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Chapter 1480: Three Great Dragon Kings


The long dark-golden spear was just like a furious roaring dragon that cut a bright arc in the emptiness before it ruthlessly smashed into the hand of a middle-aged man with a crown over his head. His hand had transformed into a claw. The frightening force shattered a great amount of scales on the dragon claw.

The moment that long spear left that delicate and beautiful figure, another figure began to approach in a ghost-like fashion. An extremely sharp palm wind unhesitatingly and mercilessly slammed toward the beautiful figure.


The owner of that beautiful figure narrowed her eyes when she sense this sneak attack. Her sharp nose emitted a low cold snort. With a shake of her arm, that long spear seemed to be connected to a chain as it was instantly swung in a soul-stirring arc, forming a semi-sphere that heavily struck the sharp palm wind. The powerful force erupted and the two were forced to stagger back before they finally stabilized their bodies.

“Ha ha, it is indeed worthy of being the Dragon Phoenix constitution. Its strength is actually this powerful!”

This failed surprise attack caused the man to involuntarily let out some praise. He laughed, “Niece Zi Yan. Why do you need to continue this stubborn resistance? Although you possess the extremely rare Dragon Phoenix constitution, you have yet to mature. You are really being too naive if you are thinking of fighting the three of us alone.”

“Western dragon king, you should stop acting in front of me. The three of you had taken advantage of my father’s disappearance to split the Ancient Void Dragon tribe, resulting in the current state of the Ancient void Dragon tribe. It is not too much to say that the three of you are the sinners of this tribe!” Zi Yan’s face was dark as a chill spread from her pale-purple eyes with a laugh.

“Hee, the three of us also possess the royal bloodline. It is only logical for us to proclaim ourselves kings. Since when can a young fellow like you reprimand us!” A somewhat shady-looking middle-aged man coldly stated.

“Niece Zi Yan, the losses from the internal conflict within the Ancient Dragon tribe have been far too severe. Why can’t you take a step back and avoid this battle?” There was a man in royal robes among the trio. This person always had a smile hanging on his face, giving one a good impression since he always appeared extremely friendly. However, only those who were familiar with him were aware that this Northern dragon king was the most frightening among the three great dragon kings. Not only did he scheme a ton, but he would also use all means to achieve his aims. The suggestion to work with the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe had been made by him.

Zi Yan glared at the Northern dragon king with great dislike. This person was the person who would stab someone in the back. Back then, the other two dragon kings were tempted by him to separate from the Ancient Dragon tribe. This eventually led to them carrying out the split that greatly damaged the Ancient Void Dragon tribe.

“Do you think you are worthy of having the royal bloodline of the Ancient Dragon? The Ancient Dragon tribe will really be finished if it ends up in your hands!” Zi Yan knit her brows. Her entire being was filled with a dark aura as she coldly cried out.

The Northern dragon king smiled upon hearing her words. He softly said, “Since niece Zi Yan is so stubborn, I can only capture you by force. Once you witness the prosperity of our Ancient Dragon tribe in the future, you will naturally understand what I am doing now is correct.”

“We should attack. Do not continue to delay. The situation might end up changing.”

The Western dragon king and Southern dragon king hesitated for a moment after hearing the Northern dragon king’s voice. After which, they violently nodded.

“Do you think that I am afraid of you just because your numbers are greater?”

Zi Yan’s face became gloomy after she saw the three of them were preparing to attack together again. Her body moved and she pulled back. A pair of thousand-foot-large phoenix wings spread from her back. Those phoenix wings were flapped and a frightening strength rose from them.


These wings caused the Northern dragon king to frown. A cold cry sounded and his body took the lead in rushing forward. The Western and Southern dragon kings followed close behind him.

“Yellow Spring Finger! Yellow Spring Palm!”

Their bodies had just begun moving when an explosive cry suddenly resounded from empty space. A large finger and palm suddenly descended from the sky and ruthlessly smashed toward the trio.

“Who are you little thief? How dare you interfere in the matters of my Ancient Void Dragon tribe!”

This sudden attack also caused the three dragon kings to be startled. They quickly waved their sleeves and a frightening force shot out with lightning-like speed before shattering the Yellow Spring Finger and the Yellow Spring Palm.

The trio immediately turned their icy eyes after shattering the palm and finger. Their eyes finally paused on a skinny figure who was flapping a pair of green-red bone wings. This figure remained suspended in the air a short distance from them.

“Brat, are you asking to die?”

Upon seeing their attacker, a chill flashed across the Southern dragon king’s eyes as he cried out.

“Xiao Yan?”

Zi Yan, who was flapping her thousand-foot-large phoenix wings, was also startled because of this figure. Her pretty eyes slid over as a joy quickly flashed over them. Soon after, that joy changed into worry as she cried out loud, “Xiao Yan, what are you doing here? You are no match for them. Withdraw now!”

With Zi Yan’s current strength, she was naturally able to see through Xiao Yan’s strength at a glance, an advanced one star Dou Sheng. Although this improvement speed was already quite shocking, the opponents this time around were the renowned three great dragon kings of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe!

“How long do you need?” Xiao Yan ignored Zi Yan’s cry. All he did was pose a question. He could tell that Zi Yan was preparing a powerful strike. Clearly, this required a lot of time to prepare.

Zi Yan was startled upon hearing his question. She gently clenched her teeth before answering Xiao Yan. “Ten minutes!”

“Leave them to me.” Xiao Yan gently exhaled and softly replied.

“You…” Zi Yan knit her brows. She looked at the somewhat skinny back. The three great dragon kings were the top experts on the continent. The western and southern dragon kings had all become advanced three star Dou Shengs. That Northern dragon king was even stronger. He already had half-a-foot in the fourth star of the Dou Sheng class. If the three of them were to cooperate, even an initial four star Dou Sheng would not be able to fight with them. Even less needed to be said for Xiao Yan, who was an advanced one star Dou Sheng.

“What arrogant words!”

The Western dragon king coldly snorted. An advanced one star Dou Sheng class expert might appear very strong in the eyes of others, but it was difficult for someone of this strength to stir any trouble in front of them.

Xiao Yan was without expression. He completely ignored the other party’s mockery. Both of his hands were swiftly placed together. After which, many extremely complicated hand seals were formed. At the same time, the Spiritual Strength on his brow began to stir.

“Do not drag things out with him. All three of us will attack together!”

The Northern dragon king frowned. His naturally cautious self was unwilling to take a risk. Even though the other party was merely a one star Dou Sheng, he still insisted that the three of them fight with all their strength and kill him before dealing with Zi Yan.

The Western and Southern dragon kings curled their mouths upon hearing these words. They felt some disdain for the cautiousness of the Northern dragon king, but they did not utter anything or argue with him. Their three bodies rushed out at the same time. Sharp lethal attacks whistled toward Xiao Yan.

“Chi chi!”

The seals formed by Xiao Yan’s hands changed with lightning-like speed. At the same time, his Spiritual Strength suddenly erupted from his brow. It turned into a thousand-foot-large illusory figure that wrapped around his body. That illusory figure abruptly opened its huge mouth after the seals were formed. A strange and frightening ripple erupted from its mouth like a storm!

“Yellow Spring Divine Anger!”


Xiao Yan was clearly aware of the vast difference in strength between him and the three great dragon kings. It was impossible for him to even endure five minutes in a head-on clash. Hence, he had unleashed the only Tian class high level Dou Skill that he had practiced, the Yellow Spring Divine Anger.

After the strange sound was emitted from the enormous illusory figure’s mouth. The empty realm seemed to have instantly quietened down. A moment later, the expressions of the three great dragon kings began to gradually change. They had discovered the frightening sonic wave attack that came from all directions at this moment.

“Spiritual attack! Be careful!”

The face of the Northern dragon king was covered with a grave expression. He had not expected Xiao Yan to unleash a spiritual attack. The physical bodies of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe might be extremely powerful, but they were still Magical Beasts. Spiritual strength was the weakness of Magical Beasts. Fortunately, there were not many experts in the current Dou Qi continent who knew how to use Spiritual Strength to attack. However, not many did not mean that they did not exist. An example was Xiao Yan…


The empty realm began to tremble at this moment.

“Let’s join hands!”

The Northern dragon king immediately sensed a giddy feeling be emitted from his head after the sonic wave was transmitted into his ear. He explosively cried out and the three of them gathered together. That frightening sonic attack had arrived before they could completely circulate their Dou Qi!

That frightening attacking speed had caused Xiao Yan to suffer a great loss before. This time around, he had caught the three dragon kings off-guard!

They did not have much time to defend against that frightening speed!


The spiritual assault quickly arrived and disappeared just as quickly. The bodies of the three dragon kings emitted a deep muffled sound the moment the sonic wave penetrated their bodies.


The three stiffened bodies solidified for a moment. Both the faces of the Western and Southern dragon kings immediately paled. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. The intense pain of being sliced by a blade continued to be emitted from their minds, causing them to gain the impulse to tear off their heads.

“Little bastard, I will tear you apart while you’re still alive!”

The Northern dragon king’s condition was slightly better, but his face was also a little pale. His eyes were extremely ferocious as they looked at Xiao Yan, who was a short distance away. His eyes were filled with a brutalness and a murderous intent.

Xiao Yan’s solemn face revealed a grin as he looked at the vicious eyes of those three individuals. The seal formed by his hands changed. He widened his mouth and a faint voice was slowly emitted, “Explode!”

The eyes of the Northern dragon king shrank the moment his voice was emitted. It was as though he had detected something. He turned his head abruptly, only to see another Xiao Yan appearing a couple of meters behind.

At this moment, there was a fire lotus consisting of five different colors in the hand of ‘Xiao Yan.’ This fire lotus was slowly rotating.

That ‘Xiao Yan’ lifted his head the moment they turned theirs. He gave them a mysterious smile. That beautiful five-colored fire lotus exploded like a beautiful fireworks in his hands…

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