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Chapter 1582: Push Back

The figure which appeared in front of Xiao Yan was wearing green long robes.His hair was completely white. A smile hung on his fair looking face, giving him a somewhat immortal like feeling.

“Hun Sha, you should restrain yourself now that you have reached the territory of the Gu clan after such a long chase…” The green robed old man smilingly looked at Hun Sha, who murderous aura filled the air, and laughed. From the way he spoke, it seemed that he had already sensed Xiao Yan being chased by Hun Sha since a long time ago.

“Gu Dao, the three immortals of the Gu clan…” Hun Sha’s expression was gloomy as he looked at the green robed old man. A solemn expression surged onto his face. It was unexpected that he had ended up meeting such a troublesome person the moment he had arrived.

“My target is him! It has nothing to do with the Gu clan!”

The green robed old man, who was called Gu Dao, smilingly shook his head upon hearing this. He said, “Ha ha, this won’t do. Xiao Yan is considered half a member of the Gu clan. It is impossible for me to hand him over to you. Hun Sha, you should hurry up and leave. Fighting in this place is disadvantageous to you.”

Xiao Yan was startled after seeing Gu Dao recognising him upon sight. Since when did he become half a member of the Gu clan?

“Little fellow, you have taken the opportunity to take Xun Er’s virginity back in the Demonic Flame Realm. Don’t tell me that you intend to deny it?” Gu Dao turned his head and spoke faintly, appearing as though he was aware of Xiao Yan’s doubt.

Xiao Yan widened his mouth. His face revealed a rare embarrassment. However, he quickly recovered and spoke in a deep voice, “Elder, the reason I have come to the Gu clan this time around is to inform your clan that the Yao clan had already been destroyed by the Hun clan. The culprit behind the extermination of the Ling and Shi clans is also them!”

The smile on Gu Dao’s face diminished slowly. His eyes turned towards Hun Sha and he softly said, “You are indeed the ones behind it…”

This news was quite shocking to him. However, he did not feel any sense of disbelief. After all, they had already made some guesses after those incidents had occurred. However, they did not have the evidence and were unable to prove their guess. The thing that caused him to be furious was that these people had actually struck again…

“You are really full of nonsense. Relax, your Gu clan will sooner or later meet the same fate as them.” Hun Sha laughed coldly but did not deny the claim.

“I’m afraid that you do not have such a big appetite.” Gu Dao frowned slightly. There was a chill surging within his voice.

“One’s appetite is not simply shown by using words!” Hun Sha’s laughed loudly. The bat wings behind him were flapped. The space fluctuated and he directly appeared in front of Gu Dao. That blade blade was swung with a ‘swoosh swoosh’ sound. A sharp blood coloured blade light engulfed Gu Dao.

“Hun Sha. We have not exchanged blows for hundreds of years but it seems that you have not made much improvement. If it is not because your four demon saints of the Hun clan rely on your numbers, my Gu clan’s three immortals will not fear you even a little!” Gu Dao merely laughed faintly in the face of the unusually sharp attack from Hun Sha. He clenched his hand and a hundred feet large green rod appeared in his hand. The rod danced and the energy of this entire place was stirred. It turned into an endless number of ferocious rod shadows that collided with Hun Sha’s blade glow.

“Clang clang!”

The rod and blade clashed. An extremely shockingly sharp storm swept out from this seemingly ordinary clash. The space within radius tens of thousands of feet in size had been shaken until it shook intensely. Wild wind swept over the plains. Sand flew and rock moved.

Xiao Yan held Yao Ling and swiftly pulled back. He landed on a mountain before swiftly sitting down. The energy of the tier 9 Medicinal Pill had already filled his body to the brim. If he did not think of a way to refine it, his body would sooner or later end up exploding.

“A tier 9 Mysterious Pill is indeed not something that one can randomly swallow…” Xiao Yan laughed bitterly. This was the first time that he had been turned into such a miserable state by a medicinal pill. Moreover, it was also the first time that he had a headache over having too much energy within his body.

The seal formed by Xiao Yan’s hands changed as he sat down. Little Yi immediately came out from within his body. It rapidly turned into a fire cauldron and wrapped his entire body within it. The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame was finally completely unleashed. It surged into Xiao Yan’s body from all directions and swiftly refined the seemingly real like energy within his body, which had already turned into crystals.

Without being attacked by an enemy, Xiao Yan was finally able to completely focus his mind on using all his strength to refine the energy crystals within his body.

The effect of this all out force had clearly brought about quite a great effect. The frightening strength of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame was once again unleashed. The crystals, which filled his veins, had swiftly turned into waves of torrent like pure energy under this continuous refinement. It whistled and galloped within Xiao Yan’s body. His meridians, which had been fully blocked, had once again become loose.

“Swish swish…”

The endless vast and mighty energy was slowly circulated within Xiao Yan’s meridians. Finally, it turned into powerful Dou Qi, which merged into Xiao Yan’s limbs. Immediately, a feeling of being completely filled once again rose within his heart. Moreover, the Dou Qi within his body had vaguely showed signs of slowly soaring. The effect of the tier 9 Mysterious Pill was slowly being unleashed at this moment.

While Xiao Yan was making full use of his time to refine the shocking medicinal pill energy within his body, the battle in the sky was also becoming increasingly intense. Gu Dao and Hun Sha were the top experts from their respective clans. Moreover, they were at the seven star Dou Sheng class. The destructive force when they fought was naturally earthshaking. However, it was unusually difficult for a victor to be decided.

“Damnit, why have I end up meeting this old ghost. This is the territory of the Gu clan. Any large scale battle will definitely attract the Gu clan’s attention. At that time, if the other two Gu clan’s three Immortals were to come, he would likely have difficulty even retreating in one piece!” A blood light that was tens of thousands of feet in size rose from the large ghost blade. However, it collapsed after being gently touched by Gu Qing’s green rod. Hun Sha’s brow was tightly knitted.

“I must end this battle as soon as possible!”

A fierce glow flashed across Hun Sha’s eyes. The seal formed by his hands suddenly changed. That blood blade in his hand escaped and a blood light erupted. Immediately, the blade swelled to ten thousand feet. The enormous blood blade was suspended in the sky with an evil aura that seemed to have a form gathered around it. Blood light surged over the blade and his soul fluttered under this blade.

“Blood God Tearing Sky!”

The evil aura agglomerated over the blood blade. Hun Sha’s eyes became cold. The blood blade rushed downwards and a deafening sonic boom rumbled over the sky. The space within a hundred thousand feet collapsed as the blood blade passed. A hundred thousand feet large deep gully had also appeared on the plains tens of thousands of kilometres below. The gully was not wide but it was deep to the point of appearing bottomless…

Gu Dao’s expression became grave as the blood blade rushed downwards. The green rod in his hand swelled rapidly before violently colliding with the blood blade.


An indescribable frightening wave swept over the sky. The plains, which was tens of thousands of kilometres large had sunk by dozens of feet. Most of the mountains had collapsed and turned into dust. The destructive force from a fight between seven star Dou Shengs was actually this terrifying.


The blood blade flew out and its size rapidly shrunk. Finally, it swiftly shot towards the direction where Hun Sha’s body was located. However, the blood blade was about to touch that figure when the latter suddenly disappeared.


Gu Dao’s eyes suddenly shrunk. He rotated his gaze, only to see that Hun Sha had appeared in a flash on the mountain in the distance where Xiao Yan was at. That earthshaking attack from earlier was merely a distraction that Hun Sha had used. His aim was still to capture Xiao Yan!

“Brat, I have said that you cannot escape!”

Hun Sha’s body appeared in front of Xiao Yan in a ghost like fashion. He grabbed with his hand and the fire cauldron collapsed. However, Xiao Yan’s tightly shut eyes were suddenly opened just as the former’s hand was about to land on the top of his head. An aura that was many times stronger than earlier surged towards the sky. Dark clouds immediately churned and there was a faint thunder resounding over the sky.

“Six star Dou Sheng? You have actually refined a tier 9 Mysterious Pill?”

Hun Sha’s expression suddenly changed after detecting Xiao Yan’s stronger aura. Murderous intent rose within his eyes. He not only did not slow but has become even faster.

“Have a taste of this!”

Xiao Yan did not reveal the slightest fear in the face of this fatal strike by Hun Sha. He let out a cold laughter. Suddenly, golden dragon symbols surfaced on his arm. The thunderbolts flashing within the dark clouds in the sky dimmed after these dragon symbols appeared. It was as though they had met something terrifying.

“Something’s wrong!”

Hun Sha glanced at the golden dragon symbol on Xiao Yan’s arm. Without knowing the reason, Hun Sha felt a little unease rising within his heart. However, it was already not in time for him to stop his attack at this moment. His palm wind became increasingly sharp as he ruthlessly smashed violently down from XIao Yan’s head.


A death god like palm was rapidly being magnified in Xiao Yan’s eyes. In the next instant, his arm suddenly trembled and the golden dragon symbol suddenly erupted. Finally, it turned into a golden lightning that shot out from his finger at a speed, which was difficult to detect with his naked eye.


The golden lightning had collided with Hun Sha’s palm in an instant. Immediately, the sharp wind on the latter’s palm collapsed. The lightning easily penetrated through his palm.


A great force that could not be resisted came striking at Hun Sha the moment the lightning struck his palm. His body flew backwards. A continuous stream of blood shot out from him.


Gu Dao, who had swiftly rushed over, was startled as he watched this scene. His eyes were filled with shock and uncertainty as he looked at the golden lightning that flashed from Xiao Yan’s finger and struck its target. He could sense an energy that caused even his heart to palpitate from it.

“Bastard, what is that thing?”

Hun Sha’s body was stabilized in the air in a somewhat miserable manner. He looked at the charred black bloody hole on his hand. His defence from earlier was completely useless. If that strike was directly aimed at his head, it was likely that even he would be seriously injured.


Intense sound of rushing wind was suddenly transmitted from a short distance away just as Hun Sha’s expression had changed. Clearly, a large group of people were swiftly hurrying over.

“Xiao Yan, remember this. I will definitely make you repay for this ten times over!”

Hun Sha clenched his teeth with great unwillingness. He also understood that he had lost his last opportunity. Immediately, he let out a vicious roar towards Xiao Yan before his body turned into a ray of black light that rushed into the distance.

Xiao Yan indifferently looked at Hun Sha, who had disappeared into the distance. Only then did he slowly lift his arm. At this moment, his arm no longer possessed as feeling of the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning’s strength. Even his current self was only able to barely control it…

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