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Chapter 1571: Borrowing Jade

“Da da…”

Pills poured down from all over the sky and landed on the square, emitting a clear rain droplet like sound. This kind of pills might not be considered medicinal pills but they are formed from pure energy. Consuming it would be greatly beneficial to one’s body.

Xiao Yan’s body was suspended in the sky. Even with his calmness, his eyes involuntarily revealed an expression of wild joy. He had heard about the phrase ‘pill rain descend, Mysteriou Pill Appears’. However, it was the first time he had personally witnessed such a mysterious scene.

“It has… actually really succeed.”

Xiao Yan received a medicinal pill with his hand, which trembled slightly. This result had completely exceeded his expectations. Even with his current ability, his chances of success in refining a tier 9 Mysterious Pill would not exceed forty percent!

However, if one was to really discuss about this pill refinement, there was indeed some element of luck within it. A medicinal pill contained the energy of four embryonic pills. This kind of matter could be described as extremely rare. The four embryonic pills contained various different medicinal properties. Although most of the medicinal strength had been turned into pure energy after Little Yi’s refinement, there was still a trace of medicinal property lingering within it. These slight medicinal properties would merge into Xiao Yan’s embryonic pill and mix together. Adding the fierce refinement by the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame, it had underwent a slight change that no one could expect. The result of that change seemed to have made up for some imperfection within the embryonic pill and result in the successful refinement of this pill…

If any one of these various coincidences were to be not exist, it was likely that even if Xiao Yan had absorbed the energy from the three embryonic pills, he would likely end up failing.

However, there was no ifs in this world. Everyone present would not bother about this kind of imaginary ifs. They could see with their own eyes that Xiao Yan had actually successfully refine a tier 9 Mysterious Pill. The tier 9 Mysterious Pill, which no one had successfully refined in hundreds of years, had descended in front of their very own eyes.


The black lightning like huge python wildly shuttled through the thick dark clouds in the sky. That ferocious heavenly might caused the necks of many to shrink. They were afraid that the black thunderbolt would descend onto their heads.


The thousand feet large fire cauldron suddenly trembled while dark clouds churned in the sky. Immediately, a light pillar erupted into the sky. It was vaguely possible to see a egg like light cluster within the light pillar…

The enormous light pillar was inserted into the thunderclouds in front of many pairs of eyes. Immediately, the thundercloud churned intensely. Many black lightning lingered around the light pillar in a densely packed manner like some howling black pythons. Finally, they ruthlessly smashed towards the cluster of light egg within the light pillar.

“Bang bang bang!”

This earthshaking like strike caused even the entire Medicine Mountain to tremble. A deafening sound continued to appear unceasingly.

Xiao Yan’s expression was anxious as he looked at the cluster of light egg under the lightning that covered the sky. Within it was the tier 9 Mysterious Pill. Once it experienced this lightning tribulation, it would be able to break out and appear. No one was able to aid it in such a matter. Even Xiao Yan could only choose to observe from the side. A tier 9 Mysterious Pill was different from other medicinal pills, which allowed others to block the Pill Lightning. This kind of Mysterious Pill required the energy within the lightning to allow them to become completely perfect…

Under Xiao Yan’s anxious eyes, the cluster of light egg within the light pillar not only did not shatter but had instead become even brighter. Traces of black lightning arcs continued to flash over the egg.


Those wild and fierce explosions continued for over ten minutes before it gradually showed signs of weakening. The lightning had only just weakened when a slight cracking sound was emitted from the egg. Everyone immediately felt their hearts shook. Their eyes stared intently at the egg. It was possible to see a small crack line suddenly spreading on its surface.

“Crack crack crack!”

After the appearance of the first crack line, a domino effect seemed to have been created. An increasing number of crack lines appeared on the egg. Trace of light seeped out from within, causing the egg to be filled with a glaring light.


A black thunderbolt suddenly rushed down from the sky just as the crack lines gradually covered the egg. It ruthlessly smashed onto the egg itself. Immediately, the many crack lines suddenly spread. Finally, it emitted a ‘bang’ and finally exploded apart…

A shocking medicinal fragrance spread in the sky the moment the egg exploded. The medicinal fragrance lingered and agglomerated into the shape of many medicinal herbs, which covered the sky. This appeared extremely mysterious.


A light figure suddenly flashed and appeared in the sky while everyone were absent minded because of this unusual scene in the sky. Immediately, it swiftly rushed out of the Medicine Mountain with lightning like speed. The rich medicinal fragrance behind it was so dense that it also appeared to have a form.

“That is the tier 9 Mysterious Pill!”

“It is actually intending to escape!”

The entire mountain turn into an uproar after this light figure appeared. Countless of people suddenly stood up. Their eyes were heated as they looked at the light figure in the sky. Greed surged from deep within their eyes. There was hardly anyone who could remain calm in the face of the temptation from a tier 9 Mysterious Pill.


However, an icy cold snort resounded over the sky while greed rose in some people’s hearts. This immediately caused their hearts to turn cold. They woke up and hurriedly and quickly withdrew their feet, which was about to step forward. It was likely that trying to snatch the tier 9 Mysterious Pill from the hands of someone who had defeated the chief of the Hall of Soul was not a simple task.

A pair of green red bone wings appeared behind Xiao Yan after deterring these people who were ready to cause trouble. His body moved and he appeared in front of the light figure. His hand slammed forward in the process.

“Yellow Spring Palm!”

An enormous energy handprint suddenly descended from the sky while being accompanied an intense wind pressure. It ruthlessly smashed onto the light figure. The handprint scattered the light on the surface of the figure. A trembling naked figure appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

The figure had long black hair with a delicate and gentle beautiful body. Those pretty large eyes contained some horror as they looked at Xiao Yan. That pitiful appearance stirred the protective desire of many people.

“It already knows how to use this method to confuse others after having just been borned. A tier 9 Mysterious Pill really lives up to its reputation…” Xiao Yan’s eyes were surprised as he looked at the naked beautiful lady. However, he simply laughed softly and said, “A medicinal pill does not have any gender. You have turned into this appearance of yours a moment ago, right?”

After hearing Xiao Yan’s words, the originally pitiful looking beauty was immediately startled. Her body pulled back hurriedly.

Xiao Yan took a stride forward and directly appeared in front of the lady. He pointed with his finger and it landed on his forehead with lightning like speed. A spiritual imprint appeared. Following which, the lovely figure of the lady trembled and it gradually became illusory. Finally, it turned into a round medicinal pill the size of a dragon eye with various unusually fragrance lingering over it.

Xiao Yan took out a jade bottle from within his Storage Ring. After placing a few layers of spiritual seals on it, he finally carefully placed this tier 9 Mysterious Pill inside. This pill had an extremely vast and mighty energy. Unfortunately, it did not know how to use it. Otherwise, even Xiao Yan would not have such an easy time subduing it.

Seeing this, Xiao Yan placed the medicinal pill into his Storage Ring. Many people below revealed an expression of disappointment. However, the former ignored them. He turned around and looked at Hun Huzi, who was still engaged in an intense battle with the Northern King. He involuntarily laughed and waved his hand. The Northern King pulled back and floated beside him with indifferent eyes.

“Ha ha, thank you for the gift…”

Xiao Yan laughed and cupped his hands together towards Hun Huzi, Old Man Shen Nong and Elder Wanhuo after having kept the Northern King.

Old Man Shen Nong and Elder Wanhuo smiled faintly upon hearing this. However, Hun Huzi’s expression was distorted. He did not expect that the embryonic pill, which he had bitterly refined for a couple of days had ended up aiding Xiao Yan!

“There are talents in every generation. Young friend Xiao Yan’s accomplishment in terms of alchemists skills is really breathtaking. It is likely that no one in this alchemist world will be able to compare with you. You are indeed worthy of being the top alchemist.” Old Man Shen Nong beckoned with his hand. The green sea of flame in the sky turned into a medicinal herbs walking stick and appeared in his hand. He glanced at Xiao Yan and laughed.

“This Yao Chen is indeed taught an incredible disciple. If I have known this, I would not have allowed Yao Wangui to randomly do as he pleased back then…”

The many Elders from the Yao clan had complicated expressions upon hearing these words. They looked at each other and could only sigh quietly. Regardless of how proud they were, they had no choice but to admit this at this moment.

“Clan head Yao Dan, Xiao Yan still have another request to make today.” Xiao Yan glanced at Yao Lao. After which, he looked at Yao Dan on the leader’s chair, cupped his hands together and said.

“I know what you wish to say…” Yao Dan’s expression was a little complicated. He sighed softly, glanced towards Yao Lao and said, “Yao Chen, from today onwards, you are perhaps the most outstanding talent within the Yao clan. You can leave whatever you like on the clan tablet…”

“Thank you clan head Yao Dan.”

Yao Lao’s hand trembled gently. His long cherished wish was finally realized at this moment. Even with his calmness, his heart was still extremely excited.

“Ha ha, clan head Yao Dan, I also have a request to make today.” Hun Huzi in the sky suddenly opened his mouth and laughed with a strange expression the moment Xiao Yan sighed in relief.

“Oh?” Yao Dan frowned slightly. He looked at Hun Huzi’s expression. A caution surged into his heart.

“Please speak.”

The smile on Hun Huzi’s face became even stranger upon seeing this. He licked his mouth. His next words, however, caused the expressions of everyone to change drastically.

“I wish to temporarily borrow the Tou She Ancient God Jade from the hands of the Yao clan!”

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