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Chapter 1483: End of the War


Zi Yan’s body did not move even as the three dragon kings escaped. Her purple eyes were filled with a cold intent as she stared in the direction the trio had vanished. A moment later, that seemingly liquid-like golden sword in her hand shook and scattered into nothing. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat from Zi Yan’s mouth while the Dragon Slaying Sword vanished. Her body also began to slowly fall.

Xiao Yan was startled upon seeing her fall. He hurriedly moved forward and caught her. His heart involuntarily ached after seeing her extremely pale face. It seemed that using the Dragon Slaying Sword greatly exhausted Zi Yan. Moreover, this kind of exhaustion did not appear to be simple Dou Qi exhaustion…

“I’m fine…”

Zi Yan’s eyes looked at Xiao Yan as she lay in his embrace. A somewhat forceful smile surfaced on her face.

Xiao Yan involuntarily shook his head upon hearing her response. He simply hugged Zi Yan and sat down in the air. The condition his body was in was also extremely terrible. If the bloodline strength that had been emitted from within his heart had not healed a lot of his damaged medians, it was likely that he would have been paralyzed and left a cripple. Even though he wasn’t a cripple, the current Xiao Yan was also at his limits. The injuries he had received from fighting the three great dragon kings alone were too serious.

“Well, eat up. These are the Danwan that you enjoy eating the most…” Xiao Yan pulled out a jade bottle from his Storage Ring and poured a couple of round pills out. He waved them at Zi Yan and laughed.

“Are you still treating me like a little girl?” Zi Yan involuntarily rolled her eyes at Xiao Yan after hearing his teasing words. She unceremoniously grabbed those pills and stuffed them into her mouth, but the way she ate these pills was undoubtedly more refined than before. She did not simply devour them like when she was a little girl.

“Dragon Emperor!”

The Eastern Dragon Island’s First Elder’s group swiftly flew over from below. After which, they halted a short distance from Zi Yan and respectfully called out. They were quite tactful. All of them merely glanced at the two of them before hurriedly lowering their heads.

“First Elder, is the Eastern Dragon Island alright?”

A faint redness surfaced on Zi Yan’s pale face after seeing these Elders lower their heads. She swiftly recovered her calmness and struggled to stand from Xiao Yan’s embrace. Her somewhat weak voice regained a pressure to it.

“Reporting to your majesty, the dragon island is fine. Many members of the three great dragon islands have fled. However, there are quite a number of members from the Ancient Void Dragon tribe who have chosen to remain on our Eastern Dragon Island.” The First Elder respectfully replied. The people he had mentioned were naturally those from the three islands who had knelt earlier.

“Aye. Temporarily accept them and keep an eye on them. There might be a spy from the three islands among them.” Zi Yan slightly nodded and replied.

“Understood. What about the three great dragon kings?” The First Elder nodded before asking a question in a hesitant manner. The three great dragon kings were the greatest obstacle to the reunification of the Ancient Dragon tribe.

“The Western and Southern dragon kings had their limbs severed by me. Even if they can recover in the future, their strength will definitely be diminished. Just the Northern dragon king alone will not be able to achieve anything great. Once the Eastern Dragon Island recuperates, we will launch a counterattack and complete the unification.” A sharp expression flashed across Zi Yan’s purple eyes as she spoke in a faint voice. Perhaps it was because she had the constitution of a Dragon Phoenix, but there was a pressure flowing from her words when she spoke. In the face of this pressure, even Xiao Yan quietly felt a little speechless. It was difficult to imagine that extremely greedy little girl would become this fierce after growing up.


The First Elder’s group sighed in relief after hearing her response. They respectfully replied. None of the dared to remain any longer as they bowed and flew back to the Eastern Dragon Island. Zi Yan, who had wielded the Dragon Slaying Sword earlier, caused them to feel fear within their hearts.

Zi Yan turned her head only after seeing the First Elder and the others leave, only to see Xiao Yan’s somewhat strange expression. She was startled as she asked, “What is it?”

“Ugh, the Dragon Emperor, this is a really big hat to wear…” Xiao Yan shook his head and sighed. Compared to this Zi Yan, he still prefered that innocent and lively little girl who liked to stay beside him all day for a meal…

“It is not as though I have put on airs in front of you. Why do you need to sigh?” Zi Yan glanced at Xiao Yan. She suddenly approached him. An evil smile appeared on her exquisite face as she said, “Don’t you like this appearance? I frequently saw you placing your eyes on elder sister Cai Lin’s body in the past.”

“Cough, nonsense.” Xiao Yan’s face turned red as he glanced at Zi Yan. That tone of hers like the greedy and heartless little from before.

“Hee hee…” Zi Yan covered her mouth and softly laughed. After which, she quickly stopped laughing, looked at Xiao Yan, and said. “Thank you very much this time around. If you had not held off the three dragon kings off for such a long time and seriously injured them, this immature Dragon Slaying Sword of mine would not have been able to create such a deterrence…”

“It is not necessary to thank me. I have put in a lot of effort during this period because of you.” Xiao Yan rolled his eyes. In order to help Zi Yan resolve the trouble she faced, he had thought of many ways to pull the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe to her side. Moreover, he had even killed and captured the experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe along the way. He threatened them with hostages in order to force them to retreat. After having hurried over, he had even engaged in a bloody all out battle with the three great dragon kings. Had it not been because of his strong body, he might have really ended up dying.

Of course, given Xiao Yan’s character, he would naturally not mention what he had done for her. He waved his hand and rushed back to the Eastern Dragon Island. His body had only just moved when waves of intense pain from his twitching meridians was emitted. His face twitched as he gently inhaled a breath of cool air.

“It has been so many years, but you still like to put on a strong front. You should recuperate on the Eastern Dragon Island during this period of time…”

A fragrance was transmitted from beside Xiao Yan as he inhaled a deep breath. He sensed his arm was lifted up. After which, it made contact with smooth and soft skin. He turned his head, only to find Zi Yan supporting him. She moved her body and flew toward the dragon island in the distance. Zi Yan’s hair danced as she flew. Pieces of it gently swept over Xiao Yan’s face and appeared entirely free of worry…

The big fight on the Eastern Dragon Island had finally come to an end with the Eastern Dragon Island obtaining a major victory. The strength of the Eastern Dragon Island would undoubtedly soar after this battle. It would far surpass the three great dragon islands. On the other hand, the three great dragon islands would show signs of declining. The Dragon Slaying Sword was the symbol of the Dragon Emperor. In the past, many of the warriors from the three islands did not believe Zi Yan was the Dragon Emperor. However, this doubt would undoubtedly vanish following the incident today. Summoning the Dragon Slaying Sword by the true Dragon Emperor created a pressure that originated from within their bloodlines and would cause those from the three great dragon islands to make a choice after some considerations…

In the future, the three great dragon islands would no longer have the opportunity to attack the Eastern Dragon Island. They would change from being in control of the situation to only being able to respond. All they could do was helplessly wait for the Eastern Dragon Island to gather its strength before it finally eliminated the three islands to complete the unification of the Ancient Dragon tribe.

Of course, quite a bit of time was still required before getting to that stage…

The Eastern Dragon Island fell into a busy atmosphere after the defeat of the three great dragon kings. There were many things to resolve after the battle, especially since the Eastern Dragon Island had gained many new residents.

While the entire Eastern Dragon Island fell into a busy atmosphere after the big battle, Xiao Yan had found a hidden room and announced that he was taking a retreat. The injuries that he had suffered this time around had really been too serious. He had even nearly ended up dead. Hence, he needed to adjust the condition of his body to avoid a sequela that would impede his advancement. Otherwise, his losses would really be unbearable.

A faint sandalwood fragrance lingered within a quiet room. Xiao Yan sat down on a stone platform that was made from cold jade. Both of his eyes were shut. A rich energy surged around his body. It followed his breathing cycle as it slowly entered his body.

It had been ten days since Xiao Yan had entered this chamber. The extremely serious injuries within his body had gradually recovered. Despite the improvements of his injuries, Xiao Yan did not show any signs of waking. His body seemed to have turned into a stone statue. He had been maintaining this unmoving stance since he had entered…

However, no one was aware that the calm mountain-like expression on the surface did not mirror the true situation within his body like one would imagine…

“Bang bang!”

The heart within Xiao Yan’s body slowly pounded. A tendril of purple-red blood would appear each time it pounded. This blood would slowly seep out of his heart before finally spreading in all directions. This string of purple red blood seemed to possess an extremely terrifying temperature. The meridians and muscles it flowed through would suddenly boil. This kind of boiling did not cause Xiao Yan to feel any intense pain. Instead, it vaguely carried the mysterious feeling of being reborn…

Xiao Yan did not know why this was happening. Soon after this retreat of his began, that newly formed bloodline strength that had been hidden deep within his heart had automatically flowed out at this moment. This strand of bloodline strength might appear a little weak, but it possessed an extremely mysterious effect. The reason the serious injuries in his body were healed within ten days was mostly because of this purple-red blood…

Although Xiao Yan did not understand why this purple-red blood was acting opposite of its usual quietness, he did not purposefully control it. He let it do its thing. Of course, the reason why he allowed it to act as it pleased was because he gradually sensed his strength slightly increase each time the purple-red blood circulated around his body.

The purple-red blood seemed to be continuously tempering and refining his body.

This refinement was undoubtedly good for Xiao Yan. Hence, he did not obstruct the process. With the flow of time, he gradually entered a slumber-like state. His heart continued to beat slowly in a rhythmic fashion as he descended into a slumber. Wisps of purple-red blood flowed out and tirelessly refined Xiao Yan’s meridians and flesh.

Of course, with this temperament, Xiao Yan’s aura slowly rose while he was deep in his slumber…

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