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Chapter 1468: Demon Saint Essence Blood

The entire realm violently shook. Even the space itself fluctuated. One could see the remnant soul of Demon Saint Huang Quan suddenly rippling in a strange fashion amid this fluctuation. These strange ripples vaguely intertwined into a ten-thousand-foot-tall formless figure. If one were to carefully study this figure, one would discover that this figure was the same as Demon Saint Huang Quan, but this figure gave Xiao Yan the frightening feeling of facing the entire world!

This feeling let Xiao Yan sense what being insignificant and weak meant!

“This is the true form of the Demon Saint Huang Quan…”

Xiao Yan inhaled a breath of cold air. He did not expect this remnant spirit could unleash a sonic wave that gathered the true form of the Demon Saint Huang Quan.

The invisible Demon Saint body, which had been transformed because of the sonic wave, slowly lowered his head. His indifferent eyes locked onto Xiao Yan in the distance. After which, he slowly widened his mouth. A sonic wave that contained an ancient tone appeared just like a lightning dragon that had penetrated thunderclouds and suddenly displayed its towering might!


That invisible demon saint’s body suddenly collapsed after a word escaped his mouth, but this realm collapsed with it. Xiao Yan’s naked eye clearly watched space collapse an inch at a time as the sonic wave spread. An exterminating sonic wave erupted at a speed faster than light.

This was the first time Xiao Yan had encountered such a fast attack. There was basically no time for him to form the slightest defense because of this terrifying speed.

“Bang bang bang!”

The force of this exterminating sonic wave descended on Xiao Yan, who was in the form of an enormous soul giant, the moment the ancient sound was emitted from the Demon Saint mouth. Xiao Yan’s body immediately showed signs of crumbling. Countless of deep explosions spread across the surface of his body. That large body began to shrink at a rate visible to the naked eye before turning illusory.

The attack was too quick!

Moreover it was a destruction as simple as a weed being crushed!

This totally caught him off-guard!

The sonic wave was like a storm as it swept over the realm. Everything was turned into nothing under the collision of this sonic wave. Dark black light covered the ground. Only a lonely mountain stood in this dark and empty land. Demon Saint Huan Quan sat back down on his throne on that mountain. His originally illusory body had become a lot more transparent. Clearly, that attack earlier had exhausted too much of his strength.

Demon Saint Huang Quan lifted his head. He looked at the black empty space and slowly said, “Consider yourself fortunate to be able to die to the Yellow Spring Divine Anger.”

“It is indeed worthy of being the Dou Skill that Demon Saint Huang Quan is renowned for. It possesses such a strength despite being used by a spirit fragment. It is really difficult to imagine just how overwhelmingly destructive it was when the Demon Saint Huang Quan had used it back then.” A cluster of flames suddenly appeared within the empty space after Demon Saint Huang Quan’s words sounded. That flame quickly roared to life before once again turning into an illusory figure. It was surprisingly Xiao Yan, who seemed to have been destroyed by the Yellow Spring Divine Anger earlier.”

Flames danced around Xiao Yan’s body. He stepped through empty air and slowly walked to the edge of the mountain. Next, he looked at the Demon Saint Huan Quan remnant soul and slightly smiled.

“Heavenly Flame… no wonder you were able to survive.”

Demon Saint Huang Quan was a little surprised when he looked at the flame around Xiao Yan. He said, “Even though you have the protection of the Heavenly Flame, it is likely that your soul has suffered a lot of damage, right?”

“I do need to rest for over ten days before I can recover.” Xiao Yan smiled, but he did not try to act tough. His heart had already been shaken by the Yellow Spring Divine Anger. If the Heavenly Flame had not protected him today, he would have suffered a serious blow to the Yellow Spring Divine Anger. Moreover, the most frightening thing was the speed of the Yellow Spring Divine Anger. It was impossible to defend against that speed.

“You are the first person to have endured my Yellow Spring Divine Anger after all these years.” Demon Saint Huang Quan’s remnant soul observed Xiao Yan. A moment later, he revealed a rare smile on his face. His body slowly leaned against his throne while he spoke in a somewhat lost tone, “This day has finally arrived…”

“Elder, I am only after the Yellow Spring Divine Anger’s training method and the Demon Saint essence blood. I have not formed any thoughts against you.” Xiao Yan smiled as he replied.

“Since you have endured the Yellow Spring Divine Anger, I will naturally give you want you want.” Demon Saint Huang Quan spoke in a noncommittal manner. He flicked his finger and a spiritual fluctuation appeared. It floated in front of Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment after sensing that spiritual fluctuation, but he then cautiously placed his hand inside it. That fluctuation turned into information the moment it touched his hand. It swiftly surged into Xiao Yan’s mind before a complete training method appeared in his head. The characters containing an ancient aura caused a joy to rise within Xiao Yan’s heart.

Xiao Yan shut his eyes and sensed this information. He only opened them a moment later. The joy on his face became even greater. Not only did he find the training method for the Yellow Spring Divine Anger, it also contained the training methods for the Yellow Spring Finger and Yellow Spring Palm.

“Thank you elder Huang Quan.”

Xiao Yan suppressed the joy within his heart as he hurriedly cupped his hands to Demon Saint Huang Quan and thanked him.

“My mission has been to wait for someone who could defeat me and then pass on all of my skills to that person… your Spiritual Strength has already reached the state required to practice the Yellow Spring Divine Anger…” Demon Saint Huang Quan smiled. He spread his palm. After which, tendrils of a pale-golden flow suddenly appeared within his illusory body. This slight flow gathered into his palm. It turned into a golden liquid body in the blink of an eye.

The appearance of this ball created from the golden liquid caused Xiao Yan to feel the bloodline strength hidden within his heart violently circulated.

“Is this the essence blood of Demon Saint Huang Quan…” Xiao Yan’s eyes studied the golden liquid. He could sense the strange energy contained within it.

“No wonder this remnant spirit can summon the true body of the Demon Saint Huang Quan. The essence blood has been hidden within his body…” Xiao Yan glanced at Demon Saint Huang Quan’s spiritual fragment as he thought to himself

“Ugh, I have trained for thousands of years in order to advance my soul to the legendary Di State. However, I was still unable to take that final step…” Demon Saint Huang Quan gently rubbed that golden liquid. His voice contained an endless melancholy and all the dissatisfaction he had once felt.

“Elder has attained an incredible strength. If a drastic change had not befallen you, you would definitely have been able to advance to the Dou Di class.” Xiao Yan praised him. He was not stingy when it came to boot-licking at this moment.

“Ha ha, Dou Di… how can it be so easy? It is likely that a Dou Di will never appear in this world again…” Demon Saint Huang Quan shook his head and suddenly remarked.


Xiao Yan hurriedly asked. He was startled upon hearing this statement. The number of elite Dou Di had diminished since ancient times. Now, that level only existed in legends. Other than the final Tou She Ancient God, it seemed that no other elite Dou Di had appeared on the continent. This matter had always been a mystery in the hearts of many people.

Xiao Yan’s question also caused Demon Saint Huang Quan to frown. He appeared to be recalling something. It was a long while later before he lifted his head and looked across the endless empty space. A distant voice sounded, “There seems to be something lacking in the current world…”

“What is the current world lacking?”

Xiao Yan’s face trembled. He was unable to comprehend what Demon Saint Huang Quan was talking about. Although Demon Saint Huang Quan’s words were simple, they appeared like a puzzle. One couldn’t comprehend them.

“I am not very certain either. The current me is a mere soul fragment. I have lost too many of my memories. Moreover, I have existed for too long…” Demon Saint Huang Quan shook his head. His voice contained an extremely ancient and experienced feeling. He looked at the golden liquid in his hand before finally sighing. With a wave of his hand, that liquid drifted to Xiao Yan.

“You being able to come to this place is also fate. You being able to receive the Yellow Spring Divine Anger is because of your ability… the Yellow Spring Divine Anger will not be passed on to a mediocre person. You, however, are not mediocre.”

The golden blood slowly landed in Xiao Yan’s palm. The vast and mighty energy fluctuation caused the blood in Xiao Yan’s body to become much hotter.

“Thank you elder Huang Quan!”

Xiao Yan carefully stored the Demon Saint essence blood. Subsequently, he lifted his head, only to see the mountain was collapsing. The throne on it was also cracking. The body of Demon Saint Huan Quan, who was seated on it, had also become more illusory.

“My mission has been completed. Hopefully, my ultimate skills will not lose their glory and reputation along with my death.”

“Elder, please leave in peace!”

Xiao Yan solemnly bowed to Demon Saint Huang Quan. From the looks of it, the reason this remnant spirit was able to survive for so many years was because of the Demon Saint essence blood. Now that the essence blood had left his body, that spirit fragment had finally reached the end of its life and had started to vanish from the world.

“Ha ha…”

Demon Saint Huang Quan softly laughed and nodded. His body also completely disappeared at that instant. The mountain and throne emitted a crashing sound as they collapsed with his disappearance. Finally, they turned into nothing and disappeared.

Xiao Yan softly sighed after seeing this space become dark and empty in an instant. His illusory body shook before slowly disappeared from this realm. The space of this realm emitted a puff and vanished following disappearance…

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