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Chapter 1591: Search


The hurried warning siren resounded over this world in a deafening manner. It immediately spread apart. It caused the expressions of all the members of the Gu clan suddenly changed drastically.

“Hun Tiandi!”

Gu Yuan’s expression was icy cold. His eyes stared at Hun Tiandi. The sky had suddenly become a lot dimmer. Vast and mighty natural energy whistled from behind. It connected the sky and land. Looking from a distance, it appeared just like an endless energy tide. Splashing noise resounded continuously.

An energy tide was usually formed only when there was an unnatural natural phenomenon occurring. This spectacular scene was also something that the human strength could not reach. However, that energy tide, which might not even be seen in a hundred years was actually formed from a mere thought by Gu Yuan. The strength of a nine star Dou Sheng was actually this frightening…

The seemingly endless energy tide churned continuously. That pressure, which came spreading over, caused even Hun Yan and the others who made up the four demon saints of the Hun clan to adopt an extremely solemn expression. They did not doubt that if they were to attack, it was likely that they would not even last a few exchanges against Gu Yuan. Their bodies and even their souls would be crumbed into nothing under the frightening pressure…

The only ones in this world, who could remain calm in the face of the natural tide Gu Yuan had summoned were Hun Tiandi and Nihility Devouring Flame.

Clan head, Elder Gu Yang has injured the Ancestor Hall Elder and stole the ancient jade!”

Gu Yuan expression was icy. A ray of light suddenly rushed out from deep within the mountain range. A somewhat miserable figure swiftly hurried forward and cried out in a sharp voice.


The entire Gu clan turned into an uproar after this cry sounded. The eyes of everyone were filled with disbelief.

“Elder Gu Yang? How is this possible!”

Xun Er’s face had also changed drastically at this moment as she involuntarily cried out loud.

“What happened? Could it be that Elder Gu Yang is a spy of the Hun clan?” Xiao Yan’s expression was gloomy. The Hun clan seemed to greatly specialized in using this trick.

“Gu Yang is the second Elder of the Ancestral Hall. He had guarded the Ancestral Hall for hundreds of years and is extremely loyal to the Gu clan. How can it be possible for him to seal the ancient jade and flee?” Xun Er muttered to herself. From the looks of it, she had once have some contact with that Elder Gu Yang. Moreover, her impression of him was quite good.

“This is done by you?” Gu Yuan’s icy eyes looked at the smiling Hun Tiandi and slowly demanded.

Hun Tiandi grinned. However, he did not open his mouth to say anything. At the same time, he did not have any intention to turn around and leave. A pair of eyes focused on Gu Yuan. As long as he stood here, even Gu Yuan would not dare to simply turn around and leave. This was because the latter understood that should he leave, there would no longer be anyone obstructing him in this place…

Gu Yuan naturally understood Hun Tiandi’s mind. His icy chill on his face was quickly withdrawn. At this level of his, his mental fortitude was already as solid as stone. Even the loss of the ancient jade did not cause him to continue remaining furious.

“Seal the Gu Realm. Gu Dao, the three of you will lead the Black Submerge Army and begin a search. Seek Gu Dao out!” Gu Yuan opened his mouth and cried.

“That’s right!”

The three immortals of the Gu Realm responded immediately upon hearing this. However, the three of them had just moved when the four demon saints of the Hun clan behind Hun Tiandi drifted forward. From the looks of it, they were actually intending on stopping the trio.

“Ha ha, Gu Yuan, these people cannot leave…” Hun Tiandi laughed.

“This is not something for you to descide!” Gu Yuan spoke in a cold voice. Immediately, he stepped forward. The seemingly endless energy tide behind him immediately churned uncontrollably. It turned into a hundred thousand feet large tidal hand as it slammed towards Hun Tiandi. The space where the palm wind passed trembled intensely. A random strike from such an expert could easily tear the space apart!

“Ugh, are you finally unable to control yourself and wish to fight? However, you should be aware that this has little impact on me.” Hun Tian di smiled after seeing Gu Yuan’s earthshaking like attack. He lifted his palm and a black hole was formed on his palm. It swelled into a hundred thousand feet at a shocking speed and directly wrapped around this entire world. Seeing that dark black hole, even Xiao Yan and the others felt a chill rising in their hearts. They did not doubt that if they were to get entangled into it, even their souls would vanish in an instant.

The large tidal hand in the distant sky violently collided with the black hole. No earthshaking loud sound appeared. Only the slightly collapsed spatial lines and the overflowing destructive force was present. If it was not because the Gu Realm had been reinforced over the thousands of years, this fight between the two would cause the space to be directly torn apart.

Seeing that Gu Yuan had actually attacked Hun Tiandi, the expressions of Yan Jin and Lei Ying became slightly distorted. They exchanged glances before suddenly nodding quietly. The actions of the Hub clan had clearly placed all the ancient clans as their targets. Since they dared to attack the Gu clan this time around, the Yan and Lei clan would definitely meet the same fate in the future.


“Yan Jin’s low cry sounded and the two of them shot out simultaneously. The frightening aura of an eight star Dou Sheng surged directly into the clouds. The pressure from it caused the space itself to emit a slight creaking sound.

The might from the simultaneous attack from the both of them was naturally quite strong. After all, with the exception of Gu Yuan, Hun Tiandi and the Nihility Devouring Flame, they were likely the strongest expert on this continent!

While Ya Jin duo were about to attack, the Nihility Devouring Flame, who had been standing still, merely laughed. He took a stride forward, penetrated through the space and appeared in front of the two. Black Flame continuously erupted from within his body. Finally, it turned into a couple of huge black dragon fist that lingered around him. A dragon roar shook the sky.


Yan Jin duo snorted coldly after seeing the Nihility Devouring Flame attacked. Although the latter had already stepped into the nine star Dou Sheng class, he was after all only an initial nine star Dou Sheng. On the other hand, the both of them were advanced eight star Dou Sheng. They were not inferior to the Nihility Devouring Flame if they were to join hands.

“Xun Er,lead the others and searched the mountain. Gu Yang has definitely not managed to escape. Capture him and snatch the ancient jade back!”

Gu Dao in the sky had a grave expression as he cried out sternly, “All remaining Elders, set up the great formation to guard the clan. Seal the Gu Realm and the mountain range. Do not allow the Hun clan any opportunity to escape!”

The many Elders in the sky responded in usion after hearing Gu Dao’s stern cry. Those fights present in the sky were merely feeling each other out but they needed to take precaution against any hidden tactics of the Hun clan. Hence, they were unable to split too much attention in lending a hand.

Big brother Qing Yang, search the mountain!”

Xun Er had a completely grave expression at this moment. Her pretty eyes turned towards Gu Qing Yang’s group as she cried out.


Gu Qing Yang and the upper echelons of the Black Submerged Army immediately acknowledged upon hearing the order. Many black figures surged forward like locust and entered the mountain range to begin an inch by inch search!

Xiao Yan’s expression became grave as he watched the Gu clan being faced with a great enemy in an instant. Although the Hun clan did not dispatch a large army this time around, the few people in the sky represented the upper echelon of the Hun clan. This lineup was many times stronger compared to when they attacked the Yao clan. Moreover, Xiao Yan also understood that although the fight in the sky seemed to be able to destroy the world, both parties were merely probing each other’s strength or perhaps delaying the time…

The reason that they are delaying time was clearly because of Gu Yang!

The Hun clan seemed to be dragging things out until Gu Yang show himself and hand the ancient jade to them while the Gu clan was delaying time to search for that person and snatch back the ancient jade.

Hence, the most important factor in this seemingly intense fight was Gu Yang, who had stolen the ancient jade.

“Xun Er, what is Gu Yang’s strength like?” Xiao Yan’s eyes looked over this mountain range. Although the Black Submerged Army was searching all over the place, there was no reply from them even until now. He immediately frowned and asked.

“Advance five star Dou Sheng class.” Xun Er clenched her teeth. This Gu Yang could be considered to be one of the stronger individuals within the Gu clan. Who would have expect that he would actually do such a thing.

“Has his soul reach the perfect Heavenly State?” XiaoYan once again asked.

“I don’t think so. There is perhaps still some gap to the perfect level.” Xun Er mused for a moment before replying. Training one’s soul to the perfect Heavenly State was not an easy task.

“Help me stand guard!”

Xiao Yan quickly narrowed his eyes upon hearing this. He directly sat down in the air and instruction. Seals were formed by his hands and his soul once again merged with Little Yi. Immediately, his originally majestic Spiritual Strength had actually soared once again. Invisible Spiritual Strength spread in all direction from Xiao Yan’s brow like floodwater. Finally, it swiftly scanned the incomparably enormous mountain range.

Xiao Yan’s control over his Spiritual Strength could be considered to have reached the pinnacle. An endless amount of Spiritual Strength covered the mountain range like densely packed small snakes. Due to him having temporarily merged with Little Yi, his Spiritual Strength could even penetrate deep underground and use the magma underground to detect the activity in it.

With the help from Little Yi, Xiao Yan’s current Spiritual Strength could encompass the area within tens of thousands of kilometres around him. As long as Gu Yang had yet to escape from this mountain range, it would be impossible for him to hide from the probing Spiritual Perception from Xiao Yan.

Xun Er could vaguely sense a kind of invisible Spiritual Strength penetrating through her body after she saw Xiao Yan sit down. She quickly took a couple of steps closer. Her face cautiously observed her surroundings.

“Xun Er, we can’t find him!”

Gu Qing Yang and the others suddenly rushed over from all directions with ugly expressions while Xiao Yan was probing. They spoke with dissatisfaction. They had basically searched the entire mountain range but they were still unable to discover Gu Yang.

Xun Er knitted her brow. She gently waved her hand. Her pretty eyes looked towards Xiao Yan. Currently, her father and the three grand Elders of the Gu clan had been held back by the Hun clan. Whether they could find Gu Yang would depend on Xiao Yan…

Gu Qing Yang and the rest understood something after seeing Xun Er’s eyes. They nodded quietly and did not utter anything to disturb Xiao Yan.

This silence continued for around ten minutes. Gu Qing Yang and the rest were about to involuntarily return to searching the mountain when Xiao Yan’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened. His palm suddenly slammed onto the ground. Immediately, a mountain that was a hundred thousand feet away suddenly exploded. Hot magma surged from it. A figure was also shot out from it in a somewhat miserable manner.

“Gu Yang!”

The expressions of Xun Er and the rest quickly became cold as they looked at the figure hiding in the magma!

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