei clan replied with cold and stern faces after hearing Lei Ying’s cry. Immediately, many bright silver light rays rose from within their bodies and swiftly gathered into a mighty thundercloud in the sky. Silver light flashed. Finally, it turned into a ten thousand feet large lightning dragon. The rolling thunder caused the land to tremble.


The moment the lightning dragon appeared, it ruthlessly collided into the large army of the Hun clan in the sky under the control of the many experts from the Lei clan!

“Yan clan, Great Burning Sky Technique!”

Yan Jin let out a cold cry after the Lei clan attacked. Monstrous flames immediately surged. It was as though it intended to incinerate this entire place. Finally, the flame turned into a rolling sea of fire that swept towards the Hun clan.

“Ancient God Mirror!”

The Gu clan had also once again formed the ancient mirror that covered the entire place. Rays of light flowed on it. Soon after, an incomparably large light pillar shot out!

“Swoosh swoosh!”

All attacks erupted at this moment. The energy fluctuation easily destroyed the surrounding towering mountains, leaving nothing behind…

Hun Tiandi watched the ferocious attacks rushing over from below with indifferent eyes as he stood in the sky. The sound of clattering chains was emitted from the black clouds that covered the area behind him. After which, many clashing sound appeared. Countless number of black chains shot out from within the black cloud and swiftly formed a dragnet in the sky. Black clouds churned over the chains. Suddenly, many ferocious faces appeared on the black net and continuously emitted some sharp miserable screech.

“Bang bang bang!”

The many attacks suddenly arrived as the black net was formed. Immediately, the whole place trembled intensely under the terrifying collision. The land cracked, forming many huge gully like crack lines.

The black net collapsed after the frightening storm in the sky had gradually scattered. However, it managed to blocked all of the attacks from below before it collapsed. The frightening strength of the Hun clan was once again revealed.

“Hun Tiandi, this time around let the both of us decide on a victor.”

Gu Yuan foot stepped on the empty space. His body suddenly shot into the clouds while a stern cry spread over the area within tens of thousands of kilometres in a vast and mighty manner.

Hun Tiandi smiled faintly. His body moved and directly appeared in front of Gu Yuan. He understood that the both of them were the strongest representative from both factions. Both of them must restrain each other. Otherwise, the formation of both parties would collapse.


Lei Ying and Yan Jin cried out loud after seeing Gu Yuan intervene to restrain Hun Tiandi. The experts of the three clans and the Sky Mansion Alliance rushed out from behind. Many experts from the Hun clan flew out from the black cloud in a swoosh sound. Immediately, a big fight erupted in the sky !

Lei Ying and Yan Jin had a clear target. They directly locked onto the Nihility Devouring Flame. Other than Hun Tiandi, the strongest in the Hun clan was the Nihility Devouring Flame. On the other hand, only the both of them from the alliance’s side combined could stop him.

“Do you really think that the both of you are a match for me just because you have gotten some benefits the last time?”

The Nihility Devouring Flame laughed coldly after seeing Lei Ying duo charging towards him. He waved his large sleeve. Black flame rose in a monstrous fashion and directly charged towards Lei Ying duo. Immediately, a frightening devouring power spread.

With an increasing number of experts exchanging blows, the entire mountain range began to tremble intensely. That scene caused the expressions of those people in the distance to experience a great change in expression.


Xiao Yan was expressionless as he threw a palm and shattered the spiritual body of an elite Dou Zun of the expert from the Hun clan into dust. His body immediately flashed and he appeared in front of another expert. Each time he struck, there would be an expert from the Hun clan being defeated. Even some expert Dou Sheng were seriously injured and forced back in Xiao Yan’s hands after a couple of exchanges.

Xiao Yan did not attack those experts from the Hun clan who he could not finish off quickly. Currently, he wished to kill the most number of experts from the Hun clan with the fastest speed. Currently, he wished to use the fastest speed to kill the most number of people from the Hun clan!

With his efficiency, the number of Hun clan experts who had been killed in Xiao Yan’s hands within a short few minutes had reached the double digits. The benefits brought about by the Di state soul had also been revealed in this fight. Rich murderous aura covered Xiao Yan’s body.


Xiao Yan extended his hand into the blood fog after beating an elite three star Dou Sheng into a cluster of blood. He clenched his hand and the remaining soul fragment was vapourized into nothing.


A ripple suddenly appeared behind Xiao Yan just as he had just killed this elite Dou Sheng from the Hun clan. A dense black flame surged. It turned into a black spear that ruthlessly struck towards the back of Xiao Yan’s head. However, that black spear was still a couple of centimeters from Xiao Yan’s head when it was sent flying with a clang sound. That scene appeared as though there was an invisible barrier around Xiao Yan.

“Hun Mie Sheng, you are indeed still alive…”

Xiao Yan turned his head. His eyes looked towards the human figure that was completely wrapped in a black flame. Although Xiao Yan was unable to clearly ses his appearance, the feeling from his Di State soul had allowed him to recognise the latter almost immediately. This person was the chief of the Hall of Soul, Hun Mie Sheng, who had fled with a trace if his soul after being killed by Xiao Yan back then.

“Xiao Yan, I will not die so easily. Sir Nihility had helped me create a body with his essence flame. My current self cannot be compared to back then!” The black flame churned as a pair of scarlet eyes, which was full of hatred, stared at Xiao Yan. His dark and cold voice was accompanied with viciousness as he it emitted.

An arc was formed over Xiao Yan’s icy cold face after he heard this.

“Hand over your life to me!” Hun Mie Sheng’s hand trembled. The dense black flame directly turned into a thousand feet large black flame chain that trickily shot towards Xiao like like a vicious snake.


Xiao Yan did not show any signs of attacking in the face of Hun Mie Sheng’s assault. He merely uttered a single word.


Invisible spiritual fluctuation swept out after Xiao Yan’s voice sounded. The black flame chain collapsed almost instantly. Even the black flame on it had become incomparably dim. The attack from a Di State soul was something that even an eight star Dou Sheng would not dare to underestimate. Although the Nihility Devouring Flame had spent a great effort to reconstruct his body, his strength was at the very most at the seven star Dou Sheng or so. There was far too much of a gap with the current Xiao Yan.

All it took was a brief exchange for Hun Mie Sheng to be defeated so quickly. The latter’s expression was slightly altered. Although he was aware that Xiao Yan had stepped into the Di State soul, he could not believe that he would be so pathetic in the other party’s hands.


Although a vicious thought was churning in his heart, Hun Mie Sheng had also understood that his current self was no longer a match for Xiao Yan. He immediately clenched his teeth and quickly pulled back.

“You will not get to escape this time around…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes looked at Hun Mie Tian in a cold and indifferent manner. He took a stride forward and the space fluctuated. He had actually appeared behind the latter in a ghost like fashion. He pressed his finger forward and directly penetrated through the black flame around Hun Mie Tian. The frightening strength of the Di State soul erupted without being held back.


Hun Mie Sheng’s body suddenly stiffened amidst the low and deep muffled sound. The black flame around him disappeared immediately, revealing a shrivelled figure inside. There was no injury on his head but those eyes of Hun Mie Tian were hollow. His soul had completely vanished from being struck by Xiao Yan’s finger earlier.

“Is this the spiritual pressure of the Di Soul State…”

Xiao Yan muttered to himself as he looked at his finger. He did not use any Dou Qi for the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame to kill Hun Mie Tian. All he did was to rely on his Spiritual Strength to kill the latter with lightning like speed. Such a frightening strength was indeed worthy of the word ‘Di’!

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