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Chapter 1482: Dragon Slaying Sword

The long purple hair naturally belonged to Zi Yan, but her body currently radiated a terrifying pressure that frightened Xiao Yan. This pressure originated from the liquid-like golden sword that she held in her hand…

The Southern dragon king looked at his missing arm with dull eyes. After having transformed into a dragon arm, the defenses of his body had already reached an extremely frightening level. Even if he were to receive a direct blow from a five star Dou Sheng, it would be impossible for his arm to be cut off with such ease. However…

“Dragon Slaying Sword? Is it the Dragon Slaying Sword? You have summoned the Dragon Slaying Sword?”

This dull state continued for an instant before he was felt the intense pain transmitted from his lost arm. The Southern dragon king suddenly lifted his head. He looked at Zi Yan walking through the air. Finally, his eyes paused onto the liquid-like golden sword that she held. His eyes shrank to the size of pin holes as a shocked exclamation containing great disbelief was roared from his mouth.

The heart of the Western dragon king by the side also wildly shook. Those bright-red eyes revealed a shocked expression in them. His entire body trembled as he looked at the liquid-like golden sword in Zi Yan’s hand. A horrified expression finally appeared on his face.

The Dragon Slaying Sword was not a weapon. Instead, it was an extremely powerful Dou Skill owned by the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. This Dou Skill could only be unleashed by the Ancient Dragon that possessed the purest royal bloodline. Even the three great dragon kings were unable to use it, but none of them had ever expected the current Zi Yan to be able to summon it. It should be known that even the last Dragon Emperor had to reach the strength of a six star Dou Sheng before being able to barely summon the Dragon Slaying Sword. However, Zi Yan was only at the initial four star Dou Sheng class!

The Dragon Slaying Sword, as its name suggest, was specifically used to slay dragons. This could be considered a technique that only belonged to the Dragon Emperor. Unless one’s strength far surpassed the Ancient Dragon wielding the Dragon Slaying Sword, the Ancient Dragon would be as weak as beancurd under the sword.

“Dragon Slaying Sword…”

Everyone on the Eastern Dragon Island froze at this moment. They raised their heads. All of their eyes contained a rich fear as they looked at the figure standing in empty space. Even an expert like Xuan Mo involuntarily felt his body tremble. They were all feeling a fear and terror that originated from their bloodline. The Dragon Slaying Sword was the thing that all Ancient Void Dragon feared the most within their hearts.

“The Dragon Emperor has actually summoned the Dragon Slaying Sword…”

The many Elders on the Eastern Dragon Island trembled as the looked at the empty realm. They were so excited that tears rolled down their faces. A Dragon Emperor who could summon the Dragon Slaying Sword was a true Dragon Emperor. Hence, from this moment on, Zi Yan finally possessed the authority to command the entire Ancient Dragon tribe!

“The Dragon Slaying Sword has already appeared. It is obvious who the Dragon Emperor is. All of you should stop being obstinate. Be careful of ending up in a terrible state when the Dragon Slaying Sword descends on your head in the future!” The First Elder from the Eastern Dragon Island floated in the air and roared out loud while holding a dragon-shaped walking stick in his hand.

The expressions of some of the warriors from the three dragon islands changed upon hearing this roar. Even Xuan Mon and the other two Elders did not dare to utter a single word at this moment. The pressure of the Dragon Slaying Sword radiated across the empty realm causing them to feel extremely uneasy. They felt as though the thing that could slay a dragon as if it were slaughtering a chicken would suddenly descend and fall on their heads.

“Bang bang!”

Silence covered the Eastern Dragon Island. A moment later, some warriors from the three islands could not endure this pressure that originated from their bloodline. They knelt down to the empty space in the distance…

Soon after this first group of people knelt down, an increasing number of Ancient Dragons began to make a choice after struggling, and in the end, they chose to surrender.

The expressions of Xuan Mo and the other powerful upper echelons of the three islands gradually paled upon seeing more warriors kneel. They were aware that the situation today had already been decided. In the future, the Eastern Dragon Island would definitely far surpass the three great dragon island…

“Hurry up and leave!”

The Western dragon king forcefully suppressed the horror in his heart when the situation on the Eastern Dragon Island’s situation drastically changed. A furious roar sounded and his body instantly pulled back. The Southern dragon king was unconcerned about his broken arm. His face was filled with shock as he pulled back.

“Traitors! Dragon Slaying Sword, execute!”

Zi Yan’s purple eyes starrd at the two retreating figures with cold indifference. An icy bone-chilling voice was emitted from her mouth, and the Dragon Slaying Sword was slowly lifted and swung at the Western dragon king.

The sword swung down. A strange fluctuation rippled from the tip of the sword with lightning-like speed.

The Western dragon island sensed something the moment the sword came swinging down. The terror in his eyes became even more intense as a low roar was emitted from his mouth. Layer after layer of dragon scales rose over his head, body, arms, and half of his body. These dragon scales contained a strange luster as though they were unbreakable…

However, this extremely powerful defense crumbled in a short instant. That strange energy emitted from the Dragon Slaying Sword penetrated space itself and gently slashed across his body.


The fluctuation passed by and the expression of the Western dragon king paled immediately. A mouthful of fresh blood was wildly spat out as he lowered his head in shock. He could see a large savage-looking wound sliding down his shoulder as it headed toward his waist. The tough dragon scales covering his body split like beancurd. The slice was extremely smooth as fresh blood rolled down beneath the dragon scales. One was even vaguely able to see his moving internal organs inside.

Just a slash was all it took to seriously injure the Western dragon king. The might of the Dragon Slaying Sword could indeed be described as terrifying against an Ancient Void Dragon.


A miserable screech sounded from the Western dragon king’s mouth as an earth-shaking cry. An intense pain that penetrated deep into his bones caused his body to tremble. Wave after wave of dizziness continued to assault his mind.

The Southern dragon king, who was a short distance from the Western dragon king, felt his limbs turn icy-cold after seeing the slice form. He violently swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He ceased having any thoughts of rescuing others at this moment. The only thought he had was to hurry up and leave. The might of the Dragon Slaying Sword had almost caused him to collapse.


Xiao Yan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. His heart was full of shock. He had personally experienced just how frightening the defensive strength of those three were. Even his strongest Extermination Fire Lotus had only injured them, but this gentle slash from Zi Yan’s sword had nearly taken the life of the Western dragon king…

“Hurry up and escape!”

The Southern dragon king emitted a roar as his body swiftly retreated. That Western dragon king also understood that he would simply end up dying if he remained behind. He grabbed the savage-looking wound on his chest, maneuvered the Dou Qi within his body, and crazily retreated.


Zi Yan slowly walked passed Xiao Yan. Her eyes were cold and indifferent as she watched those two flee. She once again lifted the Dragon Slaying Sword in her hand and gently slashed it down.

The moment this sword slashed down, Xiao Yan saw a small lock of long purple hair belonging to Zi Yan turn into a grayish-white color…

“This Dragon Slaying Sword is exhausting Zi Yan’s lifeforce!” Xiao Yan’s heart shook violently the moment he witnessed her hair change.

“Since you wish to corner us to death, I will have an all out fight with you!”

A feeling of imminent death immediately rose within the Western and Southern dragon kings’ hearts as Zi Yan’s sword slashed down. They had both seriously injured. They would likely be dead if this slash struck them. Moreover, their prior experience told them that they would not be able to escape the Dragon Slaying Sword. The both of them were forced into a state of madness as a large mouthful of pale-golden blood was suddenly spat out of their mouths.

“Dragon Emperor Bell!”

The golden blood swiftly spread in front of the both of them and turned into a hundred-foot-tall golden bell, which wrapped around the Western and Southern dragon kings.


That strange fluctuation approached with lightning-like speed after the large golden bell was formed. Finally, it smashed with the large golden bell.


That large golden bell emitted waves of circular ripples the moment the loud sound was emitted.


The large golden bell exploded and the lingering ripple struck the Western and Southern dragon kings. One leg from each of them flew off. Within a short few minutes, the two great dragon kings had become crippled dragon kings…

“Do you think that traitors are worthy of unleashing the strength of a Dragon Emperor?” A cold smile rose on Zi Yan’s face as she looked at the extremely miserable duo. The Dragon Slaying Sword in her hand once again mercilessly slashed down.


This sword was not successfully slashed down as Zi Yan’s delicate figure trembled after she had just lifted it up. A mouthful of dark-golden blood was spat out of her mouth as her expression paled.

Although this slash was not completed, there was still a fluctuation emitted. It swiftly rushed toward the Southern and Western dragon kings. In their seriously wounded state, the two of them could only sense the ripple grow closer with shock and fear.


However, a figure hurried over with lightning-like speed after the two were about to be struck by that ripple. It was the Northern dragon king, who had yet to show himself. He grabbed the two of them by a shoulder and a mouthful of golden blood was spat out. Subsequently, he sped up and disappeared from the empty realm within a couple of flashes.


A miserable screech was emitted from the direction they had fled soon after they had disappeared. Clearly, they did not escape the mysterious fluctuation.

“The three great dragon kings have been defeated…”

The bodies of Xuan Mo’s group on the Eastern Dragon Island immediately turned icy-cold after they watched the three miserable figures flee. Their bodies began to rise from the ground as they fled in all directions along with some of the three islands’ Elders. It would be suicidal for them to remain behind at this moment…

“What a terrifying sword…”

Xiao Yan looked to where the three dragon kings had disappeared before his eyes shifted to the seemingly liquid-like sword in Zi Yan’s hand. He involuntarily inhaled a gentle breath of cold air in his heart.

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