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Chapter 1469: Finding Helpers

Cai Lin’s group stood near the altar and stared at Xiao Yan, who had sat for an entire afternoon on the stone chair. Cai Lin involuntarily pressed her eyebrows together. This stone tablet appeared extraordinary. The strength contained within it was at a level that even an expert like Yao Ming did not dare to underestimate. Although they were always confident in Xiao Yan, their hearts were involuntarily a little worried at this moment.

“Tribal chief Yao Ming, have the experts from your tribe stayed such a long time when entering this stone tablet?” Cai Lin finally frowned and asked after waiting awhile.

Yao Ming hesitated for a moment after hearing her question. He shook his head and replied, “When the experts from my tribe entered the stone tablet in the past, none of them ever endured for over half an hour. However, brother Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength is unusually powerful. There should not be an accident…”

The frown on Cai Lin’s brow deepened when she heard Yao Ming’s words, but she could only suppress the worry within her heart. She calmed down and waited for Xiao Yan to exit.

Another half an hour passed in the blink of an eye as they waited. Cai Lin’s group could not continue waiting any longer when an intense glow was suddenly emitted from the stone talisman. A soul flew out amid this light and returned to the human figure seated on the stone chair in front of Cai Lin’s group’s joyous eyes.


Xiao Yan, who had been seated on the stone chair, suddenly opened his tightly shut eyes. His expression instantly paled as intense coughs racked his body revealing a frailty. The injuries from receiving the Yellow Spring Divine Anger had finally been exposed at this moment.

“Xiao Yan, are you alright?”

Cai Lin and the other two ladies hurriedly asked after seeing Xiao Yan’s expression.

“I’m fine, the Demon Saint Huang Quan’s soul fragment was indeed unusually terrifying…” Xiao Yan slowly caught his breath. He waved his hand and softly sighed.

“Brother Xiao Yan, even you cannot deal with that lingering soul fragment?” Yao Ming exclaimed. His expression changed upon hearing this news.

“I was lucky enough to barely be victorious. However, the soul fragment inside the stone tablet has disappeared…” Xiao Yan softly replied without hiding anything.


The stone tablet in front suddenly emitted a deep sound after Xiao Yan’s reply. Everyone could see a mouth shape slowly appear above the finger and palm. A mysterious fluctuation was emitted from that mouth.

“Yellow Spring Divine Anger!”

Yao Ming was startled after seeing this mouth shape form. He immediately revealed an expression of wild joy as he hurriedly sat down. His Spiritual Strength quickly spread and touched that mouth shape, but before he could take the information within the mouth, an extremely powerful spiritual assault violently clashed with his soul.


This fierce and violent attack caused Yao Ming to spit out a mouthful of blood and shoot backwards. Finally, he fell from the towering steps in a miserable fashion. A moment later, he flew up with a miserable-looking body and a somewhat pale face before he landed in front of the strange gazes from Xiao Yan’s group.

“What a frightening spiritual assault. It seems that I have yet to meet the conditions to practice the Yellow Spring Divine Anger…”

Yao Ming bitterly laughed because of Xiao Yan’s group’s strange gazes. He wiped off the trace of blood from the corner of his mouth and regretfully sighed.

“This Huang Quan stone tablet is indeed strange. The Demon Saint soul fragment within it has disappeared, yet it still possesses such a might. No one can compare with the ability of Demon Saint Huang Quan back then…” Xiao Yan took out a medicinal pill that healed one’s soul from his Storage Ring. He then stuffed it into his mouth before commenting on the stone.

“However, there is no need for you to be anxious. The training method for the Yellow Spring Divine Anger is carved onto the stone tablet. You can practice it once you reach what it requires in the future…”

“I am currently an advanced two star Dou Sheng. If I am unable to practice it with this strength, I do not know just how long it will be before I reach the set requirements. It looks like I do not have any affinity with this Yellow Spring Divine Anger.” Yao Ming sighed and had somewhat abandoned his hopes, but he quickly looked at Xiao Yan with excited eyes. He rubbed his hands together and dryly laughed, “Brother Xiao Yan, since you have successfully defeated the soul fragment inside the stone tablet, it is likely that you have obtained the Demon Saint essence blood, right?”

“Relax. The stone tablet belongs to your Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe. I will not simply take everything for myself.” Xiao Yan faintly smiled as he answered.

“What is brother Xiao Yan saying? After all, this is something you risked your life to obtain. I am already satisfied if you shared a little with me…” Yao Ming replied in embarrassment.

Xiao Yan smiled. He clenched his hand and the golden liquid appeared in his palm. The vast and mighty energy that spread from the blood caused the surrounding air to show signs of boiling.

“Tribal chief Yao Ming, all observers ought to get a share. Cai Lin and the other two ladies were also present. You do not have any objections in giving them three shares, do you?” Xiao Yan held the golden blood and smiled as he asked. The three ladies were all nine star Dou Zuns. Even though they possessed extraordinary talent, it was still not an easy task to reach the Ban Sheng class. If they were able to obtain the essence blood of Demon Saint Huang Quan, who had half a foot in the Dou Di class, they would save a lot of training time. This opportunity was something that even Xiao Yan had not come across in the past. After all, even Yao Lao did not have the ability to obtain such a mysterious object.

“Ha ha, brother Xiao Yan can distribute it as he wishes.” Yao Ming appeared quite generous. He understood that he would not have been able to get this small share without Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan smiled. He flicked his finger and the ball of golden blood in his hand immediately turned into four rays of golden light that shot to Yao Ming, Cai Lin, and the other two. They quickly grabbed the blood in a firm and somewhat anxious grip. If word of such a thing spread, even an elite Dou Sheng would come to snatch it.

The ball of blood in Xiao Yan’s palm was merely the size of a thumb after the four golden lights separated. However, the energy it contained was still quite terrifying.

Xiao Yan merely smiled as he studied this drop of golden blood. Other than this droplet, there was still another droplet of Demon Saint essence blood within his Storage Ring. This was something he had prepared for Yao Lao. Currently, Yao Lao was a high level Ban Sheng. It would not be difficult for him to become a one star Dou Sheng once he had gained enough energy. This drop of Demon Saint essence blood would undoubtedly provide the best opportunity to advance.

The gains he managed to obtain this time around had far exceeded his expectations.

“Ha ha, with this drop of Demon Saint essence blood, I have the confidence to charge into the three star Dou Sheng class within three years…”

Yao Ming happily stored away this Demon Saint essence blood as he spoke with joy.

Xiao Yan smiled after hearing Yao Ming’s joy. He hesitated for a moment before suddenly saying, “Tribal chief Yao Ming. I actually have a request to make during this trip to the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe.”

“Oh? Brother Xiao Yan, please feel free to speak. You are my savior and you have helped me obtain the Demon Saint essence blood. Forget about a request, I will agree even if you wish to become the deputy tribal chief of my Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe.” Yao Ming waved his hand and laughed.

“Ha ha, we can forget about me becoming a deputy tribal chief…” Xiao Yan laughed. His expression quickly became a lot more grave as he briefly explained the matter regarding the Ancient Void Dragon tribe.

“A civil war among the Ancient Void Dragon? This is not unexpected. I knew that this would happen sooner or later…” Although Yao Ming was a little surprised by what Xiao Yan said, he was not extremely shocked. He continued, “If the three dragon islands were to give a sufficient reward, Yao Xiaotian will definitely get the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python to aid them given his character. Now that the tribal chief has changed, there will naturally be a change in the situation. Brother Xiao Yan can feel reassured about this matter. The Nine Serene Deep Ground Python will not help the three dragon islands.”

Yao Ming patted his chest as he spoke in an extremely decisive voice. Yao Xiaotian was only concerned about benefits, but Yao Ming saw further than Yao Xiaotian. It was still alright if the three dragon islands were victorious in this war. If they lost, the Ancient Void Dragon tribe would definitely drag the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe into the matter, given their character. Although they were one of the three great tribes, Yao Ming clearly understood in his heart that the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe was no match for the Ancient Void Dragons.

The Ancient Void Dragon tribe had entered a stalemate. However, the Eastern Dragon Island possessed the legendary Dragon Phoenix bloodline. No one could predict the achievements of such an existence.

Hence, Yao Ming did not hesitate when he heard Xiao Yan’s request. Yao Xiaotian might think that the three dragon islands would emerge victorious, but Yap Ming did not share this opinion…

“However, even if the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python Tribe does not intervene, the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe will definitely dispatch their experts to aid the three dragon kings…” Yao Ming looked at Xiao Yan as he revealed his thoughts.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. The reason he was able to resolve the problem of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe was completely because of luck. He did not hope that the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe would simply stand idle by the side and watch.

“If they insist on interfering, I can only take some other actions.” Xiao Yan softly replied. He had an extremely good relationship with Zi Yan. Hence, he would not simply watch her be defeated by the three dragon islands.

“Ha ha, why? Has brother Xiao Yan prepared a surprise?” Yao Ming asked with a smile. His face trembled slightly after hearing those words.

“Since they wish to dispatch experts to lend a hand, I can only kill all those they have dispatched while they are traveling…” Xiao Yan smiled. His eyes glanced to Yao Ming as he said, “However, I’m afraid that I will require tribal chief Yao Ming’s help in this matter. What do you say?”

Yao Ming revealed an expression contemplation as he pondered some thoughts. He understood that he would be opposing the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe if he agreed.

“If we can really resolve this matter, I will use my life to guarantee that the Ancient Void Dragon tribe and the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe will be the staunchest allies in the future. At that time, the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe will definitely be eliminated from among the three great tribes.” Xiao Yan softly proclaimed.

Yao Ming’s face of contemplation slowly changed upon hearing these words. No could doubt how strong the Ancient Void Dragon tribe was. Even though the tribe had fragmented, the strength of any island would not be weaker than his entire tribe. If it was unified in the future, its strength would be even more terrifying. By being able to become allies with those haughty fellows, the position of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python in the Magical Beast world would never be shaken.

Yao Ming was quiet for a moment before he finally lifted his head. He looked at Xiao Yan and committed himself in a deep voice, “If brother Xiao Yan’s guarantee is effective, I, Yao Ming, will confidently accompany all of you in this craziness…”

Hearing this, Xiao Yan’s eyes softly gloated in his eye

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