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Chapter 1565: The Start of the Medicinal Ceremony

“Hun Huzi… is teacher acquainted with him?”

Yao Lao’s reaction had startled Xiao Yan. His eyes scanned the black-clothed middle-age man in the sky as he gently frowned. It was another person from the Hun clan. These people always appeared in such a mysterious fashion…

“Do you still recall the Small Tower’s incident back then? The person from the Hun clan who had hid within the Small Pill Tower, and in the end, betrayed and wounded his teacher before eventually escaping…” Yao Lao’s deep voice contained an endless hatred.

“That person is Hun Huzi?” Xiao Yan’s heart shook as he exclaimed.

“Aye.” Yao Lao slowly nodded. His eyes observed Hun Huzi in the sky as he continued in an icy-cold voice, “This person has an extremely high position within the Hun clan. Even Hun Mie Sheng can not compare to him. Unexpectedly, even he has been attracted by the Yao clan’s Medicinal Ceremony…”

“Hun Huzi is relatively important to the Hun clan. If I am not mistaken, he should be the mastermind behind the evil scheme of collecting so many souls. If we can eliminate him, it would be equivalent to breaking an arm of the Hun clan.”

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes upon hearing this information. A chill flashed through his eyes. Xiao Yan was only too happy to eliminate the Hun clan. If he found the opportunity, he would try to see if he could kill this Hun Huzi…

“However, you should not be careless. This Hun Huzi has a great attainment in terms of medicine refinement. Otherwise, he would not have been selected by the chief of the Small Pill Tower back then as a disciple. Adding so many years of training, his alchemy skills have probably already reached a profound and unfathomable level…” Yao Lao softly informed Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan nodded. If one were to describe someone who could attain such a position within the clan as a mediocre person, even a little child would not believe this description. Xiao Yan would naturally not underestimate his opponent.

“Hun Huzi… why has this fellow come? Our Yao clan did not invite him.”

“Hmph, the Hall of Souls has been capturing souls for so many years. It has even ruthlessly attacked alchemists and snatched their souls. Hun Huzi is definitely involve in that matter.”

“We cannot allow such a person to participate in our Yao clan’s Medicinal Ceremony!”

The appearance of Hun Huzi immediately attracted the intense reaction from many Elders of the Yao clan. Many furious gazes were thrown toward Hin Huzi as stern cries rang out.

The clan head of the Yao clan in the leader’s seat and Elder Wanhuo exchanged glances with each other. They discovered that the both of them were frowning. Clearly, Hun Huzi coming uninvited had exceeded their expectations. The Yao clan had always maintained a distance with the Hun clan. This ancient clan was much older than them. Regardless of what kind of changes the other ancient clans underwent during the past thousands of years, only the Hun clan continued to remain mysterious and strange. The frightening strength it occasionally displayed caused one to involuntarily feel fear.

Adding the mysterious disappearance of the Ling clan and the Shi clan, the Yao clan, Lei clan, and Yan clan began to act more cautiously with the Hun and Gu clans. Hence, their hearts felt some displeasure when they saw that Hun Huzi had actually come uninvited. However, it was fortunate that they clearly understood the current situation. Hence, their faces still retained a smile as hosts.

“Ha ha, looks like the friends from the Yao clan do not seem to welcome me. This does not seem to match the reputation of liking to entertain guest…” Hun Huzi placed both of his hands behind him as he stood in the sky. His eyes shifted to Yao Dan as he faintly laughed.

“Hun Huzi, my Yao clan did not invite you. Moreover, the current Hun clan and Gu clan do not have a relationship with the other ancient clans. These actions of yours are not like before. It might even deepen the doubt we feel for the Hun clan.” Elder Wanhuo replied in a deep voice.

“It is precisely because we are unafraid of you deepening your doubt that I have come today…” Hun Huzi smiled and said, “This Medicinal Ceremony is considered the greatest alchemist gathering on the continent. Ha ha, I am also interested in the position of the top alchemist on the continent. If Elder Wanhuo has the qualification to give me this qualification, I will leave immediately.”


Hun Huzi’s words immediately caused some Elders in the Yao clan to furiously cry out.

“Ha ha, my Yao clan is unqualified to give you the name of the top alchemist on the continent. The only thing one can rely on to obtain this name is one’s own alchemist skill…” Yao Dan faintly laughed and said. “Since you are so interested in the name of the top alchemist on the continent, you should remain here. Our Yao clan is not a clan that slights its guests. As long as you obey the rules of my Yao clan, you are the guest of the clan. Otherwise… even if you are the chief alchemist of the Hun clan, I will perhaps have to intervene and restrain you.”

A sharp murderous intent flashed across Yao Dan’s elderly face when he spoke until this point. The might of a clan head caused one to quietly feel awed.

“Clan head, isn’t this a little inappropriate?”

The surrounding Elders of the Yao clan were startled when they heard that Yao Dan would allow this Hun Huzi to remain behind.

“The Medicinal Ceremony is the grandest activity within our Yao clan. We cannot simply expel our guest in front of so many people without a reason. That would lead to others thinking that our Yao clan is overbearing. Although we must take precaution against the Hun clan, there are currently many people gathered within this Yao realm. Don’t tell me that someone would dare to try something inappropriate?” Yao Dan waved his hand and calmly said. “The old me will monitor him closely. If there is anything wrong, this elderly self will personally attack and kill him!”

Hearing Yao Dan’s insistence, everyone could only nod as a reply.

“Clan head Yao Dan is really magnanimous…” Hun Huzi softly laughed. The corner of his mouth was curled as a strange smile swiftly flashed within his eyes. His body moved and he appeared on a stone chair in front of many pairs of eyes. This position was coincidentally a short distance away from Yao Lao and Xiao Yan.

“Yao Chen, you have accepted a good disciple. Even though I have remained deep within the Hun Realm, your disciple’s name is still extremely well-known.” Hun Huzi’s eyes shifted to a stone chair before landing on Yao Lao. A strange smile surfaced on the corner of his mouth as he spoke.

“Who can compare with Hun Huzi, who has betrayed his teacher and destroyed his ancestor, in terms of being infamous?” Yao Lao smiled and shook his head as he replied.

“Ha, I have been a member of the Hun clan since I was born and possess the bloodline of the Hun clan. The matter of destroying my ancestor has nothing to do with me. As for betraying my teacher, ha ha, I never thought of that old fool as my teacher…” Hun Huzi merely shook his head in a somewhat serious fashion after listening to Yao Lao’s ridicule. Both of his eyes narrowed into a dangerous arc. He casually said, “Yao Chen, you should actually be thanking me. If you had not caught my eye back then since I wanted you to work for my Hun clan, your soul would have long since been destroyed. How would you have found the time to wait for your disciple to rescue you? Ha ha, but it doesn’t matter. Since you have escaped, all we need to do is recapture you. At that time the whatever Sky Mansion Alliance will finally understand just how naive it is.”

Yao Lao’s expression became gloomy after hearing these words. Xiao Yan’s expression by the side did not change. He softly laughed but did not speak. With a random wave of his sleeve, the Northern King beside him suddenly shot forward. It appeared beside Hun Huzi in a flash. A sharp kick ruthlessly slammed toward Hun Huzi like a large sharp blade.


The attack, which had suddenly arrived, startled even Hun Huzi for an instant. He had not expected Xiao Yan to be so ruthless. Xiao Yan did not utter a single word before simply attacking, but Hun Huzi was not an ordinary person. He immediately let out a cold snort. The space surrounding him became distorted as his figure strangely disappeared. The next time he appeared, he was on a stone chair in the distance.


The Northern King’s kick smashed the stone table and chair into dust. After which, it stopped moving. Its eyes were indifferent as it glanced at Hun Huzi before returning to Xiao Yan’s side and standing as still as a statue.

Xiao Yan held a jade cup in his hand while a pretty female servant obediently walked forward to fill it with a fragrant medicinal wine made by the Yao clan. He took a gently sip and suddenly laughed, “Cold individuals who have betrayed their teachers should stay far away from me…”

“Ha ha, what a great Xiao Yan…”

A smile surfaced on Hu Huzi’s face as he sat in the stone chair some distance away. His smile was dense and bone-chilling. A frightening energy fluctuation slowly spread from his body as he stared at Xiao Yan, causing the expressions of many Elders from the Yao clan to change.

“Hun Huzi, today is the great ceremony of our Yao clan. Fighting is forbidden. Those who break the rules will be expelled from the Yao realm.” Yao Dan, who was sitting in the leader’s seat, took a passive attitude as the two dealt with their conflict. He lifted his head and spoke in a faint voice at this moment.

“Ha ha, since clan head Yao Dan has opened his mouth, I will naturally listen.”

The smile on Hun Huzi’s dense face hardened when he heard this command before it immediately widened. However, the cold glow within his eyes became denser. This old fellow had chosen not to speak when Xiao Yan had attacked. He had instead chosen to step forward and display his impartiality when Hun Huzi retaliated. This was clearly being biased against him in front of so many people.

“What a great Yao clan…” Hun Huzi coldly laughed in his heart. The expression in his eyes also became stranger.

Yao Dan ignored Hun Huzi’s expression. His eyes slowly swept around him. His eyes paused as they swept over Xiao Yan. After which an indifferent voice slowly spread. It was just like thunder as it echoed around the mountain top.

“It is time. Let the Medicinal Ceremony begin!”

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