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Chapter 1589: Peep

“Ha ha, good, you are indeed bold. You do possess some of the courage of Xiao Xuan from back then!”

The sky above the training ground suddenly began to fluctuate. Immediately, three figures flashed and appeared. They were Gu Yuan trio within the large hall. That loud laughter was emitted from the mouth of the metal tower like man to the left.

Xun Er frowned slightly as she stood on the tall stage a short distance away. Gu Hua at the side had a sunken face as he spoke with some irritation, “Just what is the clan head of the Lei clan doing? In terms of seniority, he is many times older than Xiao Yan. Yet, he actually dares to intervene!”

All of them understood that although Xiao Yan could currently be called the most outstanding person amongst the younger generation of the Dou Qi continent, the other part here was the clan head of the Lei clan. There were hardly anyone on the Dou Qi continent who could defeat the latter. Given his status, it was a little overboard for him to attack Xiao Yan.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge likely has his own plans. He will not do something that he does not have any confidence in…”

Although her heart felt a little worried, Xun Er had a relatively greater confidence towards Xiao Yan. She was aware that the latter would not do something overly reckless. Since he dare to accept the challenge, it was likely that he did have some confidence.

Gu Hua by the side laughed bitterly upon hearing this. Lei Ying was an eight star Dou Sheng. Just thinking of this level made them feel a little helpless. There was no need to even mention fighting him.

Most people present had felt extremely stunned that Xiao Yan dared to accept Lei Ying’s challenge. Immediately, everyone looked at each other. Their eyes looked at the skinny figure standing on the training ground. Forget about him. Just this boldness had caused caused many to admire you greatly.

Lei Dong’s expression was extremely complicated as he glanced at Xiao Yan. After which, he quietly withdrew. His full force attack did not allow Xiao Yan to take even half a step back. On the other hand, he had been defeated under the sharp palm of the other party. The cruel reality had told him the gap between the two.

Lei Yun lowered his head in a dispirited manner as he stood behind Lei Dong. Earlier, the ten of them had joined hands but Xiao Yan had ultimately did not look at him in the eye. This kind of quiet face off might cause them to be a little furious but most of the time, they felt a helplessness. They did not even doubt that if Xiao Yan really have such thoughts, it was likely that a random wave of his hand had caused the ten of them to immediately lie on the ground. However, he did not do this. Perhaps he felt a contempt against such an action. In Xiao Yan’s eyes, they appeared like some insects arrogantly trying to shake a giant tree…

A true expert would never be bothered with the provocation of the weak. Lei Yun thought that if he had not teased Xun Er with his words, it was likely that Xiao Yan would not even bother to look at him.

“Although this fellow is very strong, he really does not know his limits. The clan head is an eight star Dou Sheng. Even fifty percent of his strength is more than sufficient to deal with an ordinary seven star Dou Sheng…” Leo Yun hesitated for a moment as he stepped back. Finally, he muttered softly.

“Shut up!”

Lei Dong cried coldly and glared ferociously at Lei Yun. He chided, “Don’t you find that you have embarrassed yourself sufficiently? If it is not because the few of you have insisted on heading here, none of this would have happened. Even if Xiao Yan is unable to receive a strike from the clan head, he will not suffer any damage to his reputation. Instead, many will admire his courage!”

Lei Yun shrunk his shoulder after seeing Lei Dong becoming furious. He hurriedly shut his mouth. The latter had a relatively high prestige in their hearts.

“Ha ha, is that the little fellow from the Xiao clan. He does appear to be equal to Xiao Xuan in terms of his boldness…”

The clan head of the Yan clan, who had a pair of bright red eyebrows, stood in the sky and looked at Xiao Yan below in a strange manner. He immediately laughed.

“Lei Ying, isn’t it a little inappropriate for you to fight Xiao Yan, given your status?” Gu Yuan spoke in a faint voice.

“Ha ha, it is not as though you are unaware of my temperament. I am never concerned about age and status when fighting others. All I care about is ability.” Lei Ying’s laughter was like thunder as it continuously reverberated in the sky. Immediately, he looked at Xiao Yan and laughed, “However, since clan head Gu Yuan has put it this way, we can forget about it if you think that it is dangerous.”

“Xiao Yan had long since heard about the great name of clan head Lei Ying. It is my honour to be able to fight with you.”

Xiao Yan smiled. He had surprised others by not simply taking the opportunity and withdraw. Instead, he smilingly accepted the fight. There was likely a need for the three clans to have a deep discussion over the matter of the Hun clan. There might even be a need for an alliance. It is best to place both parties on equal footing when conducting such a discussion. Otherwise, there would ultimately be some unnecessary trouble. The best method to place both parties on the same footing was to display a strength that the other party would hold in high regard.

Lei Ying was an eight star Dou Sheng. Fifty percent of his strength could turn an ordinary seven star Dou Sheng into a mess. Currently, Xiao Yan had the strength of an intermediate six star Dou Sheng. If he was to use some other aid, he would be comparable to a seven star Dou Sheng. Hence, it was not impossible to receive a strike from Lei Ying containing fifty percent of the latter’s strength.

Xiao Yan’s words once again stunned many individuals. Lei Ying also involuntarily laughed out loud. He said, “Good, little fellow, you really suit my taste!”

Gu Yuan by the side smiled slightly upon seeing this. He glanced at Xiao Yan but did not say anything more.

Lei Ying slowly lowered his body from the sky. Both of his hands were crossed over his chest. Black coloured lightning glow lingered over his body. There was a vague terrifying aura spreading quietly. This caused those people around the training ground to involuntarily withdraw some distance. Their expressions were frightened as they looked at the metal tower like figure.

Xiao Yan watched Lei Ying with a grave expression. Immediately, he inhaled a deep breath of air. A thought passed through his mind and Little Yi swiftly merged with his soul. Immediately, pink flame seeped out from within his body. His body also became as crystal clear as pink glass.

Xiao Yan had naturally unleashed the Extermination Fire Body immediately when faced with such a powerful opponent!

“There are six types of Heavenly Flame scent within the flame…”

Yan Jin’s eyes contained a strange glint as he stared at Xiao Yan. Given his eyesight, it took only a glance for him to see through the number of Heavenly Flames merged within the pink flame. A surprise immediately rose on his face. He had personally experienced just how difficult it was to merge Heavenly Flames. Just merging two Heavenly Flames had exhausted all his strength. He had never even imagined merging six types of Heavenly Flames.

Many pairs of eyes gathered onto Xiao Yan’s body. They looked at the body, which had suddenly turn glass like. Many of them had startled faces. However, after they gradually sensed the swiftly rising aura of Xiao Yan behind him, this surprise quickly turned into shock. Lei Dong, who had just exchanged blows with him, smiled bitterly and shook his head. He was actually holding back…

“This aura likely possess the strength of an initial seven star Dou Sheng. This little fellow has used the Heavenly Strength until its limit.” A surprise flashed across the eyes of Yan Jin and the others as they muttered to themselves.

“Clan head Lei Ying, try receiving this attack of mine!”

Pride surged within Xiao Yan’s heart as he once again used the Extermination Fire Lotus and sensed the volcanic eruption like extermination force.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

A flame quickly agglomerated in Xiao Yan’s palm as it struck forward. It directly agglomerated into an exquisite six coloured fire lotus at a shocking speed!

An extermination ripple, which could not be restrained, was suddenly unleashed the moment the fire lotus was formed. This caused Yan Jin and Gu Yuan in the distance to exchange a sidelong glance.

“What a terrifying fire lotus…”

Gu Dao of the Gu clan’s three immortals had a grave expression as he watched the fire lotus on Xiao Yan’s palm. Even he could sense danger from it. It was unexpected that the fire lotus Xiao Yan had created after advancing into the six star Dou Sheng class would actually possess such a powerful strength. If this was used when Hun Sha was chasing after them back then, just the strength of this fire lotus would likely cause the latter to feel afraid.

The fire lotus resulted in the shock of many individuals after it appeared. Even Lei Ying’s expression had become slightly solemn. He felt a great interest and laughed out loud. That fan like huge palm of his grabbed forward. Immediately, a thunder roar sounded on his palm, appearing like a thundercloud that had been strunk by many times.

“Have a taste of my Lei clan’s Lightning Calamity Palm!”

A lightning glow surged over Lei Ying’s palm. Finally, it suddenly turned into a compressed thundercloud. The thundercloud was beating rapidly like a heart.An instant later, this entire place suddenly became dark. A lightning glow palm that had merely been strunk until the size of a palm, suddenly rushed out from within the thundercloud. Finally, it collided heavily with Xiao Yan’s fire lotus in front of many pairs of eyes.


An earthshaking like explosion immediately resounded over the entire Gu Realm as a frightening energy storm swept over the place in a manner that no one could obstruct!

The frightening assault wave that had struck towards them pushed Xiao Yan back by hundreds of metres. Lei Ying in the sky staggered a couple of steps backwards. Immediately, the silver tower like body stepped on the empty space and actually steadied itself within the assault wave. The strength of an eight star Dou Sheng was extraordinary.

“Xiao Yan has actually received it!”

Many people exclaimed out loud after seeing that Xiao Yan did not suffer any serious injury despite being forced to take hundreds of steps back. This was especially the case for Lei Dong and the others. They involuntarily inhaled a breath of cold air. The Lightning Calamity Palm was a rare Tian class high level Dou Skill within the Gu clan. Moreover, it was unleashed by Lei Ying. Its might could easily destroy all living creatures within a five hundred kilometre radius. Yet, it was only able to force Xiao Yan to take a couple of hundred steps back.

The frightening wave spread wildly in the sky while everyone were feeling shocked. Immediately, Gu Yuan waved his sleeve and the space itself had actually collapsed. A huge black hole appeared and devoured all of the wild energy wave…

Gu Yuan finally clapped his hands and laughed after completing this action. “Lei Ying, that Lightning Calamity Palm of yours contains more than fifty percent of your strength.”

“Ha ha, outstanding fellow. You are indeed worthy of being the descendant of Xiao Xuan!”

Lei Ying was not irritated upon hearing this. Instead, he laughed heartily. That palm strike from earlier made him feel really good.

Xiao Yan laughed bitterly. Both of his hands were currently completely numb. Hence, he was unable to cupped his hands together. He could only helplessly shake his head in front of the many respectful pairs of eyes around him.

Gu Yuan laughed faintly as he stood in the sky. Both of his hands were immediately placed behind him. He lifted his head and looked into the empty pace. That calm voice was just like a sudden thunder that caused one to feel that their skin had been blasted apart.

“Hun Tiandi. Given your status, why do you need to act so stealthily?”

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