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Chapter 1569: Snatching Energy

“The four of them are all refining tier 9 Mysterious Pills…”

Yao Dan watched these unusual phenomenons form in the sky from the leader’s seat. His expression involuntarily became a little strange. With his eyesight, he was able to see through the battle of these four individuals. He might not be aware of the others abilities, but he at least understood Elder Wanhuo well. Elder Wamhuo’s alchemist skill might be quite great, but his chances of successfully refining a tier 9 Mysterious Pill likely did not exceed twenty percent.

Moreover, the refinement of a tier 9 Mysterious Pill required the absorption of a relatively terrifying amount of natural energy. Although the energy within a five-thousand-kilometer-radius of this Medicine Mountain was extremely dense, it was clearly impossible for it to support the formation of four tier 9 Mysterious Pills. Based on his estimates, even if all of the energy within a five-thousand-kilometer-radius of this Medicine Mountain was absorbed, it would be somewhat difficult to refine a tier 9 Mysterious Pill. Moreover… these fellows were refining four of them together.

“If it was so easy to refine a tier 9 Mysterious Pill, it would not be so rare in this world…” Yao Dan slightly shook his head. He did not think that any of the four individuals would be able to successfully refine this pill in his heart. Hence, the four of them would likely fail and end up in a draw during this competition.

Of course, his eyesight was sharp, and it was possible for him to look quite far ahead. However, the others did not possess such eyesight. Hence, all of them revealed shocked and joyous expressions as they stared at the sky. This unusual pill refinement scene was really extremely rare.

Yao Lao also frowned as he sat in his seat. Although he was aware that Xiao Yan had obtained an extremely rare tier 9 Mysterious Pill medicinal formula from the First Elder of the Pill Tower before leaving, he had not expected Xiao Yan to pick it as his target this time around. Although a tier 9 Treasure Pill and a tier 9 Mysterious Pill was only a one word difference, the gap between them was like the Heavens and the Earth.

Although it was rare to find an alchemist who could refine a tier 9 Treasure Pill on the continent, it was not impossible, but in the last hundred years, Yao Lao had never heard of anyone successfully refining a tier 9 Mysterious Pill. From this point, it was possible for one to vaguely understand the difficulty of refining a tier 9 Mysterious Pill.

The energy in the distant sky crazily whistled before gathering into four huge tornado. One side of the tornado was connected to a fire cauldron while the other was wildly absorbing the rich natural energy. This natural energy continuously poured into the fire cauldron.

The people around the stadium suddenly felt the Dou Qi within their bodies showing signs of breaking free from in the face of this all out suction from the four individuals. Immediately, a shock rose in their hearts. They hurriedly pulled back in panic, afraid that the Dou Qi within their bodies, which they had obtained after much hard work, would be dragged away by the four storms in the sky. If that occurred, their losses would be far too great.

This unusual phenomenon in the sky continued for a total of three days. During this period of time, everyone lost track of the amount of energy that had been absorbed. They could only sense that the flowing energy in the surrounding air had become a lot thinner. The medicinal ingredients around the stadium had even begun to show signs of turning into a withering yellow. Their energy had been forcefully sucked away.

Refining a tier 9 Mysterious Pill could basically be described as man creating a divine object. The energy needed to form it was frightening large, enough to shock many elite Dou Shengs. It had once been recorded in the ancient books that wherever a tier 9 Mysterious Pill was born during the ancient era, everything within a five-kilometer-radius would turn barren because all the energy had been absorbed by the medicinal pill. This energy requirement was the reason why a tier 9 Mysterious Pill would possess a shocking intelligence the moment it was born. Of course, there was still some difficulty if it wished to reach the level of the ancestor from the Small Pill Tower. The ancestor’s formation was partly due to luck. Moreover, the pill had merged with its owner’s soul when it had been formed, resulting in the ancestor of the Pill Tower undergoing a transformation. After thousands of years of training, it had finally reached its current stage. Normally speaking, the ancestor was considered a completely unique existence.

Although the members of the Yao clan felt some heartache for those medicinal ingredients that had turned yellowish, there was nothing they could do. Some of the Yao clan Elders had quickly intervened and hurriedly placed some seals on the more precious medicinal fields around the Medicine Mountain. Otherwise, this Medicine Mountain would end up barren once the competition was over.

The endless devouring continued for a total of three days. By noon of the third day, everyone suddenly sensed the non-stop whistling in the sky suddenly become much quieter. They lifted their heads and saw the four huge tornado quietly disappear. Four thousand-foot-large fire cauldrons floated in the sky. An extremely shocking energy fluctuation vaguely spread from them. The ripples caused even the expressions of Xiao Yan and the three others to appear unusually grave. If the energy were to explode, they would at least be seriously injured if they even managed to keep their lives.

“All the energy within a five-thousand-kilometer-radius has been absorbed…”

Yao Dan grabbed at the empty air in front of him before helplessly shaking his head. The energy contained in the air had reached a frighteningly low amount. It would require at least a couple of months in order for the Medicine Mountain to recover its richness.

“There is insufficient energy in this place… the pill refinement has failed…”

The many Elders from the Yao clan felt neither able to laugh nor cry. The embryonic form of the medicinal pills within the medicinal cauldrons of the four figures in the sky were only half complete, but the surrounding natural energy within a five-thousand-kilometer-radius had all been absorbed. There was no longer enough energy to support their pill refinements.

The Perfect Heavenly State only allowed the four of them to control the natural energy within a five-thousand-kilometer-radius. Of course, if their souls had advanced to the legendary Di State, things would be completely different. At that time, one would be able to control the energy wherever one’s Spiritual Perception could reach for one’s own use. It was rumored that during ancient times, those ultimate experts, whose souls had advanced to the legendary Di State, could control nearly half of the Central Plain’s energy with their thoughts. Just thinking of this level caused one to feel frightened.

The eyelids of Xiao Yan and the three others in the sky were opened at this moment. They looked at the half-completed embryonic medicinal pills within their medicinal cauldrons and frowned. If they were unable to continue drawing energy from the surroundings, just their own Dou Qi alone not enough to fill this huge pit…

“Looks like no one will be able to succeed this time around…” Elder Wanhuo bitterly laughed and shook his head.

“Hee, that may not be true…” Elder Wanhuo’s words had just sounded when a strange laughter surfaced from Hun Huzi in the distance. The seals formed by his hands suddenly changed. Finally, his hand ruthlessly slammed against the fire cauldron in front of him. Three clusters of black flame pillars erupted and turned into three crazily rotating black holes in the air above the fire cauldron. A frightening devouring force surged. The vast and mighty energy that was absorbed by the fire cauldrons belonging to the other three during the last few days had turned into many light pillars that were forcefully swallowed by the black holes.

“Hun Huzi, how dare you!”

The expressions of the three immediately became gloomy upon seeing their energy being sucked away. They had not expected this Hun Huzi to be this bold. He had directly targeted them.

Old Man Shen Nong and Elder Wanhuo furiously cried out. The Life Spirit Flame and the Nine Serene Wind Flame immediately swept out and ruthlessly collided with the black holes, but this sudden assault caused the black holes to rotate with increasing speed. The devouring power erupted and swallowed both of their Heavenly Flames.

Old Man Shen Nong’s and Elder Wanhuo’s expressions immediately became ugly after seeing that their obstruction was futile. The Life Spirit Flame might be ranked quite high, but it was more famous for its aiding ability. If they were to really battle, it was impossible for the Life Spirit Flame to be a match for the Nihility Devouring Flame. The Nine Serene Wind Flame was merely ranked tenth. It was extremely difficult for this flame to make up the gap between it and the Nihility Devouring Flame.

“Ha ha, the both of you actually wish to stop my Nihility Devouring Flame with these types of Heavenly Flames. You must be dreaming!”

Hun Huzi loudly laughed, but his laughter had just sounded when his expression changed. His eyes hurriedly shifted to the black hole above Xiao Yan’s fire cauldron. He saw a fire glow shoot out from that fire cauldron. After which, it turned into a fire baby. The fire baby wore an expression of disdain as he waved his small hand. A pink flame surged and wrapped around the black hole. The devouring power of the black hole was eroded by a mysterious purifying force the moment it met the pink flame.

The Nihility Devouring Flame possessed a devouring power while the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame possessed a purifying force. Although it was difficult to determine which was stronger, the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame in Xiao Yan’s hands not only possessed a Heavenly Flame spirit, it was also a genuine essence flame. On the other hand, Hun Huzi merely controlled a seed flame. It might not be an ordinary seed flame, but it was obvious that it could not compete with the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame that Little Yi had transformed into.

“Hun Huzi, thank you for your gift. I will accept the energy within this Heavenly Flame…” Xiao Yan slightly smiled. He purified that black flame into pure energy and poured it into the fire cauldron. Light surged within the fire cauldron and the embryonic medicinal pill became more solid.

“This brat…”

Hun Huzi’s expression sank as he sat in the distance. He had not expected to not only be unable to devour any energy, he had also lost a bit of energy for his seed flame. After suffering such a loss, he could only cease targeting Xiao Yan. Although his Nihility Devouring Flame seed flame was hard for Old Man Shen Nong and Elder Wanhuo to deal with, it was clearly far from sufficient to deal with Xiao Yan’s Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame.

“Hmph, you will not be able to remain pleased for long…” Hun Huzi’s eyes flashed as he coldly laughed. The seal formed by his hands changed and the black holes devouring the energy from Old Man Shen Nong’s and Elder Wanhuo’s cauldrons suddenly started to devour more. With an increasing amount of energy pouring in, his embryonic medicinal pill became brighter. According to this speed, it was actually showing signs of forming.


A joy flashed across Hun Huzi’s face when he saw it solidifying. However, the moment joy appeared, a pink flame suddenly rushed over. It turned into a fire baby that stood on his fire cauldron. The baby curled his mouth in disdain. After which, he slammed his palm on the cauldron cover and subsequently grabbed the embryonic pill in front of Hun Huzi’s stunned eyes before escaping as smoke.

“You are seeking death!”

The dullness continued for an instant before Hun Huzi’s furious roar suddenly rippled across the sky.

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