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Chapter 1598: Extracting the Soul Essence

“Incinerating one’s soul? Xiao Xuan, you are crazy!”

That huge face suddenly revealed a great shock after seeing the strange flame rising from Xiao Xuan’s body. His sharp voice cried out, “Incinerating one’s soul. You are going to completely vanish from this world!”

“Incinerating one’s soul?”

Xiao Yan’s body trembled violently as he stood below. His expression immediately changed drastically. Being an alchemist, he naturally understood why a soul would ignite. This was a method similar to the self-destruction of one’s body, which made it possible to unleash an extremely great strength for a temporary period of time. However, the price of it was one’s life. This soul ignition was similar. It burns one’s soul in order to obtain a sudden increase in strength. The price of it was one’s soul would completely be destroyed.


Xiao Yan’s body shook slightly. His eyes involuntarily turned slightly red. Xiao Xuan did not mention that he would ignite his own soul…

“My mission has been completed. It is unimportant whether I live or die.” Xiao Xuan merely smiled in the face of the somewhat frightened Heavenly Tomb soul. After which, he ceased speaking. He lifted his hand, which contained a flame and grabbed towards the latter from a distance. Immediately, a terrifying suction force was formed on his palm. It was possible to see an intense fluctuation suddenly being formed on the huge mouth of the Heavenly Tomb soul. It was as though there was something being forcefully dragged out.

“Do you drag me with you if you wish to die!”

The Heavenly Tomb soul roared furiously. The entire Heavenly Tomb had trembled under its roar. Its huge mouth was widened and an invisible spiritual spear, which was thousands of feet in size, suddenly shot out. It tore through the space and ruthless shot towards Xiao Xuan.

“I have ignited my soul as a price. You are unable to stop me.”

Xiao Xuan appeared extremely calm in the face of the retaliation of the Heavenly Tomb. He smiled slightly and directly extended his hand. After which, he clenched it gently. A sharp sonic wave erupted. The spiritual spear came to a sudden halt. Finally, it turned around with a wave of Xiao Xuan’s sleeve. Instead, it shot back towards the Heavenly Tomb soul in an even more ferocious manner. There was even some strange clusters of flame on the spear. It was the flame from the incineration of a soul.


The speed at which the spear shot backwards was extremely quick. Within an instant, it had directly turned into a fire glow that penetrated through the huge face. Immediately, the flame contained on the spear seemed to have met some dried wood. It spread at lightning speed with a ‘boom’.


The spreading flame caused a miserable screech to be emitted from the Heavenly Tomb soul. If it was an ordinary fight, the Heavenly Tomb Soul might be slightly cautious of Xiao Xuan but it would not be terrified of him. However, the latter had incinerated his own soul the moment they started fighting. Naturally, his strength had soared. Even the Heavenly Tomb Soul had a great difficulty fighting Xiao Xuan. Moreover, the flame from the incineration of one’s soul had an extremely lethal effect on a spiritual body like the Heavenly Tomb soul.

The huge spiritual face in the sky was covered by a flame. Finally, the large face shrunk rapidly. At the same time, waves after waves of uncontrolled spiritual assault continuously erupted from within his body, causing the entire place to be turned upside down. All the energy bodies were frightened to the point of fleeing far from this region. They were afraid that they would be completely destroyed if they got caught in the fight.

The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame burned around Xiao Yan’s body. Although the spiritual assault was extremely strong, it was still possible for Xiao Yan to resist it with his strength. Hence, he did not step back. His eyes were tightly focused on the battle in the sky. Xiao Xuan’s current Spiritual Strength had already reached quite a terrifying level. Regardless of how Xiao Yan probe, it was impossible for him to detect a limit. Clearly, the incineration of his soul had allowed Xiao Xuan to enter an undefeatable state.

However, Xiao Yan involuntarily clenched his hand tightly the moment he thought of how this condition would require Xiao Xuan to pay his soul as a price. The current Xiao Xuan might only be a soul fragment but he was at least still surviving. After this battle, however, his soul would completely vanish from this world after it was completely ignited…

“Xiao Xuan, I will not let you off!”

The huge face shrunk within the flame. A moment later, it actually turned into a human form. Scarlet eyes stared intently at Xiao Xuan as a murderous desire surged.

Xiao Xuan completely ignore the roar of the Heavenly Tomb Soul. Both of his hands were placed together. They swiftly formed many complicated seals. With the formation of the seals, many fire light suddenly shot out from his fingers. Finally, they swiftly entwined together in the sky and turned into a huge formation. At the middle of the formation was the Heavenly Tomb soul.

“Sizzle sizzle!”

Before the Heavenly Tomb soul could react to the created formation, rays of flames began to fall from all directions within the formation. After which, he heard some sizzling sound. Countless rays of flames penetrated through the body of the Heavenly Tomb soul and hung it within the formation.

“Bang bang!”

The Heavenly Tomb soul struggled wildly in the face of this entanglement. Waves after waves of spiritual fluctuation, which caused even Xiao Yan’s expression to change, continuously smashed onto those rays of flames which entangled around him like a cannon ball. However, those seemingly weak rays of flames seemed to have a great restraining effect on Spiritual Strength. Regardless of how powerful the spiritual attack was, it would swiftly pale upon contact with the rays of flame.

“You must be really underestimating Xiao Xuan if you think I am unable to finish you off in this state.

Xiao Xuan glanced at the wildly struggling Heavenly Tomb soul. He smiled faintly. His voice was not loud but it had a domineering ripple. Even though the ultimate expert from back then was currently a soul fragment, he still possessed a dominating aura.

“Xiao Xuan, let me off. We can discuss whatever you want!”

The tone of the Heavenly Tomb soul had been softened greatly after struggling futilely for a long while. It understood that Xiao Xuan was far stronger than it in his current state. However, if it could delay the time, Xiao Xuan would vanish even if it did not attack.

“There is no need for any discussion. Hand over your Spiritual Essence!”

Xiao Xuan merely smiled in the face of the soft tone of the Heavenly Tomb soul. The countless rays of flame suddenly pierced ruthlessly into the latter’s body. After which, the rays of flames were slowly withdrawn. With the movement of the rays of flames, it was possible to see a ten feet large crystal clear light cluster slowly being extracted from within the body of the Heavenly Tomb soul.

A bright light scattered from within this crystal clear light cluster when a portion of it was exposed.

Xiao Yan’s hand was extended into the light cluster in front of him. A warm feeling immediately appeared within his soul. Currently, he seemed to be able to hear the greedy cry from within his soul.

“Is this the Spiritual Essence of the Heavenly Tomb soul…”

Xiao Yan muttered to himself. He had once obtained some of the Spiritual Essence from the Hall of Soul after destroying the Man Hall of the Hall of Soul. However, the Spiritual Essence back then appeared insignificant as compared to this light cluster currently in front of him. The purity of the latter was many times stronger than those Spiritual Essence within the Hall of Soul.

“Roar roar!”

The Heavenly Tomb soul emitted a wild beast like roar after this Soul Essence was forcefully pulled out. It had finally become afraid at this moment…

“Xiao Xuan, release me. I will hand the entire Heavenly Tomb to you. You can have everything you want!” The Heavenly Tomb soul continued to scream under this fear.

However, its scream was completely useless. Xiao Xuan did not even bother to look at it. The seals formed by his hands changed rapidly and the rays of flames were enlarged. Finally, half of that crystal clear light cluster was forcefully dragged out from the body of the Heavenly Tomb soul.

“Xiao Xuan, I am going to fight it out with you!”

The Heavenly Tomb soul finally understood that it would completely parish unless it fought all out after sensing the rapidly diminishing energy within its body. Light surged from within its body. Some flames actually began to surge. It was also forced to ignite its own soul!


However, the fire seedlings had only just rose from its body when a palm suddenly descended from the sky and ruthlessly slammed onto his face. That great strength directly sent him flying. At the same time, the round crystal clear light cluster also emitted a ‘puff’ sound and was dragged out from within the Spiritual Body of the Heavenly Tomb…

“Don’t! Return it to me!”

A weak feeling immediately filled the body of the Heavenly Tomb soul after its Spiritual Essence was being forcefully extracted. It roared crazily as it charged towards the Spiritual Essence.

Xiao Xuan waved his hand in the face of the Heavenly Tomb soul, which was charging over. A frightening wind forced the latter back, causing it to smash onto the ground. The eyes of those energy bodies in the distance suddenly became red after the Heavenly Tomb soul landed on the ground. Hatred flickered within those eyes. Finally, they rushed forward from all directions amidst a low and deep roar and crazily attacked the incomparably weak Heavenly Tomb soul.


The Heavenly Tomb soul was naturally unable to block such a number of attack after its strength was extracted. Hence, miserable screech soon sounded. Its body was also shattered into dust. A furious soul fragment that was filled with dissatisfaction drifted upwards before gradually scattering with the wind. This Heavenly Tomb soul had actually ended up with such a fate.

The blood red eyes of those energy bodies on the ground immediately became much clearer after the Heavenly Tomb soul disappeared. The desire of wanting to devour the other party when they looked at those around them had also diminished greatly. They were startled for a moment before all of them knelt respectfully towards Xiao Xuan in the sky.

Xiao Xuan did not bother about the action of these energy bodies. The ten feet large crystal clear light cluster was suspended in front of him. His eyes looked towards Xiao Yan below and smiled slightly.

“Little fellow, this is all that I can do. Whether you will be able to breakthrough to the Di State soul will completely depend on your luck…”

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