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Chapter 1481: Fighting Desperately


A ten-thousand-foot-large firestorm swept over the sky at this instant. Its frightening temperature caused fierce flames to rise across the Eastern dragon island despite it being extremely far away. Some of the weaker individuals were shocked to find that the blood in their bodies had begun to boil…

“What a terrifying firestorm…”

The extremely chaotic battles across the Eastern Dragon Island became quiet when this earth-shaking storm appeared. Many pairs of eyes were filled with a rich shock as they stared at this firestorm that filled their sights. Even someone as strong as Xuan Mo ended up revealing a solemn expression when he sensed this annihilation force.

“It seems to be an attack unleashed by that brat…”

The expression of the First Elder from the Western dragon island suddenly changed. His voice contained great shock.

“What?” Xuan Mo’s and the other First Elder’s eyelids twitched upon hearing this news. Their hearts were filled with disbelief. If they were to get swept into such a terrifying attack, they would not survive, yet such an attack had originated from the hands of that advanced one star Dou Sheng?

“He is indeed worthy of being a friend of the Dragon Emperor. With his help, the Dragon Emperor might have an easier time…” The group from the Eastern Dragon Island exchanged glances. It was possible for them to see a joy on each other’s faces. This was something they could feel excited about after having listened to a continuous string of bad news.

Xiao Yan’s figure rapidly pulled back within the empty realm. A jade bottle appeared in his hand while he was pulling back. He quickly stuffed the medicinal pills into his mouth. Having unleashed the Yellow Spring Divine Anger and the most frightening five-colored lotus flame in a row had exhausted him. Moreover, he had also formed the “Three Thousand Lightning Illusory Body” at the last moment and took advantage of the three dragon kings’ inability to sense their surroundings after they had been struck by the Yellow Spring Divine Anger to quietly appear behind them. Finally, he exploded the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame and completely engulfed the three dragon kings within the most destructive strength of the fire lotus.

These few attacks that he had unleashed would cause even an expert three star Dou Sheng, to suffer a serious injury if they had been caught off-guard. Xiao Yan was clearly aware of the might of the Yellow Spring Divine Anger and the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame. One specialized in attacking the soul while the other boasted an exterminating destruction. The strength from the combination of the two could be described as terrifying…

The storm was like a natural disaster in the empty realm as it emitted a frightening temperature and an annihilation-like wave. Even Xiao Yan did not dare to easily touch these assault waves.

“Although the Yellow Spring Divine Anger and the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame are extremely powerful, the body of an Ancient Void Dragon is also unbelievably tough. Additionally, the three of them possess extraordinary abilities. It would be difficult to kill them…” Xiao Yan’s eyes rapidly flickered while he swiftly flew back.


The enormous firestorm in the distance violently shook as this thought flashed through Xiao Yan’s heart. Its rotating speed gradually slowed. Finally, a dragon roar that was filled with a wild murderous intent was emitted from the firestorm.

“They are indeed not dead!”

Xiao Yan’s heart slightly sank upon hearing this dragon roar. It seemed that he was really dreaming of he wanted to kill the three dragon kings with one strike.


Soon after the dragon roar was emitted, a dragon claw that was hundreds of feet in size was violently extended from the storm. Three dragons, which were tens of thousands of feet long, forcefully rushed out of the firestorm. Those large blood-red dragon eyes were incomparably vicious as they stared intently at Xiao Yan in the distance.

These three extremely large dragons were the actual forms of the three great dragon kings, but their appearances were extremely miserable. Blood flowed out of their enormous dragon bodies like streams. Over half of their scales, which were as large as a human head, had been shattered. Deep wounds covered their bodies like gullies. It was even vaguely possible to see dense, white bones within the wounds. Even though the three of them had survived the Yellow Spring Divine Anger and the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame, they had paid a heavy price…

“Little bastard. This king will ensure that you suffer a fate worse than death!”

Three huge dragons lingered in the empty space. An extremely dense dragon might spread apart. It appeared as though the entire world was trembling at this moment. Vicious roars rumbled over this empty realm like thunder before spreading into the distance.

Xiao Yan appeared just like an insignificant ant as he stood in front of these three humongous dragons. His face involuntarily twitched a couple of times at this moment. The bone wings behind him were flapped and his body suddenly pulled back. The three large dragon kings had already gone crazy. He would likely end up dying if he were to fight with them.


Xiao Yan’s body had just pulled back when the three large dragon kings widened their ferocious large mouths. Three light pillars that were a thousand feet wide shot out with a ‘bang.’ The light pillar contained an extremely terrifying destructive force. It was likely that Xiao Yan would completely vanish if he was struck by them.

“Angry Buddha Reincarnation!”

The three large light pillars sealed off all of Xiao Yan’s paths of retreat. His expression had become completely grave at this critical moment. Four clusters of Heavenly Flames were spat out of his mouth. They rapidly swelled and turned into a thousand-foot-large plate created by a ring of fire. A mysterious energy slowly spread from within the plate. This was a unique Dou Skill that Xiao Yan had comprehended while advancing to the Dou Sheng class back then.

The enormous fire plate had just been formed when the first light pillar came rushing over with lightning-like speed. Finally, they collided with each other!


The entire world was quiet the moment the collision occurred. A strange force was emitted from within the circular fire plate before the light pillar emitted a swoosh sound as it shot backwards.


Although the light pillar was reflected, the force that penetrated the fire plate still caused Xiao Yan to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood!

“Bang bang!”

The other two light pillars quickly followed behind the first light pillar, but all of them were eventually reflected. Nevertheless, the fire plate also exploded with a ‘bang’ after the last light pillar was reflected. Another mouthful of fresh blood was spat out of Xiao Yan’s mouth as his body flew back ten thousand feet.

“Boom boom!”

Those three reflected light pillars were ruthlessly smashed into the enormous bodies of the three great dragon kings in front of their stunned eyes. This caused their originally miserable injuries to worsen.

“Kill him!”

This wild and violent roar reverberated around the empty realm. Even the most sinister Northern dragon king had become furious at this moment. The combined attacks of the three of them, the three great dragon kings, not only failed to swiftly finish Xiao Yan off, they had instead allowed Xiao Yan to leave them worse off. They would lose all of their reputation if this matter were to spread!

“All of you will have to lose more bones if you wish to kill me!”

Xiao Yan once again forcefully stabilized his body. He lifted his somewhat pale face and wiped away the trace of blood from the corner of his mouth. His black eyes revealed some craziness. The three great dragon kings were cornering him to death.

Xiao Yan spat out some blood as a madness rose within his eyes. Both of his hands formed a hand seal, and an enormous illusory figure once again covered his body.


A giddiness spread through Xiao Yan’s head as the illusory figure appeared, but he continued to clench his teeth. He once again activated his Spiritual Strength to unleash the Yellow Spring Divine Anger!

The frightening Spiritual Strength assault surged once again and ruthlessly struck the three great dragon kings. At that moment, the giant blood-colored eyes of the three great dragon kings revealed a dimness. Two continuous spiritual attacks posed great harm to them…


The Northern dragon king was the first to recover from this spiritual assault. His large body suddenly swayed as it swiftly transformed into a human figure. With a flash, he appeared in front of Xiao Yan. His expression was ferocious as he threw a punch forward, which heavily landed on Xiao Yan’s chest.


A large mouthful of fresh blood was spat out of Xiao Yan’s mouth. His expression was ferocious as he looked at the vicious face of the Northern dragon king in front of him. A wild smile appeared on his face. A four-colored fire lotus appeared with the flip of his hand and subsequently smashed into the body of the Northern dragon king.



A fire lotus erupted once again, and the Northern dragon king was sent flying back ten thousand feet due to the explosion. Mouthful after mouthful of blood was madly spat out as though it cost nothing. He did not expect Xiao Yan to be even more ruthless than him. Xiao Yan had exchanged a punch for a punch!

The interior of Xiao Yan’s body was turned into a complete mess by the Northern dragon king’s palm after Xiao Yan had used his remaining strength to unleash a fire lotus that sent the Northern dragon king flying. Even Xiao Yan’s chest had slightly sunk in. Without his extremely strong body, it was likely that the palm from the northern dragon king would have caused his body to explode, resulting in his death.

Two light figures accompanied by an earth-shaking murderous desire came rushing over while Xiao Yan was struggling to catch his breath. They were the Southern and Western dragon kings. The eyes of those two were bright-red, and they appeared quite mad. The three great dragon kings were had been beaten into such a miserable state by someone from a member of the younger generation. Just thinking about it caused the rational thoughts of those two to be overcome by craziness…

“Little bastard, go and die!”

The expression of the Southern dragon king was ferocious. His arm transformed into a huge claw that ruthlessly slammed toward Xiao Yan’s head. If this palm were to strike Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan’s head would have ended up exploding into a bloody fog.

Looking at the rapidly magnified dragon claw in front of him, Xiao Yan’s body began to tremble in the face of such a deadly threat. The heart in Xiao Yan’s chest suddenly began to rapidly beat. The strange bloodline hidden in his chest had begun to quietly flow out. It swiftly entered the many blood vessels within his body…

“Bang! Bang!Bang!”

After the feeling of that blood flowing into his blood vessels, Xiao Yan suddenly felt his strength, which he had completely exhausted, completely return in an instant. Moreover, it appeared even stronger than his previous peak condition.

“This is…”

This sudden change caused Xiao Yan to be startled. He quickly recovered and was preparing to hurriedly dodge when an extremely bright-golden light suddenly flashed past his eyes.


Xiao Yan’s eyes were shocked as the golden light flashed passed because he saw the arm of the Southern dragon king be hacked off. The spot where the arm was broken was extremely smooth…

The shock quickly disappeared. Xiao Yan suddenly turned his head around, only to find a purple-haired figure slowly walking through the air. A liquid-like golden sword slowly flowed through her hands while a destructive force quietly spread from it. At the same time, a mysterious icy-cold voice spread with a pressure…

“This emperor will forever imprison you in the dragon prison if you dare touch him!”

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