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Chapter 1583

A shocked expression rose within Yao Ling’s pretty eyes as she stood a short distance from Xiao Yan and watched Hun Sha turning around and flee. Clearly, she did not expect that Xiao Yan was actually able to frighten off such an expert.

“Mister Xiao Yan, have you refined the tier 9 Mysterious Pill?” Yao Ling could not resist opening her mouth and asked. Being an alchemist, she was naturally well aware of just how terrifying a tier 9 Mysterious Pill was. Hence, it was a little difficult for her to imagine that Xiao Yan was actually able to refine it within this short ten minutes.

“How can it be so easy? I have merely refined a portion of it.” Xiao Yan shook his head. A wild joy rose within his eyes. It was unexpected that the tier 9 Mysterious Pill was actually this terrifying. He had only just refined a portion of it but it had already allowed his to progress from the advance level five star Dou Sheng class to the six star Dou Sheng class. No wonder even Hun Sha greatly coveted such miraculous pill.

“If I completely refine the tier 9 Mysterious Pill, I might perhaps be able to steadily reach the intermediate level six star Dou Sheng… “ Xiao Yan made a brief estimation. The joy within his eyes involuntarily became denser. He must completely refine the medicinal strength within his body once this matter comes to an end.

“Ha ha, it looks like I have intervened for no reason this time around.”

Gu Dao slowly walked through the air and finally landed beside Xiao Yan. His eyes swiftly swept over the golden dragon, which had swiftly scattered from his hand. He smiled without a change in his expression.

“Elder Gu Dao really knows how to joke. If it is not because of your quick intervention, my body might have already exploded from having too much medicinal strength.” Xiao Yan hurriedly stood up, cupped his hands together and laughed.

“Oh? What kind of medicinal pill is it? Even you cannot endure it?” Gu Dao expression changed slightly upon hearing this.

“A tier 9 Mysterious Pull. In order to escape from Hun Sha, I have no choice but to swallow it.” Xiao Yan laughed.

“Tier 9 Mysterious Pill…”

Gu Dao’s mouth twitched slightly. He smiled bitterly and shook his head. It must be said that Xiao Yan was really blessed to the point where even he was envious. Even Gu Dao had never enjoyed a medicinal pill of this tier…

“Elder Gu Dao!”

The distant rushing wind sound had swiftly approached while Xiao Yam and Gu Dao chatted. Dozens of figures swiftly hurried over. Their eyes were extremely startled as they swept over the completely messy destroyed plains below. Finally, they hurried towards the mountain where Xiao Yan trio were located. They landed one after another and respectfully spoke to Gu Dao.

Xiao Yan’s eyes randomly swept over that group of people. He was stunned to find that the leader was actually someone he was familiar with. It was Ling Quan, whom he had some grudge against back then.

While Xiao Yan had discovered Ling Quan, the latter’s eyes had also glanced at him. Immediately, his expression became a little unnatural. Although he had been in the Gu Realm, he had heard a great deal about the various incidents related to Xiao Yan in the Central Plains during these years. Every single one of them could let him look up to Xiao Yan. However, over a decade ago, this current giant like existence on the Dou Qi continent did not even have the ability to fight him. The world was indeed changing far too rapidly.

“Elder Gu Dao, we have hurried over as fast as we could after detecting the activity here. May I know…” Ling Quan seemed to be the leader of the group. He looked respectfully at Gu Dao and asked.

“Everything is fine now. The person who have come this time around is one of the four demon saints of the Hun clan, Hun Sha…” Gu Dao waved his hand and spoke in a faint voice.

The expressions of Ling Quan and the rest changed drastically upon hearing this. His face contained some shock. The four demon saints of the Hun clan were the top experts from the Hun clan. Their status were similar to the Gu clan’s three immortals in the Gu clan. Other than the clan head and a few other individuals, no one could be compared with them.

“Just look at yourself. Xiao Yan is quite a lot younger than all of you. Yet, he is able to easily survive while being chased by Hun Sha. Earlier, he had even nearly manage to break Hun Sha’s arm. If the younger generation of the Gu clan can produce such a person, our Gu clan will definitely prosper in the future. How would the Hun clan dare to bully us?” Gu Dao frowned and reprimanded in a deep voice after seeing the change in their expressions.

“Understood. Elder is right.”

Even Ling Quan did not dare to argue after being reprimanded by Gu Dao. He hurriedly nodded in agreement. The corner of his eyes secretly glanced at Xiao Yan. However, he could only laugh bitterly and shake his head within his heart. Someone like Hun Sha was basically like a legend in their hearts. Yet, Xiao Yan was not only able to successfully escape from his hand but was even able to injure and force him back. Regardless of how proud he was in his heart, Ling Quan had no choice but to admire this ability of Xiao Yan.

“Elder Gu Dao should not overly praise me. If it is not because of your intervention, Xiao Yan might not be able to stand here in one piece.” Xiao Yan felt helpless at seeing Gu Dao using him as an example. His expression quickly became serious as he spoke in a deep voice, “Elder Gu Dao, I wonder if you can allow me to meet clan head Gu Yuan. The matter of the Yao clan being annihilated is not a small one. The Hun clan is definitely up to something.”


Ling Quan and the others by the side, who had just stood up, had a drastic change in their expressions. Both of their eyes were filled with disbelief as they looked at Xiao Yan. The Yao clan… was actually also eliminated?”

“This matter is indeed extremely critical. If you have not come and inform us, we will likely not know what have happened to the Yao clan even until now. It seems that even the clan chief is unable to sense some of the tricks of the Yao clan.” Gu Dao’s face was grave as he mentioned this matter. He glanced at the look of despair on Yao Ling’s pretty face. He softly said, “It seems that we will have to invite the clan heads of the Yan and Lei clan. The action of the Hun clan this time around is clearly targeting all the ancient clans. If they did not do anything, it was likely that they would all fall into the demonic hands of the Hun clan.”

Xiao Yan slowly nodded. This action of the Hun clan had clearly placed them on the opposing side of all the ancient clans. However, no one knew who would have the last life?

Gu Dao did not say anything more as he was aware of the seriousness of the matter. After sending Ling Quan and the others back to Gu City, he immediately led Xiao Yan and Yao Ling to swiftly enter the Gu Realm without stopping.

The news had expectedly stirred a huge commotion after it was spread into the Gu Realm. All of the experts within the Gu clan were stirred by the commotion. The Yao clan had unknowingly been destroyed by the Hun clan. This technique had already exceeded the ability of the Gu clan. Could it be that the Hun clan was really planning some schemes?

The many Elders from the Gu clan had all arrived in a hall with an extremely grave atmosphere. On the leader’s seat was Gu Yuan, whom Xiao Yan had met once before. His expression was extremely deep. At a glance, he appeared just like an ordinary person. However, at Xiao Yan’s current strength, he was vaguely able to sense just what kind of terrifying strength was hidden within this body. This person was a true peak expert of the current Dou Qi continent.

There were three old men clothed in white on Gu Yuan’s left. Gu Dao was amongst them. It was possible for Xiao Yan to sense a mighty aura that was not inferior to Gu Dao from them. It was likely that they were the other two of the Gu clan three immortals, who possessed an extremely high status.

Xiao Yan saw some familiar faces from the many Elders seats. However, the gazes that these familiar faces used to look at him were a little complicated. When Xiao Yan had arrived at the Gu Realm back then, he merely had the strength of an ordinary Dou Zun. Although he was quite strong, it was difficult for the Gu clan to hold him in high regard. However, within a short few years, the Dou Zun from back then had leaped into becoming a Dou Sheng existence. Moreover, he was a genuine six star Dou Sheng. There was only a mere one star gap when compared to the Gu clan three immortals.

On the right side of Gu Yuan were some of the younger generations of the Gu clan. An elegant and beautiful figure sat at the front. Those bright eyes were focused on Xiao Yan the moment he appeared. Her eyes roamed gently , giving her a gentle and alluring appearance. This beauty was naturally Xun Er…

“Xiao Yan greets clan head Gu Yuan.”

Xiao Yan did not dare to be the least bit disrespectful towards this peak existence in the world. He cupped his hands together and greeted respectfully. Yao Ling beside him also bowed respectfully.

“Ha ha. Within less than a decade, you have actually reached such a level. There is hope for the revival of the Xiao clan. Xiao Xuan will perhaps be extremely pleased if he knows of this.” Gu Yuan looked at the young figure within the hall. A smile surged on his face as he nodded. His voice was full of praise. This had caused many Elders to quietly laugh bitterly. There had not been a single person in the Gu clan, who had received such an evaluation by the clan head during all these years.

“Additionally, you should can me uncle. Although my seniority has far surpassed yours by many times, she is ultimately my daughter.”

A flush quickly flashed across Xun Er’s pretty face after she heard Gu Yuan’s words. Many of the younger generation from the Gu clan below were greatly startled. By speaking in this way, Gu Yuan had seemed to accept the relationship between Xiao Yan and Xun Er…

“Thank you, uncle Gu Yuan.”

Xiao Yan also understood the meaning in Gu Yuan’s words. It seemed the matter of him having taken Xun Er’s virginity did not escape from the sharp eyes of these old cunning foxes. Immediately, he rejoiced a little within his heart. Fortunately, his current strength could be considered amongst the top even within this Gu clan. Otherwise, it was likely that this matter would not be resolved with such simplicity. Would the Gu clan hand Xun Er, whom they viewed as the greatest treasure in the clan, to a mediocre person?

“Tell us about the matter of the Yao clan…” Gu Yuan smiled and waved his hand. His eyes swept over Xiao Yan, finding him increasingly pleasant to look at. Only such an outstanding young man was worthy of his daughter.

Xiao Yan’s face became grave as the important matter was brought up. He exchanged glances with Yao Ling beside him. After musing for a moment, he suddenly asked, “May I know if uncle had heard of the so called Tunling clan?”


The sound of cups shattering sounded continuously within the hall the moment Xiao Yan’s words sounded. The many Elders lifted their heads abruptly. Their eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan. Those eyes actually had some fear within them.

Xiao Yan’s heart sunk after seeing the reaction of these Elders. Just what was the origin of this Tunling clan? Even a clan as strong as the Gu clan was so terrified of them.

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