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Chapter 1407: Encountering Yun Yun Again

With lightning-like speed, a couple of figures rushed through the air above a mountain range permeated with an ancient aura. There was also a trace of misery vaguely present.

“Teacher, those fellows have definitely locked onto us…”

A pretty figure gently pressed against a tree branch. The figure rushed out as her pretty eyes glanced behind her. A worried expression filled those eyes. She turned her head and revealed a familiar pretty face. She was surprisingly Nalan Yanran.

It was likely that no one else other than Yun Yun would be addressed as teacher by Nalan Yanran. If one were to turn one’s head to the side, there was a woman in a white dress beside Nalan Yanran. The woman’s dress flapped with the wind as she flew. She emitted a noble appearance that was difficult to describe. Her pristine face caused the mountains to become a lot more beautiful.

Who else could this appearance belong to other than Yun Yun, who had become the chief of the Flower Sect.

“These bastards from the Profound Sky Sect actually launched a sneak attack while we were fighting with a ferocious beast, causing Elder Qing Hua to die miserably to the ferocious beast. Once we return, we need to gather the full strength of our sect to fight to the death with the Profound Sky Sect!” A somewhat pale-looking old woman behind Yun Yun furiously cried out. A trace of blood remained on the corner of her mouth. Clearly, she had experienced a big battle.

“We must not let off these bastards!” The other few Flower Sect’s Elders furiously cried out when they heard her words.

“Elders, now is not the time to talk about this. The Profound Sky Sect is chasing us. It is clear that they intend to force us all to remain here forever. How will we engage in an all out life and death battle with them if we cannot even escape this calamity?” Yun Yun shook her head as she inquired. The current her had gotten use to her status as the chief of the Flower Sect. Her words contained a certain prestige. Moreover, she had completely refined the Dou Qi that Granny Hua had left her with Xiao Yan’s help. Her actual strength had reached the eighth star of the Dou Zun level. Hence, the Elders behind her did not dare refute her words. All they could do was sigh and nod.

Yun Yun only turned her head after hearing the Flower Sect’s Elders become quiet. However, she knit her eyebrows slightly. The few grand Elders of their Flower Sect were currently in a deep retreat. Hence, only a nine star Dou Zun Elder was present in their group, but this Elder had died from the combined attack of the Profound Sky Sect and the ferocious beast. Their party strength had declined, leading them to be chased by the Profound Sky Sect to the point of being in such a miserable state.

“Teacher, there are two nine star Dou Zun on the Profound Sky Sect’s side. Moreover, they will likely catch up soon, given their speed…” Nalan Yanran looked at Yun Yun and whispered.

Yun Yun inclined her head a little. Her hand patted Nalan Yanran’s shoulder and said, “When the time comes, teacher will fight and allow you to escape. Don’t bother about anything else. The most important thing is to escape alive.”

“What about teacher?” Nalan Yanran involuntarily cried out upon hearing Yun Yun’s orders.

“Being the sect chief of the Flower Sect, I will ultimately fight…” Yun Yun shook her head slightly. Her expression changed abruptly and her body suddenly paused. At the same time, she grabbed Nalan Yanran beside her and abruptly pulled her back.


A sharp wind suddenly rushed from in front of her the moment Yun Yun pulled back. The sharp wind turned the huge tree, which the two of them had been standing on earlier, into dust.

“Tsk tsk, sect chief Yun Yun, all of you will not be able to escape. Why do you still stubbornly resist? Moreover, it is your blessing to have our deputy sect chief covet you. At that time, you, teacher and disciple, can share a husband and become a great story.” A deafening strange laugh soon followed after the wind rushed over This caused Yun Yun and Nalan Yanran’s expressions to turn a little ugly.

“Shameless scumbag!” Nalan Yanran grit her teeth and furiously cried out.

“This elderly-self likes this form of address…” A black figure appeared in a flash on the tree branch in front of them. The figure was extremely tall but skinny. He appeared like a bamboo black-clothed old man. He lifted his head and strangely laughed at Nalan Yanran.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

The hurried sound of rushing wind also resounded behind Yun Yun’s group the moment this old man appeared to block them. Immediately, ten plus figures quickly stepped through the air and hurried over. Finally, they appeared on an empty plot of land behind Yun Yun’s group.

“Ha ha, sect chief Yun Yun. This chief has said that all of you will not be able to escape.”

Over ten figures slowly stepped forward. The middle-aged man leading them had pale skin. He was wearing a grand purple robe while his eyes were looking at Yun Yun and Nalan Yanran a short distance away. His tongue involuntarily licked his lips. Such an exquisite teacher and disciple pair was really rare. If he were able to take them as his exclusive domain, he would likely be the envy of an unimaginable number of people, especially when the teacher was also the sect chief of the Flower Sect.

“Liu Cang, are you planning to start a big war between the Flower Sect and the Profound Sky Sect?” Yun Yun’s face was dark as she coldly cried out.

“I don’t really want to do that. Some old fellows who would not die that are in a retreat within the Flower Sect are indeed quite troublesome to deal with. Ha ha, but it doesn’t matter. I will kill the rest and imprison the both of you in my Profound Sky Sect. They will not know anything.” That middle-aged man, who was called Liu Cang, replied with a smile.

“Hee hee, deputy chief, please hurry up and attack. Otherwise the situation might change if we delay. There are many ferocious beasts in this Ancient Wasteland Region. Suffering a loss will be inevitable if we are discovered.” A man carrying a purple fan behind Liu Cang smiled as he spoke. From his appearance, he was Yaohua Liangjun, who had attempted to kill Xiao Yan back then. It was unexpected that this fellow was so lucky. He had been able to survive despite being struck by Hei Qing’s punch.

“Ah, Yaohua is right. If deputy chief intends to strike, it is best not to tarry for too long.” A shady-looking old man beside Yaohua Liangjun sinisterly laughed.

Liu Cang faintly smiled and nodded when he heard these words. After which, he waved his hand and indifferently commanded, “In that case, let’s strike. Kill everyone other than Yun Yun and her disciple!”


All the experts from the Profound Sky Sect replied upon hearing Liu Cang’s orders. Their bodies immediately moved together and surrounded everyone from the Flower Sect. Wave after wave of majestic Dou Qi slowly erupted from their bodies.

“Yanran. I will break open a path. You should quickly leave.” Yun Yun softly exhaled and spoke after seeing them be surrounded.

“Teacher…” Nalan Yanran tightly bit her lower red lip. Her hand tightly held a longsword. She inhaled a deep breath and said, “If teacher lands in their hands, there is no point in living. I would rather just die…”

“Ugh, you child…”

Yun Yun was helpless when she heard Nalan Yanran be stubborn. She was aware that Nalan Yanran was prepared to die. If things turned out badly, it was likely that this teacher and disciple pair would end up remaining in this place forever.


A cold cry suddenly sounded while Yun Yun was quietly sighing in her heart. Those experts from the Profound Sky Sect around them, who were eagerly waiting, let out strange laughs. They charged toward the Flower Sect’s group with lightning-like speed as powerful Dou Qi erupted.

“Bang bang!”

Those Flower Sect’s Elders revealed some furiously green expressions when they were surrounded and attacked by the experts from the Profound Sky Sect. They unleashed their Dou Qi and charged forward without giving in, but their bodies were covered in injuries. Additionally, they had been fleeing during these few days. Their conditions were naturally inferior to those from the Profound Sky Sect. Hence, they fell into a disadvantage after the first exchange.


Yun Yun waved her hand. A vast and might Dou Qi erupted and struck an expert from the Profound Sky Sect until he spat out blood and withdrew. Soon after another two experts attacked, causing her to have no choice but to meet them in battle.

“Hee hee, sect chief Yun Yun, it looks like you will still end up in our hands this time around. You can rest assured that I will definitely take good care of you when the time comes!” Yaohua Liangjun hurriedly dodged Yun Yun’s attack while he coldly laughed.

Yun Yun’s face was ice-cold. The Dou Qi within her body was stimulated to its limit. A palm wind whistled and covered her surroundings. In an instant, even the combined strength of the Profound Sky Sect’s four Dou Zuns were unable to break her defenses.


While Yun Yun was doing her best to fight, a muffled sound was suddenly emitted from beside her. A lovely figure flew backwards as a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out.


Yun Yun’s expression drastically changed when she saw this figure. She curled her hand and a wind surged. It wrapped around Nalan Yanran’s flying body.

“Hee hee, one must not be distracted while fighting others.”

Two mysterious figures suddenly flashed and appeared behind Yun Yun while she was rescuing Nalan Yanran. Powerful palm winds slammed mercilessly into Yun Yun’s shoulders.


The sudden attack caused Yun Yun to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. Her body shot back and heavily collided with a large rock. Another muffled moan was emitted from her throat.

“Sect chief Yun Yun, once you have been properly taught by the deputy chief, I will bring that little lover of yours to see you…” Yaohua Liangjun revealed a lewd smile on his face. He slowly walked toward Yun Yun. His metal fan struck Yun Yun’s lower abdomen in an extremely ruthless matter.

Yun Yun clenched her teeth when she saw Yaohua Liangjun attacked. She unleashed the Dou Qi from her body in order to meet him in a fight, but she was just about to act when a thunder-like wind-splitting sound was suddenly emitted from the sky and a dazzling golden light erupted.

An enormous golden figure suddenly landed in front of her. Its huge fist was abruptly swung and smashed into Yaohua Liangjun’s body with lightning-like speed. Its frightening strength turned the shocked-faced Yaohua Liangjun into mincemeat with just a punch.

Shock surged onto the faces of the experts from the Profound Sky Sect by the side when they suddenly saw Yaohua Liangjun turn into mincemeat. Their eyes were horrified as they stared at the enormous golden figure. Their bodies quickly pulled back.

“The dogs from the Profound Sky Sect are still as unlikable as ever!”

The rumbling low voice from the golden human figure, which was dozens of feet tall, slowly sounded after bursting Yaohua Liangjun apart with a punch.

Liu Cang’s expression gradually turned gloomy after hearing the low and deep voice of that golden human figure.

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