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Chapter 1408: Killing The Profound Sky Sect

“Expert, may I know who you are? This is a matter between my Profound Sky Sect and the Flower Sect. Are you really intending on intervening?” Liu Cang’s eyes were dark and dense as he glared at the golden giant standing in front of Yun Yun. He inquired in a deep voice.

The Dou Qi within Liu Cang’s body was quietly circulated while he spoke. With one glance, it was obvious that this person had come with ill-intent. He needed to be careful.

That seventy-foot-tall golden human figure merely laughed at Liu Cang. The figure did not even give Liu Cang a reply. The giant’s feet ruthlessly kicked Yaohua Liangjun’s corpse in front of him. That terrifying strength caused the body of Yaohua Liangjun to ruthlessly shoot toward Liu Cang like a cannonball.

“You are seeking death!”

Liu Cang’s expression became gloomy when he saw the golden figure attack. His hand grabbed at the space in front of him. Yaohua Liangjun’s corpse emitted a ‘bang’ and exploded into clusters of bloody fogs.

“Today, this chief shall see just where you come from since you dare to intervene in the matters of my Profound Sky Sect!”

Liu Cang’s foot stomped on the ground. His ghost-like body flashed, and he appeared above the golden giant’s head. He clenched his fist and cried out in a savage voice, “Great Hell Dragon Fist!”


Dou Qi immediately surged out of his body in all directions the moment Liu Qing’s cry sounded. It swiftly gathered and formed a large black dragon. The dragon seemed real. It was accompanied by a shocking momentum as it let out a roar and tore through the air, creating a frightening wind as it ruthlessly swam toward the golden giant.

That golden giant slowly raised his head when faced with Liu Cang’s fierce attack. He revealed a pair of cold and indifferent golden eyes. His fist, which appeared to be made of gold, tightened. After which, a punch was thrown without any fancy actions!

A punch was thrown forward and the space in front suddenly collapsed, revealing many black cracks in space itself.


The golden fist flashed over and collided with the black huge dragon. A terrifying force poured out like floodwater upon contact. A miserable cry sounded as that large black dragon was forcefully scattered. That remnant wind penetrated space and heavily struck Liu Cang, whose expression had altered.

“Bam bam!”

Liu Cang’s body hurriedly withdrew upon sensing the frightening strength heading his way, but that strength was too terrifying. A low and deep air blast exploded against Liu Cang’s body before the force struck.

“Boom boom!”

This sudden explosive air blasted Liu Cang until he flew backwards. He landed in a hundred-foot-large stone. A frightening remnant force instantly caused that huge rock to emit a crack sound, covering it with densely packed cracks. Finally, it turned into stone dust amid a deep sound.


Shock was immediately revealed in the eyes of the surrounding experts from the Profound Sky Sect when they saw that Liu Cang was unable to even receive one punch from the mysterious golden giant. They were clearly aware of Liu Cang’s strength. Although the reason that Liu Cang could reach his current position as the deputy chief of the Profound Sky Sect was not completely based on merit, he did possess a strength that was at the peak of the Dou Zun class.[a][b] He was the strongest in their present group. None of them would have imagined that this person with the strength of a peak Dou Zun, was unable to last even one exchange in the hands of the golden giant.

“Just who is this person? Is he actually this frightening?”

A flicker rapidly flashed through the eyes of the experts from the Profound Sky Sect. By being able to send Liu Cang, whose strength was at the peak of the Dou Zun class, flying with a punch, it meant that this person’s strength had, at the very least, reached a two change or a three change peak Dou Zun…

“Bastard! Elder Qiu and everyone else, attack together with this chief!”

Liu Cang miserably struggled to climb up from the rock dust at this moment. He rubbed off the trace of blood on the corner of his mouth and furiously roared.

That skinny bamboo-like black-robed Elder, who was the first to attack, looked different when he heard the roar. He could only clench his teeth and nod with a dark expression on his face. There were so many people on their side. If they were to attack together, this person would not be able to gain much of an upper hand even though he possessed a three change peak Dou Zun strength.


The remaining experts from the Profound Sky Sect could only suppress the fear within their hearts in the face of Liu Cang’s roar. Dou Qi surged from their bodies at the same time. After which, many incredibly powerful Dou Qi attacks tore through space and explosively shot over.

Over ten elite Dou Zuns attacked together. Their might was relatively frightening and space seemed to tremble as a result.

“Be careful!”

Yun Yun’s expression changed when she saw Liu Cang’s group attacking at the same time. She hurriedly cried out.


The golden giant let out a cold snort when faced with Liu Cang’s group’s joint attack. He advanced instead of pulling back, taking a couple of steps that caused the land to tremble. A bright golden light erupted from his body. Looking from a distance, he appeared like a furious metal statue!


Without using any Dou Skills, every part of the golden giant contained an indestructible frightening strength. A punch was thrown and space crumbled. Many black lines continued to spread apart.


The giant golden fist was thrown over, and all Dou Skills basically burst apart at this instant. A frightening storm penetrated space. Finally, it poured into the bodies of the Profound Sky Sect’s experts.

“Grug! Grug!”

With such a frightening strength, everyone other than Liu Cang and the bamboo-thin black-robed elder spat out a mouthful of fresh blood in an instant. Their bodies were like flying cannonballs that rubbed over the ground and violently flew a thousand feet away…

Liu Cang’s face finally revealed a frightened expression when he saw the experts from the Profound Sky Sect were knocked unconscious. No one knew if they were alive or dead. Despite so many people joining hands, they were unable to cause the golden demon any harm.

“Who exactly are you? We can talk things over nicely!”

Liu Cang saw the cold and indifferent golden eyes that had suddenly turned toward him. A chill was immediately felt in his heart as he hurriedly spoke.


The golden giant ignored Liu Cang’s words and took a big step forward. He advanced one step after another, and an enormous shadow covered the land, looking like a descending death god.


Liu Cang understood that it was impossible for the golden giant to let him off. He sensed the murderous desire that the golden giant had thrown at him. He was decisive as his foot violently stomped on the ground. His figure rushed back with lightning-like speed.

“Bastard. Once this chief ascertains your identity, I will definitely get you to suffer a fate worse than death!” A ferocity flickered within Liu Cang’s eyes as he wildly fled. He had enjoyed many respectful eyes wherever he went since becoming the deputy sect chief of the Profound Sky Sect. When had he ever ended up in such a miserable state?

While Liu Cang continued to think vicious thoughts in his heart, a light suddenly flickered in the sky. A glaring golden light flashed in the corner of his eye, causing the skin on his head to suddenly burst apart. He abruptly raised his head as the golden giant unknowingly appeared…

“Why is he so fast?”

Disbelief flashed across Liu Cang’s heart when he saw the golden giant appear behind him. This feeling had just risen when the metal fist of the golden giant ruthlessly smashed into his back with a terrifying strength.


The Dou Qi defenses on Liu Cang’s body were completely useless at this moment. A frightening strength poured into his body like floodwater. In an instant, the strength shattered his internal organs and even his bones into dust.


A mouthful of fresh blood that contained some shattered internal organs was spat out of Liu Cang’s mouth. The ferocious and vicious expression from earlier still remained on his face, but life was quickly fading from his eyes. Even after he died, he could not understand why this mysterious golden giant would kill them in such a crazy fashion the moment it appeared. He had merely been chasing Yun Yun’s group…

That golden giant suddenly landed in front of Yun Yun and the Flower Sect Elders’ shocked gazes after Liu Cang was killed with just a punch. After which, those cold and indifferent golden eyes looked to the northern sky. That bamboo-like black-robed person had fled in that direction.


The sound of rushing wind suddenly appeared when the golden giant was looking at that patch of sky. A black figure soon shot over and smashed into the ground. It was that Profound Sky Sect’s Elder who had fled earlier.

Another few black figures rushed over in a flash behind this figure. They appeared on the empty ground.

“You… you are Queen Medusa?”

Yun Yun looked at the group of people who had appeared. Her eyes suddenly focused on an extremely cool and beautiful woman. A shock immediately surfaced on her face as she cried out in disbelief.

“Sect chief of the Misty Cloud Sect, Yun Yun?”

Cai Lin’s brows were slightly knit when she saw Yun Yun. Her pretty eyes shifted to that golden giant and a soft snort was emitted from her nostrils. No wonder this fellow had hurried over in such an anxious and furious manner the moment he had heard that the Flower Sect was in trouble. It was because Yun Yun was present.

Yun Yun was slightly startled when she saw Cai Lin look over. She seemed to have suddenly recalled something. Her startled eyes landed on the golden giant as she muttered, “Xiao Yan?”

Nalan Yanran’s lovely figure by the side slightly froze when she heard Yun Yun’s voice. She lifted her head in a greatly stunned manner. She did not believe that this person, who had relied on his own strength to eliminate the group from the Profound Sky Sect, would be Xiao Yan.

A golden light burst out from that golden giant in front of the many pairs of eyes. Its body quickly shrank. Within a short moment, it had turned into a skinny figure.

“Ha ha, are you alright?”

The skinny figure turned around, and a familiar face appeared in front of Yun Yun’s and Nalan Yanran’s astounded eyes.

[a]So he didn’t reach his position based on merit?

[b]More like he is a little lacking in strength for his position

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