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Chapter 1584: The Secret of the Hun clan

“Tunling clan…”

Gu Yuan’s face had clearly trembled slightly when Xiao Yan uttered those words. He immediately inhaled a breath of deep air. His eyes stared sternly at Xiao Yan as he asked, “Why would you ask this?”

“Uncle Gu Yuan should be aware that the Hun clan possessed the Nihility Devouring Flame, right?” Xiao Yan verified.

“Yes. Back then, I have once exchanged blows with the Nihility Devouring Flame and seriously injured it. After which, there has been no longer any news of it. Ir should be recuperating.” Gu Yuan nodded and replied.

Xiao Yan’s brow twitched slightly. He once again inhaled a breath of cold air in his heart in the face of Gu Yuan’s strength. He had clearly witnessed the strength of the Nihility Devouring Flame in the Yao Realm. Despite the Yao clan using all of its strength to summon the soul fragment of Yao Di, the latter was still destroyed by the Nihility Devouring Flame. It was unexpected that the frighteningly strong Nihility Devouring Flame had been seriously injured by Gu Yuan before.

Xiao Yan exchanged glances with Yao Ling beside him. After which, he began to describe all that had happened in the Yao Realm in detail. This included the Touling clan that the Nihility Devouring Flame had turned into.

“How could this be possible? How can the Nihility Devouring Flame turn into the Tunling clan?” Some Elders exclaimed in disbelief after Xiao Yan had spoken.

“Uncle Gu, just what exactly is this Tunling clan?” Xiao Yan frowned slightly as he looked at Gu Yuan. The latter’s brow had been tightly knitted together.

“The Tunling clan is an extremely mysterious clan during the ancient era. According to the records in the ancient books, it had once stirred countless bloody storm over the Dou Qi continent.” Gu Yuan sighed. His tone was grave as he said, “It is common knowledge that the inheritance of the ancient clans relies on their bloodline strength. If the clan’s bloodline strength become exhausted, the clan will be no different from an ordinary person. In summary, every ancient clan will have a time when their bloodline becomes exhausted. Of course, the precondition is that the clan does not produce any other elite Dou Di again.”

Xiao Yan nodded quietly. It was precisely because the bloodline strength of the Xiao clan was exhausted that the Hun clan had the opportunity to destroy it.

“There will ultimately be various kinds of mysterious things being formed in this world. The Tunling clan is one of the. They possessed an extremely terrifying ability. This was the ability to devour the bloodline strength from other ancient clans in order to extend the time before the bloodline strength of the clan is exhausted. In order to allow the clan to continue surviving back then, the Tunling clan had actually targeted the ancient clans. That was a great calamity of the Dou Qi continent. Many ancient clans were destroyed by the Tunling clan. Moreover, the bloodline strength within the clans were all obtained by the Tunling clan.”

“This act of the Tunling clan had undoubtedly angered the other ancient clans. At that time, many clans had formed an alliance to fight against the Tunling clan together…”

“That era was a time when the Tunling clan was the overlord. Their strength was far from what any other clan alone could compare with. While the Tunling clan was powerful, it was ultimately unable to fight against the combined strength of the many ancient clans. Finally, the Tunling clan was destroyed. The surviving members of the Tunling clan fled in all directions as they were continuously chased by everyone. Since that time, the Tunling clan had never been able to rise again. It had even slowly disappeared from the world and was never mentioned again.”

Gu Yuan’s eyes slowly narrowed after he spoke until this point. He slowly said, “I recall that the last clan head of the Tunling clan seemed to have been killed by the Hun clan…”


Many people within the large hall had a change in expression upon hearing these words.

“It seemed that the Tunling clan had completely vanished from the world ever since that time. However, it seems that the Hun clan… has continued to exist until now…” A glint flashed across Gu Yuan’s eyes. It seemed as though he had thought of something.

“Could it be that the Hun clan is the Tunling clan?” Xiao Yan asked in disbelief.

“I don’t think so. According to the records in the ancient books, the Tunling clan had also attacked the Hun clan back then. However, they were eventually repelled. Perhaps… the Hun clan had obtained something from the last clan head. This had allowed them to survive for so many years until now…” Gu Yuan slowly said.

“Clan head, do you still remember those ancient clans that had declined or disappear one after another after the Dou Qi continent began to seldom produce any elite Dou Di? Some of the ways that those ancient clans had disappeared were quite mysterious. Now that I think about it, they were quite similar to what the Shi and Ling clan had experienced…” Gu Dao expression was grave as he suddenly opened his mouth and said.

“You mean… those ancient clans did not decline naturally. Instead, they were destroyed by the Hun clan?” Gu Yuan asked.

“After tens of thousands of years, those ancient clans from back then had been replaced countless of times. However, it seemed that only the Hun clan appear completely safe each time. Their bloodline strength appears as though it was endless… perhaps I am not the only one who finds this strange. Due to this clan being mysterious and unfathomable, however, there was no means to go about investigating it even if one wished to do so. Now that Xiao Yan have said this, we have no choice but to doubt if this Hun clan possess an ability similar to the Tunling clan..”

“If this is really the case, we will seem to be like a bloodline spring that had been domesticated by the Hun clan…” Gu Dao’s expression was a little gloomy. His voice slowly resounded over the Hall, causing a chill to rise from the bottom of everyone’s hearts.

“There is no need to describe the Hun clan as being this terrifying. Even though they possess an ability similar to that of the Tunling clan, they do not have the ability to domesticate us. Otherwise, Hun Tiandi would not have been seriously injured by an all out strike from Xiao Xuan back then…”Gu Yuan smiled faintly. Those Elders sighed in relief after seeing his calm appearance.

“Since the Nihility Devouring Flame has appeared, it is likely that he has completely recovered from his injuries. In this way, however, I am aware of how the Hun clan is able to avoid our probing.” Gu Yuan’s finger gently drew a circle in front of him. After which, he grabbed the circle in his hand and said, “This is because he had swallowed the entire realm into his body…”


Many people within the hall inhaled a breath of cold air upon hearing this. Swallowing the entire realm into his body? Was that really something that a human could do?

“He is not a human…” Gu Yuan smiled calmly. A cold glint surged within his eyes. “I have not fought with him for so many years. It seems that his control over the devouring power has being increasing. Back then, he still had difficulty pulling something like this off…”

“As for the matter of the Nihility Devouring Flame transforming into the members of the Tunling clan that Xiao Yan had described, perhaps he is the true reason why the Hun clan is able to survive for such a long time.”

“Clan head, you mean… the Nihility Devouring Flame had devoured the last clan head of the Tunling clan? This has allowed it to gain such a mysterious ability?” A white haired old man beside Gu Dao spoke in a somewhat hoarse voice.

“This should be the case. Otherwise, I am really unable to think of how the Hun clan is able to obtain the ability of the Tunling clan.” Gu Yuan nodded. His eyes were slightly lowered and an icy cold murderous intent flashed across them. The existence of this Nihility Devouring Flame was far too great of a threat to their ancient clans. They must find a way to eliminate it!

The hall had also become quiet because of this. No one spoke. None of them had expected that the Hun clan was actually still hiding such things. Moreover, the main reason for them to lean backwards at a loss was the existence of the Nihility Devouring Flame…

“The Hun clan had attacked the Ling, Shi and Yao clans. It is likely that they have two aims. One is to gather bloodline strength while the other… is naturally the Tou She Ancient God Jade. It seems… Hun Tiandi is unable to endure any longer…” Gu Yuan lifted his head. His eyes looked at the empty space. Those sharp eyes seemed to have penetrated through the space and see the scene he was thinking of in his heart.

“Hun Tiandi (Heaven Emperor)…” Xiao Yan muttered softly. This name was incomparably overbearing. However, this person did indeed possess the capital to have such a name. The only person standing at the peak of the top experts on the continent who could fight him was likely Gu Yuan…

“Uncle Gu, how do you plan to deal with them? The Hun clan already possess four pieces of ancient jades in their hands. They will likely try to obtain the other four pieces. At that time, they will obtain the Tou She Ancient God Cave and they might even be able to obtain a secret to advance to the Dou Di class. At that time, no one on the Dou Qi continent will be able to fight with him. The life and death of everyone will be controlled by the Hun clan.” Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at Gu Yuan as he spoke in a deep voice.

Without realising it, they had actually already descended into such an urgent situation. This slow method that the Hun clan had used to kill them off was draining their strength a little at a time. If this continued, it was likely that the most tragic scene would be enacted.

Gu Yuan’s expression was as deep as water. No one knew what he was thinking. The other Elders of the Gu clan had also remained quiet. Although the incident that had occurred caused them to feel uneasy, if they were to decide to start a war with the Hun clan… it would definitely be an extremely miserable big war. They might win or lose in this war…

The victor survives while the loser would be left with nothing!

Even someone as strong as Gu Yuan had difficulty making a quick decision when it came to such a choice.

“Uncle Gu, currently only three of the eight ancient clans, with the exception of the Hun clan, still survives. If another clan is eliminated… we will perhaps only be able to sit back and wait to die!” Xiao Yan finally opened his mouth and spoke in a deep voice after the pressuring silence continued for a couple of minutes.

“Fight and there will still be a chance to survive. Continue doing nothing and the incident that the Ling, Shi and Yao clans had experienced will definitely descend upon us!”

Xiao Yan suddenly raised his voice, causing the bodies of many Elders to tremble slightly. Their eyes looked at Yao Ling beside Xiao Yan. The latter’s face was filled with grief. Her clan was destroyed and she was homeless. All of the usual haughtiness had vanished…

The many pairs of eyes slowly shifted towards Gu Yuan on the leader’s seat. It seemed that they were awaiting his decision.

Gu Yuan slowly sighed in front of the many pairs of eyes. He lifted his head and looked at Xiao Yan, only to smile.

“Good little fellow, you are indeed bold. Someone, send a message to the Yan and Lei clan. Invite their clan leaders to come and discuss the matter of life and death!”

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