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Chapter 1595: Re-entering the Heavenly Tomb

A couple of figures were suspending in the air in the deep mountains of the Gu clan. Their eyes were looking towards the space above the mountain range. It seemed as though their eyes were able to penetrate through the space and look at the figure, which had once been all-powerful on the Central Plains. Their expressions were somewhat complicated.

“Xiao Yan, the Heavenly Tomb will open once every twenty years. If we count the time, there is still quite awhile before it will be opened again.” Gu Yuan placed both of his hands behind him. His eyes shifted from the space as he said, “However, I will forcefully tear open a crack line in the Heavenly Tomb and allow you to enter. However, you must remember not to remain for more than a year in the Heavenly Tomb. Otherwise, you will be rejected by the Heavenly Tomb.”

“I have troubled uncle Gu.”

Xiao Yan nodded. One day in the Heavenly Tomb was equivalent to five days in the outside world. One year inside was equivalent to slightly over two months in the outside world. However, the Hun clan only gave him half a month’s time. It was naturally impossible for him to remain for such a long time inside the Heavenly Tomb.

“Are you sure that you don’t require anyone to accompany you in?” Gu Yuan inquired again.

Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. With his current strength, it was likely that no one other than Xiao Xuan could harm him within the Heavenly Tomb.

Gu Yuan did not say anything more after seeing Xiao Yan’s insistence. He waved his hand and the natural energy whistled passed. One could vaguely hear a whistling sound being emitted. Soon after, the empty space suddenly fluctuated intensely. A dark black crack line was forcefully torn apart. There was an unusual ancient and desolate feeling spreading from within.

“Xiao Yan, return quickly!”

Gu Yuan cried out in a deep voice as he looked at the spatial crack line which he had torn apart.


Xiao Yan nodded. He did not hesitate. His hand gently patted Xun Er beside him before he moved. He turned into a ray of light, which directly shot into the crack and disappeared.

Gu Yuan’s hand touched the empty space after seeing Xiao Yan vanish into the spatial crack. The crack slowly disappeared. He looked at the worried Xun Er and involuntarily laughed, “Relax, nothing will happen to him.”

Xun Er nodded gently after hearing this.

The Heavenly Tomb was covered by a misty fog. Loneliness and silence seemed to be the only thing present in this world.

The misty space suddenly become distorted. A figure stepped on the air and appeared. His eyes glanced at this somewhat familiar environment and involuntarily sighed. He merely had the strength of a Dou Zun when he had arrived in the place the last time. Now, however, he had already become an expert at the top of the Dou Qi continent.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept around him as he sighed. His vast and mighty Spiritual Strength spread. The pair of bone wings on his back flapped and he turned into a storm that swiftly rushed towards the deep parts of the Heavenly Tomb. The Heavenly Tomb Storm, which appeared extremely dangerous in his eyes back then, did not possess the slightest threat to him now.

The Heavenly Tomb contained countless of energy bodies. It did not lack some powerful existences. However, even these existences involuntarily revealed a shock after sensing the powerful pressure flying across the sky. None of them dared to intervene and stop the figure. All they could do was to simply watch the figure, which disappeared into the distance in the blink of an eye.

With Xiao Yan’s current speed and his unobstructed path, he had reached the deep parts of the Heavenly Tomb within a short hour. When he had first entered the Heavenly Tomb, he had spent many months in order to reach this place.

A human figure wearing a blood coloured armour was sitting on a towering stone pillar in a chaotic rubble area deep within the Heavenly Tomb. A blood blade containing a rich bloody scent was beside him. There were many energy bodies present around the chaotic rubble. However, their faces were afraid as they looked at the blood coloured human figure. None of them dared to disturb him.


There were many figures within the chaotic rubble region but none of them dared to speak loudly. Hence, the hurried rushing wind sound in the sky caused many of the energy bodies in this region, who had reached the peak of the nine change Dou Zun class to suddenly stand up. Their eyes revealed a cold glint as they looked in the direction where the rushing wind sound had come from. This was the territory of the Saint Xue Dao. Who dared to act in such a presumptuous manner?

The blood coloured armoured human figures opened his eyes as the energy bodies revealed a fierce glint. He frowned and looked at the direction where the sound had originated from. Immediately, a cold snort sounded. The blood blade beside him flew out and turned into a blood glow, which shot towards the source of the sound.


The blood light shot into the dense fog. Before others could flatter him, however, the blood light was shot backwards. One could hear a ‘clang’ sound as the blood blade was shot into the stone pillar below the blood coloured human figure. Even the hilt of the blade had been deeply inserted into the pillar.

“Ha ha, Saint Xue Dao, it has been many years since we have met but you need not receive me so warmly, do you?”

Saint Xue Dao had a change in expression when a soft laughter suddenly sounded. Immediately, a skinny figure stepped on the empty air and slowly appeared in front of him. That somewhat familiar young face caused Saint Xue Dao to be startled.

“It’s a human!”

“What delicious flesh!”

Those surrounding energy bodies had reddened eyes after seeing this figure. Their crimson eyes were filled with greed. Some of the bold ones had even involuntarily step forward.

“You are… that little fellow from the Xiao clan back then?” Saint Xue Dao looked at the young figure and his eyes suddenly widened. His face was filled with disbelief. Back then, Xiao Yan was merely only a Dou Zun. The latter did not even have the ability to retaliate in his hand. Yet, now that they had met again, he was able to sense an extreme danger from Xiao Yan. That feeling allowed him to understand that Xiao Yan’s strength had currently far surpassed him…

“Get lost! This is the young master of the Xiao clan. Do you dare touch him?”

Saint Xue Dao suddenly saw those energy bodies encircling around Xiao Yan after he was momentarily stunned. His expression immediately became cold. With a wave of his sleeve, he directly sent those energy bodies flying. Immediately, he hurried to his feet and spoke politely to Xiao Yan, “It is likely that brother Xiao Yan is here to find Xiao Xuan right? Ha ha, there are still some troublesome fellows behind. Please allow me to lead the way to avoid delaying your time. What do you say?”

“Ha ha, in that case, I will trouble you.”

Xiao Yan smiled. He did not reject the aid of Saint Xue Dao. It was indeed possible for him to sense many powerful existences in the deep region. Although he was unafraid, he did not wish to waste time in this place.

“Hee hee, this is a small matter. Brother, you are a descendant of Xiao Xuan. Anyone who attacks you in this Heavenly Tomb will only end up dying.” Saint Xue Dao smiled. After which, his body floated and he rushed towards the deep region. Xiao Yan also quickly followed from behind.

There were many powerful energy bodies deep within the Heavenly Tomb. There were even some existence comparable to elite Dou Shengs present. They had sensed Xiao Yan the moment the latter stepped into the deep region. However, they were about to surround him and eat his flesh when they hurriedly withdrew in shock from some soft words from Saint Xue Dao.

“He is a descendant of the great Xiao Xuan…”

The simple words caused those overlord level energy body existences within the Heavenly Tomb to have a change in expression because of shock. All of them turned around and fled faster than anything else. These old demons had existed within the Heavenly Tomb for an unknown number of years. They clearly understood just who was the overlord of the Heavenly Tomb…

Xiao Yan had walked to the deepest part of the Heavenly Tomb unobstructed under the lead of Saint Xue Dao. He once again saw the ancient tomb which he had seen back then on a desolated plain…

“Brother, I will take my leave.”

Saint Xue Dao did not dare to step forward after reaching a spot ten thousand feet from the tomb. He spoke softly to Xiao Yan before bowing and slowly stepping back. His face was filled with an extremely rich fear and respect since the beginning.

Xiao Yan watched the tomb in the distance. He involuntarily lamented. This ancestor of the Xiao clan was indeed an extremely outstanding person. Not only was he all-powerful when he was alive but he could still be considered a dominant ghost even though only a soul fragment remained. No wonder, even someone as strong as Gu Yuan could only sigh emotionally when the great name of this person was mentioned.

Xiao Yan walked closer to the tomb. Both of his knees gently knelt on the ground. He kowtow to the tomb and softly said, “This descendant Xiao Yan greets ancestor.”

“Stop kneeling, little fellow…”

Xiao Yan’s voice had just sounded when a faint laughter sounded beside him. He lifted his head and saw a figure leaning against the tomb. Black hair was scattered on his shoulder, giving him a free and easy appearance. The warm smile contained on his face, was inspiring. This figure was that of Xiao Xuan, whom Xiao Yan had met back then!

“Intermediate six star Dou Sheng, perfect Heavenly State Soul, Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame and a couple of other Heavenly Flames…”

Xiao Xuan’s deep space like eyes swept over Xiao Yan’s body. This glance was all it took for him to completely see through Xiao Yan. He quickly smiled and nodded slowly as he praised, “Little fellow, well done…”

If Xiao Chen was present, it was likely that he would be a little stunned at hearing Xiao Xuan’s evaluation. There had never been someone in the Xiao clan back then who had obtained such an evaluation from Xiao Xuan.

Xiao Yan smiled. His eyes looked at Xiao Xuan. The latter did not appear majestic but that skinny figure seemed to be able to fight against the Heavens and Earth. It caused one to feel incomparably safe.

“Tell me what has happened during these years…” Xiao Xuan sat on the ground and laughed.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He arranged his memories and began to speak in a steady voice as he conveyed the many experiences of his during these years and the current situation that he faced.

The corner of Xiao Xuan’s mouth was lifted into a smile as he heard the soul-stirring experience Xiao Yan had. His expression did not change because of any of the incidents.

“Currently, the Hun clan is extremely powerful. My aim in coming to the Heavenly Tomb is to find a way to revive ancestor. If you can join the fight, even the Hun clan will not be able to stir any trouble!” Xiao Yan’s eyes were filled with some excitement as he looked at Xiao Xuan and said.

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