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Chapter 1570: Pill Rain

The change of the situation was extremely comical. Little Yi had suddenly charged into Hun Huzi’s fire cauldron and grabbed the embryonic medicinal pill that had yet to take shape. This had not only caused Hun Huzi to become furious, even Xiao Yan was stunned. This matter had nothing to do with him. Little Yi had taken his own initiative…

Yao Dan and the many Elders from the Yao clan on the stadium watched this scene with a stunned expression. A moment later, their faces twitched. They had comical expressions of wanting to laugh but forcing themselves not to. No one have imagined that Xiao Yan’s Heavenly Flame spirit would be so extreme. Hun Huzi had merely snatched some of their energy. Yet, it ruthlessly charged into the other party’s fire cauldron and snatched the embryonic pill away.

“You deserve it.”

Hun Huzi’s actions early had irritated the Elders from the Yao clan, so they laughed in a soft gloating fashion.

Yao Dan, who was in the leader’s seat, shook his head without knowing whether or not he ought to laugh or cry. A proper medicinal pill competition had ended up in this strange situation where the competitors snatched from each other. This caused one to feel helpless.

“This little brat really doesn’t follow an ordinary path.” Yao Lao chided with a smile. He was unaware that this matter was completely unrelated to Xiao Yan…

In front of many gazes, Little Yi in the sky flashed and appeared in front of Xiao Yan. That small fleshy face was laughing. His hands were hugging a light cluster that was larger than his body. If one saw through the light cluster, one would vaguely see a baby-like light figure. This was the embryonic form of the medicinal pill Hun Huzi had been refining.

“Xiao Yan, I will rip you into pieces today!”

The sound of wind and thunder exploded a short distance away. Hun Huzi’s face was densely cold. His demeanor from earlier had been destroyed by Little Yi. This was the first time that he that such a thing had happened to him. The embryonic pill he had refined after much hardship had been taken away by Little Yi even before he could see its shape. The fury within his heart could not be described with words.

After Hun Huzi’s furious cry sounded, a black flame suddenly shot out of his fire cauldron in all directions before it turned into a black fire dragon that crazily rushed toward Xiao Yan. Its huge mouth was filled with an endless devouring force.

“Hun Huzi, since you like energy, this elderly self shall give some to you!”

A green sea of flames suddenly swept over from below after the black fire dragon rushed forward. Countless huge trees grew almost instantly. After which, they appeared like vines as they entangled the black fire dragon.

“Old Man Shen Nong, you actually dare oppose me?”

Although this sudden attack did not really harm black fire dragon, it had still managed to obstruct it. Hun Huzi’s expression immediately turned cold once the dragon was slowed. He looked at Old Man Shen Nong in the distance and cried out in a stern voice.

“This elderly self has already lived for so long. I have never been afraid of anyone. If I have the ability, I wish to eliminate a traitor like you who has betrayed your teacher. Otherwise, you bring shame to the face of all alchemists.” Old Man Shen Nong coldly laughed as he replied to Hun Huzi’s sharp cry. His tone appeared quite sharp.

“Given your strength? Are you sick of living, old fellow? I have not even begun targeting that Life Spirit Flame of yours, yet you dare to provoke me!” Hun Huzi’s eyes were dark and cold. A savage smile lifted on the corner of his eyes. He clenched his large hand and the black fire dragon roared at the sky. It opened its huge mouth toward the green sea of flame below. A devouring power erupted as it swallowed the green sea of flames into its body.


A pale black tornado was ruthlessly swung ruthlessly into Hun Huzi’s body just as he was about to swallow the sea of flames. A flame exploded and actually sent the black fire dragon flying.

“Wanhuo, is your Yao clan trying to become enemies with my Hun clan!” Hun Huzi’s expression became extremely terrifying after being obstructed again. A devouring look shot toward Elder Wanhuo in the distance as he demanded in a dense voice.

“The competition has nothing to do with the clans. Don’t tell me that only you are allowed to attack me and I am not allowed to do the same? What a joke!” Elder Wanhuo waved his sleeve and ridiculed Hun Huzi.

“Alright, alright…” The corner of Hun Huzi’s eyes twitched. He ended up laughing from extreme anger. His arm continued to tremble from anger. Strange black flames wiggled like poisonous snakes deep within his eyes. These flames were about to escape from his eyes when Hun Huzi appeared to have thought of something. He hesitated for a moment and withdrew his gaze. He coldly laughed, “You are thinking of blocking me with the strength of the both of you?

The black fire dragon suddenly rushed forward after his voice sounded. It firmly wrapped around the tornado that the Nine Serene Wind Flame had turned into. The two enormous creatures wildly churned in the sky. Hot rain made of fire descended from the sky. Fortunately, with the intervention of the Elders from the Yao clan, the Medicine Mountain was not destroyed by the rain made of fire.

Xiao Yan watched the three great Heavenly Flames engage in a chaotic battle a great distance away. He involuntarily felt a little surprise that Old Man Shen Nong and Elder Wanhuo would intervene and lend him a hand. It seemed that it was really not easy to deal with Hun Huzi.

“There is not much time. I must first extract the energy from this embryonic pill…”

A thought passed through Xiao Yan’s heart. After which, he returned his focus to the embryonic pill from earlier. The energy needed to refine a tier 9 Mysterious Pill was far too shocking, but if he added Hun Huzi’s embryonic pill, he would gain a higher chance of success. Snatching the energy from someone else’s embryonic pill was an action that could not be undertaken by a regular alchemist because the two types of medicinal pills were different. The pill refinement would end in failure if they were randomly mixed. However, Xiao Yan did not worry about such a concern. With the purifying ability of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame, anything that entered Little Yi’s body would be turned into the purest energy. This included the various medicinal properties in the embryonic pill.

“Little Yi!”

Little Yi, who possessed a mental connection with Xiao Yan, was aware of the thought that had passed through Xiao Yan’s mind. He widened his mouth and devoured the embryonic pill. A vast and mighty energy crazily surged within his body before rapidly swelling. He transformed into a giant baby that remained suspended in the sky.

“Chi chi!”

After Little Yi’s body swelled, the light cluster within his body brightened. The light cluster then transformed into a huge light pillar that shot into the fire cauldron. The frightening energy contained within the light pillar was so vast and mighty that it caused one’s expression to change.


The embryonic pill had finished being refined. Hun Huzi, who had some connection with it, immediately sensed something. His eyes turned blood red. A furious cry sounded. His figure charged into the black fire dragon. When his body entered it, the fire dragon’s strength immediately soared. The dragon tail was swung, exploding the green sea of fire and the black fire tornado apart.

Xiao Yan frowned as he looked at Hun Huzi, who had charged over with a surging killing intent. He flicked his finger, and a black light flashed and appeared beside him. The Northern King’s feet ruthlessly slammed against empty air. Its body appeared like a cannonball as it collided with the black fire dragon. An unusually intense battle erupted.

The cluster of light within Little Yi’s body slowly dimmed after Xiao Yan summoned the Northern King to fight Hun Huzi. Finally, it disappeared. The energy inside his body had been purified and had poured into Xiao Yan’s fire cauldron.

“It’s still not enough…”

Even though the energy within the fire cauldron had become as viscous as a liquid after having devoured Hun Huzi’s embryonic pill, it still did not show any signs of forming. Xiao Yan frowned upon noticing this resistance. The energy that a tier 9 Mysterious Pill required was far too frightening…

“Xiao Yan, the medicinal properties of my embryonic pill were disturbed by Hun Huzi. Today, I shall give you a blessing. Whether you can refine the tier 9 Mysterious Pill that I have sought for all my life will depend on your luck!” Old Man Shen Nong in the distance quickly saw through Xiao Yan’s situation while Xiao Yan was feeling a headache because of the issue of energy He waved his hand and a cluster of light flew out of his medicinal cauldron. Finally, it shot toward Little Yi.

“Thank you Elder Shen Nong.”

Xiao Yan rejoiced upon seeing the light shooting over. He cupped his hands and thanked Old Man Shen Nong.

“Ugh, I have not seen a tier 9 Mysterious Pill be born for hundreds of years. This time around, I will treat this as an eye-opener…” Elder Wanhuo by the side hesitated for a moment after seeing what Old Man Shen Nong did. Finally, he softly sighed and tossed the embryonic medicinal pill in his medicinal cauldron to Xiao Yan in front of the stunned gazes of many Yao clan Elders.

“Thank you very much!”

Xiao Yan took another glance at Elder Wanhuo. His heart had formed a good impression of this member of the Yao clan, the first good impression of the entire clan. He cupped both of his hands and ceased delaying. After which, he tossed the two embryonic medicinal pills into Little Yi’s body. They immediately turned into two vast and mighty light pillars that shot into his medicinal cauldron.

After an incomparably mighty energy poured in, the liquid energy surging within the fire cauldron rapidly melted. A faint light slowly appeared in the middle of the cauldron before filling with liquid energy…


Dark clouds began to cover the clear sky the moment this tiny light spot appeared. The black mass covered the land. Black thunderbolts, which carried a destructive force, rapidly shuttled through the clouds. The deep roar of rumbling thunder caused many people to reveal stunned faces. It was the first time they had seen such terrifying Pill Lightning…

Xiao Yan lifted his head. His eyes were wildly heated as he looked at the black lightning that covered the sky. His sleeve suddenly shook and the fire cauldron’s cover was automatically flipped. A wave of medicinal fragrance that would not scatter swiftly spread apart. In the end, it formed various beads of different lusters that descended from the sky, as though a grand pill rain was occurring!

The divine scene made the hearts of many alchemists involuntarily quiver. They actually began to kneel down.

Yao Dan in the leader’s seat inhaled a deep breath of air as he watched this scene. His voice trembled slightly as he softly muttered.

“Pill Rain Descends, Mysteriou Pill Appears!”




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