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Chapter 1596: Essence Di Qi


Xiao Xuan was momentarily startled upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words. He immediately laughed softly and shook his head, “Currently, I am only a soul fragment. Moreover, from a certain point of view, I cannot even be considered a soul fragment. If it is not because of the unique aspect of the Heavenly Tomb, I have already disappeared from this world. As for being revived, I’m afraid that it should not be possible.”

Although Xiao Yan was already a little mentally prepared upon hearing this, his face could not help but be filled with disappointment. Xiao Xuan’s strength did not lose to Hun Tiandi. If he could fight, it would not be impossible to deal with the Hun clan.

“Is it really completely impossible?” Xiao Yan sighed and spoke without being willing to give up.

“Ugh, at least I do not know if there is any method for me to be revived. Perhaps… that legendary elite Dou Di could achieve this.” Xiao Xuan laughed in an open minded manner.

“Dou Di…” Xiao Yan laughed bitterly. This had clearly broke all of his expectations. Where could one find a whatever Dou Di expert existence. If there was really one, the Hun clan would not have been allowed to act so arrogantly.

“Ha ha, do not waste your time on a person like me who is already dead.” Xiao Xuan smiled and shook his head. His eyes looked at the young man in front of him and the smile on his face suddenly became increasingly gentle. He said, “You are able to obtain such an achievement without relying on any bloodline strength. Honestly speaking, I am already very pleased with this. The men of my Xiao clan is ultimately a little extraordinary.”

“The Hun clan possessed the ability of the Tunling clan. This had somewhat exceeded my expectation. It was unexpected that they had hidden the Nihility Devouring Flame. However, if this was the case, there is finally an explanation about those gradually declining ancient clans suddenly disappearing back then.” Xiao Xuan smacked his lips and said, “Given the current strength of the Hun clan, even the Gu clan will have difficulty fighting with them alone.”

Xiao Yan nodded quietly. The current situation was really not good for them.

“The Hun clan has also managed to obtain seven of the Tou She Ancient God Jade. The final piece in your hand. Moreover, this piece will have to be used to exchange for your father, who is in the hands of the Hun clan.” Xiao Xuan leaned on the tomb and looked at Xiao Yan. “If this is the case, they will likely be able to gather all the ancient jade and they will learn the location of the Tou She Ancient God Mansion and open it.”

“Does Ancestor know what exactly inside the Tou She Ancient God Mansion? Could it really enable one to advance into the Dou Di class?” Xiao Yan frowned and asked.

“Dou Di…” Xiao Xuan softly muttered this name, which had once caused him to be incomparably persistent and hardworking. He softly said, “Counting the time, it is likely that there has not been any elite Dou Di appearing on this Dou Qi continent in the last ten thousand years. No one knows what is the reason for this. Although an elite Dou Di was also considered the ultimate expert of the world during the ancient times, they did exist then. However, that level had now merely exist in the legends.”

“It is impossible to examined what had happened during the ancient times. No one understands why it is so difficult to train to the Dou Di class now… back then, I have attempted to break into that illusory level when I reached the peak of the advance nine star Dou Sheng class. However, I ended up returning in failure. However, I have also made a discovery through that failure.” Xiao Xuan’s eyes had a luster flickering within them.

“Oh? What discovery?” Xiao Yan’s mind was braced.

“Given my strength back then, it is sufficient for me to attempt to break into the Dou Di class. However, each time I was about to breakthrough that layer of barrier, a kind of empty feeling would surge from deep within my soul. This emptiness allowed me to understand that there seemed to be something missing in the process of breaking into the Dou Di class. This thing was extremely critical. If one could obtain it, breaking through to the Dou Di class would not be mere empty words.” Xiao Xuan pressed his lips together. His face was a little stern.

Xiao Yan’s face revealed an expression of deep thought after he heard these words. He suddenly recalled the Yellow Spring Demon Saint within the stone tablet in the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe. He had also said that there seemed to be something missing from the Dou Qi continent. Moreover, it was precisely this missing thing that had resulted in no experts breaking through to the Dou Di class within the last ten thousand years.

“Just what is lacking?” Xiao Yan frowned and asked.

“The lacking item is perhaps some item but I highly suspect that it should be a kind of mysterious energy. This type of energy should have existed in the ancient times. However, it has become increasingly faint now. It might even have completely vanished…” There was a wisdom flashing within Xiao Xuan’s eyes. He looked at Xiao Yan and said, “I have called this critical energy as Essence Di Qi!”

“Essence Di Qi…” Xiao Yan muttered in his mouth. The reason he did not have such a feeling was likely because he had yet to reach the advance nine star Dou Sheng class.

“Does ancestor mean that the reason the ancient era could produce elite Dou Di was because it possess the Essence Di Qi. However, this Essence Di Qi had already vanished from this world. Therefore, no other elite Dou Di has appeared?”

“This should be the case. I have once roamed most of the territory of the Dou Qi continent. However, I did not sense the existence of that kind of Essence Di Qi.” Xiao Xuan nodded and said.

“In other words, would it not mean that the current Dou Qi continent will no longer be able to produce elite Dou Di? But Hun Tiandi firmly believes that the Tou She Ancient God Mansion will allow him to breakthrough. Could it be that the mansion has some Essence Di Qi present inside?” Xiao Yan’s eyes flashed and said.

“I do not know if the Tou She Ancient God Cave have any Essence Di Qi. However, there was a embryonic formed Di tier medicinal pill within the cave. The aim of Hun Tiandi is that thing.” Xiao Xuan shook his head and said.

“Embryonic form Di tier medicinal pill?” Xiao Yan’s heart quivered upon hearing this. His expression was slightly altered. Being an alchemist, he was naturally clearly aware about the Di tier medicinal pill. In the eyes of many alchemist, the Di tier medicinal pill represented their faith and pursuit. That type of ultimate high tier medicinal pill caused countless of alchemists to train with all their strength. Similarly, however… there seemed to be no one who could refine a Di tier medicinal pill since the ancient times. Even tier 9 medicinal pills have become extremely rare. Although this is partly because of the lost of the inheritance of some alchemist, the main reason was because this world no longer have any Essence Di Qi remaining.

“Refining a Di tier medicinal pill also requires the Essence Di Qi that I have mentioned. Without it, regardless of how skilled the alchemist is, he will not have the ingredients necessary to refine it.” Xiao Xuan said.

“If I guess correctly, that Di tier embryonic pill within the Tou She Ancient God Jade should be the only one left in the world. Hence, as long as Hun Tiandi obtains it, it is very possible for him to absorb the Essence Di Qi within it and breakthrough the Dou Di class, which no one had reached in the last ten thousand years.

Xiao Yan nodded with a grave expression. Just that tier 9 embryonic pill is sufficient to cause any nine star Dou Sheng to become crazy. No wonder the Hun clan paid such attention to the Tou She Ancient God Mansion. It was actually because of this.

“Does Ancestor know where the Tou She Ancient God Cave is located?” Xiao Yan asked with some anticipation. If they knew this answer, they would be able to wait outside of the mansion even if the Hun clan really managed to gather all the ancient jade. They must snatch the Di tier embryonic pill at all cost. Even if they failed to do so, they must destroy it. This was because everyone understood that if Hun Tiandi was allowed to successfully advance into the Dou Di class, there would be no one in the world who could fight with him. The so called alliance was completely useless in the face of the might of an elite Dou Di!

“I am unaware of this. The reason I am aware that there is an embryonic Di tier medicinal pill inside the Tou She Ancient God Mansion is because that information reached me when the Tou She Ancient God Jade had yet to be separated back then. However, before I could completely decipher the information within the ancient jade, the eight ancient clans had turned into an uproar over it and began to fight. Finally, the ancient jade was broken into eight pieces.” Xiao Xuan shook his head and said.

“Hence, if one wish to learn of the whereabouts of the Tou She Ancient God Mansion, one must definitely gather all eight jade pieces. Moreover, it also requires the eight of them to open the mansion.”

Xiao Yan frowned tightly. Only at this moment did he understand why these ancient clans held the ancient jade in such high regard. All of these actually relied on the ancient jade. However, things would be troublesome if the Hun clan was allowed to gather all of the ancient jade.

“You should do things as your instincts tell you to. We are not some world savior. The reason who have trained so hard is because we hope to protect those that we wish to protect.” Xiao Xuan laughed after seeing Xiao Yan’s solemn face.

“Xiao Yan understand.” Xiao Yan nodded and replied respectfully.

Xiao Xuan patted Xiao Yan’s shoulder. He said, “I do really like you, little fellow. Unfortunately, you have been born far too late…”

Xiao Yan involuntarily smiled bitterly and shake his head after hearing this. This was not something within his control.

Xiao Yan stood up. His eyes looked into the distance and watched the misty space. Suddenly, he smiled and said, “Little fellow, although I am unable to show myself and help you deal with the Hun clan, I can still give you something good.”

Xiao Yan was startled. He looked at Xiao Xuan with some doubt. Clearly, he did not understand what Xiao Xuan meant by something good.

“The Heavenly Tomb does not bury any mediocre person. The countless of soul fragments in this place were extremely strong individuals when they were alive. I am no longer able to provide you with much help given your current strength. However… I might be able to aid you in terms of your soul.” Xiao Xuan smiled. Both of his hands were spread. It was as though he was pressing on the entire Heavenly Tomb.

“This abnormal place should not exist. I have been thinking of destroying it since a long time ago…”

Xiao Xuan turned his head towards Xiao Yan after he spoke until this point. His soft voice resounded over this realm. All the energy bodies within the Heavenly Tomb suddenly trembled.

“I will use the soul of the Heavenly Tomb to aid you. Whether you can breakthrough the perfect Heavenly State and advance into the Di State soul will depend on your luck!”

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