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Chapter 1424: Three Bodhisattva Treasure

“Crack, clash!”

Pure energy continuously poured into Xiao Yan’s body like floodwater, causing a crackling sound to be emitted from his body. Under this crazy pouring in of energy, Xiao Yan sensed the Dou Qi in his body, which had been exhausted, completely recover. Moreover, the Dou Qi contained within his body seemed to be a little denser than it had been earlier…

“What a frightening Bodhisattva Ancient Tree…”

Xiao Yan involuntarily inhaled a breath of cool air when he sensed the change in his body. The energy within this Bodhisattva Ancient Tree was extremely pure. It did not require any refinement before transforming into Dou Qi that one could absorb. In other words, this Bodhisattva Ancient Tree was like an inexhaustible Dou Qi fountain. As long as it was around, one would not need to worry about exhausting one’s Dou Qi.

Of course, this was not the most frightening thing. The Bodhisattva Ancient Tree also seemed to contain an obscure expansionist ability. For example, the amount of Dou Qi that Xiao Yan’s body could store was fixed, but the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree was able to faintly increase this fixed capacity. In other words, the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree had caused the Dou Qi storage in his body to expand while aiding his recovery of Dou Qi…

This was an extremely powerful ability. If this capacity continued to increase, the so-called Dou Sheng bottleneck, otherwise known as the vast stream to cross to breakthrough to the Dou Sheng class, would slowly disappear because of this gradual expansion.

“Rustle rustle…”

While Xiao Yan was feeling shocked because of the mighty Dou Qi within his body, the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree once again began to sway. It emitted a rustling sound as it seemed to urge Xiao Yan to continue refining the Bodhisattva Seeds.

“Hee, this bitter work is really worthwhile!”

Xiao Yan quietly praised this refinement in his heart. He no longer dared to delay any longer as he once again released his Heavenly Flame and another Bodhisattva Seed was thrown into it. He would naturally no longer be stingy with his Dou Qi, and when his Dou Qi was completely exhausted, the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree would help him replenish it. At the same time, it would also provide him with an additional rich reward.

Under the urge of these tempting benefits, the tiredness from the refinement was naturally an inconsequential matter. The body of the current Xiao Yan was filled with a drive.

Xiao Yan’s palm turned into a cauldron. The fierce flame emitted a frighteningly high temperature. At the same time, the Dou Qi within Xiao Yan’s body disappeared at a shocking speed. With the aid of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, this Dou Qi fountain, he could squander without any worry.


A Bodhisattva Seed turned into a wisp of refreshing air because of this wild refinement. It rose from the flame and entered the emerald-green tree. At the same time, a tendril of black vapor once again disappeared.

“Rustle rustle!”

The Bodhisattva Ancient Tree emitted a joyous cry as it sensed the black vapor gradually disappear. It swayed its branches as a mighty and pure energy continued to pour into Xiao Yan’s body. Within the blink of an eye, the tired Xiao Yan was reinvigorated…


Xiao Yan involuntarily laughed when he sensed that his body had once again been filled with an even stronger Dou Qi. Before the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree could encourage him, he had grabbed a Bodhisattva Seed and continued the refinement process!

The space covered in a green color was filled with a great life force. There was no exact concept of time in this place. Xiao Yan could only clearly remember that the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree had aided him in the recovery of his Dou Qi twenty-eight times. The first batch of Bodhisattva Ancient Seed had been completely refined by him, but these Bodhisattva Ancient Seed did not completely remove the negative emotions within the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. Hence, Xiao Yan was able to retain his calmness when dozens of Bodhisattva Seeds once again flew out of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. After having refined so many Bodhisattva Seeds, these rare objects, which would cause any outsider to go crazy, were regarded as something ordinary by Xiao Yan…

In summary, Xiao Yan was numb.

However, Xiao Yan had also made relatively large gains after refining so many Bodhisattva Seeds. The expended Dou Qi within his body was already many times greater than what it had been earlier…

This kind of refinement continued. Xiao Yan did not request to rest. Instead, the refinement had become a routine. He picked up a Bodhisattva Seed and refined it. After which, a wisp of refreshing air entered the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. Then, he picked up another Bodhisattva Seed. This cycle repeated itself and did not stop for even a moment…

This cycle continued for an unknown period of time. After a while, Xiao Yan extended his hand in an attempt to grab a Bodhisattva Seed, but he only grasped empty air. It was then that he discovered that he had already refined all the Bodhisattva Seeds in front of him.

Xiao Yan shook his head as he grabbed at nothing. His eyes landed on the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree in front of him. He coincidentally managed to see a wisp of black vapor slowly seep out of the tree. It finally turned into nothing and vanished…

“Buzz buzz!”

After the disappearance of this wisp of black vapor, the emerald Bodhisattva Ancient Tree suddenly emitted a buzzing sound. A green light surged before many glaring green rays erupted from the tree’s bodies. They spread and caused the already rich life force present to grow denser.

“Has it been completely removed?”

Xiao Yan looked at the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. At this moment, the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree was undoubtedly a much more emerald-green than before. Moreover, the dark chill that had vaguely emanated from it also disappeared. The current Bodhisattva Ancient Tree gave one a peaceful, divine, and intelligent feeling of mystery…

“Rustle rustle!”

One of the ancient tree branches was slowly extended. It was like a person’s hand as it rubbed Xiao Yan’s head. Xiao Yan could sense a joyous emotion from that tree branch.

“It is good that the negative emotions have been completely removed…”

Xiao Yan smiled. He also patted the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree’s branch. After which, a fatigue that originated from his soul suddenly surged, causing him to shut both of his eyes. Subsequently, his head also lowered. The exhaustion from refining the Bodhisattva Seeds during this period of time was really too great. Although the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree had aided him in with his exhausted Dou Qi, the tiredness of his soul could not be recovered as easily. Now that Xiao Yan had finally relaxed, the fatigue from his soul, which he had been suppressing, suddenly appeared. It caused Xiao Yan to descend into a slumber.

“Buzz buzz!”

An unusual sound was emitted from the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree when it saw Xiao Yan lower his head and descend into a slumber. An emerald light immediately erupted from within its body. The light turned into a countless number of hands that pulled at Xiao Yan’s seated figure. The moment the two made contact, many ripples rose on the tree’s body as Xiao Yan slowly merged with it. He became like a statue that sat at the center of the tree without moving…

Soon after Xiao Yan was pulled into the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree began to swing its branches. Waves of unusual ripples spread apart and many spatial holes were torn open. Numerous miserable figures were spat out. They were surprisingly the group that had entered the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree with Xiao Yan. Xun Er’s group was also among them.

Everyone’s expression changed when they suddenly appeared in this strange place. Some fear lingered on many of their faces. They now understood that everything they had experienced earlier was an illusion.

“What a frightening Bodhisattva Ancient Tree…” Even those as strong as Xun Er and Hun Yu were unable to retain their calmness at this moment. They recalled the illusion from earlier and involuntarily felt a cold sweat form. If not for this sudden change, they would have remained in their illusions forever.

Everyone gradually recovered. Only then did they slowly withdraw the shock within their hearts and began to observe this mysterious place, which was filled with pulsating life.

“Bodhisattva Ancient Tree?”

This place was not very big. Hence, the many pairs of eyes gathered on the jade-like ancient tree at the middle. A shocked voice was involuntarily spat out from the mouths of these people. After experiencing the illusion from earlier, they were extremely terrified of this ancient tree. There was nothing more miserable and tragic than dying in an illusion.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge?”

The eyes of everyone present focused on the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. Soon after, Xun Er recognized a skinny figure within the tree trunk. Her face drastically changed.

“Xiao Yan?”

The remaining people saw what she saw while Xun Er’s expression was changing. All of their expressions quickly experienced varying degrees of alterations.

“Xun Er, don’t be reckless! This is perhaps a great opportunity!” Gu Qing Yang grabbed Xun Er and reminded her in a deep voice.

Xun Er only woke up after hearing Gu Qing Yang’s words. She properly recalled her memories related to this Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. A moment later, she began to slowly nod.

Based on the records of some ancient books, the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree possessed three treasures. The first was the Bodhisattva Heart, the second was the Bodhisattva Seed, and the third was to comprehend the nature of the world through the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree…

It was not difficult to comprehend the first two treasures. Both treasures were tangible things owned by the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. However, the third was a little vague and imaginary…

The Bodhisattva Ancient Tree was called the knowledge reincarnation tree. It was rumored to have the mysterious effect that allowed one to experience a hundred reincarnation. Those who had undergone such reincarnations were rumored to be able to step into the Dou Di class.

Although this was only a rumor, there were still a countless number of experts who had gone crazy because of this vague legend…

A Dou Di was the ultimate level that existed only in legends!

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