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Chapter 1433: Retreat

After the matter of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree was over, Xiao Yan’s group did not continue to stay in this damn wasteland for long. They set off and spent a couple of days traveling before reaching the Falling Star Pavilion.

Xiao Yan was undoubtedly the one who had obtained the most during this trip to the Ancient Wasteland Region. Not only did he enjoy the legendary meditation beneath the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, the Bodhisattva Heart had also hid itself within his body. Of course, one should not forget the eleven pure Bodhisattva Seeds remaining in his hands…

Forget about the benefits the two others things gave Xiao Yan. Just the eleven Bodhisattva Seeds alone was already an extremely rich reward. If one were to randomly take out any one of these Bodhisattva Seeds, many peak Dou Zun experts’ eyes would turn red with envy. They did not care about its other properties. Its ability to raise one’s chances of advancing to the Ban Sheng class was enough to cause those top experts in the eyes of ordinary people to go crazy.

Xiao Yan might have gained a rich reward this time around, but the thing that he was most happy about was that he managed to prevent Hun Yu’s group from gaining anything. Xiao Yan involuntarily felt the impulse to laugh each time he thought about how Hun Yu’s group had spent a great effort to hurry to the Ancient Wasteland Region only to return with nothing.

Falling Star Pavilion—

Xiao Yan’s group rested for a full week after returning from the Ancient Wasteland Region before they finally recovered. This trip to the ancient region had not been relaxing. If the Bodhisattva Seed in Xiao Yan’s Storage Ring had not luckily woken him from the illusion, all of them would have descended into that extremely life-like illusion forever. In the end, they would have turned into existences similar to those Ban Sheng puppets. Even though Xiao Yan had managed to survive, he still felt a chill in his heart when he thought of the life-like illusion. That illusion was really too frightening…

Xiao Yan did not refine the Bodhisattva Heart immediately after returning to the Falling Star Pavilion because he understood that it was too important. He needed to refine it perfectly. Absolutely nothing could go wrong.

While adopting this attitude, Xiao Yan spent a lot of effort to reach his peak condition during a one month period of time. At the same time, both he and Yao Lao tried their best to prepare things that would increase his chances of advancing to the Ban Sheng class, regardless of whether they were medicinal pills or natural treasures. Everyone understood that the strengrh of the Falling Star Pavillion would undoubtedly soar if Xiao Yan successfully advanced to the Ban Sheng class. Two Ban Shengs was a lineup that even the Profound Sky Sect and the other extremely old sects were unable to take out.

While Xiao Yan was awaiting for his peak condition to arrive, Yao Lao had left for half a month. After half a month, his tired elderly-self once again appeared in front of Xiao Yan and handed him a box.

Xiao Yan received the box while feeling surprised. After he carefully opened the jade box, he discovered an emerald-green little squirrel hiding within it. An extremely rich pill fragrance spread from the squirrel’s body. Just a whiff would cause someone to relax.

“This is… the Bodhisattva Pill?”

Xiao Yan stared at the little squirrel for a moment. Only then did he lift his head and ask in a somewhat stunned voice. He could sense a familiar aura within this little squirrel’s body.

“That’s right.”

Yao Lao smiled and nodded. The smile on his face hid his tiredness as he spoke in a somewhat regretful manner, “Unfortunately, this Bodhisattva Pill only summoned an eight-colored Pill Lightning. Otherwise, its medicinal effects would have been even more impressive. However, you possess the Bodhisattva Heart in your body. Adding the help of this Bodhisattva Pill should allow you to successfully breakthrough to the Ban Sheng class.”

Xiao Yan felt something blocking his heart as he observed Yao Lao’s elderly face. The reason Yao Lao had disappeared for half a month was because he had gone out to find a place to refine this Bodhisattva Seed for Xiao Yan. Xiao Yao’s chances of successfully refining a medicinal pill of this tier were a little low. Xiao Yan understood that Yao Lao’s abilities were enough to attract a nine-colored Pill Lightning for this Bodhisattva Pill, but Yao Lao lacked a good flame. If Yao Lao still possessed the Bone Chilling Flame, attracting a nine-colored Pill Lightning would be extremely easy.

Yao Lao had quietly contributed a lot to this disciple of his.

“Teacher, thank you…”

Xiao Yan hugged the jade box. He inhaled a deep breath of air and softly uttered his thanks.

“Ha ha, there is no need to say these things between a teacher and disciple…” Yao Lao shook his head and said. “You should relax and undertake a retreat. Leave the matters of the Falling Star Pavilion and the Yan Alliance to me. I will not allow anything to happen to them. The most important thing for you is to quickly advance to the Ban Sheng class. Otherwise, you will not possess the ability to subdue the Purifying Demon Lotus Flame when it appears in three years. That Heavenly Flame is too frightening…”

Xiao Yan quietly nodded. This was an obstacle that could completely transform him. If he managed to overcome it, he would truly reach the level of the peak experts within the continent. If he failed, he would be left among upper tier experts. He wouldn’t be able to retaliate against the greatness of the Hun clan with such strength.

Moreover, Xiao Yan had chased after the Purifying Demon Lotus Flame for over a decade. It was impossible for him to give it up. The Purifying Demon Lotus Flame would play a critical role in deciding whether he could fight against the Hun clan, so he needed to obtain the Purifying Demon Lotus Flame at all costs.

“You should relax and undertake your retreat. Leave the matter of raising Cai Lin’s, the Little Fairy Doctor’s, and Qing Lin’s strength to me. All of them are extraordinary ladies. As long as they possess a suitable opportunity, their strength will definitely rise very quickly. They will not hold you back once you exit your retreat.” Yao Lao patted Xiao Yan’s shoulder. After which, he turned around. Cai Lin, the Little Fairy Doctor and Qing Lin were all present, but they did not interrupt the conversation between a teacher and his disciple.


Xiao Yan gently nodded. He hesitated for a moment before he pulled a jade bottle out of his Storage Ring. There was a layer of fire around the mouth of the bottle. One could vaguely sense a weak soul within the bottle.

“Teacher… this is Han Feng’s soul. You will have to deal with it.” Xiao Yan handed the jade bottle to Yao Lao as he softly informed his teacher.

Yao Lao’s face was slightly startled after hearing this. His eyes were complicated as he looked at the jade bottle. There was some sorrow in them. No matter what had happened, he had once viewed Han Feng like his own son. He had personally raised Han Feng from an abandoned orphan to an adult and had taught him all he knew. However, Han Feng’s plot against him had caused him, who had once been abandoned by his clan, to suffer. The pain from being betrayed was many times more worse than losing his body.

Yao Lao’s shriveled hand trembled as he received the jade bottle. He did not say anything as he slowly nodded.

Xiao Yan felt some grief while he observed the old face of the man in front of him as it appeared more desolate and older. He swung his sleeve and his knees knelt onto the ground. He kowtowed twice before speaking in a deep voice, “Teacher has taught and groomed me. You are my teacher and like a father to me. This disciple will help teacher take revenge for all the humiliation and pain you have suffered!”

Yao Lao was startled when he saw Xiao Yan suddenly kowtow. He hurriedly stepped forward and tried to lift him to his feet. Before he could support Xiao Yan up, Cai Lin hugged Xiao Xiao as she quietly knelt beside Xiao Yan. She was Xiao Yan’s wife and Xiao Yan viewed Yao Lao like his father, so she naturally viewed him the same. Regardless of how cold and stubborn her character was, she understood that she should listen to her man sometimes.

“Ugh, you little fellow…:”

Yao Lao helplessly shook his head as his eyes became a little moist. The desolate expression on his face had paled. At this moment, he understood that the heavens had not abandoned him. He might have been blind once, but he was not blind a second time. He could even abandon his old life for this disciple.

“Grand teacher…”

Xiao Xiao widened her black-gem-like eyes and looked at Yao Lao. Her crisp voice caused a smile to surface on the faces of everyone present.

“Ah, good Xiao Xiao…” Yao Lao’s face was involuntarily filled with joy when he heard her words. He hurriedly lifted Xiao Xiao into a hug from Cai Lin’s embrace. After which, he looked at Xiao Yan and Cai Lin. He laughed, “Quickly get up. These old bones of mine are merely having some random thoughts. The both of you are already quite old. Don’t tell me that you are afraid that I might end up committing suicide?”

Xiao Yan smiled upon hearing these words. He stood up and helped Cai Lin to her feet. Holding the jade box in his hand, he turned his head to look at a large stone room hidden within the mountain. He said, “It is already time. I should enter. There is no telling just how long I will be in this retreat, but I think that it will be quite long. All of you should listen to teacher’s instructions during this period of time.”


Cai Lin, the Little Fairy Doctor, and the rest nodded slightly upon hearing Xiao Yan’s suggestion.

“Teacher, take care!”

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. He faced Yao Lao and cupped his hands together in a solemn manner. After which, he did not delay any longer. He turned around with the jade box and slowly stepped through the thick stone door in front of everyone’s eyes.


After Xiao Yan walked in, that enormous stone door also slowly shut. Finally, it smashed against the ground, lifting some dust in the process.

Everyone became quiet as they looked at the enormous stone door. They had a premonition that Xiao Yan’s retreat would last for a long time…

“Let’s go. Next, we will wait for him to successfully become a Ban Sheng…”

Yao Lao softly sighed. After which, he waved his hand, hugged Xiao Xiao, and slowly left. Cai Lin and the others quickly followed behind him.

However, none of them had expected that this retreat would take a full two years!

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