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Chapter 1470: Absorbing the Demon Saint Essence Blood

“Tribal chief Yao Ming, I would not dare to speak with such confidence if I could not backup my claim.” Xiao Yan laughed. The situation of the Eastern Dragon Island was undoubtedly serious. At this moment, the Eastern Dragon Island would clearly understand how to choose between annihilation and putting aside their pride.

“I will dispatch some experts from the tribe to observe the actions of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe during this period of time. I will inform brother Xiao Yan the moment their experts move.”

Yao Ming immediately spoke. He was also an extremely decisive person. Since he had made up his mind, he would not be indecisive in whatever he did.

“In that case, I will trouble tribal chief Yao Ming. We will be remaining in the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe during this period of time. Additionally, we might perhaps have to borrow the Nine Serene Spring.” Xiao Yan glanced at Cai Lin after mentioning the Nine Serene Spring. He was planning on using the strength of the Nine Serene Spring to help Cai Lin complete the tempering of her body.

“Ha ha, it’s a small matter. However, the energy within the Nine Serene Spring is unusually dark and cold. Brother Xiao Yan should be careful.” Yao Ming laughed before reminding Xiao Yan about the power of the spring.


“Since the matter of the stone tablet has been resolved, we should return to the tribe first. One will require some preparations in order to deal with the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe.” Yao Ming waved his large hand. His body moved as he flew toward the underground network. Xiao Yan’s group slowly followed behind him.

Yao Ming hurriedly made some preparations after returning to the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe. He had only just regained his position. It was likely not going to be easy for him to do something this big immediately, but given his character, he would quickly be able to resolve these matters perfectly.

While Yao Ming was preparing to deal with the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, Xiao Yan’s group rested for an entire day. They once again appeared beside the Nine Serene Spring on the next day.

“The dark and cold energy contained within the Nine Serene Spring is lethal to an ordinary expert. However, the Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python boasts an extremely dense, dark and cold aura. It is likely that only you can fearlessly absorb the energy inside.” Xiao Yan turned his head to Cai Lin. He smiled and spoke to her after glancing at the Nine Serene Spring with a cold air floating above it.

“The dark and cold force within the Nine Serene Spring is extraordinary. Even an expert from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe would not dare to venture deep into it. However, this is not much of a problem for me.” Cai Lin faintly smiled. Her tone appeared to be quite proud. Being the only Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python in the present world, she was qualified to look down on all snake Magical Beasts.

Xiao Yan smiled. He clenched his hand and a jade bottle appeared in it. A pill cloud lingered within that jade bottle. An extremely powerful energy fluctuation was emitted from the bottle.

“This is the Great Bodhisattva Return Pill, a tier nine treasure pill. It can greatly raise your chances of advancing to the Ban Sheng class. You should consume it at a critical moment. It might help you a lot at that time.” Xiao Yan handed the jade bottle to Cai Lin as he spoke.

Cai Lin slightly nodded. She did not reject him. Instead, she extended her hand and received that jade bottle, which contained some warmth.

“This training will not be smooth. The amount of time it will require will likely be long. I will instruct Yao Ming to send some people to guard you if I have to leave and attend to some matters…”

Cai Lin played with the jade bottle in her hand. She was aware that Xiao Yan’s group might have to head out to kill the experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe very soon. Hence, she did not make any comments. She rotated her head and suddenly lifted her narrow and long eyes, which contained a bewitching expression. She slowly stepped forward and gently pressed her red lips against Xiao Yan’s lips.

Xiao Yan felt absent-minded the moment he sensed the sudden softness. His arm reflexively hugged Cai Lin’s soft, narrow, seemingly boneless waist. That was a true temptation. That enchanting snake waist contained a charm that bewitched all life as it gently shook.

The beauty in his embrace gently turned her head after Xiao Yan had become absent-minded because of that gentleness. A soft voice was transmitted into his ear.

“Be careful. Remember… your life belongs to this Queen.”

Xiao Yan was startled after once again hearing these words that had once been imprinted deep within his soul. He turned his head, only to see the corner of Cai Lin’s mouth suddenly lift into an enchanting arc. This arc appeared like the final stroke of a masterpiece. It caused the originally gentle woman to suddenly appear cold and strong.

In an instant, Cai Lin, who had been acting gentle in front of Xiao Yan for so many years, seemed to have become the cold and ruthless Medusa of the past once again. At that time, she had shaken the entire Jia Ma Empire and frightened Xiao Yan into worrying all the time.


Xiao Yan was stunned as Cai Lin seemed to turn into a different person. She suddenly smiled more just as he was about to speak. Her lovely body swayed, and she turned into an unusually large Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python. This python swung its large tail and charged into the Nine Serene Yellow Spring without turning her head once. A great wave surged.


The lake water immediately appeared to boil after Cai Lin entered the Nine Serene Yellow Spring. It formed countless bubbles. Xiao Yan could sense the energy of the Nine Serene Spring stir at this moment…

Xiao Yan was stunned for a moment as he stood beside the Nine Serene Spring. Finally, he bitterly smiled and recovered. He rubbed his lips as his eyes wandered over the surface of the lake with a somewhat complicated expression. Ever since she had given birth to little Xiao Xiao, Cai Lin’s character seemed to have become much gentler. She had chosen to obey all of Xiao Yan’s request. However, Xiao Yan finally understood that the cold and proud Queen Medusa still existed deep within Cai Lin’s bones. She had forced herself to become a good wife and mother because of him and little Xiao Xiao.

“Compared to you being a good wife and mother, I prefer you to reveal your original character…”

Xiao Yan looked at the surface of the lake and softly sighed. His body moved, and he appeared on a protruding rock above the deep abyss. After which, he sat down on it. He needed to advance of his strength before heading out to block the experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe.

“Yellow Spring Finger, Yellow Spring Palm, Yellow Spring Divine Anger… these three Yellow Spring ultimate skills have been inserted into my soul by that Demon Saint’s soul fragment. The various things the Demon Saint comprehended while studying these three Dou Skills was included in the information I was given. This kind of blessing is far from what the Dou Skill on the stone tablet being learned by Yao Ming and the others can compare with.” Xiao Yan shut his eyes, but these thoughts swiftly flashed over his heart in the process.

Although the current Xiao Yan had just obtained these three great Dou Skills, Xiao Yan was absolutely confident that the Yellow Spring Dou Skills he could unleash would be many times mightier than Yao Ming’s Yellow Spring Finger or Yellow Spring Palm!

The knowledge that Demon Saint Huang Quan had accumulated throughout his life was not some useless thing. Regardless of how others comprehended the Dou Skills, it would be very difficult for others to surpass the understanding of the creator!

“The Demon Saint essence blood contains the strength of the Demon Saint Huang Quan. If I am able to absorb it, my strength will soar…”

A thought passed through Xiao Yan’s mind as a drop of golden blood appeared in his palm. The appearance of this drop of blood caused the surrounding area to visibly tremble. Xiao Yan clearly sensed all the energy in a thousand-foot-radius had begun to escape.

“It is indeed worthy of being the Demon Saint’s essence blood since it this overbearing…”

Xiao Yan involuntarily smiled after sensing his surroundings. This was the first time that he had obtained such an overbearing energy. Even the natural energy around it had been expelled.

“I will refine it before speaking…”

Xiao Yan glanced at the Nine Serene Spring below. He sighed in relief after seeing that nothing unusual was happening. He opened his mouth and exhaled. A flame was spat out, and it wrapped around the drop of golden blood. Although this essence blood could be absorbed under normal circumstances, it was was not a bad thing to be cautious at times.

The golden blood burned within the Heavenly Flame for three full hours, but not the slightest fluctuation was emitted. It appeared as though the frighteningly high temperature of the Heavenly Flame did not exist.

This refinement continued for around four hours before Xiao Yan finally opened his eyes. He widened his mouth and the flame rushed into his mouth with lightning-like speed along with the golden blood.


The clothes on Xiao Yan’s body shattered to dust the moment the golden blood entered his body. A frightening energy fluctuation spread from his body, shaking the surrounding abyss rocks until many crack lines formed.

Xiao Yan did not have any time to deal with the situation in the outside world. That drop of blood had turned into waves of violent energy that wildly rushed in all directions like an untamed horse. The blood began to go on a crazy rampage within his body. That destructive force was created by an overflowing energy.

The energy within the blood was far more violent that Xiao Yan had imagined. This fierce and uncontrolled energy could cause an expert five star Dou Zun’s body to explode.

Fortunately, however, the current Xiao Yan had far exceeded that level. The change within his body might have caught him off-guard but he quickly calmed his mind down. After which, he begun to steadily absorb the energy. Under this perfect control of his, the wild horse like violent energy also began to once again come under his control. It slowly became gentle under the burning Heavenly Flame. Finally, traces of it seeped into every part of Lin Dong’s body…


Xiao Yan sat on the protruding rock. A rich breathe of energy was emitted from his nostrils, giving him the appearance of a furious dragon. This energy finally entwined with the air curled and rose before disappearing from this world…


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