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Chapter 1563: Elder Wanhuo

“Xiao Yan, this is the Yao clan!”

The red-haired old man furiously glared at Xiao Yan before he sharply cried out after seeing Yao Wangui struggling with all his strength in Xiao Yan’s hand.

“This Elder, I have no intention of causing trouble during my stay in the Yao clan. However, if anyone bullies my teacher and me, I will not simply accept it lying down either!” Xiao Yan’s eyes were icy-cold as he stared at the shocked and horrified Yao Wangui in front of many people. His voice was low and deep as he spoke.

Little Yi in the sky swiftly descended as Xiao Yan’s voice sounded. After which, he stood on Xiao Yan’s shoulder. The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame surrounded him while a horrifying heat spread. It caused the faces of many to feel slightly startled. It was the first time they had ever seen such a mysterious Heavenly Flame.

As Little Yi came rushing down, the somewhat strong black figure beside Xiao Yan shifted a step and coincidentally blocked the red-haired old man. The red-haired old man was extremely strong and was a genuine six star Dou Sheng. Only the Northern King could block him.

Even the corner of Elder Wanhuo’s eyes twitched after seeing the lineup beside Xiao Yan, especially when his eyes scanned the cold and indifferent black body in front. A fear rose within his eyes. During the exchange earlier, he had discovered that even he was unable to obtain the upper hand.

“This Xiao Yan really lives up to his name. He already possesses such strength despite being so young. Moreover, there are so many powerful existences beside him. Such an outstanding talent has actually appeared in the declined Xiao clan. How envious…” The fury on Elder Wanhuo’s face was slowly withdrawn. He studied Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan’s achievements did not lose to even old demons like them. Among the younger generation across the entire continent, it was likely that no one could beat him.

“Xiao Yan, today is an important day for my Yao clan. If Yao Wangui has offended you in any way, can you let him off on account of our Yao clan?”

The surrounding individuals were slightly startled after hearing Elder Wanhuo’s words suddenly become much gentler. They looked at Xiao Yan in a strange fashion. They had not expected an expert from the sixth star of the Dou Sheng class to not be able to subdue Xiao Yan.

“Elder Wanhuo!”

The Elders from the Yao clan revealed a different expression upon hearing Elder Wanhou’s words, causing them to involuntarily cry out. From the way they saw it, if Elder Wanhuo attacked, he would definitely be able to capture Xiao Yan. At that time, it would show these guests that no one was allowed to offend the prestige of the Yao clan. However…

“Shut your mouths. I know what I am doing!” Elder Wanhuo furiously chided them. His expression sank when these people interrupted him. Other people might not be able to tell, but he clearly understood that even if he acted personally today, it would be difficult for him to gain an advantage against that cold and indifferent figure beside Xiao Yan. Moreover, there was still Little Yi holding the Purifying Lotus Demon Flame from the side with malice.

Although those Elders felt a great unwillingness in their hearts, all of them merely shut their mouths after hearing Elder Wanhuo’s stern cry. With the exception of the clan head, no one could surpass his position within the clan.

Xiao Yan was also surprised that this Elder, who clearly possessed quite a high position within the Yao clan, would actually utter such words. His gloomy expression quickly became a little warmer.

“Xiao Yan, you didn’t come to the Yao clan just to find trouble with Yao Wangui, did you?” Elder Wanhuo once again asked a question after seeing Xiao Yan’s expression grow warmer.

“Teacher?” Xiao Yan slightly nodded. His eyes shifted to Yao Lao. Clearly, he was only intent on listening to his teacher’s opinion.

Everyone shifted their eyes upon seeing Xiao Yan’s gaze. Finally, their eyes paused on Yao Lao who had yet to speak since the beginning.

“Since Elder Wanhuo has personally stepped forward, we would really be going overboard if we continue to insist…” Yao Lao was quite calm in front of the many gazes. He faintly smiled as be replied. He was aware that it was naturally impossible to truly kill Yao Wangui right now. After all, the Yao clan would definitely not sit back and do nothing then. Since Elder Wanhuo had given him a path to step back, he was willing to take it. In any case, he had already achieved the deterrence he wanted.

Elder Wanhuo sighed in relief after hearing Yao Lao’s words. His eyes were a little complicated as he glanced at Yao Lao. He had never expected this abandoned person the clan could do without would actually end up with such achievements. Not only did he step into Dou Sheng realm, he had even taught a disciple who had surpassed him.

This disciple of his made the geniuses of the Yao clan pale in comparison.

“If I paid a little more attention back then, the current situation would perhaps have been completely different…” Elder Wanhuo sighed within his heart. If the clan had paid a little more attention to Yao Lao, it was likely that he would have developed some lingering feelings for the Yao clan. In that case, the relationship between the Sky Mansion and the Yao clan would have been quite good. How regretful…

Xiao Yan nodded after Yao Lao opened his mouth. His eyes glanced indifferently at Yao Wangui in his hand. After which, he randomly tossed him toward the group of Elders. The Elders hurriedly received him in a miserable fashion.

“Elder Wanhuo. Both my teacher and I represent the entire Sky Mansion Alliance on our trip to the Yao clan. My teacher is the chief of the alliance. His status is not like the others. Hence, I hope that those Elders, who think that their status is a little superior, control their attitudes. My Sky Mansion Alliance might have only been established for a short period of time, but we will not allow anyone to randomly criticise us.” Xiao Yan turned his head, looked at Elder Wanhuo, and spoke in a deep voice.

Xiao Yan did not feel the least bit of fear and respect in front of this Yao clan Elder. In terms of strength, the other party might not be able to defeat the Northern King. Moreover, if they were to really engage in a life and death battle, Xiao Yan was confident he could take the other party’s life. Hence, Xiao Yan was not overly courteous when he uttered these words. Everything was measured in terms of strength.

Elder Wanhuo was clearly aware of the strength of both parties. Hence, he did not appear to be offended by Xiao Yan’s words. In terms of overall strength, the Sky Mansion Alliance was not inferior to their Yao clan. If one were to discuss the top level strength, the alliance—which possessed the ancestor of the Pill Tower, Xiao Chen, Xiao Yan, and the Northern king—was comparable to the Yao clan. Currently, from just the perspective of the strength between both parties, neither was stronger than the other. This was something many Elders were clearly aware of, but they were unwilling to admit this in their hearts.

“Elder Wangui is rather hot-headed. There are times when he involuntarily says offensive words. This elderly self will reprimand him after this. Everyone who has come today are guests. Regardless of what faction the both of you have come in behalf of, our Yao clan will treat you according to the way guests should be treated.” Elder Wanhuo was clearly many times better than Yao Wangui in terms of magnanimity. His polite words caused many to slightly nod. Such a way of speaking clearly suited the prestige of a large clan.

Yao Wangui revealed a flush red expression, but he did not dare to say anything. If Elder Wanhuo had not hurried over in time earlier, he would have embarrassed himself in public if he could even keep his life.

Elder Wanhuo ignored him. He waved his sleeve and rays of light shot out. The lights accurately shot into the mouths of those individuals who had spoken wickedly and had been beaten by Xiao Yan. After which, he commanded in a faint voice, “For being disrespectful to guests, all of you are exiled from the Medicine Mountain for ten years. Iron Guards, bring them away.”

A couple of figures rushed over after his words had just sounded. After which, these figures brutally grabbed those pale-looking individuals and tossed them outside like dead dogs.

“Ha ha, alliance chief Yao, young friend Xiao Yan, may I know if the both of you are satisfied with this punishment?” Elder Wanhuo glanced between Xiao Yan and Yao Lao as he laughed in a faint voice.

“Xiao Yan admires Elder Wanhuo’s impartiality.” Xiao Yan also revealed a smile on his face. He cupped his hands politely to Elder Wanhuo. How could he not understand Elder Wanhuo’s intentions? These small fries were for him to randomly vent his anger, but Xiao Yan would not be able to pursue the offenses of Yao Wangui. After all, the other party had already punished the members of their Yao clan in public.

“It is already quite late. If everyone plans on observing the Medicinal Ceremony, please follow me to the top of the mountain. Ha ha, I have heard that young friend Xiao Yan was once the Pill Gathering champion. It is likely that you are also extremely accomplished in terms of pill refinement. However, the Yao clan’s medicinal ceremony operates on an even higher level than the Pill Gathering. Each Medicinal Ceremony is the peak gathering of alchemists on the Dou Qi continent. If young friend Xiao Yan can emerge victorious in the Medicinal Ceremony, the title of the top alchemist on the continent will belong to a different surname…” Elder Wanhuo fondled his beard. His tone contained a faint pride. In terms of Dou Qi strength, he would have to view Xiao Yan as an equal. However, when it came to alchemist skills, his pride was accidently expressed. After all, the Yao clan specialized in medicinal refinement.

Xiao Yan merely smiled when he heard the pride within Elder Wanhuo’s voice. He randomly said, “I was taught my alchemist skills by my teacher, but I am curious to learn about the top alchemist gurus within the Dou Qi continent. It would really be my honor to be able to spar with them.”

“Ha ha, you will definitely have a chance. Anyone who possesses the ability to join the Medicinal Ceremony can do so.” Elder Wanhuo laughed. After which, he ceased speaking. His body moved and rushed into the sky. After which, he flew toward the mountain. The many Elders from the Yao clan followed close behind.

Xiao Yan curled his lips after seeing the backs of those Yao clan Elders. Was the Yao clan planning to gain back some face through medicinal refinement? That did not appear simple…

“Teacher, let’s go. Let us go and take a look at the so-called top alchemist gurus from the Dou Qi continent.”

Xiao Yan laughed. He turned his head to look at Yao Lao, who smiled and nodded. After which, the both of them rose into the air at the same time and followed those Yao clan Elders from afar as they all swiftly hurried to the mountain.

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