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Chapter 1597: Heavenly Tomb Soul

“Di State… soul…”

Xiao yan was startled as he watched the smiling Xiao Xuan. However, his mouth had turned try due to the shock from the latter’s words. Anything that was even the least bit related with the word “Di” in this world would be synonymous with being strong. It did not matter whether it was a Dou Di or a Di tier medicinal pill. All of these were supreme in the eyes of everyone. Similarly, the Di state soul also belonged in this category.

Dou Di, Di tier medicinal pill, Di State soul.

Amongst the three types of ‘Di’, there was a much higher possibility of one reaching the third given the current condition of the continent. After all, this level did not require one to absorb the so called “Essence Di Qi”. However, this did not mean that one could easily advance into the Di State soul. Base on Xiao Yan’s guess, there was likely only two individuals on the current Dou Qi continent whose soul had reached the Di State. They were Gu Yuan and Hun Tiandi.

Xiao Yan’s current Spiritual Strength had remained at the perfect Heavenly State. This level might only be a step away from the Di State but many experts had never managed to cross this small step. Regardless of how they trained, they were still unable to make any progress.

Being an alchemist, Xiao Yan clearly understood this. It had been some years since he had advanced into the perfect Heavenly State. However, his Spiritual Strength had still remained at the perfect Heavenly State. That feeling was as though it was impossible to fill the incomparable huge gap between the perfect Heavenly State and the Di State no matter how he trained.

Hence, after hearing that the thing Xiao Xuan was about to give him was actually the Di State soul, Xiao Yan could not help but become a little dull even with his mental fortitude.

“This… how can this be possible?”

Xiao Yan was stunned for a long while before he finally recovered. He shook his head and spoke with a bitter smile. Although there were not many people in this world whose soul had reached the perfect Heavenly State, it these people still existed. However, based on the experts Xiao Yan had met, no one, other than Hun Tiandi and Gu Yuan, had stepped into that stage.

“It is indeed an extremely difficult task. However, it is not completely impossible.” Xiao Xuan smiled in a somewhat strange manner. He lifted his head. Those deep eyes looked at the misty empty space and slowly said, “The Heavenly Tomb soul which I mention is not the soul fragments of this place. Instead… it is the soul of the Heavenly Tomb itself!”

“Heavenly Tomb soul? This Heavenly Tomb actually has a soul?”

Xiao Yan’s heart suddenly trembled. He looked at Xiao Xuan in disbelief as he exclaimed in shock.

“It is a strange living spirit. It is a living creature that had been formed from the gathering of countless number of soul fragments ever since the Heavenly Tomb was built. You can treat it as the guardian of this Heavenly Tomb. of course, using the term ‘prison warden’ to describe it is more appropriate. It controls this place and it also bestow upon those energy bodies the desire to devour at the same time.” Xiao Xuan’s eyes directly stared at the empty space and spoke in a faint voice.

“No one, other than the energy bodies here, can detect its presence. Even Gu Yuan and the others aren’t aware of it.”

Xiao Yan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. This was the first time that he had seen a realm with a soul. Such an occurrence was really too mysterious. The elite Dou Di who had built this realm back then could be considered to possess an unpredictable and great skill.

“Is that fellow very strong?” Xiao Yan muttered. Those people who could be buried within the Heavenly Tomb were all extremely strong individuals when they were alive. Since the soul of the Heavenly Tomb could absorb their soul fragment imprints, it was likely that this soul was somewhat extraordinary.

“Very strong.”

Xiao Xuan smiled. Those two simple words caused Xiao Yan’s expression to become grave. Since this Heavenly Tomb soul was able get Xiao Xuan to utter such words, it was likely an extremely terrifying existence.

“Relax, although it is troublesome, I am still able to deal with it.”

Xiao Xuan’s body suddenly rose slowly into the air. After the rise of his body, the misty fog that permeated this place quickly disappeared. A frightening pressure spread from within his body. Finally, it enveloped the entire Heavenly Tomb.

All the energy bodies within the Heavenly Tomb lifted their heads in the face of this frightening pressure. Their eyes looked at the distant Xiao Xuan, who was rising into the air. Their originally numb eyes actually revealed a feeling of excitement.

“The great Xiao Xuan… is he finally about to attack it…”

Saint Xue Dao, who was deep inside the Heavenly Tomb, suddenly stood up. His body trembled as he looked at the figure slowly rising in the sky. Although this world had allowed them to survive in another form, it was not something that they wished for.

The Heavenly Tomb soul had planted a desire to devour each other within their soul fragments, resulting in this place turning into a world where they devoured each other. In order to strengthen oneself, one must continued to devour other energy bodies. This was no different from cannibalism to them, who were once humans.

The Heavenly Tomb of the past was merely a resting place given to the experts. Since the formation of the Heavenly Tomb soul, however, this world had become distorted. There had once been people who tried challenging the Heavenly Tomb soul. However, they were easily devoured by it. The only person in this realm that the Heavenly Tomb soul was afraid of was Xiao Xuan, who was located deep within the Heavenly Tomb.

A long time ago, there had been someone who had begged Xiao Xuan to relief them of their hardship. However, Xiao Xuan had ignored them. As time passed, the energy bodies of this place had also gradually become disappointed. Since they were unable to retaliate, they could only quietly endure it.

It was precisely because of this that their originally numb hearts involuntarily became boiling hot after they saw this sudden action of Xiao Xuan. They hated this devourment of each other. They were humans, not beasts…

“Back then, I have my own mission and needed to remain here. Now, my mission is completed. I shall help all of you complete the petition from back then…”

Xiao Xuan’s body was suspended a hundred thousand feet in the air. The sharp wind that could shatter a soul was unable to approach him. He lowered his head and overlooked the land. That calm voice of his resounded beside everyone’s ears.

“Lord Xiao Xuan!”

Some of the energy bodies, which were fighting each other on the ground, suddenly stilled their bodies. Those scarlet and numb eyes revealed a fluctuation. After which, they trembled and lifted their heads to look at the figure standing with his hands behind him in the sky. Many figures on the ground began to kneel at this moment.

Xiao Yan had also lifted his body. He watched the actions of the energy bodies within this Heavenly Tomb and became quiet. Being an outsider, he was unaware of just what had happened. Naturally, he was unable to understand the feeling in their hearts. However, he was at the very least able to understand one thing. This Heavenly Tomb soul was not well liked.


The horizon of the empty space suddenly emitted a loud rumbling sound while this thought flashed within Xiao Yan’s heart. The loud sound was like a roaring thunder as it swept from deep within the empty space, causing many energy bodies within the Heavenly Tomb to tremble intensely.

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at the distant horizon. At this moment, he was vaguely able to sense an ocean like deep unfathomable spiritual fluctuation suddenly appearing. This spiritual fluctuation was extremely terrifying. Xiao Yan felt as though a mountain was pressing on his from just a brief contact. Although this spiritual fluctuation was frightening, it gave him a somewhat mottled feeling. It was likely due to it having devoured too much soul fragment imprints.

An invisible spiritual fluctuation gathered within the grayish and misty space. A moment later, the space shook and a hundred thousand feet large giant face suddenly appeared in the sky from the emptiness. The huge face was filled with a cold and strange expression.

“Is this the Heavenly Tomb soul?”

Xiao Yan muttered to himself. His expression had become grave as he looked at the huge spiritual face that was formed in the sky.

“Xiao Xuan, we have usually never meddle in each other’s matter. Don’t tell me that you are planning to break our agreement today?”

The huge face rolled as a pair of completely emotionless eyes watched Xiao Xuan, who was floating in the sky. The icy cold voice was just like lightning that reverberated over the sky.

Xiao Xuan watched the huge face only to smile. He softly said, “Your birth is a mistake in itself. It is likely that the elite Dou Di, who had built the Heavenly Tomb back then, did not expect that a creature like you would be born here…”

“Nonsense, I have been born according to the will of my master. I am the guardian of this realm. All of you should follow my rules if you wish to live again!” The huge face churned as the Heavenly Tomb soul spoke indifferently.

“All of them have lived because of the Heavenly Tomb, not because of you.” Xiao Xuan shook his head and said.

“I am the Heavenly Tomb, the Heavenly Tomb is me!” The Heavenly Tomb soul’s voice suddenly became a lot sharper.

“You are not the Heavenly Tomb. Your formation is also not because of the Heavenly Tomb. Instead, it is because of the gathering of their soul fragment. From a certain point of view, they are your creators…” Xiao Xuan smiled slightly. His calm tone caused that huge face to become increasingly distorted. It looked incomparably ferocious.

“Since you insist on dying, I shall fulfill your wish!”

The huge face moved. Suddenly, an incomparably huge spiritual storm was spat out from its huge mouth. The storm rotated wildly, appearing just like the tip oof a cone as it shot violently towards Xiao Xuan.

Xiao Xuan merely stepped forward in the face of the attack by the Heavenly Tomb soul. He slowly headed towards the huge face. That seemingly ferocious spiritual storm penetrated through his body upon contact. It did not appear to cause him any harm.

Xiao Xuan’s body walked to the front of the huge face without obstruction. His body suddenly revealed a kind of strange spark. That feeling was as though their soul had been burned!

“Hand over your spiritual essence.”

A strange flame spread from within Xiao Xuan’s body from all directions. However, the smile on his face appeared increasingly gentle.

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