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Chapter 1592: Snatching the Jade

“Black Submerged Army, capture him!”

Xun Er’s cold cry sounded almost immediately after the figure shot out from within the mountain. She did not find that figure unfamiliar.

“Spirit Restraining Net!”

Many figures flew over the sky after Xun Er’s cold cry sounded. An orderly loud roar sounded while powerful Dou Qi swiftly formed into a huge Dou Qi net in the sky. Finally, it came pressing over that figure from all directions. The huge net contained a special fluctuation. If one was caught within the web, one would fall into the hands of the many Black Submerged Army’s warriors and have difficulty escaping.


That figure did not appear to panic in the face of the huge energy net. His hands formed some seals and dozens of ferocious wind shot out. The wind continuously shot towards the various parts of the net. Soon after, the wind whistled and actually forced the huge net back. After which, he hurriedly lifted his head and looked at the distant sky. His body moved and his speed was raised to the limit as he hurried towards the sky.

“It’s pointless. He is extremely familiar with the Black Submerged Army’s Spirit Restraining Net. His attack completely targeted the weak spots on the net!” Gu Qing Yang’s expression sunk after he saw that the huge Dou Qi net, which was formed by gathering the Dou Qi of many warriors from the Black Submerged Army, being torn apart with such ease.

“Humph, Gu Yang, you traitor!”

Gu Yang quickly rushed towards the sky. Gu Dao trio had also discovered him. Their expressions quickly turned cold. However, they were just about to attack when three of the four demon saints appeared in front of them in a ghost like manner. The last person formed a hand seal and a ten thousand feet large black light spluttered out from his palm and violent smashed onto the defensive light barrier. The frightening strength torn a crack line on the defence barrier.

“Don’t let him escape!”

The sky was a complete chaos. Xun Er waved her hand. Although the Gu clan had many experts, many of the experts were unable to leave their position on the formation due to their need to defend against the Hun clan. However, they, who belonged to the younger generation, could act.

Xun Er was the first to hurry forward after her cry sounded. Gu Qing Yang and the rest hurriedly followed from behind.

“We should also fight!”

Huo Xuan on the stone platform of the training ground spoke in a deep voice after seeing this scene. His body quickly moved and the huge fire wings on his back were spread. He hurried towards the figure in the sky. Huo Ya and the few experts from the Yan clan behind him also attacked at the same time.

“Big brother Lei Dong, what should we do?” The younger generation from the Lei clan had also become a little absentminded from the shock of this big battle. Lei Yun hesitated for a moment before asking.

“All of you should remain here. I will fight!” Lei Dong knitted his brow tightly and cried out softly. A silver light flashed over his body. After which, he rushed forward. The other members of the Lei clan could only nod helplessly upon seeing this. Given their strength, they would be seriously injured if Gu Yang was to even touch them. This would end up being a burden to the rest.

That figure in the sky was hurrying towards the crack line torn open by one of the four demon saints of the Hun clan, Hun Yan. However, he was still a thousand feet from the crack line when a couple of sharp winds suddenly appeared from behind him. They ruthlessly struck towards his fatal spots. At that moment, he could only pause his body and wave his sleeve. The few wind disappeared. However, in that instant, Xun Er’s group had arrived in a flash and surrounded him.

“Elder Gu Yang, why have you done such a rebellious act?”

Xun Er’s stern cry sounded. Her pretty eyes contained some fury as she looked at the old man, who was in a messy state.

“Hee hee, do you really think that I am the real Gu Yang?” That old man, who was in a mess, involuntarily laughed in a strange manner after hearing Xun Er’s reprimand. The gap between the hair that was hung in front of his face revealed a pair of densely cold eyes. These eyes were completely different from the friendliness of the past.

Xun Er’s group shrunk their eyes. Their hearts involuntarily felt a chill. This Gu Yang was indeed an Elder of the Gu clan. If he was a fake, would it not mean that all the secrets of the Gu clan during the many years had been completely spread to the Hun clan?

“Gu Yang’s soul had been forcefully merged with me in the hands of Nihility sir a hundred years ago. I have been living in isolation during these years and did not dare to appear in front of Gu Yuan and the others. Fortunately, I have finally managed to wait for this day!” Gu Yang laughed strangely. His body pulled backwards after his voice sounded. At the same time, many bright Dou Qi pillars shot out from the palm of Xun Er’s group. They crossed each other and ruthlessly strike towards Gu Yang.

“A group of young fellows actually intends to hold me back?” Gu Yang laughed out loud. His palm violently pressed under him and the space was distorted in an instant. It directly solidified and blocked the many Dou Qi pillars.

“Hee hee, I shall take my leave first!” Gu Yang once again laughed after blocking the attacks of Xun Er’s group. He turned around and left. However, he was turning his body when a fist containing a pink flame directly tore open the space in front of him and smashed onto his chest with lightning like speed. The hot wind had incinerated the Dou Qi defence over Gu Yang’s body within the blink of an eye. A blood red handprint appeared on his chest.

“Trying to leave? Do you think that it is so easy?” Xiao Yan stepped on the air and looked at the miserable looking Gu Yang with a cold smile. The ferocious aura of a six star Dou Sheng erupted from him, pressuring Gu Yang until the latter’s expression changed drastically.

“Elder Hun Yan, save me!”

The powerful aura around Xiao Yan’s body allowed Gu Yang to understand that he was definitely no match for the former in a fight. The latter hurriedly cried out.

“Brat, how dare you spoil the plans of my Hun clan. You are seeking death!”

Hun Yan had naturally clearly seen the events that had transpired. He was extremely furious after seeing Gu Yang being stopped. This was especially the case when the person stopping Gu Yang was Xiao Yan, who had managed to escape from his hands. A furious cry sounded and his finger pressed on the air. An unusually deep black light shot out. Finally, it rushed forward at a speed not visible to the naked eye.

“Withering Death Finger!”

Xiao Yan’s body had turned into a pink glass like manner the moment Hun Yan attacked. His aura also soared suddenly. He pressed his finger forward for a couple of times, “Yellow Spring Finger!”

“Bang bang!”

An incomparably huge energy finger broke through the air as Xiao Yan pressed his fingers continuously. One finger after another was pressed violently onto the unusual black light. Immediately, both parties clashed. The Yellow Spring Finger collapsed. Due to its large numbers, it managed to forcefully received all of Hun Yan’s attack after destroying five large energy fingers.

Hun Yan’s expression suddenly sunk after he saw that Xiao Yan had directly receive his attack head on. Some surprise surged within his eyes. Back when they were at the Yao clan, Xiao Yan still needed to borrow the strength of the Heavenly Flame in order to push him back. Now, however, the other party was already able to rely on his own strength to put up some resistance. This improvement was a little too shocking.

“I will just see how many figures you can receive today!

Hun Yan’s eyes flickered. Black light surged from his finger. Xiao Yan’s strength was at the most at the six star Dou Sheng class. It had only been raised to this level through the use of Secret Technique. However, Xiao Yan was still greatly lacking if he wished to rely on this to fight Hun Yan head on.

Hun Yan did not give Xiao Yan any time to catch his breath as he let out a cold cry. He pressed his ten fingers. Immediately, ten black light shot out and swiftly struck through the crack in the defence. After which, all of them targeted Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s eyes hardened as he watched this scene. He curled his palm and gathered a fire lotus. Before his fire lotus could be formed, however, a strong figure suddenly rushed over. A punch was thrown and a seemingly mountain like vast and mighty aura came pressing downwards. It actually shattered those ten black rays of light.

“Hun Yan, allow me to fight with you. Attacking a member of the younger generation does not show that you are capable!”

“Humph, Gu Lie, you, the Black Submerged King, has not improved much during these years!” Hun Yan’s expression was altered slightly ashe looked at the mountain like heavy figure.

“Black Submerged King? The Black Submerged Army top general? This Gu clan does indeed have many experts!”

Xiao Yan was startled as he looked at the back of the figure in front of him. He had never seen this person in the Gu clan…

“Young friend Xiao Yan, I will leave Gu Yang to you. You must snatch back the ancient jade!” The Black Submerged King swayed in the wind. He spoke in a deep voice without turning back. After which, he stepped forward and directly engage in an intense battle with Hun Yan.

Xiao Yan nodded. He did not have the energy to pay attention to the fight between those two. Turning around, he looked at Gu Yang, who was in a terrible state, with a cold smile. Xun Er and the rest had also encircled around him and completely surrounded him.

Gu Yang watched the encirclement around him. A ferocious expression suddenly flashed over his face. He stepped on the air and his body actually rushed towards the energy barrier in the sky. Xiao Yan’s face turned cold after seeing that this person was actually planning to force his way in. Hot flame whistled out from him and smashed onto Gu Yang’s body with lightning like speed. Blood and flesh scattered immediately.

Gu Yang’s body was covered with blood after facing the intense attack from Xiao Yan’s group. However, the ferocity and craziness on his face became increasingly intense. His seemingly crippled like body was still a thousand feet from the barrier when it actually began to swell rapidly.

“He is about to self-destruct!”

The expressions of Xiao Yan’s group changed immediately upon seeing this scene. The self-destruct from an advance five star Dou Sheng had quite a powerful force. Everyone quickly slowed down.


Gu Yang’s body had swiftly exploded apart while Xiao Yan’s group had reduced their speed. A frightening uncontrolled violent assault shattered the energy barrier in the blink of an eye. Energy raged and a blood glow suddenly shot out. After which, they rushed towards the few battlegrounds in the sky in a crazy manner!

“The ancient jade is inside. Stop him!”

Xiao Yan’s sharp eyes immediately saw a palm sized crystal clear ancient jade being wrapped within the blood glow. It was surprisingly the Tou She Ancient God Jade from the Gu clan!

That fellow had actually chose to self-destruct in order to deliver the ancient jade!

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