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Chapter 1590: Strange

Gu Yuan’s voice was just like an explosion from nowhere, causing those present to stiffen their bodies. An instant later, many shocked eyes were suddenly lifted. They looked at the empty space. Dou Qi began to surge out from the bodies of those Black Submerged Army, who were still observing Xiao Yan’s battle earlier, in all directions.

“Hun Tiandi?”

The name Gu Yuan continuously resounded and exploded in Xiao Yan’s ear. This caused his fist to be slowly tightened. That main culprit who had nearly caused the Xiao clan to be exterminated was finally… about to appear?

“Gu clan, be alert!”

The three immortals from the Gu clan rushed towards the sky at almost the same time. A stern cry reverberated throughout the place. Immediately, many rays of light flew passed the mountain range. All the experts from the Gu clan appeared together. Immediately, a vast and mighty aura surged in the sky. That lineup caused Xiao Yan to inhale a breath of cold air. Was this the strength of the Gu clan…

Gu Yuan’s body was suspended in the sky while Dou Qi surged through it. Both of his hands were placed behind him. His expression was calm as he looked at the empty space. Although there was nothing there, he did not show any intention of shifting his eyes away.

“Elder Gu Yuan, what is it?”

Yan Jin’s and Lei Ying’s expressions had become grave at this moment. Their bodies moved and they appeared beside Gu Yuan. Their eyes looked towards the empty realm. However, they did not sense anything. Immediately, a great caution rose in their hearts. Even with their great strength, they were still extremely afraid of that person from the Hun clan.

“Hun Tiandi is really here? Could it be that they… intend to attack the Gu clan?” Yan Jin spoke in a deep voice. Even he involuntarily knitted his brow after uttering these words. The Gu clan was not a clan that other ancient clans could compare to. Even if the Hun clan was to launch an all out assault, it would like be extremely difficult for them to destroy the Gu clan like they did with the Ling clan.

Gu Yuan did not reply. His eyes were merely focused at that spot in the space. The originally unusually noisy mountain range had become completely quiet following his silence. One could vaguely hear the sound of one’s heartbeat pounding rapidly. Everyone understood just what scene would appear today if the Hun clan was to really appear…

That scene would be far from what the battle at the Yao clan could compare with.

The silence of this place continued for a couple of minutes. However, no one dared to relax. Many pairs of eyes were staring intently at that spot in the air. This kind of quiet focus continued for a couple more minutes before that empty space suddenly formed many ripples. A soft laughter was slowly being emitted at the same time.

“Ha ha, Gu Yuan, it has been a long time since we met but your perception is still as sharp as ever.

The appearance of this voice immediately caused all the experts from the Gu clan to slowly ready their bodies. Dou Qi whistled like floodwaters within their bodies. Any slight movement would quickly trigger a storm like attack!

The fluctuation of the space caused a swirl to be slowly formed. A long hand was soon extended out from within the swirl. It held the top of the swirl while a figure slowly walked out from it and finally appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

The person who had walked out from the swirl was wearing a grayish-white cloth. He appeared to be in his thirties or so. His face was handsome with a pair of unusually bright eyes that seemed to be able to see through one’s heart. The first impression that this person gave was that he was a refined individual. If this person held a book in his hand, he would likely appear no different from a scholar.

However, it was precisely the appearance of this man, who appeared like a weak scholar, that caused Lei Ying and Yan Jin to become extremely grave. Even Gu Yuan had focused his eyes on this person.

“He is the clan head of the Hun clan, Hun Tiandi?”

Xiao Yan was stunned upon seeing this scene. Clearly, he was unable to link this seemingly warm and refined man with that strangest and most sinister faction on the Dou Qi continent.

A couple of human figures slowly walked out from the swirl from behind this man after he appeared. The person leading at the front was covered in black flames. Surprisingly, it was the Nihility Devouring Flame, which Xiao Yan had met at the Yao clan back then. Behind him was all the so called Hun clan four demon saints. It was likely extremely difficult to find another lineup like this in the entire Dou Qi continent.

With the appearance of these people, all the Elders of the Gu clan began to reveal tensed expressions. Many defensive light barrier rose from within the mountain range. The light crossed each other, giving it an extremely brilliant appearance.

“Ha ha, the Gu clan is really very lively today. Gu Yuan, Lei Ying, Yan Jin, the four of us has likely not gathered together for thousands of years, right?” The white clothed man in the sky merely smiled slightly in the face of the countless number of defensive barriers below. His voice was gentle as he spoke.

“Hun Tiandi, this is not a place where you should come.”

Gu Yuan’s eyes gathered on the white clothed man and slowly said.

“There is nowhere in this where I should not go.” Hun Tiandi laughed. The both of them acted as though they were engaged in a casual chat. Their voices were both extremely calm.

“Hun Tiandi, is your Hun clan responsible for the disappearance of the Ling, Shi and Yao clans?” Lei Ying cried out in a stern voice. Although he was already somewhat aware of the situation, he still really wished to open his mouth and ask.

“There are some answers that you only need to know in your hearts…” Hun Tiandi casually smiled and said. His eyes slowly swept over the area below. A chill involuntarily rose from deep within the soul of any individuals caught by his eyes. Although his gaze appeared peaceful, there was a completely emotionless iciness under it. It was as though everything in the world was no different from the some mere grass in his eyes.

“You are indeed the one responsible!”

Lei Ying’s and Yan Jin’s faces quickly became gloomy after hearing this reply from Hun Tiandi.

“The last Tunling king from the Tunling clan back then has likely been devoured by the Nihility Devouring Flame, right? Moreover, it should also be the reason for the continual survival of the Hun clan until now, right?” Gu Yuan’s eyes looked at the human figure being enveloped in black flames behind Hun Tiandi and softly said, “Had I known this, I should have finished you off back then…”

“Hee hee, Gu Yuan, you think too highly of yourself. You might be able to defeat me back then but I’m afraid that you do not have the ability to completely destroy me!” The black flames that covered the human figure immediately churned upon hearing this. He let out a strange laughter. “Moreover, I must thank you for what you have done. If it is not because of this thousand year retreat, I’m afraid that I would not have been able to reach the nine star Dou Sheng class!”

Other than Gu Yuan, everyone else present had a change in expression upon hearing the words of the Nihility Devouring Flame. Nine star Fou Sheng. That was basically the peak existence in this world. In other words, would it not mean that the Hun clan possess two nine star Dou Shengs?

“He actually possess the strength of anine star Dou Sheng…”

Xiao Yan’s expression had turned gloomy at this moment. Two nine star Dou Shengs. Even the Gu clan could not compare with it. No wonder the Nihility Devouring Flame was able to lead a group to destroy the Yao clan. He was actually this powerful.

“I am already aware of this since you were able to swallow the Yao clan’s realm into your body…” Gu Yuan spoke in a faint voice. “A mere initial nine star Dou Sheng. If I get the chance, I will seal you forever.”

“You will likely never be able to get such an opportunity…” Hun Tiandi laughed softly.

“Hun Tiandi, if you intend to attack the Gu clan by leading so many people over, it is likely that this is still insufficient.” Gu Yuan appeared calm. The demeanor of the head of a clan was completely exposed.

“Ugh, it is indeed a little insufficient…” Hun Tiandi nodded and did not refute the claim.

Xiao Yan frowned and watched this scene from below. Although the members of the Hun clan had appeared, they did not show any signs of attacking. However, Xiao Yan understood in his heart that these people will definitely not do anything meaningless. There must be a reason for their current action.

“Could it be that they are using this opportunity to place a formation or something?” This thought flashed and disappeared. Gu Yuan was terrifyingly strong. He did not lose to Hun Tiandi in strength. It would likely be extremely difficult for the other party to succeed in doing such a thing in front of Gu Yuan. After all, Gu Yuan was not Yao Dan!

“Clan head Gu Yuan, be careful of any tricks!”

Yan Jin spoke in a deep voice as he stood in the sky. Clearly, he also understood that this action of the Hun clan clearly had some hidden agenda.

Hun Tiandi merely smiled in the face of Yan Jin’s reminder. Both of his hands were placed behind him. He did not speak. All he did was lead his group to simply stand in the air in this manner and face-off against Gu Yuan’s group.

This strange scene caused Xiao Yan to knit his brows tightly together. His body moved and appeared beside Xun Er. The situation was not quite right. He must focus his mind to prevent any situation from happening. Xun Er’s safety was clearly most important!

“Be careful.”

Xun Er spoke in a soft voice as she looked at Xiao Yan beside her.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He frowned tightly. The actions of the Hun clan was far too strange. This manner was as though he was purposefully restraining Gu Yuan and the others.

“What are they planning to do?”

Xiao Yan’s finger were rubbed quickly together. Suddenly his fingers paused. His eyes turned towards Xun Er as he softly asked, “Is the ancient jade of the Gu clan with uncle Gu?”

Xun Er was startled upon hearing this. She hesitated for a moment before replying softly, “No, the ancient jade is in the ancestral hall. That is the most tightly guarded place.”

“Most of the experts within the Ancestral Hall should have already come out here, right?” Xiao Yan looked at the experts from the Gu clan in the sky and remarked.

Xun Er swept her pretty eyes around the place. Immediately, her expression was slightly altered. She had indeed discovered that many experts from the Ancestral Hall had been attracted out here.

“The aim of the Hun clan… was the ancient jade of the Gu clan!”

Xiao Yan’s expression turned gloomy after seeing Xun Er’s face. He lifted his head and cried out, “Uncle Gu. Be careful of the ancient jade of the Gu clan!”

Gu Yuan, who had been face-off with Hun Tiandi in the sky, had a sudden change in expression. Before he could let out a stern cry, a hurried siren was suddenly emitted from deep within the mountain range. It was a warning from the Ancestral Hall!

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