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Chapter 1425: Awaken

Every pair of eyes in this life-filled space gathered on Xiao Yan, who had been embraced by the ancient tree. Their eyes were relatively hot. Those who could come to this place had naturally heard of the three Bodhisattva treasures. This so-called meditation under the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree might seem very vague and undetectable, but the potential that it could provide caused one to go crazy.

“How did this fellow end up gaining such an advantage first?”

Jiu Feng’s expression was gloomy. Even with his character, he could not control the jealousy that filled his stomach. He would rather these great benefits be given to anyone but someone he disliked.

The warm smile, which usually hung on Hun Yu’s face by the side, significantly diminished while Jiu Feng’s expression was gloomy. His fingers continued to rub against each other. Clearly, the emotions in his heart were not as calm as he appeared on the surface. No one would be able to remain calm if one could gain such a great potential.

“Had I known earlier, I would have summoned the experts from the clan using the spatial jade token outside…”

At this moment, Hun Yu felt regret form within his heart. If he had not been worried that the experts from the Gu clan would have intervened, he would have shattered the spatial jade token and summoned the experts from the Hun clan to kill Xiao Yan the moment he broke out of the beast tide. Since Xiao Yan was with the Gu clan, Hun Yu could not forcefully attack him. After all, Hun Yu understood that these people from the Gu clan also possessed a spatial jade token to summon their clan’s experts. If they were to end up entangled with each other outside the tree, they would only end up benefiting the rest.

Only at this moment did Hun Yu feel some regret in his heart, but it was too late. The space in this place was a created realm. It was not possible for a spatial ripple to be created here, so he could not summon the experts from the Hun clan.

Hun Yu’s eyes flickered. He suddenly looked at Jiu Feng. Both of them glanced at each other. They were able to detect a dark chill in the other party’s eyes, and their chins were gently inclined in a manner unnoticeable to others.


Hun Yu and Jiu Feng suddenly moved after their chins lowered. They turned into two black lines and appeared under the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree with such swiftness that no one could react. The both of them circulated the Dou Qi in their bodies as they ruthlessly attacked Xiao Yan, who had been embraced by the tree. From the looks of it, they were planning on forcefully waking Xiao Yan from his slumber.

“Hun Yu, how dare you !”

Xun Er’s group detected their destination the moment those two figures shot out. Their expressions drastically changed. Two handprints were swiftly formed in front of Xun Er by a golden flame. These two handprints quickly shot toward Hun Yu and Jiu Feng.

However, the both of them decided to ignore Xun Er’s attack. Frightening Dou Qi was present in their hands as they ruthlessly slammed toward the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree.


A muffled sound was emitted when the ferocious palm winds landed on the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. Before a smile could surface on Hun Yu’s and Jiu Feng’s faces, they suddenly sensed an exceedingly terrifying force surging from the spots where their palms had landed.


Shock quickly surged into Hun Yu’s and Jiu Feng’s eyes because of this frightening retaliation force. They did not have the time to dodge before that terrifying force fearlessly charged into their bodies. All of their Dou Qi defenses collapsed as both of them flew backwards like kites with their string cut. They spat out a mouthful of blood as their bodies formed an arc in the air.

Everyone present was startled when they saw Hun Yu and Jiu Feng being defeated in an instant. They quickly looked at the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree with some shock. This thing was indeed extraordinary…


Xun Er’s pretty eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan in the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. She only sighed in relief after seeing that he was not awoken. Her pretty icy-cold eyes swung to Hun Yu and Jiu Feng as a golden flame rose within them.

The experts from the Hun clan and the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe were shocked after seeing Xun Er’s eyes. They hurriedly gathered Hun Yu and Jiu Feng, who had climbed to their feet. Looking at the situation, they seemed to be ready to engage in a big fight at the slightest disagreement.

“Xun Er, don’t be reckless.”

Gu Qing Yang stopped Xun Er. His eyes looked at Hun Yu’s group in an unfriendly manner. The Hun clan and the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe were clearly cooperating. It would be difficult to determine a victor if they were to engage in a bloody battle. Most importantly, the commotion would be far too great should they really fight. They would end up losing more than they gain if they wake Xiao Yan from his condition.

Xun Er was similarly aware of Gu Qing Yang’s concern in her heart. Hence, she nodded and slowly withdrew her ice-cold eyes. Her eyes soon shifted to Xiao Yan seated in the tree with his eyes shut.


Hun Yu and Jiu Feng wiped off the trace of blood from the corner of their mouths. They looked at Xiao Yan, who continued to remain still in the tree. A dark and solemn expression appeared on their faces. It was unexpected that they were unable to wake him from his slumber even with their combined attack.

“Looks like the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree is protecting him. Just what kind of damn luck does this fellow have.”

Hun Yu and Jiu Feng were clearly aware that the retaliation force from earlier had been unleashed by the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. Otherwise, with just Xiao Yan’s strength alone, it would have been impossible for him to fight against the both of them. Nevertheless, they were helpless despite being aware of this fact. After the exchange earlier, they already understood that even if they were to gather everyone here, it would be impossible for them to even damage a leaf on the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree.

Regardless of how jealous they felt in their hearts, they could only watch because of the protection offered by the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree…

The atmosphere of the space appeared grave after Hun Yu and Jiu Feng became quiet. There were two parties that did not see eye to eye. The other groups that did not belong to the three factions did not dare to randomly intervene in such a fight. They stood far away and searched for a method to leave.

“This Bodhisattva Ancient Tree seems to have a good impression of Xiao Yan. I wonder what happened earlier. Under normal circumstances, Xiao Yan should have also fallen into an illusion.” Gu Qing Yang glaced at Hun Yu’s group before turning his head to remark to Xun Er.

“Aye…” Xun Er slightly nodded. She said, “It seems that it is impossible to leave this place. I made an attempt earlier, but I was unable to tear open even the slightest spatial crack… I’m afraid that we can only wait for Xiao Yan ge-ge to awaken.”

Gu Qing Yang nodded. He had also made an attempt. The space in this place was surprisingly firm. Even though he had used all his strength, he could not create even the tiniest spatial ripple. Even less needed to be said about tearing space…

“All we can do is wait. At least the life force in this place is extremely dense. It should not be much of a problem to wait for some time.” Cai Lin also opened her mouth to speak at this moment. It was impossible for her to abandon Xiao Yan and leave.

“However, we should remain cautious of those people during this period of time…”


The group slowly nodded after hearing these words. Hun Yu and his gang clearly possessed some ill thoughts. Even though it was only a legend, they were extremely unwilling to allow Xiao Yan experience the reincarnations and knowledge from the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, especially if it allowed him to gain the potential to reach the Dou Di class. Given both parties stances, it would be a great disaster for them if Xiao Yan reached that stage.

The concept of time within this mysterious place was extremely blurry, but no one was able to form a spatial crack go escape. Everyone still felt some fear because of the extremely life-like illusion from earlier, so no one truly dared to act wildly in this place. Although it was a little boring, it was at least real. If one were stuck in that illusion again, it would be impossible to differentiate between reality and the illusion. That feeling was extremely terrifying.

As time continued to flow, everyone gradually began to enter their training states. The energy in this place was filled with a great life force. It was a supplement that could nourish anyone. Moreover, if one used this energy to heal one’s injuries, it would even be able to get rid of hidden injuries within one’s body. Hence, everyone began to enter a training state while they waited. All of them benefited during this period of time.

Of course, Xun Er’s group had naturally allocated some people to monitor Hun Yu’s group while they trained. They were prepared to jump into action following any problems. Fortunately, after experiencing the retaliation force, Hun Yu and Jiu Feng understood that any crazy actions were useless. Hence, they did not secretly attack during this period of time.

Around one month slowly passed in this place amid this dull training…

The Bodhisattva Ancient Tree did not show any activity during this one month. Xiao Yan, who had remained seated inside, was just like a mosquito frozen in an amber. He did not move and even his aura had disappeared from everyone’s senses. Sometimes, even Xun Er’s group would feel panic in their hearts. Fortunately, they still retained their rational thoughts and did not do anything because of this panic.

Although they retained their sense of reasoning, others were uneasy and began to go crazy with the flow of time. After all, no one was willing to be trapped in this place forever. If that was the case, what difference was there between them and a prisoner?

This irritation continued for seven days before some people were finally unable to endure the madness in their hearts. These people’s eyes turned red, and they prepared to fight with the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree when the human figure seated inside it finally shook. Those eyes, which had been shut for a month, were slowly opened in front of many shocked gazes…

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