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Chapter 1423: Negative Emotions of a Dou Di

The black figure in the light cluster stood in front of the hundred-thousand-foot-tall Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, Suddenly, this figure began to attack the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. The Bodhisattva Ancient Tree retaliated by slowly emitting wave after wave of monstrous energy. This entire sky crumbled because of this frightening exchange…

Xiao Yan was startled as he watched the battle within the light cluster. He found it hard to believe that the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree had once battled with an elite Dou Di…

The figure within the cluster of light began to speed up before halting. Then the black figure was ruthlessly struck by a destructive force that erupted from outside the area visible within the cluster of light. The black figure’s body and the entire area around it was blasted into smithereens…


Xiao Yan’s heart violently pounded as he looked at that black figure, who had been blasted until nothing remained. That sudden attack from earlier had been unleashed by an elite Dou Di, who was not weaker than the black-clothed Dou Di. With the combined effort of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree and another mysterious Dou Di, that black-clothed Dou Di was completely destroyed…

“Two Dou Di…”

The corner of Xiao Yan’s eyes involuntarily twitched. He was able to witness two of these experts who only existed in legends. Although they were merely images, the aura from an ultimate expert caused Xiao Yan’s soul to tremble.

The image in the light cluster did not halt with the fall of the black-clothed Dou Di. Traces of black air suddenly appeared. The air quickly charged into the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree the moment it appeared. With the entry of this air flow, the refreshing aura that radiated from the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree gained an obscure chill.

Xiao Yan was startled as he watched the aura change. He fell deep into thought. The Bodhisattva Ancient Tree after the black aura entered it seemed to give off the same feeling as the the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree he saw in the Wasteland Ancient Region.


The light slowly became dim before it agglomerated into an invisible matter that charged into Xiao Yan’s head with lightning-like speed. Finally, this light turned into unusual information that disseminated apart.

Xiao Yan shut his eyes and digested this unusual information flow. It was a long while later before he slowly opened his eyes as a sense of comprehension appeared in them. He had gained much knowledge from this information.

The Bodhisattva Ancient Tree in front of him had existed for an unknown period of time, but one thing was certain, it had existed since prehistoric times. The thing that caused Xiao Yan to be surprised was that despite countless years of existence, it did not evolve and form its own intelligence. Perhaps it was because it had existed for too long, resulting in an incomplete intelligence. Regardless of the reason, this Bodhisattva Ancient Tree was not entirely intelligent. It could only function with the basic abilities of a spiritual object, like protecting itself or retaliating…

The images that came from the cluster of light earlier were from an extremely distant era. There had once been a seriously injured elite Dou Di who had attempted to forcefully remove the tree spirit of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree to heal his injuries, but he ended up dying to his opponent and the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. Of course, that black-clothed Dou Di, who had been killed, had clearly caused the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree to suffer a ton of damage. One could understand the damage the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree suffered by comparing the hundred-thousand-foot-tall in the light cluster to its ten-thousand-foot-tall size…

Even though the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree had paid a heavy price, it did not completely eliminate the black-clothed Dou Di as one would imagine because some of Dou Di’s negative emotions gathered together and invaded the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree the moment he was about to be killed…

These so-called negative emotions gradually merged with the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree over a countless number of years, vaguely causing the simple spirit of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree to begin to tilt to the dark and chilly side. In other words, over a long period of time, the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree was gradually eroded by the Dou Di’s negative emotions until it started to become a little evil. That illusion had been formed because of this evil. There had been an unknown number of experts who had lost themselves in the illusion over a countless number of years. If the familiar aura of Xiao Yan’s Bodhisattva Seed had not been emitted to wake the spirit that was deep within the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, Xiao Yan would not have reached this place.

If one were to describe the current Bodhisattva Ancient Tree in a simple way, it would be best to say that the tree’s body possessed two separate spirits. One originally belonged to it while the other was created from the negative emotions of that black-clothed Dou Di. The spirit created from the Dou Di tilted to evil…

“You wish to ask me to aid you in expelling that evil spirit?” Xiao Yan looked at the ancient emerald tree across from as he inquired with a thought.


The ancient tree quickly began to sway when it heard Xiao Yan’s words, appearing as though it was nodding.

Xiao Yan was a little speechless when he saw it sway. He replied, “You really think too highly of me. Those emotions have been left behind by an elite Doj Di. I am unable to remove them…”

Xiao Yan was indeed speaking the truth. The negative emotions of an elite Dou Di had even managed to shift something as strong as the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree onto the path of evil. What could his strength, which had just reached the ninth star of the Dou Zun class, do? He might end up bringing trouble to himself if he carelessly lured those damn negative emotions his way. He would certainly die if that happened…

“Hua hua…”

A light cluster once again appeared soon after Xiao Yan’s words sounded. A wisp of flame surfaced in the cluster of light and then a Bodhisattva Seed materialized. The flame refined the Bodhisattva Seed and a refreshing aura appeared. This aura finally entered the body of the Ancient Tree. Following the entrance of this refreshing aura, the dark chill that spread through the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree became a little fainter.

“Use the Bodhisattva Seed to expel those negative emotions?” Xiao Yan was startled. He glanced at the Bodhisattva Seed in his hand and asked out of uncertainty. “Just this one impure Bodhisattva Ancient Seed can help you?”


The ancient tree shook and numerous green lights drifted out of its body. They stopped in front of Xiao Yan. The light gradually weakened, and Xiao Yan was flabbergasted because he had discovered that these light spots were all Bodhisattva Seeds. Moreover, from the crystal luster they emitted, they were clearly many times more pure than the Bodhisattva Seed in his hand…

“One, two, three… twenty-four.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the green light spots. The corner of his mouth involuntarily twitched. Although the Bodhisattva Seed was not as frightening as the Bodhisattva Heart, it was still able to increase one’s chances of successfully advancing to the Dou Sheng class. Forget about the extremely high quality Bodhisattva Seeds, even the impure Bodhisattva Seed in his hand would be able to tempt a countless number of experts.

However, over twenty of these Bodhisattva Seeds, which were terribly rare in the outside world, had suddenly appeared in front of Xiao Yan at this moment. Even he felt the impulse to grab them and flee.

Fortunately, Xiao Yan still retained his rational thoughts. Although this Bodhisattva Ancient Tree did not possess a complete spirit, all it took was only a little of its instinctive ability to easily kill him a hundred times over. That life-like illusion from earlier allowed Xiao Yan to understand just how frightening the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree was. It was fortunate that it did not possess a complete spirit. Otherwise, the number of experts on the Dou Qi continent who could fight it did not exceed five…

“Using Bodhisattva Seeds to expel the negative emotions. This is really too wasteful…” Xiao Yan looked at the Bodhisattva Seed suspended in front of him. Although these did not belong him, he still felt an incomparable heartache when he was asked to use his Heavenly Flame to refine them.

“Hua hua…”

The Bodhisattva Ancient Tree swayed once again while Xiao Yan was feeling his heart ache. It seemed to be urging him on.

Xiao Yan let out a bitter laugh upon seeing it sway. All he could do was nod. He spread his palm and a cluster of purple-brown flames with a faint whiteness curled and rose. He randomly picked up a Bodhisattva Seed with his hand and threw it into the flame.

The interior of the Bodhisattva Seed contained an extremely powerful energy. Even with the aid of the Heavenly Flame, it was still quite difficult to refine it.

The refinement lasted for around an hour. Only then did the Bodhisattva Seed turn into a crystal clear liquid. Another half an hour passed and the cluster of liquid transformed into a wisp of refreshing air that contained an emerald-green color…

This wisp of refreshing air seeped out of the flame before entering the jade-like body of the ancient tree. As this wisp of refreshing air poured into the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, its body started to tremble. Soon after, an extremely faint black vapor quietly seeped out. It eventually turned into nothing and disappeared…


Xiao Yan sighed in relief upon seeing the black vapor. He quickly sat down. The difficulty involved in refining the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree had far exceeded his expectations. Even with his current ability, it was impossible for the Dou Qi within his body to continue the refinement process…

“I can’t continue. I must rest for a moment…”

Xiao Yan wiped his perspiration away as he waved his hand at the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree and spoke.

“Hua hua…”

Seeing that Xiao Yan had ceased working, the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree immediately began to sway. A cluster of green light was quickly unleashed from its body. This light formed an ancient futon near the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. After which, the ancient tree extended a tree branch and carried Xiao Yan to the futon.


Xiao Yan’s body trembled the moment it touched the ancient futon. Wave after wave of frighteningly pure energy surged into Xiao Yan’s body like floodwater. At this moment, all of his pores seemed to have suddenly blasted apart as a refreshing vapor slowly seeped in from the top of Xiao Yan’s head…

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