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Chapter 1406: Venturing Deeper

Miserable sharp screams continued to echo through the forest, which was saturated by a poison fog. These screams caused the forest to appear extremely sinister.


The rushing sound of wind suddenly appeared within the dense poison fog. Some light from a flame vaguely cast a shadow. The surrounding poison fog seemed to be scared when the cluster of fire appeared. The poison fog withdrew on its own accord, forming a clear path.

“It seems that these poisonous worms are quite afraid of the Heavenly Flame.” The Little Fairy Doctor examined the path that had formed in front of them. She spoke with a smile.

“Most poisonous worms are Yin and chilly in nature. A Heavenly Flame is a strong Yang with a natural heat. The worms are naturally afraid of it.” Xiao Yan smiled. He turned his head and looked ahead.

“The Ancient Wasteland Region lives up to its reputation…” Xiao Yan softly sighed in his heart once again. This was only the outer region. He did not know what kind of obstructions he would meet once he headed deeper.

“The poison fog is gradually thinning. It seems that we are about to get through this region.” Cai Lin looked at their surroundings. It was a little clearer compared to earlier, causing her to make a statement.

“Aye, let’s speed up. My retreat this time has delayed us. Some of the bigger factions within the Central Plains have probably entered the middle section of the Ancient Wasteland Region.” Xiao Yan nodded. His toes pressed on the ground, and his body shot forth like an arrow being released from a bow. A couple of figures followed him with lightning-like speed.

Cai Lin’s senses were correct. The surrounding poison fog began to gradually thin as their group ventured deeper. In the end, the poison fog completely disappeared.

Xiao Yan’s group leaped onto a large rock after they charged out of the poison fog. Their eyes swept over the land in front of them, only to see a mountain stream that was thousands of feet wide. The mountain stream was extremely deep, and a poison fog lingered within it, causing one not to see its end. If one lifted one’s eyes, one would see an endless mountain range behind this mountain stream. This mountain range was extremely tall, appearing like many huge dragons sleeping. An ancient and boundless aura spread from the mountains, lingering over the land.

That place was the true Ancient Wasteland Region!


Xiao Yan gently exhaled as he studied the distant mountain range. His eyes were a little grave. He could vaguely sense many ferocious auras within the endless ancient mountain range. These auras caused even Xiao Yan to feel a danger.

“The ferocious beasts of this wasteland have survived isolated from the world. They have continued to propagate since ancient times and their strengths are extremely frightening. Although their intelligence cannot be compared to a Magical Beast of the same rank due to their violence, their strength is something that even Magical Beasts cannot compare with.” That Falling Star Pavilion’s Elder, Qing Cheng, softly sighed beside Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan nodded. He clenched his hand and a bead that contained an emerald color appeared in his palm. It was the Bodhisattva Seed that had been precipitated from the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva from back then. This Ancient Wasteland Region was extremely vast. It was not easy to find the location of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. Moreover, there was an endless number of ferocious beast present. With their lineup, they would likely end up with a terrible fate if they were to randomly charge in.

Xiao Yan held the Bodhisattva Seed in his hand. He shut his eyes and carefully sensed the activity within the Bodhisattva Seed. This continued for awhile before he slowly opened his eyes. His looked toward the north-west as he softly said, “This place is likely too far from the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. I am unable to detect its exact location. However, from the little information that has been transmitted from the Bodhisattva Seed, it should be in that direction.”

“Let’s go.”

Xiao Yan returned the Bodhisattva Seed. He did not remain any longer as he pressed his toes into the large rock. His body rose like a large bird. After which, he stepped through empty air and swiftly rushed to the other side of the mountain stream. Cai Lin’s group followed behind him.

This thousand-foot-gap might appear vast, but with the speed of Xiao Yan’s group, they appeared on the other side in the blink of an eye. However, they had just reached the other side when a couple of beast roars suddenly rang out from the ground, and a couple of black figures carried a dense nauseating stench as they pounced toward Xiao Yan in the air with lightning-like speed.

“Be careful!”

This sudden sneak attack caused Cai Lin and the rest to feel slightly startled. They hurriedly issued a warning.

“Bang bang!”

Xiao Yan’s footsteps paused. There was no change in his expression. He waved his sleeve and a frightening wind swept apart, crashing into the black shadows. A couple of completely black red-eyed leopard shaped ferocious beast fell from the sky amidst a whin[a][b]ing sound

“It seems like there are many ferocious beasts in this region. We cannot fly over. Otherwise, we will attract the attention of some who have entered and also those troublesome fierce beast.” Cai Lin slightly frowned and remarked.


Xiao Yan nodded. The ferocious beasts in this place might not be very strong, but once they ventured in further, the beasts inside would become more difficult to deal with. Hence, he did not object and immediately landed on the ground.


Some rushing sounds of wind were transmitted from behind after Xiao Yan’s group landed. A couple of figures quickly arrived. They remained in the air and cautiously looked at Xiao Yan’s group.

Xiao Yan’s eyes also glanced at the few figures. These people had all reached the Dou Zun class. However, the thing that surprised Xiao Yan was that these people were able to pass through the poison fog.

“Let’s go.”

Xiao Yan did not place much focus on these people, nor did he intend to chat or travel with them. The aim of everyone in this place was the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. Even if they were to cooperate, they would not be able to truly form an alliance. A group that constantly second guessed each other was not something that Xiao Yan required. He waved his hand and his toes pressed on the ground as his body gently drifted into the distance. Cai Lin and the others swiftly followed.

The few figures who had just arrived frowned when they saw Xiao Yan’s group take off. However, they did not do anything. They could sense that Xiao Yan’s group was stronger than them, and Xiao Yan’s actions clearly indicated that he did not wish to get involved with them. Since this was the case, they could only change direction and continue their journey.


A long violent beast roar, which came from within the ancient region, continuously echoed across the sky.


A ferocious Dou Qi pillar suddenly shot out of the forest. After which, it ruthlessly collided with the body of a large ferocious beast. The potent poison in the pillar immediately eliminated the life force within the ferocious beast’s body. Before the beast could emit a roar from its throat, its enormous body collapsed and shook the mountains.

A couple of figures slowly walked out of the forest when this huge ferocious beast fell. They were Xiao Yan’s group, who had entered the Ancient Wasteland Region.

“Fortunately, these ferocious beast’s ability to resist poison isn’t at a level that cannot be dealt with…” The Little Fairy Doctor looked at the completely blackened body of the ferocious beast as she softly spoke.

“Let’s rest for awhile and wait for Elder Qing Cheng to return from scouting.” Xiao Yan looked into the distance. Even though they had chosen to avoid ferocious beasts during their journey, they weren’t able to completely avoid such battles.

“The allure of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree is too great. Even those ancient clans will not easily give it up, much less those other large factions. However, we have not come across those groups from the large factions…” The Little Fairy Doctor sat on the rock by the side as she said, “Based on their strength and speed, it is likely that their current progress has been much faster than ours.”

Xiao Yan slightly nodded, but he was not in a hurry. If it was so easy to obtain a treasure like the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, it would really humiliate its name. Even though there were many factions involved in the search, it was not possible to approach the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree within such a short period of time.


The rushing sound of wind was suddenly transmitted from in front of Xiao Yan while he was musing in his heart. An elderly figure swiftly appeared in front of Xiao Yan’s group. This figure was Elder Qing Cheng, who had went out to scout earlier.

“Elder Qing Cheng, how is it?” Xiao Yan lifted his head and asked when he saw Elder Qing Cheng return.

“There is nothing overly dangerous in front of us, but I met a group. I quietly observed them. It seems that they are from the Profound Sky Sect.” Elder Qing Cheng replied.

“A group from the Profound Sky Sect?” Xiao Yan knit his brows upon hearing this name. It was unexpected that the first faction he came across after entering the ancient region was the Profound Sky Sect, which he had developed ill feelings for. He had a major disagreement with them. A conflict would likely break out if he met them.

“I heard them talking while I was quietly observing them.”

“Oh?” Xiao Yan lifted his brow. His eyes landed on Elder Qing Cheng.

“There seems to be a group from another faction in front of them. They are planning to secretly finish off this group.” Elder Qing Cheng laughed.

“There is no need to get involved. Let them bite each other. We will head our own way…” Xiao Yan shook his head. These people really couldn’t remain peaceful. They were still thinking of how to harm others at such a time, but he had just gotten up when he suddenly asked, “Which faction is the group in front from?”

“They seem to be from the flower sect.” Elder Qing Cheng thought for a moment and replied.

“Flower Sect?”

Xiao Yan’s body suddenly stilled when he was getting up. His eyes gradually became gloomy. Since the Flower Sect was here, he wondered if Yun Yun was among them. If she was present, it would be impossible for him to stand aside and do nothing.

“These damn things..”

“Junior pavilion chief, what do you plan to do?” Elder Qing Cheng hesitated for a moment before asking when he saw Xiao Yan’s face suddenly become gloomy.

“Attack, destroy the Profound Sky Sect…”

Xiao Yan slowly stood up. His faint voice contained ice-cold murderous intent. He had not settled the score from the last time he was ambushed. Having met them this time around, he couldn’t let them go no matter what.

[a]What did they form?

[b]created from his power I guess.

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