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Chapter 1431: Fighting Ban Sheng

“Relax, I will not disappoint you…”

A cold smile was lifted on Xiao Yan’s face after he heard Gu You’s hoarse voice. He slowly lifted his hand. The exquisite five-colored fire lotus began to slowly rotate faster…

“Xun Er, stand back…”

Xiao Yan turned his head and ordered Xun Er to move back. The destructive force from the Extermination Fire Lotus was really too frightening. Even he would not be able to endure it if he stood too close.

“Understood. Xiao Yan ge-ge, be careful.” Xun Er nodded. She was naturally able to sense just how frightening the fire lotus in Xiao Yan’s hand was. However, she was not overly worried as her body moved and swiftly retreated.

“We should also pull further back.”

Gu Qing Yang waved his hand after seeing Xun Er hurry over. His expression was grave as he led everyone to withdraw an even greater distance.

“Xiao Yan, this is perhaps the first time that you have fought an elite Ban Sheng, right? In that case, allow the old me to tell you just how enormous and irrevocable the difference between a Dou Zun and a Dou Sheng is…” The eyes of the black skeleton flickered as a chilly voice was slowly emitted.

Xiao Yan faintly smiled. He flicked his finger and the Extermination Lotus Flame in his hand suddenly began to rotate at even faster. A moment later, it suddenly turned into a glowing ball that shot away from his palm. No sound was emitted as it flew, but everywhere it passed quietly collapsed. A huge black spatial crack continuously appeared behind the flame.

The Extermination Lotus Flame did not display an overly soul-stirring momentum, but in the eyes of a genuine expert, that beautiful fire lotus was like the stickle of a death god, causing one to feel an extremely rich aura of death.


Two clusters of serene green light were present deep within the skeleton’s eyes. Those eyes stared at the fire lotus as it literally tore through space and headed his way. A black vapor was slowly spat out of his body.

“Ten Thousand Soul Bone Armor!”

After the hoarse elderly voice was transmitted from the black skeleton’s mouth, waves after waves of dense black fog suddenly began to erupt from his body in all directions. Sharp miserable screeches reverberated across the sky. The black fog was clearly being formed by many spiritual bodies.

All of these souls began to adhere to the skeleton’s body the moment they appeared. Black light surged and a bone armor with a black luster finally appeared around the skeleton’s body. There were tons of tiny bone fragments on the bone armor. These bone fragments possessed many ferocious faces. Looking from afar, these ferocious faces had gathered into a hundred-foot-large face. The face was filled with pain, causing the hairs on one’s body to stand on end after looking at it.

“Xiao Yan, this elderly-self shall see whether that fire lotus of yours, which is claimed to be incomparably powerful by those useless fellows, is able to break this Ten Thousand Soul Bone Armor of mine!”

The black skeleton suddenly lifted its head after the bone armor formed. It looked at the fire lotus as it tore through the air. An elderly voice soon made a claim that echoed over the sky.


Saint Gu You’s hoarse voice had just sounded when the fire lotus suddenly arrived. It heavily collided with the enormous bone armor in front of many pairs of eyes.


The grassland was quiet the instant the collision occurred. It was as though even the wind had disappeared. However, this silence only lasted a moment before a soul-stirring explosion occurred that caused the land and sky to shake…

A ten-thousand-foot-large fire storm suddenly spread from the point of collision. A large part of space collapsed into many dark holes as a frightening gale came pouring down. Sand rose and rocks flew, and everyone could see the ground within a ten-thousand-foot-radius peeled off at a speed visible to the naked eye. Large cracks continued to spread from deep underground, appearing as though an earthquake had occurred…

A paleness surfaced on the faces of everyone present as they watched the extermination storm sweep across the sky. Jiu Feng, Hun Yu, and the rest of their groups displayed unusually ugly expressions. None of them could imagine that Xiao Yan was able to unleash such a frightening attack with his nine change peak Dou Zun strength. A fire lotus explosion at this level was something that even an ordinary Tian class middle level Dou Skill could not achieve.


A destructive firestorm radiated across the sky. That enormous Heaven Phoenix illusory figure floating in the sky was also struck by this force. Its huge body trembled before it emitted a ‘bang’ and exploded into nothing in front of Jiu Feng’s shocked eyes…


Jiu Feng spat out a mouthful of fresh blood after the Heaven Phoenix illusory figure was shattered. His expression was pale. Clearly, he had suffered a terrible backlash.


The firestorm in the sky, which was filled with a destructive ripple, began to sweep wildly around. Any living creature that was within the area it spread to suffered a decisive blow. Those surrounding experts were so shocked that they hurriedly fled into the distance. None of them dared to approach an area where the flames could reach.

Xiao Yan stood in the distant sky and watched the extremely beautiful firestorm, but his expression did not relax. This was the first time he had fought against an elite Dou Sheng. Although the Extermination Fire Lotus was extremely powerful, he also understood just how terrifying a Ban Sheng was. These old demon-like existences were quite powerful even within the Hun clan and other ancient clans. If one claimed they could be defeated this easily, one would have underestimated this so-called Sheng class experts…

The firestorm that swept across the sky finally weakened under everyone’s roaming eyes. After this storm weakened, space itself, where many holes had formed, slowly began to recover…

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at the middle of the firestorm. As the firestorm weakened, a hundred-foot-tall black skeleton once again appeared in front of everyone’s line of sight.

“It has managed to endure the attack!”

A wild joy erupted within the eyes of the experts from the Hun clan after seeing the black skeleton still standing in the sky. On the other hand, those from the other party’s felt their hearts sink. Even such a powerful attack was unable to do any damage. Was an elite Ban Sheng really so powerful…

Xiao Yan’s expression tensed ul. His eyes did not blink as they stared at the huge black skeleton. He did not believe that the Extermination Fire Lotus was unable to damage Gu You.


The surface of the black skeleton in the sky suddenly emitted a slight cracking sound in front of Xiao Yan’s intense gaze. A broken piece of bone armor suddenly fell as some stunned eyes watched.

“Crack crack!”

After the first piece of bone armor fell, an increasing number of bone armor fragments began to scatter down like snow. Many cracks quickly began to appear on the enormous body of the black skeleton. Finally, that large bone armor emitted a “bang” as it was blasted into bone fragments that scattered.

The great joy with the eyes of those people from the Hun clan quickly stilled upon seeing the bone armor break…

The bone armor shattered, revealing the actual body of the skeleton. However, the black skeleton’s body, which was as hard as metal, began to be fill with densely packed crack lines. A gentle breeze blew across the sky and the green light in the skeleton’s eyes vanished with a puff…


The black skeleton slowly turned into ashes that scattered with the wind in front of many stunned eyes the moment the two clusters of light vanished.


The unmoving body of Gu You in the distance suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood when the skeleton turned into dust. Those hollow eyes had regained a green glow. His face was pale.

Gu You rubbed the trace of blood from the corner of his mouth. He slowly lifted his head and spoke in a dense voice, “Alright, no wonder you were able to force those people to return in defeat. Xiao Yan, you really do have some ability. Even though you seriously injured me, I will still take that little life of yours!”


Gu You’s dense cry had just sounded when a golden light appeared in front of him with lightning-like speed that caught him off-guard. A fist that seemed to be made out of gold ruthlessly smashed toward Gu You’s head while accompanied by a terrifying wind.


This sudden lightning-like attack caused Gu You to feel a little absent-minded. Fortunately, he recovered. He forcefully suppressed the injuries within his body as he swiftly swung his hand out. After which, his hand collided with the enormous golden fist.


The two collided and a clear metallic sound immediately rang through the sky. That enormous golden body staggered back over a dozen steps. That fist, which seemed to be made of gold, had gained a half-inch-deep handprint. The retaliation ability of an elite Ban Sheng, even one who was seriously injured, was quite frightening.

“You are a little lacking if you wish to kill the old me!”

Gu You was forced to take a step back, but he quickly stabilized his body. His eyes were dark and cold as he looked at the golden human figure a short distance away. With his eyesight, he was naturally able to recognize Xiao Yan even after he had unleashed a body-modifying Dou Skill.

“Since you have already used the fire lotus you are so proud of, you should now come with the old me!”

Gu You’s face was filled with a ferocity. It had never occurred to him that he would be seriously injured by someone from the younger generation. He also understood that he was a little arrogant this time around. If his soul had not escaped, he would have ended up suffering an injury, which could not be healed, from that terrifying fire lotus.

Gu You’s large hand suddenly grabbed at Xiao Yan after he uttered those words. A black hand suddenly appeared in front of Xiao Yan and grabbed at the golden giant he had transformed into.


However, the space behind Xiao Yan suddenly fluctuated when the large black hand was wrapping around him. A spatial crack appeared, and a familiar elderly figure slowly walked out. His faint voice reverberated over the land.

“Gu You, aren’t you embarrassed to attack a member of the younger generation despite of your status?”

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