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Chapter 1432: Forcing Gu You to Withdraw

Gu You was startled when he saw this elderly figure suddenly appear. He uttered a name in a dark and solemn voice, “Yao Chen…”

“Teacher? Why are you here?”

Xiao Yan was similarly stunned because of Yao Lao’s appearance. His powerful voice was filled with a strangeness. He had yet to shatter the spatial scroll that Yao Lao had given him.

“You have stayed in the ancient region for too long and I was a little worried. Hence, I found time to hurry over. Unexpectedly, I have found you in this situation.” Yao Lao was suspended in front of Xiao Yan. He smiled faintly before his eyes swept over Xiao Yan. A pleased expression surfaced in his eyes as he said, “Your strength has increased within a few short months. You have really exceeded my expectations.”

Xun Er’s group in the distance sighed in relief when they saw Yao Lao suddenly appear.

“Gu You, you can be considered part of the older generation with some reputation in the Central Plains. Haven’t you been a little too shameless today?” Yao Lao’s eyes landed on Gu You as he slowly questioned.

“Hmph, there is no such thing as being shameless in the eyes of my Hun clan. We will use all tricks as long as we complete our mission. It is really a joke for you to say these words to this elderly-self.” Gu You’s expression was gloomy as he coldly laughed.

“Ha ha, I have forgotten the degree of depravity that you people are capable of…” Yao Lao laughed after hearing Gu You’s reply. He continued with a faint smile, “Bullying a member of the younger generation does not show off your capabilities. Why don’t the two of us fight? What do you say?”

Gu You’s face twitched. Both he and Yao Lao were experts at the Ban Sheng class. If he were at his peak, it would be difficult to predict just who would be victorious, but he wasn’t at his peak. His chances of victory in a fight against Yao Lao would not exceed thirty percent.

“Yao Chen, you should not act arrogantly in front of me. The experts within my Hun clan are not something your Falling Star Pavilion can compare with. What can you do if the old me summons another old ghost from my clan?” Although Gu You was unable to beat Yao Lao, he was unwilling to soften his stance as he coldly laughed.

“Our Gu clan is not afraid of you if you wish to fight in terms of numbers!”

Gu You’s words had just sounded when Xun Er’s group quickly flew over. They appeared behind Yao Chen. She clenched her hand. A spatial scroll appeared in it before it was quickly shattered. A spatial fluctuation spread. After which, a spatial crack appear and an elderly figure slowly stepped out in front of the ugly expressions of Gu You’s group.

“Ha ha, it is unexpected that this place is so lively.”

A familiar laugh subsequently appeared after that elderly figure stepped out.

“Elder Tong Xuan?”

Xiao Yan was slightly startled when he saw this figure. This elder was Elder Tong Xuan, whom Xiao Yan had met in the Gu Realm.

“Ha ha, Xiao Yan, we meet again…” Elder Tong Xuan smiled at Xiao Yan. His eyes quickly swept over Xiao Yan’s body and some surprise flashed within them. It was a long while later before he turned to Yao Lao beside him and laughed, “This must be Yao zun-zhe. The one whose name shook the Central Plains back then, right? Ha ha, currently, it seems more suitable to call you Saint Yao.”

Yao Lao merely cupped his hands together when he heard Elder Tong Xuan’s laughing voice. His face was full of smiles as he uttered a couple of courteous words in reply.

“Elder Tong Xuan…” Gu Qing Yang by the side waited until Elder Tong Xuan had spoken with Xiao Yan and the others before softly summarizing the events that had occurred.

“The Hun clan is becoming more arrogant…” Elder Tong Xuan knit his brow after hearing Gu Qing Yang’s summary. He stared at Gu You with somewhat unfriendly eyes.

Gu You’s expression became a little unnatural after being looked at by Elder Tong Xuan and Yao Lao, both were elite Ban Shengs. He might be able to rely on the strength of the Hun clan and show no fear against the Falling Star Pavilion, but he needed to be more cautious when facing the Gu clan. This clan, which was extremely old, possessed a very powerful strength.

Hun Yu and the Hun clan’s experts flew to Gu You. Their expressions were a little ugly as they looked at the other party’s lineup. This current situation had caused their advantage evaporate.

“Elder Gu You, do we need to summon other experts from the clan?” Hun Yu softly inquired.

Gu You’s eyes flashed. He asked, “Have you seen the Bodhisattva Heart?”

“Huh?” Hun Yu was startled after hearing this question. He hesitantly shook his head, “No…”

Gu You knit his brow when he heard this reply. He gently exhaled and said, “In that case, let’s leave. The members of the Gu clan are also here. If we summon other experts over, they will also do the same. At that time, we will definitely expose some of our strength. This will not benefit us…”

Hun Yu’s heart felt somewhat unwilling when he heard that Gu You planned to give up, but he also understood the current situation. Gu You had been seriously injured by Xiao Yan’s frightening fire lotus earlier. It was difficult for him to deal with just a single elite Ban Sheng. Moreover, the other party currently had two Ban Shengs. Although the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe also possessed Ban Sheng class demons, they would be unwilling to become enemies with a faction like the Gu clan given that they were frivolous birds. Hence, Jiu Feng could not be relied on to summon experts to support them.

“Xuan Tong, there is no need for you to utter such nonsense. Once I make a full recovery, the old me will accompany you in whatever you wish to do…” Gu You’s eyes were dark and cold as they stared at Elder Xuan Tong.

Elder Xuan Tong smiled when he heard these words, but he did not pay them any heed. He could hear Gu You’s intent to retreat in his words, so he did not try to be overboard. He also understood that it was impossible for them to really hold Gu You’s group back. The retaliation from an elite Ban Sheng prior to death was quite frightening. Additionally, Gu You’s group definitely possessed more spatial scrolls that could summon other experts from their clan. If they were to end up in a stalemate, the experts from both clans would be forced to appear.

“Additionally, Xiao Yan, Yao Chen… I will remind you that none of those my Hall of Souls wishes to capture can escape. The Falling Star Pavilion is destined to be turned into ruins by my Hun clan! You should enjoy your time while you can.” Gu You’s dense eyes swung to Xiao Yan and Yao Lao as he made a threat.

“There is no need for you to be worry about this. My Falling Star Pavilion is a tough bone. If your Hall of Souls really wishes to take a bite, we will definitely shatter a few of your teeth.” Yao Lao laughed. Their relationship with the Hall of Souls was at the point where neither would rest until the other was dead. It was pointless to use any softer tones. Since this was the case, what was the point of giving the Hall of Souls any face?

“Hopefully, you will be able to still utter these words when my Hall of Souls’ army reaches you.” Gu You coldly laughed and then ceased speaking. His eyes ruthlessly glanced at Xiao Yan before he turned around and took the lead to rush out of the Ancient Wasteland Region. Hun Yu and the other experts from the Hun clan could only follow behind him in dissatisfaction.

The group from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe did not dare to remain after seeing Hun Yu’s group leave in a dispirited manner. They hurriedly followed close behind.

Xiao Yan felt a little regretful as he watched those people fleeing within the blink of an eye. He sighed, “What a pity. We did not cause the Hall of Souls to suffer a loss other than seriously injuring Gu You.”

“Ha ha, you are already quite incredible to injure an elite Ban Sheng…” Yao Lao laughed. “There is nothing we can do if they wish to leave. The Hun clan is too powerful. If we were to engage in an all out battle, we would be the ones who end up suffering.”

“Brother Yao Chen is right. The Hun clan is mysterious and unfathomable. It is extremely difficult to deal with them. Even our Gu clan does not dare to corner them. Being able to frighten them off is not a bad ending.” Elder Tong Xuan by the side laughed in agreement. He glanced at everyone and voiced his thoughts, “However, since the matter of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree has come to an end, we will need to hurry back to the Gu Realm. It is not easy to get those old fellows to let Xun Er come out. If we delay for too long, they will end up hurrying us…”

An unwillingness flashed across Xun Er’s pretty eyes when she heard his words, but she also understood that those old fellows from the clan were worried about allowing her stay in the outside world before she reached the Dou Sheng class. She looked at Xiao Yan and softly said, “Xiao Yan ge-ge, you should be careful. The Hun clan is extremely narrow-minded, and they will take revenge for any grudge. This time around, you have caused them to suffer a great loss. They will definitely not be able to hold back this anger. Once they are free, they will deal with the Falling Star Pavilion.”


Xiao Yan slightly nodded. He also understood that there was a large gap in strength between a super faction like the Hun clan and the growing Falling Star Pavilion. It would give Xiao Yan an extreme headache if the Hun clan launched attack with their army.

“It seems that I must immediately undertake a retreat to refine the Bodhisattva Heart and advance to a Ban Sheng once I return. Otherwise, the Falling Star Pavilion will be in danger when the Hun clan attacks…”

“Ha ha, relax, my Gu clan has been monitoring the actions of the Hun clan. We will receive word if they make any major movements. Moreover, they would need to at least dispatch two elite Ban Shengs to destroy this new Falling Star Pavilion. This lineup is something that the Hun clan has not revealed for many years. Therefore, you need not be overly worried.” Elder Tong Xuan laughed.

“If that day really comes, the Gu clan will not simply stand idly by the side. You possess the ancient jade on you. We will not simply watch it fall into the hands of the Hun clan.”

“In that case, we will trouble Elder Tong Xuan.” Xiao Yan smiled and replied.

“Ha ha, it is a small matter…” Elder Tong Xuan waved his hand and said, “It is already quite late. We should get moving. Let’s meet again!”

Elder Tong Xuan cupped his hands to Yao Lao after uttering some words. Before anyone could speak, he waved his sleeve, and a spatial strength spread and wrapped around Xun Er’s group. After which, they swiftly disappeared.

Xiao Yan sighed while feeling lost as he watched Xun Er’s group vanish. His eyes immediately shifted to the land outside of the Ancient Wasteland Region. He softly said, “Let’s go, it is time to return…”

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