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Chapter 1564: Hun Huzi

The peak of the medicinal mountain was covered by a cloud. A strange medicinal fragrance spread, causing one’s heart to feel untroubled, as though one was in a divine place.

There were clusters of medicinal ingredients gathering like a sea on top of the Medicine Mountain. There was an incomparably huge stadium floating in the air above the medicinal ingredient sea. There were four huge medicinal cauldrons at the four corners of the square. A pill fragrance slowly rose from them as a smoke charged into the cloud.

There were many human figures standing on this floating stage. Many lively conversations were being emitted. Their eyes were all looking to the north. There were many stone chairs neatly arranged there. Pretty female servants shuffled around the two sides of the stone chairs like butterflies. Those agile hands filled all the jade cups on the stone tables.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Xiao Yan and Yao Lao rushed to the top of the mountain. Their eyes swept around. They were about to find a random spot to take a seat when Elder Wanhuo stood from a stone chair at the side. He loudly laughed, “Alliance chief Yao Chen, young friend Xiao Yan, this way please.”

“Yao Chen? Xiao Yan? The Sky Mansion Alliance, huh? It is unexpected that even those two have come.”

“According to the rumors, it seems that this Yao Sheng was once someone from the Yao clan, but he was subsequently expelled from the clan for some reason.”

“Something like this actually happened? Hee, if this is really the case, does that not mean that the current Yao clan deeply regrets their decision?”

The laughter of Elder Wanhuo immediately attracted many pairs of eyes to the location of Xiao Yan and Yao Lao. The current Sky Mansion Alliance was extremely well-known and was appearing like the new overlord of the Central Plains. Most people present had heard about the chief of the alliance in name and its spiritual leader. Many private whispers began to pop up.

Xiao Yan completely ignored these various gazes. All he did was simply look at Yao Lao.

“Ha ha, it is just as you have said. We represent the Sky Mansion Alliance. If they do not give us a good position, they would be looking down on our alliance.” Yao Lao laughed.

Xiao Yan smiled upon hearing his explanation. After which, their bodies flashed and appeared a short distance from Elder Wanhuo. They found a position and sat down. The sharp female servants by the side hurried forward and served them.

Elder Wangui smiled at the both of them after they had sat down. Those other Elders beside him, felt a little unnatural. These elders were all senior representatives of the the Yao clan. If Yao Chen had continued to remain in the Yao clan, he would have had to greet them upon sight, yet the current reality allowed them to understand that they would likely be the ones who would have to greet him…

The chief of the Sky Mansion Alliance was a position was comparable to the head of the Yao clan!

“There is nothing interesting to see during the start of the Medicinal Ceremony. It is merely some young fellows within the Yao clan displaying their skill. The main event of the Medicinal Ceremony is after that…” Yao Lao looked down at the incomparably large stone stage below and softly laughed. He immediately looked at Xiao Yan and said, “If you can emerge victorious in that final competition, the position of the top alchemist on the continent will belong to you.”

“I don’t really care about my position, but the Yao clan is really extremely arrogant. I am only planning to use the alchemist skills that teacher has taught me show them that their reckless and foolish actions back then have caused the Yao clan to lose a true genius.” Xiao Yan smiled as he responded. His alchemist skills had already surpassed Yao Lao, but the reason he was able to attain such an achievement was because of the teachings of Yao Lao. If he were able to emerge victorious in such a place, no one within the Yao clan would dare to stop Yao Lao from leaving his parents name on the clan’s tablet.

“You little fellow…” Yao Lao smiled as he chided him. However, his face was filled with a pleased expression. The heavens had really blessed him with such a disciple.

“Even though your alchemist skills have already reached the pinnacle, it will not be an easy matter to emerge victorious in this Medicinal Ceremony.” Yao Lao’s expression became grave as he said, “Those who can participate in the final competition between alchemists are basically the top individuals of this world. It would be impossible to even find alchemists of this within the Pill Tower…”

Xiao Yan gently nodded. He naturally did not think that those who could participate in the alchemist competition were mediocre individuals, but the stronger his opponent, the more interested he was in competing. Ever since that enjoyable match with others during the Pill Gathering back then, Xiao Yan had not been able to compete with others in terms of medicinal pill refinement in such an environment for a very long time…

Moreover, the opponents this time around would be many times stronger than the opponents of the Pill Gathering.

The human traffic around the stone stage expanded while Xiao Yan and Yao Lao were chatting. Subsequently, various noises shot toward the sky. The buzzing voices caused even the clouds in the sky to scatter a little.

The voices spread before a gong sound rang through the sky. Many members of the Yao clan swiftly stood up. Their respectful voices spread in a mighty manner.

“Welcome clan head.”

The clouds in the sky churned as the vast and mighty greeting reverberated before they separated. A white-robed white-haired old man slowly stepped forward. His hand landed against the air and emitted waves of mysterious fluctuations. Space seemed to have solidified at this moment.

“Clan head of the Yao clan?”

A grave expression flashed through Xiao Yan’s eyes as he stared at this white-haired old man, who was filled with a warm friendliness. He could sense an unusually powerful aura radiating from the old man’s body. This aura was many times stronger than Elder Wanhuo’s aura.

“This is the clan head of the Yao clan, Yao Dan. He is currently a seven star Dou Sheng…” Yao Lao’s eyes were a little complicated as he looked at the white-haired old man. Regardless of what happened, the blood of the Yao clan still flowed within his body. His heart felt some emotion when seeing the clan head of the Yao clan.

“Seven star Dou Sheng…” Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. This should be the strongest person within the Yao clan. He was indeed a little stronger than the strongest in the Sky Mansion. The foundation of an ancient clan was indeed something to be envious of.

“Ha ha, those who have come are guests…”

The clan head of the Yao clan, Yao Dan, revealed a warm smile on his face as he stood in the sky. He cupped his hands to the densely-packed crowd. Then, his eyes suddenly leaped over everyone and paused on Yao Lao. Those flickering eyes contained a complicated emotion.

Xiao Yan, who was seated beside Yao Lao, also sensed Yao Dan’s gaze. His expression did not change, but a black light flashed beside him. The Northern King once again appeared. Its indifferent eyes stared at Yao Dan. It was just like a wild beast, which would suddenly become violent and start killing if prompted.

Yao Lao slowly lifted his head. His eyes looked directly at Yao Dan as he faintly smiled. He cupped his hands together and greeted, “Greetings to clan head Yao Dan.”

“Yao Chen… we have all been mistaken.”

Yao Dan’s eyes focused on Yao Lao before immediately shifting to Xiao Yan. His eyes paused on the Northern King beside Xiao Yan a he let out a soft sigh for an unknown reason. He took a step forward and appeared beside the main seat as many Yao clan Elders respectfully welcomed him.

“Ha ha, old man Yao Dan, are you finally willing to exit your retreat?”

Yao Dan was just about to sit when another voice that was ancient and experienced slowly propagated through the sky. There was also an extremely dense medicinal fragrance contained within this voice. After which, everyone saw a green light flicker in the distant horizon. Within a couple of breaths, a pale green medicinal cauldron quickly cut through the air and arrived. There was an old man in ordinary linen robes on the medicinal cauldron. A walking stick made from medicinal ingredients was held in his hand. Many jade bottles hung on this walking stick, emitting clear clanging sounds as they shook.

“Old Man Shen Nong… it is unexpected that even such an elder has appeared.

Surprise flashed within Yao Lao’s eyes when he saw this person. Xiao Yan by the side was startled before he seemed to have recalled something. The grave expression in his eyes soared. Although the name of this Old Man Shen Nong was not very famous, he was an extremely elderly expert within the alchemist world. Even Yao Lao could only be considered a junior when compared to him. It was unexpected that this person, who had been missing for many years, would actually appear in this place.

“It is indeed worthy of the Medicinal Ceremony…”

Xiao Yan gently licked his lips. His heart suddenly became boiling hot. Being able to compete with such a person in terms of alchemy skills was really something that would make one’s heart boil.

“Ha ha, old fellow, you are actually still alive…” Yao Dan softly laughed, but his expression was not the least bit surprised.

Old Man Shen Nong stood up from the medicinal cauldron. He waved his hand and stored the cauldron away. His old and experienced eyes swept around him before pausing on Xiao Yan. He let out a soft exclamation before laughing, “I have not come out for many years. It is unexpected a new face has appeared within the Central Plains. A Spiritual Strength that has reached the Perfect Heavenly State despite being so young. How surprising…”

“Greetings to elder Shen Nong.” Xiao Yan smiled. He calmly cupped his hands together and laughed in front of the many pairs of eyes present.

Old Man Shen Long smiled as he nodded. He was just about to take his seat when he suddenly frowned and turn around. He looked behind him. A black cloud had suddenly surged over at a shocking speed. Within the blink of an eye, it had turned into a black-clothed middle-aged man. Following the appearance of this person, the entire plaza immediately began to emit a low buzzing sound like the wail of a soul.

“Hun Huzi of the Hun clan. I have come uninvited. Hopefully, clan head Yao Dan does not hold it against me.” The black-clothed man faintly smiled. His steady voice spread throughout the square.

“Hun Huzi…”

Yao Lao, who was beside Xiao Yan, shook upon hearing this person’s name. A cold glint surged into his eyes.

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